Clint found a good place to nest up. It was a sturdy trunk-like branch that would more then hold his weight. Not only was it at a comfortable angle for his back he, could also sit horse-saddle on it so he wouldn't have to worry about Humptey-dump-tying himself onto the ground below. He unconsciously started surveying the area around him as soon as he got settled.

He had a full view of the surrounding area, a spot that wasn't uncomfortable per-say, with at least another 45 minutes before the research crew arrives.

He'd take a nap then after the crew set up shop, he'd talk Tasha into going to the nearest air port and/or Hotel to crash for the night. He'd been on duty long enough to charge a room to his mission expense account. If he filed it and billed it right, not even Agent Culson would argue. If he picked a Hotel with a pool, maybe a sauna, Natasha would take half the bill... Hell, If it had a spa or in-house massage, she'd get her own room... She hadn't gotten a chance to pamper herself recently.

London wasn't that far away, was it?...

He'd ask Tasha after he woke up from his nap.

It was then that Clint's eyes registered something odd.

Wa... Wait... Hold up. Something... Something was not right.

Clint suddenly stopped his current train of though as he began looking over the area a third time.

Natasha shook her head as Clint climbed up a tree on a quest to find a 'Perfect' spot.

His tolerance had run out just she knew it would, but as long as he held his post and watched her back, she was fine with it. Even asleep, if anything in the area was slightly off or someone started coming their way, he would be awake and alert in seconds. He could take his bird-nap, she would handle the pond. It would also make him less crabby. That was a plus as well.

She had been using the Shield-issued Stark phone to consistently record video so she could give them any information she could. She put it in the front pocket of her uniform with the camera facing out. It would work just like a body camera.

She started with the pool itself. Width, Depth, color. She couldn't take any energy readings or get the temperature, but the crew that was already on it's way would had all the equipment and more for that... Though, she did wonder. Natasha had started circling the pool of water with interest, trying as much video as possible. The rectangular surface pool was about 10 feet wide, 20 feet in length and 3 and half feet in depth. A normal size for a backyard pool. The glowing energy that was inside of it had a very strange, translucent effect. A glowing, pearly sheen throughout.

She leaned by a corner of the pool, and hovered her hand over the water. She wanted to see if she could get a gauge on what temperature the water was. With the crystal-like quality of the water she expected it to be pretty cold. Like, refrigerated soda cold. But when her hand was above the water she felt a pleasant warmth rising from it.

She assessed that the water was about 98 degrees. Body temperature. Perfect temp for swimming. She went to stand up, when something on the ground on the side of the pool caught her eye. A small stack of white bathing towels. She looked back and forth from the towels to the pool. Well, it seemed like the water wasn't just perfect for swimming; It looked like someone HAD been swimming in it...

Still kneeling on the ground, staring at the water, Natasha had to admit. Curiosity got the best of her. And while it may have killed the cat, she was sure a Spider would be safe from it's wraith.

She took her ring finger on her right hand (She didn't want to risk her pointer, pinky, or any other finger) and pointed it straight down. She slowly and carefully dipped it into the water. To Natasha's disbelief the water started bubbling and swirling around her finger as she stared wide-eyed and breathless... It was only a few moments later when the bubbling stopped she dared breath again. She carefully and slowly lifted her hand up and took a look at her ring finger... She immediately noted three major differences.

One; The nail itself looked stronger, healthier and as if it had been buffed and polished professionally. It's shine made the other fingers on her hand look undone.

Second: The Callus she had on her knuckles from years of marital arts and spy work were gone. She keep them soft with lotion and a hand care regime, she needed them to be smooth and perfect in case she was assigned a seduction mission, but now it was just gone. Baby soft skin was all that was were it used to be.

Three; and this was the most worrying a shocking. This one she only saw when she turned her hand, with her palm facing toward her. One of the first things they did when you became a shield spy, was to remove your finger prints. Some had them burned off, some had them filed or rubbed off, she was sure there was one or two other ways to do it; Natasha preferred Exfoliating them off. It was an easy way to get them done, and on her own time. Point is; If you were a Shield spy, your finger prints had to go. And they did checks to make sure they stayed away. And yet, here her finger print was, just resting there as if she hadn't been ridding herself of it for years.

Right there on her ring finger, and just on her ring finger.

"Natasha..." Came the uncomfortable, and worrying voice of Clint. "Natasha; come up here! You need to have a look this..."

"I need to take a look at that? You need to have a look at this!" She commented as she stood up, and turned to walk to Clint's tree...

"Agent Barton?! Agent Romanoff?! Call Fury; Tell him they are waking up. Agents, are you alright?"

At those words, Natasha suddenly became very alert. She Sat bolt-upright with wide eyes. WAKING UP?! WHAT?! She had just been walking to Clint's tree.

In the cot next to her, Clint jumped up as well, looking around just as confused. The Crew had apparently arrived... Not only arrived, but had put up all the tents, as both he and Nasha were currently IN the Medical tent.

"What the hell Happened?..." He cursed, highly creeped out.

"No clue..." She answered as shook her head with slight-damp-and still-drying hair. What the heck?...

"We got here 15 minutes ago... You were both laid out in front of the pool, dead asleep. We couldn't wake you." Said the Medical crew member, as another was already making a call on their stark phone.

"15... 15 minutes?!" Clint snapped. Natasha held back a gasp. The last point she remembered, the crew was 45 minutes out. That means they lost a HOUR... Did that mean?...

"THE POOL!" Black widow burst, as she suddenly jumped up and ran out the tent. Clint right on her heels a moment later.

But there was really no reason to run. The pool was still there. Only now, it just held water.

No glowing. No energy. No pearly waves.

Just water.