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Chapter One: The Ravages of War

Lissianna Potter-Riddle-Black gasped for air, her lungs burning and eyes streaming from the smoke. Everywhere she looked was blood and destruction. Silent tears streamed down her face, her eyes frantically searching for some form of life, for a survivor.

The war with Voldemort had finally come to an end, now at twenty-six, Lissianna had finally managed to kill the monster, but at a great price. Hogwarts lay in smoking ruins, remnants of fires still scorching the crumbled stone. Her hair shifted to a sickly gray, her eyes a dull brown.

Everything was silent, save for the wind in the trees. Dropping to her knees, Lissa threw back her head and screamed. She screamed for the loved ones she lost, for the actions she was forced to perform, for the crippled future of the survivors. Her magic lashed out, causing lightning to arch from the thunderous clouds. Rain began to pour, causing the fires to hiss as they were extinguished. Forcing herself to stand, Lissa stumbled to the ruins of Hogwarts. She could not bear to see the dead faces of her friends and family. She knew that they were dead; the charms on her bracelet had all gone cold, one by one during the battle. Only one remained warm, pulsing every now and then as if to reassure her of his continued survival.

Slowly trudging her way through what was left of Hogwarts, she made her way to the one place she knew remained unchanged and untouched by the war: the Chamber of Secrets. Though the horcrux was gone, she learned, much to her horror, that it was not what had given her the ability to talk to snakes. She wished that it was because of the horcrux and not the horrible reality that it stemmed from. The only advantages of the damn thing were her being able to spy on Voldemort, use it as a radar, and it giving her all of Voldemort's knowledge through the once there link when she killed it. She received even more of Voldemort's knowledge and memories when she killed him with an arcane spell that slowly sucks out another's magic, allowing for them to weaken more and more until they suddenly enter magical exhaustion. It took a good hour and a half for Voldemort to realize something was wrong, and another hour or so before she managed to hit him with a crucio. She finally ended the torture with a suffocation curse, before hitting his body with the killing curse for good measure when it appeared he might be fighting off the suffocation curse.

She had never given much thought to how magical abilities manifest or are passed down, but after some idle research, discovered a tragic truth to her abilities. Her suspicions began with Voldemort's resurrection in the graveyard in her fourth year, when Voldemort used her blood to build a body. Dumbledore had explained to her in her second year that Voldemort had accidentally transferred some of his powers to her when the killing curse backfired, she had no reason to doubt him at the time. It wasn't until after the fiasco that was the third task, that Dumbledore let slip something that set her on a path of research. He had mentioned absently that Parseltongue is passed through blood, as are all magical abilities. He hypothesized that the killing curse negated that little fact and managed to perform a magical transfer. He was wrong, oh so very wrong. The contradicting theories roused suspicion in Lissianna, so she decided to do some digging of her own.

That summer, Lissa managed to sneak out to Diagon Alley, and from there into Knockturn Alley. In hindsight, it was one of the stupidest things she'd ever done. Who in their right mind would walk into the enemy's territory alone with little experience? No one in their right mind of course. So, wearing a black cloak and carrying a card that she'd obtained form the Goblins allowing her to purchase items in the same way of a Muggle credit card with no extra charge. She'd been advised by Malfoy of all people to request one to buy herself some respectable clothes when she pointed out that the type of clothes he was referring to would be difficult to acquire with a large sack of gold she'd have to tote around. He'd laughed at her, only stopping when her glare registered in his brain. So, after that enlightening chat during her shopping trip the previous summer, she did just that. She also requested that all her vault key be discontinued and a new one made and blood bound to her. The Goblin had been surprised that the Golden Girl even knew about blood magic, though that was again Draco's fault. Not that he knew she had been listening in on a discussion he was having with an older Slytherin student.

