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Chapter 10 - Travel sizes and driving companions

The library was slowly filling back up with people as the time for departure unnervingly neared. Future Sam still hadn't returned from his trip to meet the demon whose help they needed to get to Purgatory, and Hell and Future Dean was suspiciously busying himself with the last check-ups. Sam had lost count of how many times he'd seen Future Dean cast a] glance at the bunker's entrance.

Sam cast a sideway glance at Dean, who was eyeing the weapons Future Dean had offered them with a look so full of longing Sam hadn't seen directed even at woman.

"You know you can touch them, right?" he whispered to his brother who stood a couple of feet away from the table where the weaponry lay

"Shut up," he growled but as he was about to finally step closer the squeak of the metal door opening announced the arrival of Future Sam.

All heads turned to the pair making their way down the stairs and Sam couldn't stop staring at the shorter man clad in an expensive suit and wearing a cocky grin as if he owned the whole world (which at the moment was ending).

"Ain't this a pity party Winchester style," he smirked as he looked them all over. His gaze lingered a bit longer at him and Dean and he raised a mocking eyebrow, "Hello there, small-sized Moose and Squirrel." Sam shared a confused look with Dean who only shrugged at him, his attention focused on the new guest.

The demon turned to their future counterparts and it didn't escape Sam how comfortable the demon looked surrounded by people whose job was to kill creatures like him. "Should have told me sooner that you two come in travel sizes as well."

"Shut up, Crowley," Future Sam barked at the demon and crossed his arms over his chest as if he needed that extra inch to look more intimidating.

"Oh, and I see dear daddy's here as well," Crowley completely ignored the Future Winchester and instead directed his supposed humor elsewhere. At least Sam guessed it was the demon's way of being funny. "Winchesters sure have problems staying dead," Crowley shook his head in theatrical disappointment.

"We could make sure you stay dead," Dean snarled at the demon; at which the demon only let out a long breath and looked at Future Dean as if he was a disappointed parent.

"I see the small you already has that huge Winchester ego."

"Enough of the drama, Crowley, we have work to do," Future Dean growled in response.

"Fine," he groaned but didn't miss adding, "always so serious. No wonder your life sucks."

"Crowley," Future Sam warned in a low tone.

"Fine," Crowley huffed out an exasperated breath looking over the room for a brief second.

"Who's he?" John growled when it seemed that the demon had finally calmed down and wouldn't start shooting off another wave of smart remarks.

"This is Crowley. He's-" Future Dean started explaining, before Crowley managed to interrupt him.

"Former King of crossroads, now King of Hell and devilishly handsome if I may add," Crowley smirked. "Pleased to meet your acquaintance."

"A demon?" John growled as he subtly moved his weight from an almost relaxed pose to a tense one. For a moment Sam saw a beast ready to charge in his father.

Apparently he wasn't the only one because Future Sam shifted closer to John so he could whisper something in his ear. Sam couldn't hear what but John gritted his teeth and flexed his muscles and surprisingly stayed put. His eyes were flashing dangerously and Sam could only imagine how enraged he must feel at losing any control of the situation.

He tried to ignore the pleasant feeling in his chest at seeing Future Sam giving orders to Dad. He also definitely didn't see the self-satisfied flash in Future Sam's eyes.

"Crowley?" Future Dean continued after exchanging a brief look with older Sam. "Can you get us in and out?"

John and Dean frowned at the question but Sam finally felt like he understood their position. For the first time in days Sam finally felt like he wasn't being left out of the flow of the information.

"I have a contact who owes me. But the gateways won't stay up for long," Crowley said as he made his way to the alcohol stand. "The layers have gone so crazy that he'll have to open two separate doors for when you enter and leave. You'll literally have seconds to step through or you risk getting thrown into the dimensional blender."

"We'll need twelve hours," Future Dean stated.

"That can be organized."

Sam had no idea why the Future Winchesters were so trusting of the demon but he could feel hope spark to life in his chest hearing that plans were finally being set in motion.

