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Chapter 43

Ron was right. The next two days were rough for them. Turns out, Charlie had brought the flu back from Romania (thanks to Sophie), who passed it to George among other family members, including little Rose. Luckily, it seemed to clear up in a day or two. Hermione and Ron took her into St. Mungo's just in case, but, it was confirmed to be influenza, much to the relief of her parents.

Christmas Eve wasn't as enjoyable for Rose as Ron would have liked it. They opened gifts and had a delicious dinner prepared by Molly. While Rose hardly ate anything; her stomach still sore from all the work it had done the past few days. Ginny felt the same, as she had been one of the unlucky family members and caught the same illness Rose had. The tot continued to feel uncomfortable; staying close to Ron and Hermione, instead of playing with her cousin, or mingling with the family. And, shortly after dinner, she fell asleep in Ron's arms.

As they Flooed back to their flat, Hermione insisted they each open their Christmas Eve gift, revealing all their matching pajamas. It was a tradition in Hermione's family, the three of them at least, that they each got a new pair of winter pajamas and wear them that night. Ron thought the idea slightly cheesy, but, went along with it to please Hermione. After seeing Rose smile, as she saw their matching pajamas, -something she hadn't done much of while she was sick- he knew it was worth it.

With their daughter given her potions and draughts, they collapsed, beat from the events of their day, along with caring for an ill and fussy toddler, onto their bed. Rose quickly fell asleep, curled against Hermione.

Hermione stirred as she felt something light brush her forehead. She opened her eyes to see her favorite ginger haired man leaning in to give her a kiss. Hermione let her eyes close again and sighed as his lips met hers. Ron pulled back slowly as he caressed her cheek. Even in her sleepy state, she was disappointed in the release.

"Good morning," she said with a grin, opening her drowsy eyes once more. Ron laid down on the bed in-between Hermione and the still sleeping Rose. He curled the tot up in his arms, so she was now lying on his chest.

"Do you know what day it is?" Ron asked, eagerly awaiting her response, snuggling in closer to Hermione.

"Well, given that last night was Christmas Eve, I would guess that today must be Christmas," Hermione laughed.

"It's CHRISTMAS, Hermione!" Ron was trying to keep his voice down for the sleeping child on his chest, however only slightly, as the sooner she awoke, the sooner they could unwrap their gifts.

"You sure love Christmas," Hermione smiled, raising her eyebrows playfully; noting that this Christmas would be loads better than her past few which were spent away from her family, just her and Rose. Ron leaned in closer to Hermione, she turned her head toward him, their noses touching. He shifted slightly and gave her a firm kiss. Pulling back, he spoke.

"Of course, I do. But, this one will be the best yet. It's our first Christmas as a family; the three of us," Ron swallowed, and Hermione noticed his eyes glistening. He quickly changed his demeanor, "Now if she'd only wake up! I want to see her open her gifts!"

Ron started ticking the toddler's sides, whispering "Rosie! It's Christmas!" until she started to stir awake. Hermione turned to face the two; she adored watching them interact. Ron was an amazing father, and Rose was completely in love with him; much like her mother.

"Cwistmis?" Rose yawned, while Ron smoothed down his daughter's curls, only to have them spring back up energeticly, again.

"Yea, Rosie. Remember? We get to go open presents from Mummy, and Daddy, and Father Christmas!"

Rose's eyes leaped open at the statement, now looking at her daddy with excitement.

"Pwestents!" Rose shouted while clapping her hands. Obviously, she was feeling much better.

"Well let's go then!" Ron jumped from the bed, giving Hermione another firm kiss, while holding Rose, and sped off into the living room. Hermione wrapped herself in her dressing gown, and followed them in. The tree was lit and sparkling with its multicolored fairy lights. The shimmering of the tinsel hung from the different levels of the branches, something Rose loved helping with. The fireplace was roaring with flames, and their stockings were hung from the mantel, stuffed with presents. Hermione made herself and Ron tea, as he helped Rose tear through her presents. Hermione sat and watched her daughter's face light up with joy.

The three sat on the floor taking turns opening each gift, Ron and Hermione both helping Rose unwrap hers. After a half hour, the floor was littered with all of Rose's new toys, books, and clothing. Hermione had Cannon's season tickets reserved for months for Ron, and an apron sporting the words I kiss better than I cook. Both gifts earned her a passionate snog that neither wanted to end. Ron had picked up several books that he believed Hermione would be interested in; a few very rare editions that Ron had been lucky to come across. His personal favorite was the frame to place her newly, passed, law in. Rose was playing with her new set of dolls, something Ron thought she would enjoy. While Hermione chose an enchanted tea set for her daughter.