So, armed with her nifty little card, Lissa marched down Knockturn like she owned the place, deliberately loosening her hold on her magic, making her seem more intimidating. Her first stop was Borgin and Burkes, where she spent a good deal of gold on questionable and flat out illegal books, predominantly those on soul and blood magic. Pleased with her findings, she decided it was a good idea to get the hell out of Knockturn and start her research and prepare for the coming war.

She managed to slip past the strange smelly drunk snoring away under what she assumed to be an invisibility cloak. Fortunately her relatives had been avoiding her since the little incident that had occurred when Vernon tried to lock up her school stuff. Her magic, still unsettled and aggressive from the resurrection and subsequent duel, was more active than normal. Vernon made the mistake of trying to smack her when she refused to let him lock up her things. Her magic lashed out most spectacularly, sending him flying through the wall and into the next room from where she was standing on the stairs. Needless to say, her "family" avoided her like the plague after that, treating her like she was a bomb about to go off. She would have loved to have heard the excuse the Dursleys had given for the giant hole in the wall to the construction workers.

Thank magic that it was accidental magic and therefor untraceable for the most part. She later discovered that the Marge incident was only caught because an alarm for magic done in excessive quantity being seen by Muggles went off. An inflated human apparently counted as an excessive quantity of magic. Why the alarm didn't go off during her other accidental magic episodes, she would never know. In reality, the Obliviators actually showed up to alter people's memories with the snake incident at the zoo after she was 'ushered' out of the exhibit.

It took her four hours to come across what she was looking for in a book on magical inheritance. Lissa nearly had a heart attack when the pieces of the puzzle started to come together. According to the magical inheritance tome, magic is passed down through a combination of blood and soul. Specific traits like Parseltongue and other rare and obscure talents are passed down through blood, while magic in general is passed down through the soul and blood. The belief was that the soul contains the magical core of a person, while the blood contains what Muggles call genes for magic. Meaning, it was impossible to transfer magical abilities through the soul itself, blood had to be involved. It took about ten seconds for the implications of that to register in Lissa's mind.

Scrambling off of the bed, she barely made it to the bathroom before she started throwing up. Moaning in misery, she leaned back against the bathtub. If Voldemort had been resurrected without the ability to speak Parseltongue, then there wouldn't be a problem; only he had started muttering in it to himself not long before he turned his attention to her again and giving her a run down on his oh so tragic past…Note the sarcasm.

The only way Voldemort could have remained a Parselmouth was if Lissa had that trait in her blood. The damming words from the diary Tom Riddle echoed through her head like he was whispering in her ear.

"We look so alike, you could be my twin, if I were female that is. You even have red in your eyes…I wonder…"

She had thought that her metamorphmagus powers were imitating Riddle's appearance to throw him off, but what if that wasn't the case? Could she be related to Voldemort? She prayed that it was through the Black family as her father's mother was Dorea Black before her marriage to Charlus Potter. Lissa resolved to make an emergency trip to Gringotts the following morning. After all, her mother was a Muggleborn, so she couldn't be related to Voldemort through her…could she?

Her world was shattered the next morning.

Name: Lissianna Aurora Potter-Riddle

Parents: James Charlus Potter, Lily Anne Potter, Tomas Marvolo Riddle

Eligible for: Slytherin Ladyship (through second father), Ravenclaw Ladyship, LeFay Ladyship (through second father), Ambrose/Merlin Ladyship (through mother), Pendragon throne (through mother), Cedicit Ladyship (mother), Potter Ladyship (though first father), Gryffindor Ladyship (through first father), Peverell (through first father), and Black Heirship (through first father and current Lord Black).

Lissa fainted when she saw the results, though not before seeing the Goblin suffer what appeared to be a possible heart attack. She never breathed a word of the results to anyone, fearing for the reactions others would have, that and she had zero desire to get involved in politics let alone being royalty at the time. It suddenly made so much more sense why she was unable to talk the hat into putting her in Gryffindor rather than Slytherin. Apparently Voldemort had somehow gotten ahold of her mother, she turned green at the thought. Magic really shouldn't be able to do what it did, but unfortunately for Lissa, magic doesn't care about science.