"Contact your reaper," Future Dean ordered, pulling a dark jacket over his checked plaid shirt. "We leave now. Gather whatever you need," he faced the rest of them.

"I have everything I need in my car," Jody answered with Donna at her side.

Future Dean nodded an affirmative before facing their group. Sam recognized the determined look in his eyes. It was more intense than what he was used to from Dean but it still meant business.

John stared at him angrily before stomping his way to the table and giving the weapons a look of disdain, "What are we supposed to take, anyways. As far as I know, we know zilch about what we could encounter."

"I'd say a gun and a couple of silver blades should be a start," Sam offered, trying not to feel too much disappointment at the annoyed look his father gave him.

"Take these as well," Future Sam offered three of the long silver knives Sam had seen earlier.

Future Dean seemed to agree with a soft hum but added, "And please don't lose them. They aren't easy to come by."

Sam was the first to take his as Dean and John looked a bit wary of them, but judging from what he'd heard about the blades Sam couldn't wait to get his hand on them.

"We won't." Sam weighed the blade in his hand marveling at how light it felt.

When Dean still hadn't taken his, Sam leaned in so only his brother would hear and explained, "They kill demons."

Much to Sam's amusement Dean's eyes widened in wonder before he immediately sprang into action and grabbed his, "Cool!"

John was the last to reluctantly take his blade and his untrusting glance at Future Sam was met with an equal distrust on Future Sam's part.

"Fine," he grumbled. "So how are we supposed to find this thread?"

"With this," Sam showed them a black square object.

"With a shiny piece of plastic?" John raised a skeptical eyebrow.

Future Dean snorted and everyone's attention immediately snapped to him. Sam was just as confused as his father and he didn't see what caused Future Dean's laughter or the amused smirks from everyone else in the room.

"It's a phone," Future Dean explained when he calmed down.

Sam furrowed his brows and looked from Future Dean to the black object and back, "No, it's not."

"Don't look at me like I lost all my brain cells," Future Dean smirked at him. "That's a normal, functioning phone," he pointed at the object.

"Where's the buttons?" Sam asked instead and for some reason Future Dean folded in laughter.

"Oh God," Future Dean laughed. "This is so good." His whole frame shook from mirth as he wiped a stray tear in the corner of the eye.

"I suggest you accept that it's a future version of a phone, Sammy" Dean snickered next to him and Sam didn't spare him from a glare of betrayal.

He'd had enough of his brother annoying him daily; he did not need another Dean making fun of him.

"Past you is so cute," Future Dean looked at Future Sam who threw him a murderous look before smacking him in the head.

"Don't call me cute," he growled, making his way to Sam. "Look, you unlock the phone like this," Future Sam pressed a button on the side and the box lit up much to Sam's amazement. "You touch the screen to press on whatever you need," Future Sam demonstrated. "And you use this to call," he opened a list of contacts with four names there: Dean, Sam, Jody and Cas.

Sam gently took the device from his future counterpart, trying to repeat whatever he had done.

With Dean watching over his shoulder, Future Sam showed them how to use a tracking program.

"Understood?" Future Sam asked and he reluctantly nodded. He looked sideways at the smirking Future Dean and glared at him. He felt so stupid now.

It didn't help that his own Dean was parading the same grin.

"Sam, you're in charge of that," John ordered, eyeing the phone like it could come to life at any moment. Sam could completely relate to that feeling.

"Garth will accompany you," Future Dean reminded them again and Sam felt that it was for the single reason of John even failing to acknowledge the werewolf pair's existence since finding out their true species.

Sam saw his dad's facial muscles flex but there was no cursing or threatening, instead he focused on picking out a machete and a couple of knives from the arsenal on the table.

"Cool," Garth smirked. "I'll drive," he announced happily as if there was no care in the world.

Sam blinked at him in confusion. He started to think that the scrawny guy had no sense of self-preservation whatsoever and he had seriously started to worry if the guy would be killed before they even saved the world.

