Ron had awoken with a slight daze and confusion. 'Where am I?' he thought. But then he noticed something else, his skin was no longer white, rather taking on a slightly darker colour.

Panicking, Ron quickly jumped out of bed and made a b-line for the bathroom mirror. There, he witnessed his worst nightmare. His skin, not only darker, was slightly baggier as well, with wrinkles forming around his face. His hair was no longer blond, instead taking on middle aged man look, brown and grey. And his eyes were no longer brown, rather bordering black. It truly was his worst nightmare to date, he was James Possible.

Which meant only one thing! Slowly walking back to the bed, he noticed a pair of gorgeous legs sticking out from under the covers. 'This doesn't have to be bad, it could be Ann.' He thought to himself, wishing despite his better judgment.

Instead his wishful thinking was overturned, when the woman turn in slumber. There he noticed the long blond hair covering a modest face, propagated by a singular mole. He knew that face, having confronted her afterwards. There, sleeping beside him, in a post coital state was the beautiful Dr. Vivian Porter.

Ron wanted to scream, shout, do anything to make this dream, or rather nightmare go away. But, life, as it turns of isn't always considerate, as it forced him to remain put. He was almost forced back into the bed, trapped in the scenario despite his unwillingness. As they began again, he could see a 25 year old Ron Stoppable, standing at the door, a look of shock and disappointment in his eyes.

Ron woke up, tear flowing through his eyes as he desperately gasped for air. Finally realizing that it had indeed been a dream, he sighs with relief before a sudden urge to cry fell over him. Keeping this secret was taking a toll on him. For the last 3 months since James death, Ron had many episodes like the one he had just witnessed, written off to his wife as an extended period of grief. His wife, Kim, was doing much better in the recent months, but still broken down into tears every now and again. The only difference was, hers were actually in Greif.

Ron, suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder. A similar feeling had propagated him nearly 8 months prior when James had visited him, but for a solely different reason. James hand signified him coming to explain his actions, while Kim's brought a soothing sensation over him. While, James had never had a good reason, Kim was in the clear. He accepted Kim's hand, before turning to face her. Without any warning, he learned into her, crying his eyes out. Before long, Kim also began crying, only for a totally different reason.

After a couple of moments, they stopped crying, simply holding each other for comfort.

"Same old nightmare again?"

Ron had told her that his nightmare was one of the many missed opportunities he had with his father-in-law. Father-in-law? The man had almost been more of a father then his own father. Which only seemed to make the betrayal he felt, so much harder.

"Yeah!" he said faintly. Trying hard not to let her see what he truly felt.

"It's ok Ron, I know this is hard on all of us." She said in a soothing tone.

'You have no idea!' He badly wanted to tell her, tell her what he was going through, the secret he held. But he couldn't, because James Possible was a good man, and he deserved a just memory. Not a memory propagated with infidelity, but rather one filled with happiness, and the many accomplishments. So he just smiled.

James had come to him and attempted to explain himself. He told him about his moment of weakness. He told him about the dangers of temptation, the inch by inch crawl to something you will later regret. He also told him about the empty feeling he had felt afterwards. Which had only prompted Ron to yell at him some more, phrases like, "How could you?" and "What about your wife?" could be heard during his rant. Ron even threatened to tell Kim, only to meet a pleading James Possible constantly muttering, "I need them in my life. I'm sorry!" Ron was angry. But eventually James had won Ron over, making him promise to never tell anyone about what he had witnessed. Not for James sake but rather the families.

"I know KP, but I just miss him you know." Ron said, full heartedly. Despite everything that had happened, deep down he still knew that James Possible was always the good man that Ron had pictured him as.

"I miss him too!" She kissed him. "But we have to move on. We need to get on with our lives, the grief is getting us nowhere. That's not to say we shouldn't remember him, rather we should learn to move on with him in our memories. We need to move on, live our lives, have children, and be happy. And all that can't happen if we sulk around in the past." She said with a both sad but devious smile, as she pushed herself on top of him.

A little while later, in their post coital snuggle, they laid their reminiscing about the old days. They remembered both the good and the bad, the easy and hard. They remembered the family they had, and prayed that they would have a similar one soon.

But finally their fatigue caught up with them, knocking Kim out like a light. Ron however, was still awake. He simply stared at the sleeping form of his wife. There have been times when he wanted to tell her about the truth, sometimes as ammunition during their occasional spats or just too simply make the guilt of the secret go away. But every time, he would look at his wife's eyes, and despite his anger, he would realize one thing. He loved her. And when she stared back, he would notice the love.

That was why he couldn't tell her. So this was his curse, his destiny, to go on with this secret. But for his family he would do it, gladly. Over time the weight of the secret will soften and shrink, but would never go away. Constantly reminding him of the errors of a good man. Serving as an example of the dangers of temptations. But he would learn from it. And in time, he will come to accept it. As a part of him. But it would never go away. And, after a quick glance at his wife, he was ok with that.

After a little while, he fell back asleep, again tormented by the dream. This time however, the effect on him was greatly decreased.


Authors Note: Well, what did you think? I personally really liked this message, cause it mirrors an event that actually happened in my life. I won't go into the details, but it involved me accidentally finding out my parents had aborted a baby. Enough of that, What did you think of the Moral? Did he do the right thing? Rate & Reveiw