"I will be the first man to kiss you... To bed you...

Whether you come willingly or not.
You will be mine, and mine alone...

Do you understand?"

~Tom Hiddleston; Audio book 'The red necklace'

Odin fell onto the stairs and into the Odin sleep. Loki panicked. He screamed for the guards.

The next few hours were a blur. The healers tried to help, but they couldn't risk waking him. His mother cried, but stayed as strong as she could.

And Loki... Loki didn't know what was wrong with him (most specifically wrong with his head), but something was not right... Every inch of him, every heart beat and flare of magic in him agreed. It wasn't just guilt. Though he did feel that to. It wasn't that he was a frost giant, he knew that as well. It was something else.

Something was pulling, nagging, twisting at his head... Starting to warp his thoughts.

He needed to leave. Loki didn't know why, but something was wrong. He needed to run.

But he couldn't leave his mother. He was also the one that started the yelling match the tipped his father into the Odin sleep; He couldn't abandon them right now. He had to wait.

When the warriors three and Sif barged in to Odin's chamber he felt relief. They demanded answers and the Queen gave them freely. Sif bowed and asked, "What can we do to help, my Queen?..." Loki jumped at the opportunity presented to him.

"Get to Midgar. Get Thor, and drag him home."

The Warriors three looked shocked at Loki's words. He guessed that they were expecting him to fight them, Banish them, or just declare himself king right then and there... And he would have... If this sudden feeling of wrongness didn't cloud his head, and his urge to run and fix what was wrong didn't overwhelm his other feelings.

"Wait... You mean it?" Sif questioned slowly, since the warriors three seemed tongue tied.

"YES... Odin's spell was very specific. 'Only one worthy...' So go find him, get him to do something heroic and worthy of prince, and drag him back."

Sif and and Frigga looked at one another in disbelief, as the others looked at him like he had grown another head. Loki snapped at them.


Those words seemed to be enough to knock some sense into them. All four turned and fled to the Bi-frost. Loki turned and fled as well, but he went another way.

He went to his royal apartments to use his magic to pack everything. The Servants must have thought he was grieving or distressed, because they left him alone. They set his food outside his door, and let him be. Loki used this time quickly and wisely... His huge selection of books, his trinkets and gifts he had gotten over the last 2000 plus years, and more found themselves suddenly stored away. When he saw the Bi-frost light up again, and a familiar red cape ran up the front castle steps with four warriors behind him, He was ready to go.

He was only a frost giant, after all... Now that the TRUE prince had returned, he could leave.

He left a long letter for his mother, saying he was sorry and explaining that he knew everything now. Loki poured more into his heart in that letter that he had in any other before. He wanted to make sure she knew he still loved her. He then wrote a letter to Thor, telling him what he was feeling. That something was wrong, something was happening to him, and he needed to leave and fix it. If he were ever to return it was be a very, very long time from now and only after he was better.

Then he wrote a letter to Odin. It had only had two sentences.

I'm sorry. Don't look for me.

He then stationed himself behind his bedroom door until Thor's thunderous footsteps rushed pasted his room, and into Odin's chamber... Loki then opened his door, and left his bare and empty apartments. A empty bed, a desk, a table, and three letters were all it now contained within.

He wouldn't return to the castle for a very long time. If ever. The god of lies knew when he spoken a truth.

Odin could never put a Frost Giant on the throne of Asgard...

Aradia Potter pulled her soft white dress over her shoulders, and let in fall softly down around her. It was the only thing she had on; but it covered her more then enough and she was alone, so she didn't mind much. She pulled her black hair behind her, and tried to tame her wild hair into a bun... She had just barely managed.

The purity pond would be ready for her in a few minutes. The "White and light rituals and potions' book said that she could only wear white into it for it to work properly. So she picked out this dress at the village boutique, and just went with it.

She opened the book one more time. She wanted to double check, just to be sure that everything was in order. If she followed the directions right, the wading pool in the backyard would become charged with light magic, which it was now attracting like a magnet. After she submersed herself into it, it would do wonders. It would heal wounds and repair any physical damage, no matter how old it was. It would break any and all spells, curses or enchantments on her, and negate any potions that were in her system, leaving her a clean slate..

But what she really wanted was cleansing effect it would have on her magical core. It would wash away any and all residue left behind by dark magic from her system...

Considering she had a nasty little peace of a soul in her head for years, and many dark spells cast on her, (and one of two from her), She couldn't wait to get this done. She had been feeling dirty ever since she learned about that, and had wanted to find away to kind of 'Wash the ick away...'

Now, after a month of planning and following the directions to a T, it was almost ready. Once the full moon hit the water she would dive in head first, and let it do it's job. Then she could finally feel like she was rid of him for good... Wash away the last of her life long enemy, and be done with it.

She could also bring up to five magical items to be 'cleansed' with her. So she picked the Hallows, her holly wand, and the Potter family ring. Which was technically, the Peverel family ring. She figured with the long history of bloody deaths and bad karma that came with them, she might as well dunk them in with her. Couldn't hurt.

She gathered up the two wands, ring, stone, and cloak and walked to the back yard. The knee-deep clear-white water, filled with potions and enchantments, was waiting for her. She smiled, as she looked up at the sky. The full moon was almost out in full force. She only had a few more moments to go.

After the moonlight hit the water, it started to glow. She wasn't entirely sure how something clear could glow, but this was magic, so it did. She stepped into the water, wadeing to the middle of the shallow pond. She then held her breath, and fell backwards. All of the items clutched in her arms.