Ron reached under the tree for the last two gifts; a rather large box, wrapped in brown paper and tied with twine, and another with matching wrapping, but, was much smaller and longer.

"Both say to Rosie, but, don't say who from." Ron carefully examined the boxes to see if he could tell who they were from. Hermione pulled Rose into her lap gently, as Rose eagerly awaited her gifts.

"Did you check for any curses?" Hermione questioned, knowing that only family members and close friends sent over the gifts they didn't open last night, but, still worried that someone could have placed a curse.

"I cast a spell over them all this morning, with no indication of any curses. Why don't you help Rosie open this one?" Hermione nodded feeling slightly better about Ron checking the gifts based on his Auror expertise. She still wondered which family member had been so careless not to leave a name of who it was from.

Rose tore apart the paper wrapping the gift, and Hermione cut the seal on the box with her wand. She carefully opened the box to reveal several different types of flowers. Red and white roses, white chrysanthemums and peonies all gently laid, filling the room with a sweet aroma. Hermione noticed something black poking up from beneath the flowers. Rose helped her slowly remove the flowers revealing a collage picture frame holding five photos. Each frame was completed with a picture of Rose holding a sign. Hermione stared at the frames, each one with a word magically appearing on it, with ruffled brows, putting the message together. Hermione put her hand over her mouth in awe when she realized what was happening. Together, the signs Rose held, said:

Mummy, will you marry Daddy?

Rose turned back to look at her mum, eager to see her reaction, "Rosie!" The tot clapped, pleased at seeing herself in the pictures.

Hermione looked up with tears in her eyes as Ron knelt on one knee beside his two girls holding a small box in his hand, shaking slightly.

"Hermione Granger, there are no words to express how much I love you, I've-"

"YES!" Hermione screamed, she stretched up and leaned forward, Rose still in her lap, to kiss Ron passionately on the lips, threading her fingers through his hair. Ron returned the kiss with the same enthusiasm and chuckled softly against her.

"You didn't let me finish," he spoke against her lips when they broke for air.

"All you had to do was ask, Ron," she kissed him again. Rose was giggling in Hermione's lap while clapping her hands.

"Mummy kiss Daddy!" She seemed thrilled with the event. The kiss ended and Hermione looked down at her daughter. "Mummy kiss Daddy afer open Mummy's gift!" She squealed in delight. Hermione eyed Ron suspiciously. He blushed a bit and rubbed the back of his neck.

"I may have told Rose that when Mummy opened her gift, she'd kiss Daddy." Rose laughed even more, and Ron bent down to kiss his daughter and scoop her into his arms. He sat down next to Hermione, touching shoulders and legs, leaning against the sofa.

"Well you were certainly right about that." Hermione smirked, having a difficult time believing how that morning had progressed.

"Can I finish what I was trying to say? Or are you going to interrupt and snog me again? Because I wouldn't be opposed to it..." Hermione nudged his shoulder, and nodded her head. Ron made himself comfortable as Rose crawled from his lap and to her toys. He twined his right hand to hold her left, interlacing their fingers. Clearing his throat, he began again.

"Hermione Granger, there are not words to express how much I love you. I've loved you since before I knew what love truly was. You are the best mum to Rose, and I want to live the remainder of my life with you; devoted to you. You're the one I want to be there for all the big events in my life. The one I want to fall asleep next to every night, and I want to wake up to your beautiful face every morning. I know we've had our problems and misunderstandings, yet, we've come through it all. We're the best team to raise this little one, and this past month, has been the most blissful time of my life. I should have done this a while back, but, I'm done looking at the past. So, will you give me the incredible honor of becoming my wife?"

Hermione looked into his eyes, which were sparkling with tears, displaying the truth and emotion behind his words. The witch glowed, as she nodded her head, leaning closer to the man next to her.

"It has been my dream to marry you, Ronald Weasley. I love you so much," she closed the distance between them and met his lips once more. This time, instead of the fiery passion that burned beneath the previous kiss, it was gentle. That didn't mean it was any less loving. Her lips caressed Ron's, softly communicating to him just how much she cared for him. He tenderly kissed her back, sliding a hand to cradle the nape of her neck.

They broke apart a few moments later, feeling tipsy by the encounter. Both stared in each other's eyes, not knowing how long, when they heard a giggle. Turning their heads to the front of the fireplace, sat Rose, her legs crisscrossed, rocking slightly as she smiled at her parents.

"I'd say Rose was pleased as well," Hermione giggled, resting her head upon her fiancée's broad shoulder.

