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Chapter One:Division of Power

Obi-Wan didn't know what to make of the planet just yet. They had landed hours ago preparing for reconnaissance. With as curious as Obi-Wan had been about the planet and what exactly he would have to do to avoid detection, had Qui-Gon accompanied him, he would have already started lecturing him about the here and now. The young man has to hide a grin at the thought, as it quickly turned to a longing. Reaching for a thread that no longer exists, Obi-Wan gives a heavy sigh. It had been less than a month since their bond had been cut, the same as his braid. And though it was not as painful as those tales he had heard of Masters losing their apprentices to the heat of battle, the loss of something he had grown used to still stung. Even if Qui-Gon was back home on Coruscant, more than likely in the same state of wondering as his young, newly knighted Padawan completed his first solo mission to prove his rank.

The young man pulled up his hood, conscience still, of his inexperience. Although he has left the cloak and robe of the Jedi aboard the ship, exchanging it for a plainer set, it is difficult to completely banish the habit, especially as he recalled this planet's more unsatisfactory characteristics from the reading on his datapad. Tatooine, home of the Hutts. An underground hub for slugs and criminals of the worst sort. Bounty hunters roamed rampant and slavery ran unchecked, as the reach of the Republic did not extend this far to the outer rim. It was Obi-Wan's job to gauge this planet's hospitality and political climate in preparation for the coming elections, which Senator Palpatine seemed certain they could make the Hutts agree to. Obi-Wan couldn't help but scoff at the idea. This was the planet most ran to in order to hide from politics. But perhaps, there was something he was missing. Perhaps…

Obi-Wan banished the thought to the back of his mind as he was jostled and pushed about. It wouldn't do to be lost. He needed his wits about him if he was going to make this work.

Qui-Gon Jinn still wasn't certain this had been the best idea. It wasn't that he had any less faith in his Padawan than any member of the council, and it most certainly was not because he was currently stuck listening to the drone of Senator Erem Kaddish about how expecting a member of the Apprentice Legislature to be of any service to the beginning stages of the Trade Federation's negotiations was rash and foolish. But he was beginning to think having his former Padawan's patience in this endeavor would have been a better division on the part of the council.

"With all due respect Senator Kaddish," The youngling in question was currently appraising the senator with tight lips. "Having a variety of opinions on the use of Naboo's resources is exactly what this summit is about. I hardly think age should be a factor." Qui-Gon is surprised by this youngling's diplomacy. The girl cannot be much older than ten standard years. She had accompanied Senator Onaconda Farr, and he seems determined that the child make herself heard. She is not doing such a bad job.

Qui-Gon saw the old man's face twitch before he responded. "Yes, that is true, but you are a child." He looked over to the other two men for support. Senator Farr sighed.

"Miss Naberrie has grown up on Naboo. And as an Apprentice Legislator, she needs to become used to speaking on behalf of the people."

"Senator, I know that this is important. I don't want to do this wrong, but Naboo is my home. I don't want to see it lost."

Qui-Gon watched becoming less interested in the subject of discussion as the minutes went by. His fascination with young Miss Naberrie, and what she was saying, however is what kept him engaged. She wasn't much older than Obi-Wan had been upon their first meeting, and just as intelligent. For the first time since these proceedings began, he found a motivation to exercise his role as peacekeeper. Normally, he would simply allow the politicians to fight it out amongst themselves, only intervening when it became terribly close to blows. It was different where the girl was concerned. Now, Qui-Gon could truly see what affect these political roundabouts were having beyond the stretch of Coruscant's boundaries. And once again, he felt the phantom strands of the bond he was missing, and the fear for his Padawan.

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