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While Mike was reading a very exciting book, Kevin rushed towards him with full speed. Kevin was always so calm and collected, this weird behaviour got Mike's attention and he lifted his head from the book and took a look at his friend. He was breathing rapidly and trying to collect himself but there was something wrong, Mike could tell that by the way his hands twitched.

"Har-… Gallo…" He tried to speak but his breaking was still rapid they both waited patiently for it to slow down but Mike's brain was making up horrible scenerios about what could possibly be wrong and hearing Gallo's name wasn't helping at that moment. After what felt like years, Kevin explained:

"I heard Gallo's men talking about setting a trap and I swear to God, I..-I swear to God, Mike I heard Harvey's name. They were saying things like payback and all. I couldn't stay one minute longer there, I rushed here after hearing those words. You gotta warn him Mike!"

Mike took a shaky breath and rushed to the phone. He ran over nearly everyone on his way, leaving very angry inmates behind him. He dialed the number he knew by heart, because it was one of the three numbers he dialed here, with shaking hands and waited impatiently for Donna to pick up the phone. Oh God, Harvey could be dead by now. Redhead answered the phone and it's evident that she was glad to hear his voice. That won't last long though. While thinking how to say this to Donna, he lent against wall for support and pinched the bridge of his nose. Well this was worse than he thought it to be. "Mike, what's wrong?" He was still trying to get himself under control and telling something like that was probably the hardest thing to do. "What happened to Harvey?" Mike felt his throat went dry. For the first time in years he hated Donna's senses. She could easily understand something was wrong and it was very difficult to speak under that pressure. "Donna, promise me you'll be calm and do what you need to do but first please please promise me to stay collected, can you do that for me?"

"Mike, if you don't say what happened right now, you'll regret the day you were born."

"Oh, God. Look Donna, Kevin's heard Gallo's men were talking about a trap and he said he definitely heard of Harvey's name so I just called to warn you guys. Harvey's in the office right?"

For that very moment Donna felt like the whole world stopped. Her vision became blurred and voices around her was scrathy. She was definitely sure that was how Harvey felt during his panic attacks.

"Donna! DONNA!" Mike's screames helped her brain function again. "Mike, Harvey's just had a call from Danbury saying that you were injured and…-and" she couldn't finish her sentence. Tears started to drop from her eyes and Mike felt his blood boil. Son of a bitch! He tricked Harvey. "Look Mike, I gotta go now, I have to go and warn the guards. I have to find him." Mike was glad to hear that. Crying and trying to get a grasp of what's happened were the last things they wanted right now. It was time to rescue Harvey as soon as possible. Donna quickly grabbed her purse and cell phone. She passed by the entrance of the building so fast that security guards panicked. She paid the taxi-driver double because he managed to drive her there in record time. She rushed to the front desk of the prison and didn't even care about the people waiting in the line. She directly made her way to the desk.

"I wanna know where Harvey Specter is." She was going crazy but tried to hide it and to be honest she was doing a very good job. The guard sitting at the desk was a woman in her 40s and she ignored her first. Donna couldn't stand this bullshit, she knew something was very wrong because she called Harvey three times while she was coming there but he didn't answer any of those calls. She started to shout and all the heads turned to her direction. She was so mad and this feeling of unknown was killing her. The guard stopped resisting and called a male guard around his 30s to escort her to the cell Harvey was supposed to be. She was feeling nauseous and these ridicilous thoughts in her head were dancing around. She was trying her damnedest to stay calm but why were these hallways so long? The guard whom led her here, reached for the keys in his pockets and unlocked the cell's door. The sight was the least thing she expected, she dropped to her knees and screamed his name between sobs.