Summary: Danny Ocean is the man with a plan. One that he wants to keep his sister far away from. When she inadvertently becomes involved anyway, will she be able to remain free from the life of crime or will the temptation be too much for her to bear?

Featuring: Danny Ocean, OC, Tess, Rusty Ryan, Linus, Basher, and the rest of the gang.

Setting: AU of Ocean's Trilogy. Sort of.

Notes: I've always loved these movies. The first and third especially. I just kind of had the urge to write this down though.

The Bellagio was abuzz with excitement as people flocked inside in anticipation of the night's big fight set to take place within the boxing ring. A box of money was wheeled down to the vault. It was nothing out of the ordinary for a night like this except there wasn't money in the box. The Amazing Yen was nestled within the metal frame awaiting his part in the grand scheme concocted by Danny. Meanwhile, Evelyn was sitting beside Tess and unfortunately Terry in the arena watching the fights. The main bout was about to start when the lights suddenly went out. Panic ensued and Terry led his wife out. Evelyn grabbed her former sister in law's coat and followed them the best she could. It was when she made it out into the lobby that a ringing could be heard from the coat. She felt around only to find a cell phone in one of the pockets.


He cleared his throat as his blue eyes watched everything around him, "Can I speak to Mr Benedict, please?"


It was then that he realized it was Danny's sister that had answered and he swore softly, "Uh, hey Evie."

"Oh god, the power going out. That was you guys." She gasped in realization as she continued to walk further away from the arena.

Rusty sighed as he ran his hand over his face, "Listen, Evie, you want Tess to leave Terry right? Then I need you to do me this favor."

"Fine. I'm all ears, but I reserve the right to yell later."

The brunette made her way through the lobby until she spotted the pair. Walking over, she rehearsed the words in her mind before taking a deep breath. This was the last thing she wanted to do, but she was doing it for Tess' sake. At least, that is what she kept telling herself.

"Excuse me, Terry."

He turned to look at her curiously, "Yes, Evelyn?"

"One of the security guys went running past me. I overheard on his walkie talkie that someone's robbing the vault." She spoke calmly as she handed the coat to Tess.

Terry swore under his breath, "Alright, thank you. Tess, why don't you go upstairs with her? It's safer."

Neither woman seemed to protest as they watched him walk away like a man on a mission.

In the elevator shaft, Linus and Danny cracked the glow sticks they had brought with them before dropping them. They landed on the bottom of the shaft illuminating the whole passage. A few moments passed and then they made their quick descent. They unhooked themselves and Linus went to pry open the elevator doors only to be stopped by Danny. He shook his head at the younger man opening the doors just enough to toss out two round objects and let them shut again. When the round objects came to a stop, smoke poured out of them. It was only a moment or two later that the thuds of the security guards bodies falling to the ground could be heard. They waited another moment before opening the doors climbing out of the shaft. The two men tied up the guards and then approached the vault door. They prepared their side of the vault door for the bombs and knocked letting Yen know they were done. Unfortunately they had no way of knowing the Amazing Yen was stuck at the door thanks to the bandage on his hand getting caught in the door. Danny pressed the button to detonate, but nothing happened.

He looked at the detonator smacking it against his hand a few times and pressing the button again, "Did you remember to check the batteries?"

They messed with the detonator a bit which gave Yen just enough time to free himself and get out of the way. Replacing the batteries, Danny pressed the button only for the bombs to go off. The pair waited a few moments before opening the door. In the security control room, Terry was greeted to the sight of his vault being robbed. He instructed the head of security to call the police. It was when the SWAT team arrived that he received a phone call. He received an ultimatum. Help the robbers carry half of the money out of the casino or they'd blow up all of the money. He reluctantly agreed to the terms though not without giving them a threat of his own. Security carried a few bags of money through the casino and out to an unmarked van. The van drove off to an airstrip and he had them followed. When the security guards approached the van, it blew up revealing that the contents of the bags inside weren't money at all. They were filled with flyers for that night's big fight. The call ended and Terry listened as the SWAT team arrived at the vault. There was shouting, gunfire, and what sounded like an explosion.

