" It's been a long day." Said the Gotham City police commissioner Jim Gordan. He had to deal with a double homocide, a gang of kids who thought they were the new crime bosses in town and on top of that the coffee maker broke.

There was also the fact that his daughter was paralyzed from the waist down and disappeared to do homework or who knows what else. He was having trouble keeping track of her. Barbra was the most important thing in his life, well along side his wife Sarah. Gordan felt as if they were the only thing keeping him going in this corrupt and murderous city.

A city where one minute a cop is doing his job and arresting the criminals and the next turning a blind eye to a women getting mugged in an alleyway. A city where everyone from the lowliest street hermit to the god damn mayor was involved in the mob. A city where 90 percent of the population were criminals.
Of course it would have been a lot worse with out his most tru-. "Attention all dispatch, we have robbery in progress at the Harvey Dent Memorial Bank! Would all officers in the area respond. Repeat we have a." "Oh great." Sighed Gordan " I have enough on my plate already."

"GET ON THE GROUND NOW!" Yelled Thug #1, firing his rifle into the air as most of the people and tellies ran for cover. Thugs #2 and 3 where drawing the bank manager towards the vault. "Open the door NOW! Yelled Thug 3. "Ok ok, just don't hurt me!" Whined the terrified bank manager.

Thug 2 ran into the vault and started shovling money into the duffle bag he carried. "Help me with this P" He said to P. "Oh and tell the rookie to get the hostages occupied."

"Hey rook, keep these guys nice and quiet. Don't want anybody called the cops just yet." Said P. " Ok listen up everybody, I'm gona make this short and sweet! Anybody trying to call the cops gets hurt. Anybody so much as blinks without my permission is get gona get hurt. So why don't you all nice people hand over those phones and we can start doing our job!"

People started passing their phones to him and puting them in a plastic garbage bag that Rookie carried. Meanwhile P and Thug 2 were putting all the money they could into the bags they carried.

All of a sudden red and blue lights started flashing through the glass doors. "Shit!" P yelled. " Who called the cops!"

He yelled. " I don't know!" Yelled Rookie. "Who calld the cops!" " Was it you!" Rookie yelled to a teenage girl. " What about you, was it you!" He screamed to a business man in a very expensive suit. Thug three yelled "We got go, come on."

Gordan pulled up along side three other police cars and stoped at the bank doors. " All right people we have hostages in the building so don't let you fingers get twitching." He pulled his megaphone out of the car and yelled at the bank. " This is the Gotham City Police Department. I am ordering you to come out with you hands raised and guns on the ground. Failure to do so will be responded with lethal force."

As the three criminals ran out the back door. The alarms started blaring. " No way the cops are caching us." P jumped into the back of the van they had stolen from one of the hostages.

"Hey Pete?" asked Rookie. "What". "Did you block off the alleyway like we went over?" "Yep" Said Pete. "No way the cops are get enough throu there." "Good."

Pete started driving out of the alleyway and into an almost empty street. " So where are we going." Asked Pete "A warehouse down by the docks." Said Thug 3, whose real name was Marty.

"Why there?" Asked Pete " Shouldn't we, you know go to Rookie's apartment." " No way." Said Rookie." " That job we did back there, we were doing it for the guy who hired us. He's working for some nut named Quinn." " Wait, Quinn as in Harley Quinn." Said Marty. " Don't you guys know who she works for." "Not a clue." Said Pete. " You Idiots! She works for the JOKER!"

"What!" Marty and Pete both shouted. " Yeah, so that means we're in deep sh-." Rookie never got the chance to finish as a black gloved hand punched the window open and dragged him out with a "Aheee!" What the frick." Yelled Pete. "What was that!" He shouted.

Marty climbed into the passenger seat and looked out the broken window. There, shadowed on the vans roof, not makeing a sound was a bat shaped silhouette.

" It's the BAT! Said Marty loudly. " Shake em off Pete." Said Marty. " " Ok ok." Said Pete. Pete swerved left and right but the bat held his grip. " He ain't come off boss." Said Pete. " Ok , there's a tunnel up ahead. Go through it. It's so low he'll be flattened." Marty said. As Pete drove into the tunnel they here'd a thump, as if something had come lose from the roof.

" We did it boss!" Said Pete ok now make for that warehouse now that we lost him and-."

But nothing could prepare them for what was next. Siting there blocking up most of the road, was a jet black futuristic looking car with a bat shaped figure standing on top. The figure leaped down onto the rode directly in front of the van.

