Chapter 1: Meet the Team

A/N: Reader-Insert RWBY AU where the team is portrayed as modern soldiers/warfighters in combat with well-equipped, well-trained military forces called Grimm. Read and let me know what you think! Also, image tag is a commission done by neveromininart on tumblr. Awesome stuff, you should check her out. I'll put a link on my profile. Late Edit: I know a lot of people come to this first chapter and lose interest, maybe getting lost in some of the military jargon and exposition. Stick with me, everyone. Please. It's worth your while.

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This is it, Y/N. Something you've wanted for a long, long time. You've made it through Basic Training. Made it through selection. Got through specialty training, and now you've been assigned to Excursion Team 7929 (ET-7929), part of the 44th Special Operations Detachment at Beacon Field in Vale. To be honest, it's your dream assignment. The 44th is legendary in the war against Grimm. Everyone out of that detachment is referred to as "Huntsmen" and "Huntresses." And now, you are about to be one of them.

Beacon Field is impressive. It has been around for a while, so it still has a lot of the older architecture that has been vanishing in Vale. In the center of the field is the control tower, directing and controlling inbound and outbound aircraft from the airstrip nearby. It also serves as a major communications hub to the other military bases in Remnant. That makes it a prime target, but Grimm forces would never reach this far unless something BIG happened. Surrounding the tower are different buildings and hangars containing intel ops, support, armaments, housing, and more. Small courtyards run throughout the complex, where different officers and huntsmen talk, run, work out, socialize, everything. You know that there is more to the base, but you were given the highly abridged tour just yesterday.

Colonel Ozpin, commander at Beacon Field, had just dropped you off on "hangar row," a strip of hardened buildings along the airstrip containing a variety of helicopters, cargo planes, and fighter jets. He told you that you would meet your team in Hangar HT-46. You have all of your things with you, but… why would you meet the team in a hangar, rather than a normal building or barracks?

Question for another time. As you walk down hangar row, you look to your left at the sound of a very large cargo plane angling in to land on the strip. It hits the ground, puffs of smoke popping up from its tires as it throttles down to begin decelerating. You've always wondered how those gigantic things ever make it off of the ground. In truth, you'd rather fly in something small. Like a helicopter, or fighter jet.

Over the sound of the jet, you can hear rock music blasting from a hangar up ahead. Large white numbers painted on the side say "HT-46." Your hangar.

Heading towards it with your luggage in tow, the rock music gets louder. The front doors are wide open, and you can see the hangar made up as a sort of living quarters. In the center are two sets of bunk beds, very shoddily made up as if they originally weren't supposed to be like that. Off to the right is a whole wall spattered with different weaponry and equipment. In one corner is a large steel desk neatly organized with papers and a coffeemaker, as a woman clad in blue officer's dress sits with a laptop in front of her. In the opposite corner is a small workout rack where a blonde girl is doing pull-ups. Another girl, black hair and amber eyes, lays in one of the beds, reading a rather thick book that doesn't look like a manual or anything official. The last occupant has headphones on at a workbench, and looked to be attaching a new scope to a long, but sexy, sniper rifle.

"Uh… Hi?"

Nobody answers you, all engrossed in their activities.

You speak up a bit, close to a yell over the music. "Excursion Team 7929?"

The blonde dismounts the pull-up bar and turns to look at you. She hits a button to kill the music. "Hey, the rookie showed up!"

The white-haired officer looks at her watch, and then up at you. "Yes. Y/N. Supposed to show up 7 minutes ago." She waves you over as you drop your stuff. "This is for you. Read it, memorize it, bring it back to me or destroy it when you're finished." She pushes a large manila folder into your hands, sealed all around with red tape saying "classified." It's thick.

The one working on her rifle shrugs her headphones off. "Welcome to RWBY, Y/N!"


"Yup. ET-7929 is just a designation. RWBY is what everyone around here knows us by."


She points to the folder in your hands. "Read that first. Then we'll talk."

You sit down on a cot, pushed up against one of the walls. Ripping the tape off of the folder, you open it to see the first page labeled:





You fold the envelope up, noting that there are still many more pages to go. Ruby, the girl previously working on the sniper rifle, turns around again to smile at you. "Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang. RWBY. Ready to meet the team?"

Weiss chimes in. "First, there's you. You're Y/N. Fresh out of specialist training. Never been in combat before. For a rookie, you're fairly decorated. You saved a guy's life after a training accident, and carried a squadmate 4 miles after she passed out from heat stroke. You received a medal and a coin for both of those. Your overall performance report states… " She looks down at a piece of paper. "… that you demonstrate high esprit de corps, but work better in smaller teams."

You reach a hand back to rub the back of your neck. "Heh. I-"

Blake puts her book down and cuts you off. "Joined because of personal values, stayed for your teammates. Went through specialist training with the intent of being a direct action breacher, came out with a calling to be a medic. You sought out all the medical training you could, and part of your main loadout is an aid kit. You also scored high on marksmanship, and demonstrated above-average proficiency with all standard-issue weapons. Except shotguns."

Ruby speaks up, glancing at the rifle bag you brought with you. "You roll with a medium loadout. Despite its age, you always have a heavily modified 1911 pistol on your hip." With that, you bring a hand up to the pistol holstered at your side, as Ruby smiles. "Your main weapon is a Mark 18 with attachments, but you've also carried an SR-25 sniper rifle." Ruby chuckles, and shrugs. "I love the SR-25. And I'm a bit of a gun nut."

Wiping the sweat from her forehead, Yang nods to you. "Finally, you've been trained in hand-to-hand combat, but your unarmed techniques need work. Like my 'lil sis, you carry a karambit, and you're right-handed when it comes to shooting and fighting."

Your gaze falls back to Ruby, with you a little surprised that they knew all of that.

Yang speaks before anyone else. "What, did we scare you?"

"No, just… didn't expect that."

Blake sorta smiles. "To tell you the truth, we were the ones who picked you. We know everything about you."

"And we were very thorough. We even know about that D you got on your report card in 6th grade." Weiss adds, pulling out a copy of that very report card.

"And now you know who we are, too." Ruby finishes. "Go ahead and unpack." She points to your cot. "That's your bed for now, until support gets us another bunk."

Weiss leans out from behind her computer, adding "Which may take a while!"

Yang stands, heading to her bunk and her wardrobe. To your surprise, she changes into a short robe right in front of you, with the hangar doors wide open. "Shower's in the back room. Use the rack as you feel you need." She turns, tying her robe then pointing at you. "Just remember… if you try to outwork me, I consider it an act of war."

You glance at your watch. 2100. Night was beginning to fall with Remnant's shattered moon peeking over the horizon. Ruby comes over and sits next to you as Weiss gets up from her desk and changes out of her officer's clothes.

"What's on your mind?"

You weren't aware that your face was giving away your emotions. "It's… just that I'm finally here. Trained for the past year and a half and I'm finally assigned to a unit. The famous huntsmen and huntresses. Y'all have a huge name back in the pipeline."

"We know. And you've got big shoes to fill, but we picked you for a reason, Y/N. You get to let your training and your skill do the talking." She puts her hand on your shoulder. "We've got a long day tomorrow. Get some rest."

You smile at the words, understanding why Ruby is recognized as team leader. "Thanks, Ruby." You reach down and start undoing the laces on your boots. "Tomorrow, we kick some ass."

Ruby picks up her rifle and expertly clears it, smiling down at it and rubbing the barrel with a tender hand. "That we will."