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Chapter 2

Driving through the empty desert, Jack wondered how long he has been going. How long since he slept, or ate. He also wondered what his mother would be thinking right now. Would she be mad that he kept secrets from her? Would she look for the Autobots? He did not know. But what he did know was that he could not be seen by the Autobots, or the Decepticons.

"Are you going to continue riding off? Away from everyone?" the Ghost Rider asked.

"What choice do I have? The Autobots do not want anything to do with me, and I can't take the risk of hurting them." Jack said back as he stopped at the store.

"Well I hope you realise that you need your family and friends with you, to keep you sane." the Ghost Rider shot back.

Jack ignored him and entered the grocery store and went about his shopping. As he went through what he needed, Jack wondered how his mother was taking the news and whether or not she made contact with the Autobots. He hoped that she did, considering that M.E.C.H was still out there, and the Decepticons could also find him through his mother, and the Autobots were the only ones that could protect her.

"Jack. Five men have just entered the premise, armed and guilty." The Ghost Rider told.

"Alright! Everybody on the ground, and nobody gets hurt!" One of the men, the leader perhaps, said.

As his partner went to the cashier and held the gun to his head and told him to put the money in the bag. Moving to the back of the store, Jack transformed into the Ghost Rider and waited until one of the thugs made his way to the back. Grabbing on to the man's jacket, Jack threw him out of the window and to his friends. Turning his head, Jack saw the man with the bag of cash running out the door while the leader point his gun at him.

The man took aim at him and fired at Jack. The bullet impacted his skull, causing him lean back from the force. Leaning forward, Jack stared at the man before shaking his head and made his way to the thug. The thug, who did not seem to want to move, simply kept shooting until his magazine was empty and the only sound that could be heard was the sound of the gun clicking.

Standing in front of the man, Jack grabbed on to his shirt and lifted him. "Look in to my eyes." No matter how much the man try to avert his eyes away, he could not help but stare. "Your soul is stained with the blood of the innocence. Feel their pain."

Nothing happened for a few seconds, but before long, the man started screaming in horror and pain until he stopped and Jack let him go. Seeing the man fall, his eyes wide and unfocused, sweating and curling himself up, Jack grabbed the man and dragged him outside the store and threw him at his friends, all of who had their weapons trained on him.

"You. Guilty." Jack said, pointing at the group.

Taking off his chain, Jack held onto the chain and swung it at the men. As the chain wrapped around all of them and brought them together, Jack walked up to them. "Look into my eyes, cretins. Your souls are all stained with blood and suffering of the innocent. Feel their pain." He said as what happened to their friend happened to them.

Releasing the men, Jack transformed back into his human form and grabbed onto the bag of cash and returned to the store. Giving back the cash, Jack went to the back and collected his groceries and whatever he needed and went back to the cashier to pay for them. Everyone in the store just stared at him as he paid for his stuff. Walking out of the store and packing everything in his bag, Jack got on is bike and rode off.

Jack looked down at the Decepticons as they continued to mine the Energon from the cave. He had stumbled on them while he was on his way to the next town. While they continued to do so, he wondered how many of them there were and also wondered if he should stop them.

While he was no longer with the Autobots, that did not mean he could not still help them in his own way. Deciding quickly, Jack transformed into his Ghost Rider form and made his way down to the unsuspecting miners.

He took his chain off and swung it at one of the Decepticons guarding the miners. Controlling the chain so that it wrapped around the 'con's head, Jack started to spin, causing the Decepticon to swing in a huge circle. Squeezing the chain, Jack let the 'con go and watched the Decepticon fly into the miners, who had stopped working when they saw their guard fly at them.

There was silence as the other Decepticons looked at the heap that was their comrades. Turning their collective heads to Jack, the guards activated their weapons and aimed them at him, while the miners retreated into the cave. Cracking his neck, Jack started to run towards the Decepticons, who started to fire at him.

Dodging their blaster fire, Jack jumped onto one of the Decepticons and proceeded to burn a hole in to the outer shell of the armour. Once done, Jack climbed into the Decepticons and proceeded to supercharge the drone with hellfire, causing it to transform to take a more demonic form. The wheels burst into flames, while the plating's on the 'con shifted around to give it a more sleek look, while also repairing the burnt hole as if there was no damage to it at all. The head of the con then burst into flames, while the red visor glowed brighter.

Looking on in horror as their fellow solider was turned into some kind of burning corpse, they saw as he raised his weapon raise and aim in their direction. Knowing that if they did nothing they would be blasted in to smithereens, they opened fire on their former comrade. They expected to see their friend fall with blaster holes littered all over his body, they were shocked to see Jack still standing and with nor a single mark on his body.

Jack simply looked at them before aiming his own blaster at the 'cons and fired his own barrage of blaster fire, but instead of the normal purple colour that normally accompanied after a shot was fired, the blast was more a fireball.

As the sound of two Decepticon solider shot fell, Jack took a look at his handiwork as the smoking hole of where his blasts hit the 'cons. He then looked at where the rest of the Decepticons were hiding and simply walked in.

