Hey guys it me. I have been thinking a lot over the last several months and have decided to postpone this story, maybe rewrite it or put it up for adoption. I just think that I went in way to over my head with this one for my first gif. But never fear because me and a friend of mine Viva La Aqua, who btw has one of the beast AC/RWBY covers I have ever read, are going to be working on a FNAF story staring ourselves. I also have planes for a RWBY horror story which involves the members of RWBY, JNPR,SSSN and CRDL getting hunted down by all the characters from horror moves/games we all know and fear. So yay. If you do t want to see this story go away, PM me and tell me what I can do to fix it. Also some more reviews would be nice, can't change without critics.