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Jack watched as Mephisto faded away, his thoughts troubled by the revelation about Unicron's awakening being left unable to do anything about it. Worst still was that he now had to find and defeat Blackheart and his goons, the only problem was that he had no idea where to look. What Mephisto said about them finding him gave hims some amount of pause.

What was it that they wanted from him? What was his plans for the Contract and Soul Stone?

These were the two most important questions that left him concerned when it came to dealing with this unknown threat. He could not return to the Autobots or his mother, not wanting to drag them further into his problems.

New York

That was what Mephisto ad said. He said that one of Blackheart's minions was there. The only question was which of the remaining two it was or if there were more that he did not know. Perhaps Blackheart's goon could tell him and what their plans were, but all of tha would require time, which was something that he did not have enough of. Mephisto said to have him by year's end and that was only a month away and with Unicron awakening soon, his timetable was getting shorter with every second ticking by.

"I say we find this henchman and beat the information out of him." The Rider stated.

"Maybe. But if he refuses, we would be back at where we are now." Jack replied.

The Rider did not answer as he did not know either. It seemed the answers he had questions for led him back to New York. The Soul Stone, an Infinity Stone, the power over the souls of any being, whether living or dead sat at the bottom of Avengers Tower, the Contract of San Venganza was no where to be found and one of Blackheart's minions was roaming the city unchecked.

With a frown on his face, Jack quickly got onto his bike and drove off towards the Big Apple.

Sitting on the bench Jack watched as the people went about their business without a care in the world, as if there wasn't just a massive attack by giant robots in the middle of the city. To them it was simply another day, Sure they would scurry around, afraid of whatever threat came knocking at their door, but these people had faith that the Avengers or any other superhero would save them.

The only problem was that the Avengers couldn't always be there for the planet nor could they combat every conceivable and inconceivable threat out there. There were some things that not even the Avengers could defeat so easily. Earth related and cosmic threats are one thing, but mystical threats like Mephisto and Blackheart were threats that they did not have much experience against. Granted neither did he, but he had at least some knowledge available to him. As far as he knew there weren't enough mystical protectors.

"Actually, there is a group of mystical monks that use magic to defend Earth and this dimension from mystical threat." The Rider spoke.

"What do you know about them?" Jack asked.

"The group don't seem to have a name and seem to only refer to themselves as Mystical Warriors, charged with the task to keep the planet and this dimension free of threats from other mystical beings. The group is led by someone call the Ancient One, not much is known about this person due to how rare it is for a Rider to come in contact with these warriors." The Rider answered.

Nodding slightly, Jack watched as an elderly couple sat on a nearby bench to feed the pigeons. "Do you know where we can find this group?"

"No, however they normally find you if you pique their interest." The Rider answered.

At that moment rush of wind blew in his face and a piece of paper slapped him in the face. Quickly grabbing the offending paper, he looked around if anyone else had a face full of paper, only to find nothing. Looking down at the paper, he found a note with an address written on it.

177A Bleeker Street

Jack frowned at the address, something about the whole experience set off alarm bells in his head. He could feel the magic that was around him and with what he was just discussing with the Rider about the Mystic Warriors, Jack was positive that they somehow knew they were talking about them and was telling them where to find him.

"Well, it would not hurt to hear what they have to say. Maybe we can even receive some answers about Blackheart." The Rider suggested.

"Perhaps." Jack replied, not really knowing what to feel about this strange turn. He was wary, but at the same time hopeful about how they might be able to find the answers he was seeking.

With that Jack got off the bench and towards his bike.

With the note in hand, Jack looked down at the address and then back at the sign that held the same address. This was where the note brought him... a large house on the street. Just being outside the house, he could feel the powerful wards and magic that permeated the air around it.

Walking up the steps, Jack knocked on the door twice and was about to go for a third only to suddenly feel the pulse of magic around him and find himself in some kind of room filled with a large window. Scanning the room, he found an assortment of weapons, armor and other items that held magic within them, some more powerful then others.