" HOLY CRAP!" Yelled Pete and Marty as the vas came to a screeching halt in front of the car. All of a sudden two silver coiled of wire shot out of the grill of the car and hooked onto the van. Then a massive volt of electricity surged and kocked out the two robbers. "

Jim, I have two of the suspects here at the mouth of St George tunnel and another on park avenue. Senting you the exact location now." It's was then that the figure climbed into his car and sped off into the night.

" Thanks." Said Jim Gordan. "Couldn't have done it without you Batman."

As Batman drove the batmobile into the secret ramp underneath the lake on Wayne manor he recalled the nights events in his head. First there was that robbery. He had to find out why Joker staged it. It wasn't like he needed the money. He had Roman Sionis a.k.a Black Mask under his thumb currently. Black mask was the owner of the Gotham Merchants Bank. Meaning Joker have plenty of reserves of money. So why set a robbery of a little used bank like the Harvey Dent Memorial Bank. Batman continued to think on this as he pulled up into is secret lair. The Batcave. "Good evening sir." Said his loyal butler Alfred Pennworth. As Batman climed out of the Batmobile, Alfred asked " Master Bruce, isn't it about time you got something to eat. You've been up for two days without eating or one short nap at least. Why must you stress yourself like this." "You know why Alfred." Said Bruce Wayne having removed his mask. "There was something strange about that bank robbery I stopped. Why would Joker need money Alfred? He already has control over the Gotham Merchants Bank. I need to think about this." Why don't you just think about it over a sandwich, Sir." Said Alfred "Sorry Alfred, I need to get this solved." " All right have it your way. Oh I must tell you sir, Master Dick called to check up with you. Apparently he has formed a team of his own in a town called Jump City. They call themselves the Teen Titans. Rather extraordinary don't you think sir." " That's good, It'll help Dick build character." Said Bruce. Bruc yawned. " Are you tired master Bruce. " Actually Alfred, I am. But I need to get this done." Said Bruce. "Nonsense, no man is a machine, that excludes you. I'll take over from here. You get yourself some sleep." Said Alfred. " "Ok" mumbled Bruce and he walked up to the secret elevator that would take him to Wayn Manor. He Yawned as he took of the batsute and climed into bed.

That night he had the strangest dream. Bruce dreamed that he was back in the Batcave and was looking through the Batcomputer files for something. Suddenly a message popped open. This was odd because the Batcomputer was setup not to have an email address. Yet here was a message. Curious as to what it was, Bruce clicked on it. A message appeared saying

" Dear Batman,

You are formally invited to attend a competition, a tournament if you will, that will test the multiverses greatest warriors challenges of strength, speed , intelligence, and more. It is likely you will see some familiar faces there so don't worry about being alone just click yes and join in on the fun.

Yours truly

Wiz and Boomstick.

A tournament across multiverses. This is not what Batman had in mind. Still this was a dream, it would not hurt to click yes right. Batman clicked yes.

As Bruce sat up in bed he knew something was off. Alfred would have woken him up by now, right? As Bruce put on some pants he opened the door and walked down the hallway. "Alfred!" He called "Alfred." Slowly he walked towards the door and opened to find... People. There was a girl in a red cape and hood holding... Wait was that a sythe? , a boy with jet black hair and an orange t-shirt that said Camp Half-Blood. "What dos that mean." Bruce wondered as he and the others climed a set of stone steps into a arena like place. "Br-Batman." Called a voice. Bruce recognized the man who walked towards him. The man wearing a blue jump sure with a red cape and a big S on his chest. "Superman he called. How are you." "Good." He said back. " Do you know where we are" he said. " I was hoping you did." Said Bruce. There are lot of people here." He said. "Yes, 24 in all I counted." A girl with impossibly Yellow hair joined the girl with the red hood. " What are we here for?" Asked Superman. " I think we are about to find out." Said batman.

(cue- Invasion- Jim Johnson. . DB theme.)

Screens lit up around the arena as music was blasted throu the speakers.

Suddenly, a voice was blasted through the speakers as well.

Voice 1: The Multiverse has many strong heroes.

Voice 2: But only one of them can be the best. And that's where we come in. Displaying all your hero fighting, ass kicking needs.

V1: That is why we invited the Multiverses best and brightest to compleat in a Tournament of Legends.

V2: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: and it s out job to find out you weapons armor and skills to find out who would win...

Boomstick: A DEATH BATTLE! Yeah.

So yeah guy I'm Remnant and this is my first Fanfic so I thought why not just do a Death Battle. So tell me if you guys like it and I will continue. If your wondering rwby is up next so if you like the show as much as I do stick around. DISCLAIMER: I do not own Dc comics, rwby, Disney, Percy Jackson, final Fantasy, and all the rest that appear in this Fan Fiction. I also don't own death battle. I hope you enjoy it though.