"I'll drive," John growled, making his way past the werewolf couple and to the garage, leaving the group to give him curious glances. He was like an upset dog – barking and growling but not really doing anything at the moment. Sam couldn't help but think that John was waiting for something.

"Nice guy," Crowley chipped in, completely ignoring Future Sam's growl that followed.

"We should probably go as well," Jody offered. "Before your daddy takes off alone."

Sam shook his head in defeat and together they made their way to the garage where John was already scowling at them with his hip resting against the side of a pale green pickup truck.

"I forgot he liked to scowl so much," Future Dean jabbed at Future Sam's ribs. "I see where you get that bitch face from."

"Not funny, Dean," Future Sam sighed and turned his head around to face them. "Try not to kill each other. Bess will stay here. You find the thread and you head right back. Call if you get into trouble."

"You forget I taught you everything you know," John interrupted before Sam could answer.

"This is not the world you know," instead of snapping or growling at him Future Sam answered calmly, sincerely. "Be careful."

John who seemed to be thrown off track by such a gentle response stared at the Future Winchesters blankly.

"Come on," Dean nudged him into the backseat where Garth was already waiting for him with a bright smile.

"Guess we're bunk buddies," the older man smiled.

Sam forced out a stiff smile turning around to glare at his brother as he made his way around the car and settled in the front seat.

"Traitor," he slapped him at the back of his head as soon as he settled before quickly avoiding the counterattack. Dean could glare as much as he wanted. He was not the one stuck in the backseat with an overeager hippie.

Sam tuned in to his dad and future Winchesters just in time to hear his dad say something that sounded very similar to 'watch each other's backs'. He immediately looked at Dean to see if he heard that as well, but his brother was fidgeting with the angel killing blade. A look sideways though showed him a smug Garth. As soon as their eyes met, he fondly put his hand on his knee and half whispered.

"Your dad is such a softie."

He smiled nervously before watching the two sheriffs hug their goodbyes to the Future Winchesters and raising their hands to him and Dean.

He returned the gesture in the hopes of trying to get out of starting a conversation with his new buddy and settled deeper into his corner as John got in the car and started the engine.

"Onwards we go," Garth laughed and Sam hid his face in his palms. Glaring through his fingers at Dean who was smirking in the rearview mirror.

They followed the Sherriff's truck out of the bunker with the Impala following them closely behind. From his seat Sam had good look at Dean's face and he recognized the stern, stone cold look there. His brother was ready for the hunt. At those moments he reminded Sam of their dad more than ever.

Soon enough though the three cars parted ways and Sam focused all his attention to the map on the phone. Their destination surprisingly weren't that far away. It was about a four hour drive there if everything went smoothly and the red dot on the map seemed to be located in a forest.

It seemed almost suiting, knowing that they mostly spent their days hunting in abandoned houses, cemeteries or forests. Sam had started to think that their little road trip wouldn't be as awful as he had feared and he would actually get some peace, when Garth breathed out a long breath.

Sam could only imagine what would come next and silently prepared himself for another strange conversation.

"So…" Garth stretched the two-letter word, making sure to get everybody's attention. "Which year are you from?"

"None of your business," was John's immediate reply.

The werewolf almost whined at that, "C'mon, it's just a friendly conversation."

"I won't bite," he then added and laughed at his own joke. "You saw what I did there? I won't bite? Funny."

Dean rolled his eyes in the front seat, "We sure did, buddy."

"I have a better question," John interrupted. "How do you know my sons?"

Sam raised an eyebrow at Dad's choice of words but otherwise stayed silent, curious as to where this will lead. It was the first time John referred to their future counterparts as anything other than strangers.

"Oh, everybody knows the Winchesters," Garth laughed like it was the silliest thought in the world. "In this time Sam and Dean Winchester are a bit legendary."

"Really?" Dean perked up hearing that and Sam could see the curious glint in John's eyes.