"Jack Darby." A voice called out.

Turning swiftly, Jack watched as a man wearing a cape hidden in the shadows of the house floated towards him. Wary of the newcomer, he held himself ready should the person e a threat. The man floated down to stand front of him and into the light, allowing him to see that the man had a fair complexion with hair combed backwards and a goatee around his mouth. Besides the red cape he had around his shoulders, the man also wore deep blue robes, yellow gloves that covered his hand and most of his forearms, dark brown boots and around his neck lay a strange amulet that was shaped like an eye.

"The Ghost Rider." The man stated.

"Who are you Mystic Warrior?" Jack asked.

"The preferred term is Master of the Mystic Arts." The man stated. Jack simply raised an eyebrow at him. "My name is Doctor Strange and I have some questions for you as I know you have some for me. Take a seat." With a whoosh of magic in the air, Jack suddenly found himself sitting on a plush chair with Doctor Strange seated opposite him. "Tea?" Doctor Strange offered.

A sudden pulse of magic came from his hand and, raising said hand, Jack saw that he was holding onto a steaming cup of tea. "I don't drink tea."

"Well then what do you drink?" Strange asked.

"Not tea." Jack replied. Another tingle of magic was felt from his hand. Raising his arm again, he found himself staring at a bottle of water. Shrugging, Jack uncapped the bottle and began to drink it.

"So I keep a watch-list of beings from other worlds that may be a threat to Earth, and that demon Blackheart is one of those beings. What I'm wondering is why he is here?" Strange asked as he peered at Jack.

"What makes you think I know anything about him?" Jack asked.

"Because not even 24 hours after you revealed yourself to the public, there is a massive surge in demonic power that happened right here in New York. When I went to investigate, he and his friends were already gone and left without a trace." Strange answered.

Jack narrowed his eyes at Strange as he thought about what he had just said. "What do you think he is here for?" he asked.

"You." Strange answered.

Jack said nothing for a few minutes in though before speaking. "He's searching for the lost contract of San Venganza as well as obtain the Soul Stone. I do not know for what purpose he has for either item but I have a deadline to stop him." Jack stated.

"And what happens if you fail to do so?" Strange asked.

"I don't know." Jack answered truthfully. "Do you have any way to track these demons that Blackheart has with him?"

"I might have a way to track them, I just need to check something." With that the air around the pair shifted with magic and they both standing next to a bookcase. Strange was holding an open book, flipping the pages while Jack had to grab hold of the shelf to orient himself from his sudden standing position. "Just need to check if there are any requirements that need modifications due to demonic magic...No!." Strange said, closing the book shut with a smile.

Another whoosh of magic places them to stand in front of a table filled with pouches and bowls of strange ingredients with Strange holding one up. Jack stood behind him, his hand still holding onto the shelf, which just so happened to bring the entire bookcase. Strange turned his head to look. "Oh, we won't be needing that anymore." he said before another whoosh of magic brought the bookcase to it's original spot, with Jack still holding on, who promptly fell to the ground, taking the shelf and books down with him.

"That's getting really annoying." The Rider stated.

Disgruntled and slightly embarrassed about being tossed around like a child playing with his toy, Jack got off of the floor, placed his bottle of water that he had been holding all this time onto a nearby table and made his way to the sorcerer.

"Would you please stop doing that." Jack asked as he got closer.

Strange turned towards Jack. "Could I...I'm going to need a single lock of your hair." he asked.

"Why would you need my hair?" Jack asked, only to find Strange no longer there. He then felt a sharp tug at the back of his head. Letting out a grunt of pain, Jack grabbed the back of his head to soothe the pain and turned to see Strange doing a series of hand gestures with his hands.

Another whoosh of magic left them standing, or in the case for Jack, falling in the main entrance hall. Jack, who was at one moment standing suddenly felt all sense of vertigo leave him as he suddenly found himself falling down the last few steps on a staircase. Standing up, Jack shook himself off and dusted himself, hoping to looking absolutely nonchalant about the whole ordeal.

