In Hollow Bastion Taron, Leon, Yuffie and Aerith formed a circle debating as to what should be done.

"Hey. Look what the cat dragged in."

Cid's voice caused them to look up. Taron could feel his heart swell with relief. It was Cloud. The younger cousin fought back happy tears that threatened to fall, slowly walking up to the other male.

Before Cloud could react he almost stumbled back when his cousin embraces him. Having not been used to this action in some time, he awkwardly gives Taron a one armed hug in return.

Aerith giggles at the scene as Leon nods once in approval.

In San Fransokyo, Hiro Hamada can be seen flying around town on his brother's creation: Baymax garbed in a super hero outfit alongside his friends. Sora and Aryon would be devastated to know of Tadashi's fate. Part of him was relieved they didn't stick around long to witness it…yet the other part missed them like mad. Only giving a fake smile when Honey Lemon questioned if he was alright.

As for the princesses' they all returned to their rightful worlds thanks to the Keyblade wielders.

Alice was not beheaded but rather welcomed by many of Wonderland. The Queen of Hearts merely 'hmphd' at the sight of her, trying not to show her relief. Watching as the White Rabbit happily welcomed her back.

Aladdin finally confessed his true feelings to Jasmine, sharing a quick kiss under Genie's watchful gleeful eyes.

Aurora and Cinderella married their beloved husbands.

In Traverse Town Pinocchio became the real boy he always wanted to become. Skipping around Geppetto as the older man laughs with such joy.

Back in The Beast's world, he and Belle were finally trying to work things out with the other. The servants of the castle smiling with joy watching them dance under the light of the moon.

On Destiny Islands, Tidus, Wakka and Selphie were all reunited once again with Kairi and Syao. Wakka sulked for a while when he realized their other friends had not returned with them but quickly went back to his usual self after Syao assured Aryon and Sora will come back. That they still had some stuff to do before they could is all.

It was only a matter of time….

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