It was a theoretically normal day on Magdalene Island. Since the fall of Germa Kingdom her life changed. Now her brothers and she were all living here together in one house. The isle was under protection of the crew of the Pirate King so they had no problems with the World Government that was still after them.

To be fair they were just lucky that Sanji was merciful and forgave them after all they did to him. Oh no... they weren't free. Their debt was still on... probably for the rest of their lives. Not like it really bothered them. Now they were free.

She sat on the little pier that was built near their house. She was squatting, sheets of paper on her laps, color pencils in her fingers. She gently drew a horizon, white clouds, blue waves and an orange rising sun. Next picture. A bird that flew gently on the end of the pier. Brown and indigo feathers.

And suddenly it became darker as if something covered the sun. She looked up.


She saw five kids falling down to the ocean water... FROM THE SKY!

'What the hell...?'

The weirdest thing was that they all looked like her and her siblings but 12-year-old!

A/N: Probably first Vinsmoke family fic ever. Hope you'll enjoy it. Everything is happening in the nearest future where Luffy is already the Pirate King. It's a time-travel. Updates will take some time since I'm still looking forward to new chapters of Sanji's past and of course I have my other story 'The Brotherhood of D' that is my top priority. And of course Reiju's younger self is 13 or 14 year old but four out of five of them are the same age so... live with it!