Just a drabble I had written for another story I'm making, and since I liked the way I'd written it I decided to change some of the wording to fit Kingdom Hearts. I haven't even played BBS, so I have no idea if Terra even faces this type of Unversed. I hope you enjoy this little fragment and comment what you thought about in in a review!

There wasn't one or two or three – there was a whole group of Axe Flappers flying about in the air, but he cut them all down to size in an instant and only hastened his attacks as the number of Unversed kept growing and growing. Although he was bathing in disgusting, smelly blood, he loved the very moment. He was like a rabid animal, thirsting for its prey: ready to pounce, haywire, frenzied. The blood rushed to his head, but despite the fact that he was hurt, damaged and in pain, he continued on, only the adrenaline fuelling his desire to kill.