"We could have just walked." he said simply.

Strange ended his flourishing to end up holding a map of New York. He then pointed a glowing red spot on the map, near the MetLife building.

"One of Blackheart's demons is there." Strange said, pointing to the red dot.

"What about Blackheart himself and his other demon?" Jack asked.

"Unknown. They must not be in New York or Blackheart is able to shroud his presence from my spell. The other demon must not be in New York altogether, because he is not showing up on the map." Strange answered.

"Yes, well thank you for the help you have given me." Jack thanked, holding his hand out to shake.

"Your welcome." Strange replied, taking his hand, only to frown and stare at Jack. "I sense a great change in your future Jackson Darby. Change you can neither control nor avoid. You've chosen many paths in you life but now only one remains. Destiny has dire plans for you my friend."

Jack simply stared at Strange, not knowing what to think about that statement. "Well...shit."

"Indeed."The Rider agreed.

Night had fallen in the city that never sleeps.

Riding quickly through the streets, Jack had wasted no time at all to head to the location where one of Blackheart's demons was. He did not how long he had before the demon moved and did not wish to track him across New York. However as he got closer to where he was supposed to be, he sensed a demonic energy signature that was similar when he was at the warehouse.

Following his senses, he took a sharp turn into a alleyway and rode deeper in between the buildings until he stopped. With a burst of fire, he, along with his bike turned into their Ghost Rider form. Surveying the area, the Rider searched for his prey, not knowing what he was looking for, but just knowing that his prey was nearby.

A sudden chill clouded the alley, even with his supernatural fire the chill in the air was not normal and was caused by another's power. A cold laugh echoed throughout the alley making it difficult to pinpoint where it originated from. Another laugh echoed through the alley, this time closer making it easier to find the source.

Shifting his gaze slightly to the left and up to the corner of a roof, there stood a man with the wind seemingly passing through him, his form shifting through smoke and afterimages. The man laughed again before disappearing in a cloud of smoke and towards the end of the alley. Driving after him, the Rider chased after his prey, even when the cloud of smoke moved up alongside the building, the Rider simply leaned his bike on it's back wheel and drove up the building, leaving a trail of fire and broken windows.

It did not take long for the pair to reach the roof, one floating in a cloud of dark smoke while the other landed with a heavy thud. Getting off his bike, the Rider stared at the demon floating in front of him.

"Where's your master dog." The Rider asked.

The demon scowled at the name, his form rippling in the wind. "Not in the city for the time being Rider. He knows you are trying to stop him from acquiring the Contract and Stone." he answered.

"What are his plans?" The Rider asked, hoping to at least get an answer to the question.

"Don't know, Blackheart didn't bother sharing. Doesn't matter anyway, you won't be able to stop what's coming." The demon taunted.

"Unicron. Blackheart must be even more of an idiot if intends to help speed the process of a titan that large." The Rider stated.

"DO NOT SPEAK OF THINGS YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND FOOL!" The demon shouted in anger, the winds on the roof picking up slightly.

"I understand plenty demon. Know this before I send you back to Hell: Blackheart will not succeed and Unicron will not rise." The Rider stated with conviction before yanking his chain and swiping it at the floating demon, only for the chain to pass through.

The demon let out a giggle as he floated higher and further back in the sky. "You're a slow learner Rider. Don't you know? You can't catch the wind!" he taunted.

He may not be able to trap him by simply wrapping his chain around him, but seeing as the demon was part of the air around him, perhaps he could manipulate the environment to do his bidding. Yanking his chain in his hands, he wrapped the metal in hellfire before sending towards the flying idiot.

Twirling his hands so that the chain would follow suit, the Rider soon had a flaming tornado surrounding the demon, heating the area around him. The demon screamed in pain and anger as the very element that he used was now being used against him. His airy body followed the momentum of the fire while parts of his body began to turn into embers as he was slowly burnt away. With a final scream, the demon was killed and sent back to Hell.

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