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Everything was a blur. I couldn't feel a thing. My chest felt tight and an intense amount of pain shot through my whole body. Gallo's words were ringing in my head and that stopped as I dropped to the ground. I could'nt feel the concrete hit my head, it felt like I bounced into the sea and my body refused to drown. I'd felt this feeling before but it came upon me by surprise. The last thing I expected was being locked up a prison cell with my worst fear right in front of me. And that to for a crime I didn't commit. Oh God! This cell looks smaller than it actually is. The walls were getting closer as my mind began to run farther from the reality. I couldn't see straight because of the spots. Tons of them. Waves of fear and panic rushed and my head was doing a good job at resisting them.

"Not like this please." I could feel my heart pound so loud, it'd almost rip off my chest. My mind was racing, as my palms began to tremble and I felt the feeling of losing my mind. My throat began choking itself with the pressure of my heart pounding. My heart was giving up as my head was in the terror of shutting down. My ego wasn't ready to shut off at the excruciating pain my body was feeling. I was trapped with no way of escaping the pain. I was smothered by the emotions of fear and guilt was chocking me. My body was giving up and the fear of crumbling down in front of these bastards. No,no,no! I was always in charge of everything in my life and the feeling of losing control of my own body was something that I could'nt percive for the rest of my manhood.

I was gasping for more air desperately as Gallo crouched over me with his smug smirk on his face. "What the hell is wrong with you? Stand up, you wuss! I was so true when I called you a pathetic human-being. Stand the fuck up!" At this point he was screaming into my ear but my mind was so foggy I couldn't process it. But the voices in my head suppressed Gallo's voice and here I was blaming myself even though it was just my body giving up.

"You are letting everyone down. Just like what you did with Mike. He believed in you but what did you do to protect him? You let him rot in hell, didn't you? NO! What about Donna? She loved you. Why didn't you let her? You don't deserve to be loved. You ruined every single life around you. Maybe it's best for them to let you go."

It was true torture, both mentally and physically. Gallo's goons were throwing hard kicks to my stomach. I was losing blood at every passing moment. The floor was covered with dark and red blood. My blood. A fundamental need like breathing gave me enormous amount of pain. They continued kicking as the pain became unbearable. But I'd been hit so many times, my body was resistant to it by now. I wanted to drop to the ground, lose everything I had stood straight up fighting for. It'd take away all the pain I was experiencing.

After a while, the kickings came to a halt. "Stop it you idiots, let me do the honors." said Gallo with a smile plastered across his evil face. As I lifted my head, I knew, I knew this was coming to an end. Gallo was playing with his dagger and he was approaching to my side. He lifted the dagger and stabbed me.




Well, that's what my reflexes thought he was going to do.

He didn't stab me, he just went on playing with the dagger over my torso. Gallo laughing it off with the psychopathic laughter over his face as my almost dead body trying not to stop its functioning. All the colour was draining off my face, as there was intense sweat drops over my forehead. I finally realised… HARVEY REGINALD SPECTER WAS LOSING IT.

"I – I didn't know what I was experiencing. But it was like I was another person. I've never felt like this. I was scared to shit and feeling alone was the weirdest thing that's happened to me. But here I was lying in a cold cell with Gallo looking at me with a dagger in his hand taking his sweet damn time. I- I didn't want to die, I wanted to live and mostly I didn't want to lose to this fucker."

Coming back to reality was hurting me. My hands twitched and I wanted to say something to stop him but nothing came out. I felt paralyzed. Gallo leaned forward and his face was near my ear.

"I'm gonna leave a mark on you so that you'll remember what you did to me every single day. Payback time Harvey." He slid the tip of the dagger through my ribs. Blood began to ooze out like fondue off a chocolate fountain. The left side of my body began to paralyze as the blood flowed out gracefully. That was the moment. Thoughts began to fade, faces turned to mere blur, it was over and my thoughts were gone as Gallo began scarring my chest. Tears were racing over my cheecks and it was done. I deserved this. For hurting my dad, for ruining Mike's life, for being a dick for my entire adult life.


I deserve ii..tt…