The girl with the Sugar Lips - Chapter 1

Another Monday morning, another day of work, followed by another evening alone. I sigh as I get out of my car. Sam is running like clockwork, as usual. And that's exactly how I like it. Predicable. I look at my watch as Sam opens my door.

"Eight-oh-seven on the dot, Sam. I thought for one moment, when that bus pulled out in front of us, you'd fail for the first time in weeks. Nice move with the short cut down that side street." Sam used to drive in the secret service. He refuses to divulge details, but I suspect he drove some very important people around. He certainly knows some nifty moves when called upon.

"It was a risky maneuver, sir. It could easily have been blocked, but it payed off." He keeps his usual stoic features in place on his face, but I see his shoulders straighten slightly more. Driving me may not be as important, or as dangerous, as his previous role, but he sure takes pride in his work.

I smile and nod as I pass, dismissing him for the day as I approach elevator three, which, as usual, is sitting waiting for me. I've rigged the system so this elevator is always waiting for me in the mornings. Call me a control freak, most people do. I like to think it's just being efficient. Not many others are in the office this early so the other three elevators are more than sufficient to cope with the flow, and I don't like to be kept waiting.

I could be worse. I have a button I can press that allows me to prevent the doors opening on the way up or down, but I usually choose not you use it. I find it interesting to see some of the people who are arriving early. I also enjoy a little people watching. I don't get out much now to mix with those who work for me. It's amazing the gossip people will let slip in the elevator when they think you're engrossed with work on your phone. Admittedly, I am usually working on my phone: checking emails, reading reports, researching possible acquisitions. But I can multitask.

The elevator stops as usual at reception, having risen from the underground parking lot, and I vaguely notice the usual few people climb in.

Then I'm hit by a smell. The most delectable smell ever.

Donuts! I love donuts.

I look around, trying to find the source of the delicious aroma. There's the box. They're from my favorite company too. I'd recognize that packaging anywhere. They are my guilty pleasure. And who is that? She must be new. Or a temp perhaps? She's young. She can't be long out of college. Too young for me. Not that I'd be interested. But if I was, she'd certainly push my buttons. The shapely legs, the short-ish skirt, showing some skin, but still work appropriate. All ending in a lovely round ass.

I stop myself there before I can appraise the rest of her. She works for me. Ogling the staff in the elevator is beyond inappropriate. I look back at my phone.

Then I hear a sigh. It's from the new girl. She peeks under the lid of the donut box and sighs again.

"One couldn't hurt," I hear her mumble. Then I smile as she reaches inside and pulls out a sugar-coated, cream-filled donut. Fuck, that's my favorite. Is it hers too? I watch as she sinks her teeth into the sweet treat. She pulls back to chew, her lips covered in the sticky grains of sugar. I suddenly get hit with a picture of me licking those crumbs from her plumb red lips. Whoa! Where did that come from?

She lets out a small moan of pleasure, and much to my embarrassment, it goes straight to my cock.

Then her tongue peeks out. She sweeps it around her sugar-coated lips before sucking her lower lip into her mouth. And I'm done for. My pants are starting to feel too tight, and I realize I'm staring, my mouth gaping like a fish. I quickly shut it, looking away and trying to discretely adjust my pants.

How is she having this effect on me? I've not had this reaction to a woman in years. It must be the donuts. I glance at her again just as she's taking another bite. Shit. This is too much. I have to get out of here before I do something stupid. At every stop of the elevator, I will her to disembark, but she remains as more and more people leave us. What if I'm left alone with her? Will I be able to control myself? I take a deep breath and attempt to get a grip. I'm not some horny teenager. Of course, I can control myself.

The doors open at floor 23. By this point, there are only two people left, besides myself. The girl with the sugar lips and Mrs. Stevens. Mrs. Stevens has been with the company for years, and I know she works as one of the admin assistants on James Hunter's team. Her office is on the 23rd floor. I watch the girl with the sugar lips surreptitiously. Does she look like she's getting ready to leave? At least, she's finished the donut by now and ceased cleaning her lips. But there are still a few crystals of sugar resting, tempting me, at the corner of her mouth. I want to lick them off, then suck that bottom lip between mine, hold her close as she moans, much like she did with that first bite of donut. God, how I'd love to make her moan like that.

But then she's gone, with the briefest glance in my direction. I see her eyes open wide momentarily and a blush creep up her cheeks before the doors close.

The first thing I do when I get to my office is pull up the files of any new recruits. I need to know who she is. I wonder, again, briefly why she's had this effect on me. It's been years since I've even given another woman a second glance. I certainly didn't go around salivating over other women when I was with Lisa, and no one has attracted my attention since. I briefly stop my data search and open my "Lisa" file, bringing up a picture of my wife. My wife who, despite fighting her hardest to prevent it, left me three years ago. I run my finger across her cheek on the screen.

"What's happening to me, baby? Is this you throwing temptation in my path? I know you said you'd haunt me if I didn't move on, if I didn't allow myself to love again. Is this your idea of a joke?" I smile at her picture and sigh. It really is the sort of thing she'd do. "I'm not ready though. I still miss you so much." I roll my eyes, thinking over the last time I'd said that line. "Emmett's been trying to set me up. He and Rosalie had me over for dinner over the weekend. Them, another couple, and a lone girl. It was so obviously a set-up. It couldn't have been more embarrassing. I'm not sure what they'd told her or why they thought it would work. I'm afraid to say I was a little rude." I raise my hands as a sign of placation, hearing in my head how she would have responded.

She'd be so pissed with how I'd acted. In fact, she'd be pissed at a lot of things I do now. She used to be so outgoing, and I'd be the first to admit that I've been a little closed off since her death. For a while, it was my coping mechanism. I buried myself in my work as I was unable to deal with anything else. Now, I have to admit, it's become more of a habit. Maybe it's time to start changing that.

"I know, I know," I appease my dead wife. "It wasn't the poor girl's fault. I'll ask Emmett to apologize on my behalf."

I run my hands through my hair. "So, about this girl. The one from the elevator. You know I can't act on my feelings, right? She works for me, and she's so young. Besides, it's purely a physical reaction. I don't even know her name."

I contemplate how I could get to know her. Could I initiate a meeting? Take a stroll through her floor and happen to stop by to ask her a question. Search her personnel file for clues. I reject each one in turn. They are all completely out of character. I do not stalk my employees. I pride myself on having an inclusive, harassment-free workplace where everyone is treated on their merits, man or woman, old or young, gay or straight, able-bodied or physically impaired. If I caught any other employee acting like I was contemplating, they would be out on their ear.

I sigh and reluctantly close down the HR files I was about to search. I'm no stalker. The girl will have to remain a mystery, for now.

A/N: Thanks to Alice's White Rabbit for beta-ing this in record time.

If you've not realised already this is EPOV of The Man in the Elevator. I'm going to post the bits of the story that interest me so I hope they interest you too. It may be able to be read as a story on its own, which is what I hope, or I may end up only doing those bits that add an insight. You'll just have to wait and see.