As Jack walked out of the Energon mine, he made his way to bike. Looking at his father's motorcycle, Jack wondered if he could change the Decepticons vehicle form into that of his he thought this, the Decepticon drone's plates began to shift and move about until Jack was sitting on an exact replica of his father's motorcycle.

Shocked, he looked at the motorcycle then at the replica he was sitting on. "That was interesting." He said, getting off his new bike.

Jack then started to transfer the contents from his father's bike to his new one, before sending it back to his mom's with a note attached. One thing he had learned as the Ghost Rider was the ability to have different forms of transportation at the same time, but that it was not indefinite. If a new transport was found and used by the Ghost Rider, the previous would be set free.

In the case of his father's bike, Jack returned it to where it belonged. Once done, he got on his new bike and sped off.

Stopping at a motel after hours of riding, Jack booked a room for the night to rest and plan out where he was going to next. As Jack ate his dinner, he looked at the map before him which showed the entire United States. Once he found out where he was, Jack found out that he was a day's ride from Las Vegas.

"Where to next Jack?" the ghost rider asked.

"We could pass by Vegas, then from there move on to one of the major cities." Jack said as he continued to look at the map.

"Why not New York? The place is crawling with people to punish." The rider asked.

"Too far." Jack said, quickly shooting down the idea. "It would not only take quite some time to get there, not only that but we don't have the funds to support such a long trip." He pointed out.

"Why not just turbocharge your bike to shorten the trip from 'some time' to a day?" the rider asked.

Jack stopped looking at the map and just stared at it. "I can do that?" he asked.

"Of course. All you have to do is to allow a portion of your powers to speed up." The rider answered.

Nodding, Jack finished his dinner and went to sleep.

The next morning, after Jack had freshened up, packed and cleaned the room, he got on his bike and rode through the Arizona desert. Once the road was clear of any other traffic, Jack pushed some of his powers and pushed his bike past its speed limit and through the desert. Due to the vast expanse of the long road, by the time night had fallen, Jack had made it all the way to New York.

Driving through the city, Jack found out that his senses were in overdrive as everywhere he went, it seemed that corruption and greed were rampant. He had to keep a tight leash on his powers to stop manifesting themselves in front of everyone. While driving, Jack thought about what the Autobots and the others were doing right now. Looking around, he thought that Miko would have loved to be in the Big Apple.

While Jack had never really been to New York before, he had heard a lot of stories from his father while he was growing up here. He had even told Jack that he would bring him to New York when he was older. Sadly that day never came, due to Silas and his men.

Thinking about his father had Jack frown. What would his father thought about him leaving so abruptly? Would he have understood his reason? Or would he have tried to convince him to stay?

Driving past one of the banks, Jack suddenly heard the sound of a large explosion from behind him. Braking his bike quickly, Jack turned to see a group of five men exit the destroyed hole and enter a van before driving off.

"Well that was easy. Not even an hour in, and we're already on clean-up duty." The rider joked.

Shaking his head, Jack revved his engine and chased after the bank robbers. Transforming into his Ghost Rider form, Jack speed up, eventually catching up to the van. Pulling on his chain from his chest, Jack threw the chain under the van, manipulating the chain to wrap around the one of the loose cylinders. Once wrapped, Jack pulled on the chain, causing the van to flip over landing on its roof.

Stopping in front of the upturned van, Jack dismounted his bike and made his way to the back doors. Standing in front of the back doors, Jack ripped both doors and tossed them aside to see the thieves staring at him in fear. Grabbing the two closest by their shirts, Jack tossed them out of the van and onto the road behind him, and then did the same with the others until the only thing in the van was the money. Once done, Jack turned to look at the heap of bodies lying on the road, too scared to do anything.

Grabbing his chain, Jack was about to wrap them in when something on his arm latched onto him. Turning, Jack saw what looked like a line of webbing. Following the line, he saw a silhouette of a man dressed in red and blue on top of a lamppost. Grabbing the webbing, Jack tugged onto the line, causing the man to fall and land on his feet.

"Who are you to impede on justice?" he asked.

"Who am I? The question is, who are you? No wait don't tell me….you're the Jack-o-lantern Man!" the man joked in a young voice.

"Ghost Rider." Jack replied, realising that the young man in front of him could not be older that sixteen.

"And I'm Spider-Man. But you can call me, Spidey, Web-Head, Amazing, Ultimate, even Spectacular. Just don't call me late for dinner?" Spider-Man rambled.

Ignoring Spider-Man for a minute, Jack turned around to see the five men trying to run off. Turning around, Jack mounted onto his bike and followed after the thieves, Spider-Man swinging behind him. Accelerating past the thieves, Jack stopped across from the thieves, cutting off their path. Just as they were trying to turn the other way, Spider-Man webbed them up by their ankles and hung them upside-down from the lamppost.

Seeing this, Jack turning around and rode off, hearing sirens as he did so. Leaving Spider-Man to deal with oncoming police.

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