~ Writing Class Assignment: Character Named- Seline, Age- 24, Gender- Male, Objects- 1). Thimble, 2). Razor, 3) Empty Champaign flute.

This is a One-Shot. Absolutly don't expectme to write more for this. There are other stories I'd rather focus on.

Anyway, Even though this is short, I hope you like it at lest a little bit.

Disclaimer: I don't own FATE/STAY NIGHT or its characters.



Seline Cravie Mcdowel did not think of himself as being lucky.

Admittedly it could be worse; after all, in the Clock Tower it was easy to die or worse if you weren't from a prominent family or didn't have a powerful sponsor. Becoming experimental material if you offended the wrong person or having the bad luck to catch the eye of someone short on test subjects, really could happen in a place like this.

The London Branch of the Mages Association may be a distinguished institution for learning, but when you consider the fact that the average magus will do anything in order achieve their goals and that in their eyes power is everything… well, a first generation mage knows to keep a their head down and maintain a low profile so as to avoid the attention of someone from an old and or more prominent family.

Add in that Seline was timid by nature and had the bad luck to have gotten such a feminine name and the end result was a young man that very much did NOT want to be a student at the Clock Tower at all.

Unfortunately, that was where he was.

Even more unfortunately, he had been at the wrong place at the wrong time and a bored Zelretch (the insane vampire mage who was famous for his pranks and was Ranked 4th on the list of the 27 most powerful and dangerous beings on Earth) had decided that it was a fine time to have a little fun.

This was why Seline had gone from having a relaxing afternoon embroidering runes on a scarf and having his only regret be that he'd forgotten his thimble at home, to being chased through the halls by a crazed love scorned mage flinging enchanted razor-wire at him and demanding to know why he'd dumped her on their wedding day.

Everyone knew that one of Zelretch's favorite pranks was to download the memories of a person from another reality into their counterpart in this reality; and he always picked the most extremely opposite versions of the person that he could find. That old Blood-suckers love of chaos was legendary.

Seline had lived 24 years of life and he had no intention of ending that life now.

Thus he ran as if Hell itself was licking at his heels; which wasn't that far from the truth. The girl chasing him was Illyasviel von Einzburn. Everyone knew that the Einzburn family was powerful, her father (Kiritsugu Emiya) was the most lethal assassin in the world, that she had a rather extreme personality, and, most importantly of all, everyone also knew that she had an over protective adoptive older brother attending this school.

Seline knew that his only hope was to survive long enough for the girl to regain her senses and not run into her brother. However, just as Illya was screaming for revenge on 'him' (his alternate in a parallel world) for emptying a champagne flute over her head and leaving her at the alter, Seline saw a red-haired boy with swords step out in front of him. Oh hell, he thought, recognizing the little harridans' brother, how do I get out of this one!