Chapter 13

Emerald Forest Ruins/3:21 pm/Monday/Many Days Later...

Everyone made camp at some old ruins in the Emerald Forest. After traveling for days, they finally settled down last night after a long travel. Junior's men have been hiding in these parts for a while with the Malachite Twins running the place while Junior went out to help out Roman.

Emerald is in a medical tent due to her condition then starts to get an abortion. It was a horrible experience for her after aborting the child of one of the rapists three months prior. Now she is resting after that experience. But woke-up 30 minutes later with Mercury by her side. She still feel a little weak.

While everyone is working on patrolling, getting supplies, and maintaining the ruin camp, Neopolitan decided to take a stroll. She didn't go far and makes sure the camp is visible. Her time in Tartarus was like going through hell. The horrible memories of that place are still fresh in her mind after nearly getting killed by inmates, prison guards, and crazed patients. Neo can still hear some of the maddening screams, seeing some of the arms trying to reach her, and the crazed looks on their faces with a mix of lust, bloodlust, madness, and rage.

Not to mention the lingering smell of sulphur and brimstone in her nose isn't working. But the warm rays of the afternoon sun, the smell of fresh flora, and the sound of chirping birds should help relax her mind and help her forget her horrible memories. Yet they still haunt her when she closes eyes or try to sleep. She hoped that once she escaped, her mind will be cleared from these memories of horror and despair.

"Neo?" A female says in front of her. Neo looked and sees a black hooded and robed figure.

Neo pulls out her umbrella while saying, "Who are you?" She armed herself against the figure.

"Wait, wait, wait!" the figure responded while waving her arms.

The hooded figure removes her hood and reveals her face. Neopolitan's eyes widen as she recognize who she is.

"Cinder?" she says. It is Cinder, but her hair is shorter than before.

Neo runs up to her as she is about to give her a hug.

"I can't believe you're-" STAB! "GAH!"

Neo was stabbed by Cinder's red lightsaber that has a vanquisher style hilt. It is a lightsaber staff but only needed one saber to kill Neo.

"Why...?" she says as tears start to swell up and starts having a nosebleed. Cinder keeps her position as Neo falls down with the saber still cutting her as she falls dead.

"NOOO!" Roman Torchwick screamed as he was watching from the trees near the camp. He immediately pulled out his cane and shot around at Cinder.

But Cinder deflected the shot at a bush close to her. From the skies, a bunch of Sith Mk. VI Supremacy-class Starfighters started to appear and attack the camp. The ruins are being reduced to rubble while the tents are being set on-fire. Mercury checked outside of the medical tent to see what is going on.

"What's going on out there, Merc?" Emerald is awaken by sounds of laser fire and screaming.

Mercury looked back at Emerald with the expression of fear, "We need to get out of here!"

He then picked up Emerald from her bed and carries her out of the battlefield. Emerald looks at the skies as some of Junior's henchmen try to shoot them down and Junior with his weapon.

"Wait for us!" the Malachite Twins say in unison as they run behind Mercury.

"If you're getting out of here, we're coming along!" Miltia says to Mercury while running.

"Yeah, 'cause screw this!" Melanie says. "I want to live rather than be in that awful prison!"

Roman fires a few more rounds from his cane out of anger, but each of the shots gets deflected. He then runs up to Cinder while holding his cane, about ready to swing.

"This is for Neo, you bitch!" Roman screamed out at Cinder, trying to avenge Neopolitan's death. But he got sliced in half with his torso half smashing into a boulder that rendered him unconscious. Then dies. Cinder started to laugh maniacally once she has killed Roman while laser fire and the sounds of henchmen getting killed. Then she proceeds to enter the flaming ruin camp.

"Where are we going?!" Emerald says while being carried in Mercury's arms.

"Somewhere away from this!" Mercury responded panically. The three of them ran away as far as they could into the forests up north.

Back at the camp, Junior fired a few rocket rounds in the sky and took down some of the starfighters. Yet Skytroopers appeared and started firing with their blaster rifles. Some of the henchmen took some of them before more and more show-up to keep up the pressure. Junior uses his weapon's melee form to take out some of the Skytroopers by decapitating their heads. Some of the henchmen moved further inside the ruins to prepare their traps.

But some of the starfighters blasted it to smithereens with the henchmen inside. Junior is then captured after having his weapon shot from his hands and got jumped by two Skytroopers. He was then brought to Cinder while on his knees as he looks at the Sith-ascended Cinder Falls. Cinder has her lightsabers crossed in close proximity of his neck. She looked at him with a maniacal grin as she proceeds to cut-off Junior's head. Then she laughs after doing the deed.

"My lady," says a pilot from one of the fighters call though Cinder's wrist radio, "we have won."

"Are you sure?" Cinder says with a look of madness on her face.

"We are no longer detecting any enemy life signs within the area. No one could have survived."

A Skytrooper came up to Cinder with a piece of Emerald's bloodstained hair in its hand to confirm Emerald and Mercury have died. Although it is hard to tell with the bodies completely burned to look for DNA. Nor is it possible with some of the heads completely smashed among the burnt corpses to examine dental records.

"Then we are done." Cinder says, announcing they have won. "I will inform my master that the raid was a success."

Many Months Later...

In a cabin close to the lake in the mountains, Mercury is trying to get the fish hooks on the porch ready to go fishing.

"Ow!" he went, after nearly jamming the hook into his thumb. "Dammit. I thought for sure I got it this time."

For the past few months, Mercury and the girls have been living in a shabby old, wooden cabin up in the mountains to hide from the Menagerie Kingdom's 'benefactors'. The windows are cracked with some boarded up from the outside. There is a bench swing with rusted chains on the porch, but rather not risked it snapping. Near the cabin are a few wild crops that were growing here before the previous inhabitants left or worse. Luckily, the plumbing still works and the Malachite Twins got a small Dust generator for electricity.

It's not the perfect shelter, but as long as they have food, water, and a roof over their heads they should be fine. But autumn has arrived, which makes things a bit difficult to survive. But Emerald managed to get an old transmitter working so they can watch the upcoming Vytal Festival Tournament. Melaine is busy sweeping, while Miltia is lazying around while playing a game on her scroll.

"Come on you stupid." Mercury says to himself while working on the fish hooks. "Almost...Just about...OW!" This time he accidentally stabbed his finger. "Oh come on!" Mercury becomes frustrated with the fishhooks.

"Hey, Merc!" Emerald says from the inside of the cabin. "I finally got the TV set up and ready! We can watch the tournament now!"

Mercury turn his head to answer, "Coming!" He put the fish hooks in the can for later and went inside.

All four of them have stopped what they were doing to watch the Vytal Festival. All four of them sat on the couch and turn on the television. As of now, they are doing their best to enjoy their new life. Not exactly perfect since there are some Grimm along with a few other problems.

Speaking of, Milita steps on a landmine. "Sooo, if Mercury is the only man here, do we all have to have his babies?"


End of Mini-Volume

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