Hey everyone ! I dunno what you'll be thinking about this one but I'm a whump Harvey lover soo, it just happened :) Please let me know if you like it xo

"You have a call from Danbury Federal Prison. Do you accept the charges?"

You gulped hearing those words. After threatening Gallo, the phone calls from Mike've been very difficult to bear. At least the very first part. Every time he hears those words, his heart starts to ponder in his chest and he loses all of his self control. He took a shaky breath. Why does this phone feel so heavy? His hands were shaking uncomfortably, when he answered he couldn't even recognize his own voice.


"Am I talking to Mike Ross' attorney?"

"Yes, this is Harvey Specter. I'm Mike's lawyer. What's the matter?" It felt so wrong to ask a question when you didn't even know if you wanna learn the truth in the first place.

"Mike Ross has been in a fight. He's in the infirmary now."

"Ho-" The line went dead in a second. He couldn't believe what he was experiencing. And mostly he couldn't believe Mike. How the hell did he manage to get in a fight again? Harvey knew prison was no fun and all but Mike was breaking the records. Donna was witnessing the whole scene playing in front of her from the beginning. She was worried about him. Harvey's hands were shaking, his breathing became more rapid. His neck and face were covered in sweat. He looked like he was on the verge of a panic attack. After ending the call, he took a deep breath and filled a glass of water. He drank it with shaking hands and placed it on the coffee table. He made sure that he was okay to move, he rushed out of the office leaving a very worried Donna looking after him.


"Where is he?"

"If I knew who you're talking about maybe I could-"

"Mike Ross. I need to see him, right now."

"Oh, he's been transfered to a cell. Far from other inmates, until he's fully recovered."

"I demand to see him. Now." said Harvey as he slammed his fist to the hard material.

"He's in no condition to walk right now. You have to follow this guard. He'll take you to the cell." said the woman pointing towards the guard next to her desk.

Harvey was so god damn furious. He couldn't even see properly. His vision was a bit blurry. His heart was racing like he's just ran a marathon. Like before a panic attack but he knew he can control himself because this time it was not just about himself. It was also about his one and only friend Mike. The thought of a hurt Mike lying in a small, cold cell made him panic even more. As he followed the guard through the dark and empty corridors, he felt more pathetic. He felt like all the strength in his body drained away. As he returned to the reality he realized that they were at a very isolated part of the prison. As he got a grasp of what's happening he saw the guard, whom led him there, locking the cell lock and getting out of his sight. He was in a cell, as he turned around his eyes widened with fear. And here he was facing with, Frank Gallo himself and his two goons.