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on with the story

-place unknown-time 10;23pm-

-unknown pov-

I'm sitting at my window when i'm hit by a sudden vision of the future.

(* I see the return of the true little sky and with the little sky's return once more.

The elements that have protected, loved, and waited for their little sky will wait no longer.

And with each lifetime that sky and elements are reunited may forgotten bonds be remembered, and may their remembered bonds grow stronger.

When all the elements and the little sky remember their past lifetimes, and true bonds with each other will it be time for them to return to what they once were it, will finally time for the Eterno Famiglia to return.

However I also see that the road ahead of the little sky is not to be an easy one, for it is a road paved with pain, tears and blood soaked white feathers. *)

when the vision ends I look up at the evening sky and smile, however soon i begin to feel the double edge blade of my power hit me as i begin to cough up hand fulls of blood and i think to myself [my talent to see the future is both my greatest blessing but it also my greatest curse] as i feel a clawed hand rubbing my back soon i fall paas out from exhaustion knowing that the future is going to be very interesting.

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