It was cold in the water, but pleasantly so. Like a cold glass of water on a hot night or a nice shower after a long game. She felt the magic going to work immediately after she was in. She kept her eyes closed but she could feel movement, like boiling water, around her and the items she had brought it with her. It wasn't hot at all, and it slowed after a few moments, but it was still strange. Soon it was only bubbling except but a few places. Those being her scar, the elder wand, and the stone... and for some reason, around her stomach.

Apparently someone must of placed a very strong Anti-fertility spell on her, or she drank an anti-conception potion. She assumed it was a spell, more then likely cast by one of her many enemies, as she was a virgin and had never even took 'The potion' before. She bit back her anger at the thought of someone trying to take her ability to become a mother away, and just let the water work. She would think on that later.

She had been holding her breath for a minute and a half when the bubbling stopped completely. The stone and the elder wand were the last hold outs. She sat her self up from the water, and took a deep breath of fresh air. Her hair falling down around her as her bun came undone...

It was done... She felt CLEAN.

She smiled brightly as she stood up and wadded to the edge of the pond. She placed her items on a towel she had set up before hand. She laid them all in a row and took a good look at them. The ring and the stone shone like new, and her cloak looked like it had just been loomed. But the biggest difference was in the two wands. The holly wand nearly hummed with light energy, the phoenix feather inside seeming very happy. The elder wand no longer looked cracked, old and abused... It actually looked smoother and more cared for then when Dumbledore had it.

She laughed happily. The pool had worked even better then she had though. This was great!

"My, my, my... Aren't we just buzzing with white magic tonight?..."

She nearly jumped out of her skin and shrieked as her arms immediately wrapped around her chest to cover herself. She only had on the white dress, and she was soaking wet... She didn't want anyone seeing her like that! It was bloody embarrassing!

Amused, mischievous green eyes meet a pair of wide, shocked green eyes. A man, dressed head to toe in green and gold smirked down at her as he knelled by the pool on one knee. He had dark, straight hair and pale skin. Thin lips that looked to be always in some sort of smile, and a chin and cheekbones that she couldn't help admit were handsome... Still, She yelled.

"HOW DID YOU GET PAST MY WARDS?!" She yelled, pulled herself back underwater. hoping against hope that would somehow cover her more. She was turning red, and getting a bit more scared every moment.

"You mean the wards around your homestead?..." He asked, a bit of arrogance to his voice.

"YES, The wards around my homestead! House!" She corrected. The man then just pointed behind him... towards the house...

Which was she outside of...

Well, Hell.. She forgot to extend the wards to the back yard. Crap.

The man chuckled, as he walked over to the other towels she had put outside, grabbing one. He started unfolding it as he walked over to her part of the pond.

"I do beg your pardon, ma'am... But I had just arrived here and was passing by when I felt quite a large amount of magic at work... I got curious and decided to see what was going on before I continued on my way." He explained, as he held the towel out in front of him with two hands. "Come on out now, you wouldn't want to turn into a prune." He chuckled.

Aradia glared, but just for a moment. He didn't look like he was going to attack her, but she had learned to be wary. She quickly put on her ring, and grabbed her wands just in case before she stepped out. As she did, he wrapped the towel around her and then went back to looking over the pond.

"So... What is this bit of magic? It's very light, but very well done... When it was working I could sense it from miles away." The man started. Aradia blinked as she realized he really was just curious.. Suddenly she got curious, too.

"Really?... You could sense it working?" She asked. He nodded.

"Yes, and now that it's lent it's power to you and your wand, I can sense both of you as well..." He remarked, as he turned his shoulder to look back at her. "So... What is it?"

"It's a purity pond." She began. "It's a physical mass of good energy that..."

"Breaks spells, heals and cures, and wipes everything clean." The man finished with a smile. "Truthfully? A purity pond, all the way out here?... Amazing... and maybe just what I need."

Aradia blinked, as she wondered what in the world he was talking about. He was confusing her. He got off his knee and turned fully toward her.

"You see, my lady, something is happening to me... with my mind and magic. I don't much like it. I came on a trip here to try and find a way to fix it. This may be just what I need. Would you mind?..." He said, as he motioned with his hand to the pool of still-glowing water.

All of the dots then connected in Aradia's head. He wasn't going to hurt her, or attack her... He wasn't even really interested in her... He just wanted to use the pool. Just like she had. She nodded to him.

"Sure thing. Go for it. But you can only wear white into it." She remarked, as she walked and grabbed another towel, to wrap her hair into. When she turned back around she froze.

He was peeling off his shirt, and soon tossed it to the side without a care. She stood frozen as he dressed down until he only his pants... She should of felt guilty, but her mind and eyes stuck watching the man before her. She came back to her senses when he waved his hand at his pants, turning them white. With gentle push off and a whoosh, he was quickly in the middle of the pond...

Aradia just stared and blinked in morbid fascination as the water started turning and boiling for him as well... only this time, the water seemed to be working twice as hard and was swimming with black and green hues...

She didn't know how he managed to hold his breath for so long, but he did... because it was only after three and a half minutes that the water was done with him. She grabbed him a towel from the pile, and waited at the edge of the pool as he blinked very confusingly at nothing.

Aradia potter could only wonder how many spells and what kind were on him to make the water, and him, react so badly...

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