"I reckon so. It was hard keeping her quiet with everything. But, Rosie's a good helper, huh, love," Ron chuckled. Rose nodded her head in agreement. Ron looked around the room, his heart filled as the last few moments coursed through him.

"Ah! There's one more to open!" Ron smiled as he summoned the rectangular box over in front of them. He glanced over while Hermione gave him a bemused look.

"This time it really is for Rose," he leaned over to peck Hermione before opening his arms for his daughter to come over. Rose jumped up, sprinting over to her father.

Moments later the gift was unwrapped, leaving a shiny, new, toddler sized, toy broom hovering on the ground in front of them. Rose was jumping up and down in delight while Hermione shook her head.

"Bwoom! Bwoom!" Rose squealed, still hopping with exhilaration. Ron, of course, was thrilled with this reaction. Now, he had to face the next one he was sure to have.

"No. Ron, she's too young to have a broom!" Hermione shook her head in disapproval.

"Come on, love. She won't be by herself with it. I'll always be next to her. Plus, it's approved for ages two to five," Ron explained, thankful he was fully prepared, having come up with several reasons beforehand.

Hermione took a breath to respond, before pausing to consider. A look of awareness flashed upon her face, "You planned to have her open this after I said yes! So, I would be overjoyed, and let you get away with giving one to her!" Hermione huffed, somewhere between wonder and anger.

Ron shrugged, although he knew exactly what he was doing. He cursed himself for not thinking she would become aware of it as well, "Well, I didn't know you were going to say yes; although I hoped it. If you said no, I would have been too upset to care how angry you were about it."

Hermione sat there shaking her head, watching as Rose ran her hand along the broom, quietly squealing to herself about her 'new bwoom.'

Taking a breath, she spoke again, "You're sure it's safe?" Hermione inquired; Ron began to see her annoyed exterior melt away.

"Absolutely. I got the safest model. This one says it's safe even with a novice flyer instructing her. And she's got me, who has loads more experience than novice, love," Ron explained, knowing Hermione saw the light Rose had in her eyes since seeing the enchanted object.

"Fine. As long as you're with her the whole time..." Hermione sighed. Rose looked up at her parents expectantly, as they both nodded in acceptance, causing the tot to shriek again. Hermione couldn't help the smile that spread across her lips.

Ron had sat Rose on the broom as Hermione cleaned up, watching Rose zip around in little circles as Ron stood protectively by her side, with his hand on the broom and Rose's back the entire time; just as he promised. Twenty minutes later, a thought popped into Hermione's head.

"We've got to phone Mum and Dad!" Hermione gasped, as if she had forgotten the idea. She glanced toward Ron, her eyes cautiously worried, "Are you alright if we tell them first?"

Ron chuckled, lowering the broom, and lifted Rose from the device. He walked over, wrapping his arm around her shoulder, "Absolutely, love. Let's give them a ring," she beamed, as he leaned forward to place a kiss on her temple.

Her parents were thrilled to say the least. Hermione said she wanted the wedding to be soon, and that she would make sure her father could be there. He had been continuing on the trial, with mediocre results since the little family had seen them last. But, Hugo seemed to be in high spirits, which made the process a whole lot easier.

With a promise to call with more wedding planning, Hermione bid her parents goodbye, leaving the trio to spend the morning lazily around the home. Rose was feeling extraordinarily better, having spoken to her grandparents, as well as playing with her Christmas gifts. They spent the rest of morning lounging around their flat and watching the snow fall from the warmth of their home. As the day wore on, they dressed themselves in their Weasley jumpers. Each was embroidered with the starting letter of their name, all matching in a marvelous maroon. Hermione cried as she opened hers and when she saw Rose's the night before. Molly ran over to give her a warm embrace. Muttering about how she had always been a part of their family, and it should have been done years prior.

After they were prepared to leave, both standing at the fireplace, with Rose in Ron's arms, he leaned down to plant a firm kiss on Hermione's lips.

"Are you ready to tell them? They'll be rather excited," Ron asked, his lips just a fraction away from hers. She hummed in contentment before pecking his lips softly.

"I have a charm that will help with the surprise. Just let me know when we should make the announcement," Hermione grinned.

Ron beamed as well. He leaned in for another short kiss, before Rose began to whine about being left out. They chuckled as Ron reassured Rose. Hermione adjusted her perfectly fitted ring on her finger, before tapping it twice and flourishing her wand in an extravagant movement, uttering some words. Within seconds the ring became invisible on her finger. Ron raised his eyebrows, wanting to know just what the spell was for.

Hermione read his non-verbalized inquiry, "It'll make the ring disappear until we make our announcement. When we say so, it'll appear again."