Standing in his now destroyed vault, Terry looked around at the scorched flyers littering the floor. He was irate that someone had managed to dupe him. Turning on his heel, he stormed out of the vault making his way upstairs. The SWAT team strolled out of the casino carrying their bags and as they walked out, one lifted his mask revealing Rusty's face. Reaching the hallway with the different meetings rooms in it, Terry flung the door being guarded open gesturing for the guard inside that was beating up Danny to leave.

Terry eyed the older Ocean sibling for a moment before shaking his head, "So you're telling me that you being here on the same night my vault gets robbed is just a coincidence? I don't buy it."

Further upstairs in a suite, Tess was pacing a bit unsure of just what was going on. The phone rang and it was Evelyn that answered it.


Recognizing her voice again, he sighed, "Turn the TV on and put it on channel 88."

The dial tone sounded before she could question it and she hung up. Her curiosity won out as she walked over catching Tess' attention as she turned on the television. Evelyn turned it to channel 88 and an image of her brother walking down a hallway with Terry appeared on the TV. The brunette swallowed hard briefly wondering how long her brother was going away for this time.

As they walked, Danny stopped and turned to look at the man, "Terry, I have to ask. If you could get your money back in exchange for Tess, would you do it?"

Terry looked him straight in the eye only uttering a single word, "Yes."

Her heart broke for Tess as the older woman shut the television off and stormed out of the suite. The elevator doors shut by the time she reached the hallway causing her to swear under her breath. Evelyn pressed the down button on the elevator, but it was empty when the doors slid open. She got in pressing the button for the casino floor. When she reached it, she came face to face with Terry and Tess' retreating back. She shot him a look of disgust as she began to walk past him only to stop when she felt his hand on her arm.

Terry pulled her back glaring daggers at her. "So you expect me to believe you had no idea that your brother was planning this?"

"Planning what? Oh, the robbery. God, Benedict, must you always think so little of me? I've barely seen my brother since he got out of prison. If he were planning anything, I'd certainly be the last to know." She huffed yanking her arm free from his grasp storming off through the crowd before he could stop her.

The brunette stumbled outside of the casino taking a deep breath of fresh air. She walked a bit letting herself calm down after what had just transpired. It wasn't long before she was across the way from the casino approaching the railing where people stood to watch the little show that the fountains put on. He was standing there talking to an older man who nodded his head and walked away a moment later. She didn't question it as she kept her focus on the water.


The blonde shook his head sighing as he turned to face her, "He'll be in, at most, three to six months for violating his parole. It'll be fine, Evie."

"Not that I condone it, but I'm actually impressed that you boys managed to pull it off." Her eyebrow raised slightly at that as she stared up at him.

Rusty chuckled softly at that. "You weren't too bad yourself. You may not condone it, but think you kind of liked it."

"Maybe a little. It was kind of nice to see Benedict get what was coming to him. So what's next for you guys?" Evelyn found herself asking though she wasn't quite sure she wanted to know the answer.

His shoulders shrugged as his hands cupped her face pulling her into a kiss while the fountains performed beside them.

Danny was indeed sentenced to only three to six months in prison for violating his parole. It gave Tess time to settle things with her now ex husband Terry. The money from the vault had been divided evenly among the crew and half of Danny's share went to Evelyn, as per his request. She stood leaning against the new car that Rusty had bought with his share while he stood near the prison gate. A sigh of relief fell from her lips at the sight of her brother walking out looking relatively unharmed. He spoke a few words with Rusty after walking out of the gate and then walked over to the car. Evelyn smacked his chest somewhat hard before hugging him tightly.

"I hate you."

Danny chuckled softly as he returned the hug. "I missed you too and I'm sorry."

"Yeah, yeah. Get in the car so we can get out of here." She smirked pulling away and walking around to the passenger's side of the car.

He climbed in sliding into the backseat sitting down beside Tess. "Well hello there."

"Hi." Tess smiled at him watching as he lifted her left hand inspecting the sparkling ring on her finger.

Brushing his thumb over her fingers, he chuckled softly. "I thought you said you pawned this."

"I lied."

"More like I talked you out of it and you gave it to me for safe keeping." His sister piped up glancing back at them while Rusty drove them away from the prison.

At that, he laughed and pulled Tess into a kiss. The pair in front smiled at that and Rusty grasped Evelyn's hand while the roof of the car folded down turning it into a convertible.