Mayday(Melinda May and May Parker(MCU)

A delightful addiction presented itself to Melinda May, as much as she hated to admit it. Namely, Spider-Man, Peter Parker's, long throbbing cock driving down into her mouth. The eighteen year old college freshman drove his manhood deep into the mouth of the mature SHIELD agent. Melinda's eyes locked onto Peter as he grabbed her by the back of the head and slowly, but surely pumped his manhood all the way into her mouth. Peter edged himself down inside of her mouth and made her cry out.

"You have an addiction, don't you?" Peter asked her.

Melinda could say nothing more than to grab Peter's balls and stroke them. A lustful smile spread over her face, the deeper she pushed down onto him. She wanted the cum in his balls and would stop at nothing to get it. She leaned in, slurping, sucking, and just enjoying every delightful inch of Spider-Man's cock as it buried directly down her throat. Spider-Man pinned his hands against the back of her head and edged further inside of her mouth. Melinda moaned from Spider-Man driving his length down into her throat.

The moment salvia surrounded his cock, from the tip, all the way down to the base, Peter's path to her throat had been clear. He reared back and rammed her throat. She milked his balls, slowly, but surely, before he rammed down into her throat. He groaned and could feel his balls tightening. One more push and he would have it.

Peter came inside of Melinda's throat. Agent May tipped back and sucked every single last drop of cum down her throat. She looked up at him with dirty eyes and continued to encourage his cumming into her mouth. Peter rammed down into her throat and made her swallow every last drop of his cum.

Some of it dribbled down her chin as Peter left her mouth. And Melinda received a couple of thick spurts on her face. The cream rained down from her. She put her hand on her face and raked the cup. Slowly, Melinda ate the cum, licking every single last drop of cum from her fingers.

"At least you eat a good diet."

"You missed a spot."

Aunt May casually slid into the room. The gorgeous brunette cupped Melinda's face and took her nephew's cum off of it. Then, with a smile on her face, she ate it. Which caused Peter's cock to rise even more. May wrapped her hand around Peter's balls and squeezed them.

"The two of you started before I could get home," Aunt May whispered. "Naughty, naughty, naughty."

May turned her attention to Melinda and stripped her completely naked. Her bare pussy had been exposed. Upon May's not so subtle encouragement, Peter leaned in and pulled Aunt May's skirt off. Her wet, lacy panties had been revealed to him, and Peter wondered how long Aunt May watched Melinda inhale his caught.

"Oh, Aunt May, I can't wait to taste you again."

Melinda could barely keep her mind on the delicious brunette's tongue going into her. So, they did this before? Interesting, although to be fair, she did not honestly blame Peter. It was only natural a man with his abilities would have urges. And speaking of urges, Melinda May did what she could to get the tongue of May Parker deeper inside of her body to continue he licking out.

Peter spread his aunt's legs and devoured her pussy. Oh, he got it good and wet because there was one place where he wanted to be. One place where he needed to be. Peter tasted the sweet, sweet honey which trickled down May's lips and then inhaled her.

The moment Peter got Aunt May good and wet, he climbed up behind her. He leaned towards her, the tip of his cock ground against her wet pussy folds. May almost sucked Peter in. Peter rubbed against her, and finally, he entered the very warm and familiar confines of Aunt May's pussy.

"Oh, it's been too long. Your pussy feels so nice, Aunt May."

Peter pumped into the mature, and somehow ageless, brunette woman. He groaned and pumped a little bit further inside of her. Peter leaned deep inside of her and could feel May's tightening of her walls wrapped around him. The web slinger knew how to hit all of the right parts on his aunt and make her cry out in pleasure.

May slurped the pussy juices from this sexy SHIELD agent beneath her. She was a real treat. Melinda May's moans filled the room and May Parker, knew how to hit all of the right spots.

Melinda closed her eyes. Oh, she had not planned for a threesome today when she came over, but it had been very much appreciated. And the view of Peter's majestic cock as it slid into his aunt. She wanted it buried inside of her. She tingled with excitement, which had been thinly disguised.

Oh, Peter groaned and felt May's pussy challenge him. No matter how many times he pushed into her, he could feel a searing feeling of warmth spread to his balls. He leaned down inside of her and pumped into her body. He could feel May's insides try and grab a hold of him. Make an attempt to spear his cock inside of her body. She tightened around him and moaned the faster he went inside of her.

"So close," Peter said. "But first I want to hear you both cum."

The sounds of two mature, hot women cumming had been music to Peter's ears. He kept going, kept fucking May from behind. He could feel his balls churn with desire. The cum inside of them was about ready to explode.

One more push into May's milking pussy. Then Peter bottomed out inside of her and began to spill his cum inside of her. May just let out a cry of delight as her nephew injected her full of his thick batter.

Melinda, through heavily lidded eyes, peered up at Peter. As May Parker pulled away from her, Melinda crawled towards him. She took Peter's cock in his hand and looked him in the eyes. Agent May took over from Aunt May as she slid her lips around Peter's hard cock and began to suck him hard.

The web slinger's mind went completely to a new place as the mature SHIELD Agent drove her mouth down onto him. He always recovered quickly. Peter knew that much. His fingers dipped against the back of Melinda May's head and drove his prick down inside of her throat to make her gasp for him as he pushed down into her throat.

Then, Melinda pulled back, a big smile on her face as she proceeded to lick his cock. She crawled back, legs spread.

"I'm not leaving here without your cock inside me. Is that understood?"

"Yes, M'am."

"Then get to it."

Peter decided to give her a good hard fucking. He pushed down into Melinda's tight pussy and began to jam into her.

"Show her who's boss."

Aunt May's delightful encouragement only served to bring Peter a little bit deeper into Melinda's hungry pussy. He pushed down into her and rocked her body. Peter could feel her tight walls grab him and push him down inside of her. Her pussy, it felt very wonderful and Peter could hardly stop driving himself into her. The web slinger picked up a steadier pace and drove himself as far down into her pussy as he could manage.

"That's it, pound me," Melinda moaned. "Oooh, fuck, your cock feels so good. Rough me up, stretch me out. Show me what you got stud…."

May Parker sat down on her face mid-sentence and fed her pussy to Melinda. Some of the cum dripped from May's pussy into her mouth. The hunger only increased the further May ground onto Melinda's face and slowly allowed that cum to flow into her mouth.

"Her mouth is better served like this, isn't it, honey?"

Oh, Peter was not going to argue with his Aunt May. She leaned forward and passionately kissed him. Peter buried himself deep into Melinda. The SHIELD Agent's delicious pussy pushed down onto Peter's pole and sucked him almost all the way into her body. He leaned into her and could feel himself getting closer to the explosion point. Just a little bit more. Peter's hands just slipped down onto May and then toyed with Melinda's body.

Another orgasm and Peter sensed Melinda's desperation of wanting his cum. He grunted and pushed inside of her. Something beyond his spider sense began tingling and Peter erupted inside of him. The web slinger brought his cum inside of her body. Splash after splash of seed buried inside of her tight body and she tightened around him to get Peter's cum inside of her body.

The final spurt and Peter's release had been felt. Melinda did a damn good job in milking him drive.

The moment Peter pulled out, Aunt May dove down into Agent May's slit and licked her nephew's seed out of it. It was hard to keep himself anything but erect at that sight.

A spider topping two cougars. Had a nice ring to it.