She was met with Ron's lips caressing hers, "Merlin, I can't believe you're my fiancée. It's like a bloody dream," Ron murmured against her.

Hermione broke into a grin, "Doesn't it? Luckily, I know we're very, very much awake." She kissed him again, savoring what was probably the most private moment they would get for a while.

When they parted, Ron chuckled, "I know for sure. I've never had to change one of Rose's manky nappies in my dreams before."

"Charming, Ronald," Hermione couldn't help but chuckle along, no matter how straight of a face she attempted.

"Hey, you said yes to this charming man," Ron nudged her with his shoulder playfully.

Hermione gazed at him for a moment longer, noting the crinkling of the skin around his mouth when he wore his crooked smile. His light and playful eyes. The way he bounced Rose on his side to keep her content while waiting to visit her grandparents. She beamed then. Knowing that this was her future. And she couldn't have asked for anything more perfect.

"I did."


The Burrow was bustling as usual. Greetings and hugs were made through the family. Hermione noticed several of the women would glance down at her left hand before returning their eyes to hers, a slightly disappointed look lingered in them. Everyone had made it to the family function. Charlie and George were playing Exploding Snap at the small table, Ginny had recovered some from her illness, and was chatting with Fleur and Angelina about their pregnancies, Percy and his girlfriend sat chatting with Arthur and Harry, Bill lingered by the tree holding Victorie to admire the enchanted glowing candles, while Molly was finishing up the table with their Christmas feast.

There was a bit more time before dinner had begun, and they chatted among themselves, Ron even hassled Charlie about not bringing his bird to dinner, which earned him a rough punch in the shoulder.

The family gathered in the den just before Molly would announce dinner. Ron knew this was their chance. He stood, clearing his throat before reaching for Hermione's hand, wrapping his fingers firmly through hers. She glanced up, knowing it must be time.

"Excuse me, but, um, Hermione and I have an announcement."

Molly watched on with wide eyes, knowing the last time they 'made an announcement' she found out she had another granddaughter. The family listened on, not sure if Ron had finally popped the question, or if another Weasley was expected.

Ron glanced at Hermione, suddenly nervous. They didn't plan how to announce it. If it was up to him, he knew he would muck it up. Yet, he didn't care, a sense of relief flooded over him. However it came out didn't matter. Hermione had promised to marry him. Nothing could bring him down.

"We-we're engaged!" Ron began, while Hermione squeezed his hand and joined him as he faltered. Hermione placed her hand on Ron's arm, and on her ring finger appeared the very ring he had shown her father just a few months ago.

Squeals and shrieks of excitement rang through the room. Molly was the first over to congratulate the pair; happy tears pouring down her face. Hermione was overwhelmed by the hugs and kisses placed upon her. Ron had several, as well as rough pats on the backs by his approving older brothers. Rose stayed clinging to Ron's leg in utter confusion of why her parents had become popular suddenly.

Just as the cheers started to calm, two new guests appeared in the doorway.

"Congratulations, my sweet girl." Hermione froze her movements, then turned toward the sound of a familiar voice.

"Mum? Dad!" Hermione rushed over to embrace her parents, still in complete shock as to them being at the Burrow.

"What are you - how are you here?" Hermione asked in awe, a smile spread across her lips and tears slipping from her eyes.

"The Weasleys invited us over for Christmas, and we accepted," Hugo explained, as they stepped away from their hug. Now that Hermione had greeted her parents, Ron paced over to do the same.

"I wasn't sure you were going to make it in," Ron commented as he shook Hugo's hand.

"We weren't sure either. The plane was delayed several times and we made it in a few hours ago. Luckily our hotel was all ready for us," Jean replied as she kissed Ron's cheek, and bent down to gather Rose in her arms.

Hermione looked at Ron wholly astounded.

"What? I can keep a secret, love," Ron winked at her. Hermione turned back to her parents, still trying to comprehend that they were in England for Christmas.

"But, the doctor said you needed to stay in Australia, to complete the trial. And that it wasn't improving anything..." Hermione explained the information her mother had been feeding her the past few weeks.

"That part was true, but, now the trial is over. And we may have kept the effects hidden from you, love. It actually worked out quite well for me. They'll do a bit more treatment here and then, if all goes well, the doctors estimate I should be in remission," Hugo grinned, adjusting on his cane comfortably.

More tears spilled down her face, as she went to embrace her father again. She gasped and stepped back, "what do you mean treatments here?" She asked, knowing a small holiday wasn't enough to have his cancer treatment transferred to another country.

"Whoops, let that one slip, didn't I? Well, we were going to tell you later… but, we're moving back home. We're moving back to England."