So, she ignored reality and began frantically preparing for war. It was the Cedicit family that gave her the greatest advantage of all. The Goblins had been rather terrified when they took her down to the Cedicit family vault. Apparently, that particular family was the Boogeyman of the Wizarding world. Go figure. The literal translation of the family name helped cement the idea that the legends just might be true. After all, having the name Fallen doesn't lend itself to being all sunshine and daisies.

It wasn't until Sirius died and he left everything to her that she caved and accepted the Ladyship head of family rings. It hurt like hell. Afterwards, she finally got a good look at her new face and body. She was not amused in the least. Her time at Durzkaban had left her a scrawny midget compared to her female classmates. The family magics apparently disagreed with her previous looks. No longer a short and awkward teen, she suddenly had curves and height. Her clothes were strained and threatened to cut off her circulation. The worst part was, her magic was on the fritz and refused to morph her body. So, casting numerous glamour charms, she marched off to go get new clothes. She completely ignored how one eye was Avada Kedarva green and the other a vivid blue that rivaled the green of her other eye. The red in her blue eye refused to disappear, while the red in the green eye obligingly turned into gold. It took her months to get her magic back into working order. One huge benefit was the trace no longer applied to her as she was now considered emancipated.

Lissa never breathed a word about her new looks or status, and bullied the Goblins into keeping their mouths firmly shut. Though, her magic going on the fritz with the head of family rings was nothing compared to what was about to happen.

Stumbling into Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom, Lissa hissed {open} at the sink with the snake on the faucet. With a tremendous grinding sound, the Chamber's first entrance opened.

{Stairs, lights} Deciding that this was either only for the Basilisk, or for both humans and snakes alike. Her silent question was answered when stairs melted out of the walls and spiraled downwards, while the walls themselves began to glow eerily. Descending the stairs, she turned and commanded the entrance to close, then began her journey.

Lissa was not sure what she was going to do, but she didn't have to worry about not being prepared, considering she had trunks full of everything she owned, including the items from all of the properties, vaults, and the Room of Requirement before it was destroyed. Hermione, Draco, Neville, her, and several others were planning on sorting all of the junk, but never had time as they were attacked right after the horcrux was collected and the items all stored in one of her spare trunks she had brought for just that reason.

Pausing to clear the cave in and prevent another, Lissa quickly resumed her expedition into the Chamber. Her emotions were numb at this point, much like her mind and soul. Whispering at the massive door to open, she stared at where the basilisk once lay before she had returned several years ago to render the beast. One of her trunks was filled with all of the basilisk parts, while she had made some armor that she was currently wearing made from its scales.

Taking in a shuddering breath, Lissa continued on, steadfastly ignoring the spot where she met her father's teenage soul piece. While everyone else might be dead, there was one who was still living: her little Teddy. After Andromeda was killed, Lissa had swooped in and snatched Teddy, stopping at Gringotts to blood adopt him. Severus Snape had tagged along to make sure she didn't do anything stupid. He'd survived Nagini's attack due to Lissa being having a phoenix animagus form. She actually had four, but that was the one that saved his life. He had died not long after agreeing to help her blood adopt Teddy. Blood adoptions could only unfortunately be performed by two people and not just one, though, it was possible to have a new mother or father while having the still present mother or father 'adopt' their child together.