"They were kinda mad at first when you two started the apocalypse, but they're cool now," the scrawny guy smirked.

"Started the apocalypse?" John growled and for some reason directed the angry look at Sam.

"All's good now," Garth tried to ease John but it didn't take.

"How did they cause the apocalypse?" John pressured instead and Garth finally seemed to sense that he had steered the conversation in the wrong direction. Sam could see him struggling to get out of the situation.

"It was the angels' fault really," Garth tried to convince the older man. "Sam and Dean won."

"Uh-huh?" John didn't look convinced and looked at Dean who raised his arms in surrender.

"Hey," he defended himself, "I haven't done anything yet."

"I'm going to be quiet now," Garth murmured and Sam couldn't be more thankful.

For the next seventy miles or so they stayed quiet except for the occasional directions Sam needed to give. It was a suffocating silence. Sam could feel his skin tighten from the pressure in the car, his muscles trembling with every move when he was trying to make as little sound as possible. It was ridiculous really. Almost as ridiculous as John blaming them for something they hadn't yet done.

It was still an early morning with the bleak sun hiding behind a curtain of gray shapeless clouds and Sam couldn't help but think that they represented his mood perfectly. He found himself wondering what the sheriffs were doing and whether Future Sam and Dean had already gotten to Hell and Purgatory.

"Good morning, gentlemen," a sudden voice spoke from the left of him and Sam jumped in his seat as John swerved the car almost off the road in the scare.

Between him and Garth there suddenly was a body clad in back and Sam quickly recognized him as the demon Crowley. He pressed himself against the door trying to get some distance if he had any hope of self-defense whatsoever.

"Jesus Christ," Dean grabbed at the dashboard to steady himself before throwing a startled look back. "The hell?" He groaned seeing the demon in the backseat.

Sam would have given a stronger response than that but he was still too shocked to remember how his vocal cords worked.

John finally managed to safely guide the car to the shoulder before turning around in his seat with the silver knife in hand.

"How did you get here?" He growled out.

"I hid in the trunk, what do you think?" Crowley rolled his eyes.

However, when he was met with three unamused glares he sighed in defeat.

"I did this," he said before suddenly disappearing like he was never there. The sight forced the air in Sam's throat to catch and he coughed in shock.

They all looked around in stunned silence before noticing the man standing in front of the car surrounded by the car's lights. He waved at them like they were old friends before he disappeared in thin air again.

Only to show up in the back seat again.

"Stop doing that," Dean growled at the same time Garth laughed.


Sam just closed his eyes and forced his heart to calm down before it broke through his ribs. "Dear God," he whispered.

"What do you want?" John remained unimpressed. Just because Sam had spent his whole life around the man he noticed the slightly tighter hold on the blade's handle. John's knuckles peeking white under the strain.

"I was to tell everyone that Sam and Dean," he looked at both Sam and his brother, "slightly bigger versions of you two have left for Hell and Purgatory."

"Fine," John growled and waved his knife in a dismissing motion. "You can go now." He was clearly trying to get the demon away as soon as possible.

"Oh, come on!" Crowley groaned. "This is so much fun. I'd rather stay, if you don't mind," He smirked.

"I mind," John glared but the demon only scoffed before a sly smirk appeared on his face.

"Let's make a deal."

John was unimpressed and Sam didn't blame him. He had read enough lore to know what happened if you made a deal with a devil.

"You stop pointing that toothpick at me," Crowley continued raising an eyebrow at the knife. "And I'll tell you whatever you want to know."

John regarded him for a second waging out his option with a deep frown on his face. His eyes briefly darted to both Sam and Dean before he returned to the demon.

"Fine," he pulled back the blade but instead of packing it away he handed it to Dean with a grave voice. "Watch him."

"Wait," Sam objected. "Is it a good idea? We could mess with the order of the universe."

John started the car again and guided it back to the road with the demon comfortably resting in the backseat and giving him a mocking smirk,

"I'm a demon. I do what I want."

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