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Chapter 2: Alive and KICKING!

Silence. Four kids were now looking at Sanji as if he was the weirdest thing in the universe. He on the other hand already looked for exit entrance. He didn't really wanted to spent more time with them than necessary.

"Awkward, isn't it?" said older Niji. He sat on a settee next to Reiju. The situation was funny. He never thought that he would such a face on Sanji's face. When he was younger he only saw fear or anger... when he was older the anger remained. Fear was replaced with dispassion, disgust and disappointment.

Now he looked at their younger selves like at cockroaches in his kitchen. And Niji knew how Sanji dealt with cockroaches. The only thing that was keeping him from acting was the fact that there were also their older selves... and probably he still knew that he couldn't beat them yet. Not like it meant much since Sanji was a person who couldn't care less about such things.

"But... but father said he was dead!" said younger Yonji pointing his finger at Sanji.

"It's impolite to point, Yonji" said both Reiju. They blinked and looked at each other. Both girls smiled. The younger one giggled.

"Not the first time he was incorrect..." muttered Yonji under his breath.

"Yes, he was alive this entire time" confirmed older Ichiji.

"Yeah... alive and kicking!" laughed older Niji. Three other adults snickered along.

But apparently Sanji wasn't amused. In his blue eyes flashed fear. His body froze and eyes widened. They saw his fear but when he opened his mouth his voice sound bravely.

"How do you know about that?"

Niji looked at his sister for help. If there was one person that he would trust that would be older sister. She sighed.

He looked at both Reiju. He remembered their last meeting. It doesn't matter if it was an older or younger one. Both told him that day to never go back. He knew that he wouldn't if he could. He feared for Zeff's life. That man was his father, not the bastard named as Vinsmoke Judge. He spent over three years with shitty old man and other stupid cooks. They were his family.

"Sanji" older Reiju spoke up "Tell me please... what was the date before you woke up here?"

"March 26, 15 AotP" he said without hesitation.

"Today is May 5, 28 AotP" she answered.

Younger Vinsmoke siblings tensed. They knew it was future but their eyes widened nonethelessly. 13 years?

Reiju now looked at all of them. What was she about to saw was a massage for all five of them.

"You need to understand that in such amount of time a lot can change... and it have..."

But apparently three little Vinsmokes didn't understand what she was saying. And Yonji decided to voice it.

"So what? Father is probably now a king of whole North Blue. What does it have to do with a weakling there?" he asked.

The older four tensed. That man... was not their favorite person to talk about for last years. What had happened almost four years ago changed them drastically. Reiju looked down into her teacup. The circle waves appeared on the auburn liquid inside. She was trembling. Yonji, that was standing behind her put a hand discretely on her shoulder to calm her down. Niji's expression become grim. He bite his lips so he wouldn't say something that he would regret. Ichiji looked at their younger selves. He wanted to make them understand that life wasn't that simple.

"Listen" he started "It's not that simple... as much as father wa... is strong taking over the entire ocean is just... you can't bite more than you can chew... it's impossible!"

Little Vinsmokes excluding Sanji were shocked. How could they say such an awful LIE! Their father was an amazing man with great ambition and wonder of determination! He was wise and strong. For them he was like a god.

"Why am not surprised? It's not like a bastard like him could do it. Karma is not really a bitch. She's actually quite nice lady."

Sanji's voice was like the knife. Fast, cold, sharp and deadly. And it stab hearts of both older and younger Vinsmoke siblings. When the future ones knew where all of it comes from and they did understand, younger ones, aside from Raiju, didn't.

"What did you just said?!" yelled little Niji. Yonji nodded.

"Take that back!"

Younger Ichiji felt his blood was getting hotter. No one was talking like that about the father and get away with it.

"Sanji..." the word left his mouth through his teeth like a venom. His voice was cold and full of anger.

Same name was also said by Reiju. Didn't her brother learn to be careful about what he was about to say?

Third son of Vinsmoke family looked at them with no fear. Leaving with Shitty old man taught him to always speak his mind. He was proud of who he was and even his brothers could make him go back on his words! He knew that he would probably beat him half dead but he won't let them do this without a fight.

"What? Truth hurts, doesn't it?"

And that did that. Three boys jumped at their brother.

He was ready. He jumped back from Yonji's punch and blocked Niji's kick with his leg. Then he barely dodged Ichiji's right hook. Unfortunately Yonji's attacked again and this time his fist collided with Sanji's arm. Said boy cursed under his breath. He could tell that he would have a lot of bruises if they got him. When all three assault him again he moved down, put his hand on the ground and spin his legs, kicking all three. Not like that stopped them. They were superhumans after all. Niji grasped Sanji's leg and threw him on the wall where he left a little crack.

Seeing it, Reiju looked at her older self for help, but the woman wasn't there. Instead what she saw surprised her. All of her older younger brothers looked concerned but also... proud? She didn't know why but it seemed for her as if they were proud out of Sanji.

When little Ichiji run to punch Sanji again, said boy kick his brother in the stomach and sent him flying through the room. Oldest brother landed on a commode. Poor peace of furniture wasn't strong enough to put up with superhuman.

And that's it. Older Ichiji jumped in front of his younger self and grabbed collar of his shirt. Yonji did the same to his and Niji's little clone, but in his case he just grasped backs of their necks, since the two of them where almost naked. Older Niji stopped Sanji. All four boys looked at three future selves in shock.

"That's enough" Ichiji said calmly "You're devastating our house."

True to his words the poor commode was falling apart. There was a little cracks in wall and floor.

At the same time Reiju was in next room. Her fingers were clicking buttons on den-den mushi. She put a speaker and mike near her face. After three seconds he heard a voice from the other side.

"Here's Thousand Sunny, the ship of the Pirate King! YOHOHOHOHO!"


Silence. Four kids were now looking at Sanji as if he was the weirdest thing in the universe. He on the other hand already looked for exit entrance. He didn't really wanted to spent more time with them than necessary.

He wanted to run out of the room in next second but was stopped by his older big sister. Reiju was now hugging him in her arms.

"SANJI! I'm sooooooooooo sooooooooooorrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy!" she cried very unladylike.

He blinked.

What the actual flying fuck in the airplane was happening?!

Then the older selves of his brothers joined her.

'AGHHH! They want to kill me!' he thought but instead he heard their yells and cries about how sorry they were.

"We're so sorry!"

"How can we make up!"

"Sanji, forgive us!"

Seriously. What the hell!

The same question appeared in younger Niji's, Yonji's and Ichiji's heads."Hey! What in the name of father are you idiots doing?!" yelled Niji.

Little Yonji looked at his sister for help.

"Reiju, what do you think is go... REIJU!" he yelled panicking. Little Niji and Ichiji looked at her only to see a pure bliss on her face and tears falling like river from her eyes.

She didn't heard her brothers' shouts. In her brain was only one thought.


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