Teddy grew slightly taller, his face more like Tom Riddle's, but with Severus's dark eyes. He did have red in them though, much to his new mother's dismay. It wasn't until Severus was captured and killed that she learned why he was so eager to blood adopt Teddy: he was an Incubus. Severus had chosen a rather ugly mortal form to through others off, and must have learned how to repress his nature when he received his inheritance. She supposed that might be why he was so grouchy all the time, what with him having to constantly hide his true nature. Damn him though! Now Teddy was an Incubus as well, thanks to the dominant nature of the demon genetics. Teddy remained a metamorphmagus, though that was because his new mother was one as well. Lissa never would have blood adopted Teddy if his parents had had the time to go through with the godparent ritual, but seeing as there was never time for the ritual, they kept putting it off. Then they were killed, taking with them any chance of her being able to become his godmother. After Andromeda was killed, the Ministry tried to step in and take Teddy, Lissa did the one thing she could to prevent that. After completing the ritual, Lissa and Severus had fled to the Chamber of Secrets, knowing it to be the one place safe unless Voldemort took Hogwarts.

Coming to a halt at the base of the statue of Slytherin, Lissa took in a shuddering breath.

{Speak to me Slytherin, Greatest of the Hogwarts Four}. A harsh grinding sound echoed through the chamber, disturbing the previous silence save for her breathing and voice. {Stairs, lights}. Once again, stairs and light appeared, letting Lissa make her way to the inner chambers. She could see without light thanks to the modifications her body underwent and her animagus forms, but she felt better, more human with the light present.

Coming upon the first door, Lissa slashed her hand to let the wards recognize her. Humming, the wards let her through, she had just enough time to see the room and allow the door to close before she was talked by a blur of frantic color.

"Mom!" Stumbling back into the door, Lissa wheezed as she was squeezed hard enough to have difficulty breathing. Harsh sobs wracked Teddy's small frame, his hair cycling through a multitude of colors. Kneeling, Lissa wrapped her arms around her son, rocking him gently while making soothing sounds and running her fingers through his hair.

"Shh sweetheart, it's over, the war is finally over." Teddy simply hugged her more tightly in response, his breathing becoming erratic. Lissa closed her eyes, crying silently once more. Her heart felt like it was breaking into a million little pieces as her son fell apart in her arms. She hadn't seen Teddy so distraught since Severus's body was found outside of Gringotts, tortured and mutilated almost beyond recognition.

"What happens now mom?" Teddy pulled back slightly so that he could look her in the eyes while asking the question. "What do we do, where do we go now that we're the only ones left?" Teddy was right, they were the last of the Order, their friends and family were all dead. There was nothing left for them.

"I have an suggestion." Lissa and Teddy's heads snapped around towards the source of the voice, their eyes landing on the portrait of one Salazar Slytherin. "There is a spell that one of your ancestors from the Cedicit family that I heard about not long before my untimely death. It was one that is supposed to let one travel to another dimension where you are either dead or never existed in the first place. Though I want you to take everything from the Chamber of Secrets, including myself if you decide to do it." Both Lissa and Teddy were gawking at the smugly smirking portrait of the most infuriating of the Four Founders.

"What do you think Teddy, do you want to start over in a new dimension?" Lissa looked at him intently, her eyes boring into his own. Teddy bit his lip, screwing up his nose in concentration. A small smile lit Lissa's face at the action, her son never failed to look adorable when he was thinking over a difficult problem or question.

"Yes, there is nothing left for us here, so why not, what do we have to lose?" Lissa snorted, while Salazar cackled.

"Oh, I don't know, our lives perhaps darling?" Teddy stared at her blankly for a moment.

"Yes, because we're living right now are we? No mom, we're barely even existing as it is." Lissa and Salazar sobered, demons clouding their eyes.

"Yes, you are right, so let's get this show on the road then shall we?" Lissa looked at Salazar intently, clearly telling him to spit out the spell.

"The ritual is in the journal of Bartholomew Cedicit…" Lissa snorted and Teddy giggled at the absurd name. Salazar glared at them in annoyance.

"Bartholomew is a perfectly reasonable name! In fact I almost named my oldest son Bartholomew." Lissa stared at him in a sort of horrified fascination.

"You mean to tell me that you nearly named your own son Bartholomew?" Teddy continued to giggle at the adults while they argued over the name Bartholomew.

