Chapter 1

"Doing a side-story are we?" Yes, I am working on that. "What for?" Interested to see how three out of four villains survive the meanest prison that has ever existed on Remnant? "...Eh, why not. Sounds good to me. After all, I love tormenting failures and like to see what it is like in that prison." Okay, let's see what's going on.

Lisa Lavender: "This is Lisa Lavender reporting, and we have some exciting news! *shows a red background with silhouettes of Cinder and her team* The terrorists have been finally found in Forever Fall Forests and have been arrested thanks to two huntsmen teams that are here in Vale. *shows a picture of Team RWBY and Team DARK* First we have Team DARK all the way from Menagerie and it was its leader, Dutch Lycorise, have done the final blow to the leader, Cinder Fall. Next we have Beacon's very own Team RWBY! *shows footage from the fight* That's right, Vale's very own Huntsmen- I mean Huntresses-In-Training have also stopped Cinder Fall and her followers. *shows a large, metallic tower with large walls around it as well as a volcano in the background* Right now, three of the prisoners are being transported to Tartarus Prison where they are given a life sentence. As for Cinder Fall, she is transported to a secret location where she is also be serving a life sentence. *shows wanted pictures of Mercury, Emerald, and Neopolitan with Mercury giving the middle-finger which is censored* The criminals you see here are Mercury Black, son of the assassin, Marcus Black. Emerald Sustrai, a thief that uses an illusion semblance. And finally, Neopolitan, a close associate of the escaped prisoner, Roman Torchwick. This is Lisa Lavender, signing off!"

Tartarus Prison/Tuesday/5:00 am/Island 97 Miles Away From Menagerie

Tartarus Quintuple Max Prison. Here lies the biggest scum of the planet. A prison founded by non other than Merlot Industries when they founded Menagerie Kingdom. The prison is surrounded by lava flows, small volcanic eruptions, poison gas fields, and boiling waters that are hot enough to fry a man alive. This is where this story takes place.

A dropship is en route towards Tartarus with Mercury, Emerald, and Neopolitan in tow along with a few other prisoners. A Neo-White Fang soldier wearing a security version of the MJOLNIR armor is making his rounds and checking the restraints and collars on each of the criminals until he comes across Mercury. "So you're Mercury, huh?" he says with a tone of cynicism in his voice. "Son of the infamous Marcus." Then he punches him in the face. "That's for what he did to my boss, you fucker!" Mercury spat on the floor, "I suspect I'm gonna get a lot of that." "Exactly." "This is your captain speaking, we will be landing in Tartarus in 30 seconds. Please hang on or we'll shoot your asses."

Mercury then asked the guard, "What type of prison is Tartarus?" The guard then looked at Emerald, "It is hell on Remnant."

The dropship landed on the landing pad and opened its doors to let out the prisoners and are introduced to more guards with guns. Mercury is given a set of prosthetic legs that are more like small metal poles on metal feet in order to walk. The guard on the dropship laughed, "Your Warden Hilda's problem now!" and gets back on the dropship and took off. "Hilda?" Mercury said before the guards forces him to face forward "As in Hilda Greywolf?" "Who's she?" Neo asked. "Heard about her from my dad. She is one mean old bird that had most of her body scorched a few years ago when he broke out of prison. Right now there are rumors about her being back on the force."

They hear loud, robotic footsteps coming out of the giant doorway. What they see is a wrinkly old woman with sun-tinted goggles and wearing a large, mechanical suit of armor that stands 10 feet tall and really bulky. Mostly to intimidate prisoners. She grinned at Mercury, "I can assure you Mr. Black, those rumors are true." Emerald took a big gulp as Neopolitan just stands there with a frightful look on her face and hands shaking. Warden Greywolf then speaks to the prisoners through her megaphone button on her neck, "Now here this! Your asses are mine! Your asses now belong to Tartarus! The reason why you are here is because you refuse to behave as proper people of society! For those being sentence for life, this will be your new home! Or should I say meat grinder! Any refusal to behave, you will be sent to one of the other four tiers of this prison!"

She then let's go of the megaphone button. Mercury raised his hand, "Can you explain why I have these legs?" Warden Hilda puts on a devilish grin and presses a button on her left arm. Mercury then gets electrocuted for a few seconds and kneeled down. "Those legs of yours are meant to break easily whenever you kick something. Plus it also prevents you from gaining access to certain areas and to show you who is the boss of this place. You got that, sonny?" Mercury tries to get back up and responded, "I got it." and gets help from both Emerald and Neo. Although it is hard to get someone up while wearing cuffs. "Good. Now Major!" A security guards steps forward, "Yes, ma'am!" "Take these animals to their cages!" "Yes, ma'am!" He then turned toward the guards at the entrance, "Prisoners walking!"

Everyone then enters the prison with the three going to a different block than the other new comers as the Major explains a few things. "Alright, pay attention you punks! Mercury, you prisoner 5421153-2. Emerald, you prisoner 5421153-3. Ice Cream Girl, you're 5421153-4. Now remember your numbers." "But my name is-" SMACK! Neo got hit in the head by another guard's rifle. "When I say pay attention, it means shut the fuck and and open you fucking ears! Remember the rules. My rules. Now listen, the only outside you see here is lava and boiling salt water. In other words, there is no outside. This is a co-ed prison. So whenever you girls get lonely, ask Mercury to mark his territory. Check your desires right now, because you will not get out. No one has, no one ever will."

The giant gate leading to cellblock A begins to open as prisoners started to have their backs against the walls and hands raised. As they passed through, the Major ordered, "Okay, close the gate!" and the heavy, three-foot thick gate started to close. They continue to walk down a hall with the Major keeps explaining, "No physical contact with other inmates whatsoever. No contraband of any kind. Don't ask what's contraband. I define that day by day. In other words, spare yourself and carry nothing but lint in those pockets." They turn at a corridor and see more prisoners against the wall. Emerald glanced at some of them and see frightened look on their faces and some are starting to sweat like they did something wrong. Or trying to avoid getting killed.

Then they went down another corridor where there is a checkpoint with force fields and a sentry bot keeping an eye out. The Major waved his badge and the force field was shut down for them to walk through. Then they come across more prisoners against the walls, showing the same looks on their faces like before. "There are ten cellblocks here in Tier 1, A to J. You're in block A." As they continue to pass through, the three noticed some security turrets following them and are ready to shoot if they make the wrong move. They continue to walk down the dimly lit halls with one of the male prisoners whispering to another, "Hey, is that them?" A guard smacked him in the gut and ordered, "Stay silent!" "I was just wondering-" then the guard cut him off by pointing his weapon at him.

"Last warning!" "Look man, you don-" BANG! He took a shot through the head and lied dead. Emerald cringed a bit while Neo started to freak out and let out a loud squeal. The guard then pointed his gun at the other prisoner, "In your cage! NOW!" The guards behind the three push them with one shouting, "Keep moving!" After that, they walked up to one of the cell doors and pushed them in. "This is your cage." the Major speaks, "It's time to delouse you filth. Don't breath it in." The cell door closed and they noticed some holes on the floor and ceiling placed in symmetrical patterns along with four beds and a filthy toilet. Then a pink mist filled the room as they try to hold their breath.

Welcome to Tartarus Prison