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Ugh a whole week and Shima was still teasing me about Azure. Thankfully Koneko wasn't or else I'd have probably burst a blood vessel or developed an ulser. Not to mention Okumura-sensei was being really hard on us and none of us know why. Maybe Shura pulled a prank on him again, but for it to last this long its gotta be a prank war if that's the reason.

Thank Kami it's Tuesday, I wonder what Azure wrote. Maybe Azure is Rin, I mean come on he's the most physically blue person there is in cram school, though Izumo is the most mentally blue I think. As I open my locker Shima slides up to one side of me with his shit eating grin in place. Before I can react Shima reaches in and grabs a light blue piece of paper and runs. I of course chase him yelling for him to stop.

As I turn the corner I see Shima run into Rin at the other end of the hall. I run to grab the note but Rin beat me to it. Being the nosey loveable-idiot.. no just idiot bon- he is he reads it. I fially reach him as Rin goes red and slaps Shima across the face. The teen looks like a little boy who was told no, puffed out cheaks, tears almost falling and all. "Asshole!" Rin yelled just as I swipped the note from him well trying to catch my breath. Before I could though Rin turns and leaves. Just when had I started to refer to Okumura as Rin?

"Well what does it say?" Shima inquires.

I turn away from him but not before slapping him behind his head and mumbling asshole under my breath.

Oh my, I just realized You could never be Ice cream. Because you're so hot. And a person. Though it sounds weird it's true and because, I started to write these notes to cheer you up not hit on you I'll tell you a joke I just learned. There's a fine line between a numerator and a denominator. Sadly only a fraction of people will find this funny. I hope you did! Au Revoir my beau.


All I could do was sigh as a smile creeped onto my face. No, not good bye.

Hello Azure

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