"Uh mom, shouldn't we be getting on with the ritual and whatnot?" Lissa closed her mouth with a click of teeth, glaring at Salazar.

"Yes, indeed we should, shouldn't we grandfather?" Lissa hissed, eyes flashing red. Salazar sighed, nodding in agreement.

"Teddy, help your mother pack up the rooms while she and I set up the ritual." It wasn't a request, so after looking to his mother for permission, which he received in the form of a slight nod, Teddy grabbed three shrunken trunks from a box on the floor by the door.

At Salazar's urging, Lissa enlarged the Cedicit trunk and summoned the journal that was needed as well as the materials. It took a few hours, but it was worth it when the ritual circle started to glow, signifying its successful completion. Now all she had to do was wait for Teddy

It was as Lissa was putting the trunk and materials, except for the knife, back in the mokeskin pouch that she felt the invisibility cloak. Eyes widening, for it had been lost during the Battle of the Ministry, she carefully pulled out the folded material. Letting it unfold in a silvery wave of liquid fabric, a soft clank sound drew her attention to a small black stone laying on the floor. She sucked in a harsh breath at the sight of the Resurrection Stone. Her jaw dropped, reaching out with a trembling blood stained hand, Lissa picked up the black stone. The sign of the Deathly Hallows floated in a silvery gray-blue and purple mist. Her heart pounded, the Resurrection Stone was lost in the Forbidden Forest when she gave herself up during the first Battle of Hogwarts. Pale, and ignoring Salazar's demands for answers, she reached for the Elder Wand strapped to her right forearm. It eagerly jumped into her hand, vibrating with magic, black and killing curse green sparks shooting from its tip. She set the three Hallows on the floor, staring blankly, her mind whirling with possibilities.

"M-! Mom!" Lissa jolted into awareness when Teddy started shaking her shoulders as he yelled for her. "Mom! Are you alright?" Large black and red eyes stared at her in frantic worry, tears threatening to break loose once more.

"No, not really." Her voice was weak and wobbled, her hands fluttered about uselessly.

"Wait, are those the Deathly Hallows?" Awe colored Teddy's voice, and Salazar jumped up from his chair, pressing his hands and face against the boundaries of his painting, eyes popping and mouth gaping.

"Yeah, but all except for the Elder Wand were lost, I thought the cloak destroyed, and the last I saw of the stone was when I dropped it in the Forbidden Forest.

Shakily, Lissa placed the stone and wand on the cloak, intending to wrap all three together and stuff them in a trunk. It was the wrong thing to do. Yelping at the sudden surge of magic, Lissa stumbled back, forcing Teddy to quickly retreat to avoid getting knocked over. The Hallows began glowing, magic gathering in the room. Teddy ran over and stuffed Salazar into one of the last trunks, before shoving it in his pocket with the rest. Running back over to his mother, he quickly snatched up the ritual knife. Fortunately they had almost completely packed up the Chamber previously, making his job a small one. Lissa had backed herself into the wall, seemingly frozen in horror. Teddy grabbed her arm, tearing her attention from the ominous ball of black and purple energy gathering in size and strength where the Hallows once were. It floated up into the air and towards them almost lazily.

Lissa and Teddy lunged towards the ritual circle, scrambling to get inside and get the hell out of dodge. Lissa quickly began to chant the words for the ritual, slicing her and Teddy's palms, before allowing the blood to pour onto the central rune in the middle of the circle. It shone a brilliant white light, before the rest glowed gold. A sensation similar to a portkey, only magnified, took hold of them. The last either of them saw was a hurtling mass of black and purple magic slam into Lissa before their world exploded into a swirling mass of color, while Lissa writhed in agony.

They were slammed into a rough and unyielding surface, driving the air from their lungs. It didn't take long for Teddy and Lissa, who was still twitching from the mass of black and purple magic entering her, to slip into oblivion. They were blissfully unaware of just where they had landed and the panic that their entrance ensued.