"You're – you're moving back home?" Hermione questioned; her eyes wide, clearly having difficulty through her shock and all the emotions overwhelming her.

"Yes. I got the approval from the doctor and we're all set. We'll be staying in a hotel for a bit, while we find a house. Our things are being shipped after the holidays," Hugo took a breath, adjusting again on his cane before continuing, "We wanted to be closer to you. You're here, Rose is here, and our son-in-law is here. This is where we needed to be."

Hermione sniffled while she wiped her happy tears again, moving to hug her family once more.

Ron watched on, pleased Hermione had been so thrilled. He had been keeping the secret for weeks, as he spoke with Mr. Granger, or Hugh, as the man insisted he called him, during their nightly telephone calls. Ron had even borrowed Hermione's phone, in private, to make a few calls to Hugh, discussing their Christmas surprise.

"And I'm sure you knew about this?" Hermione asked, stepping away from her parents, and toward Ron. She still had some tears trickling down her face.

"I might have had something to do with it," Ron shrugged, chuckling slightly. Hermione grinned, and stepped toward him, kissing him firmly on the lips.

"Thank you, Ron." She flicked her eyes up to look toward him through her lashes. Ron knew he would remember this day for the rest of his life.

As they broke apart, the couple realized many eyes in the room were on them, causing a warm blush to creep upon their cheeks.

The family sat around the large table, which was magically expanded for the extra guests. The family spoke of little other than the upcoming nuptials.

"So, what have the two of you decided about the wedding?" Molly asked eagerly, reaching over to wipe a bit of gravy from Ron's cheek. He slunk over to the opposite side to escape her.

"Mum," Ron groaned, annoyed that his mother was still treating him like a child.

"What about a date, my dear?" Molly continued, returning to her own plate, as she ignored Ron's protests.

Hermione glanced at Ron, who was still red from the embarrassment his mother bestowed upon him.

He smiled back at her, reaching over to take her hand in his on the table, "Soon," she breathed, eyes still locked on his.

"Very soon," he agreed.

Molly nodded at the lovebirds, "Are you thinking four-five months? That should be-"

"Why wait that long?" Hermione interrupted, sending an apologetic look toward Molly after doing so. Ron wore a surprised expression.

"You want shorter? I suppose we could do two or three months. We've done it before, we can do it again," Molly advised, looking between those at the table, including the Grangers who were helping Rose with her dinner.

"What about a week. New Year's Eve?" Ron voiced, shocked to hear his voice so clearly in the vivacious room, that was now hushed with all eyes glued to him.

The tips of his ears turned scarlet as he brought his eyes to meet Hermione's, "We've waited so long; been apart so long. Why wait any longer? I reckon we can get the family ready in just about a week."

Hermione gazed into his, feeling just as much love as he was emitting, "I don't need a extravagant dress or flowers, or anything spectacular. I just want our family together during the ceremony. Ron could be in his Chudley Cannons jersey and I wouldn't care because I'd be marrying him."

"Be careful, he might still," George piped in from further down the table.

"Six days? It'll be impossible to organize a wedding in six days!" Molly explicated flabbergasted. Ron and Hermione looked around the table to see what the rest of the family thought.

"Sure, we can, Mum. It's the holidays, and most of us can stick around and help. Besides, Hermione just said she wanted something simple. I'm sure we could do that in the time we have," Ginny said convincingly.

Molly was about to explain the importance of a wedding, when Arthur jumped in, "Then I believe it's all set. The wedding with be the 31st of December."

The couple of the night beamed; their hands still intertwined on the table.

Wedding planning grew full force over the next few days. Ron and Hermione were practically sequestered to the Burrow; as to not evade the necessary activities. Hermione wanted something modest; but, Ron wanted to ensure that was truly what she wanted. He made it his duty to check everything was as she wanted. He could see it in her face, when she was just choosing the quickest or easiest option. Ron wouldn't have it; which led to quite a few small rows. But, in the end, Ron would see to it that she had what she truly desired.

Several trips to Diagonal Alley were made. With the Prophet's leeches squirming about, the wedding was attempted to be kept quiet, but, they managed to get a hold of the story anyway. Instead, the Weasleys set their focus on keeping the date a secret. Nonetheless, the family were in and out of the Burrow, traveling to Diagon Alley, among other places, to gather all that was needed for the nuptials. A few had to work during the holidays, but, would often come by when they were done.

Ron had his weekly visit with Healer Driscoll, coming back in a exuberant mood. He found Hermione helping with dinner in the kitchen, leaning over a bowl while peeling potatoes. He wrapped his arms around her waist, startling her slightly, before he thrust her into the air, causing a shriek to emit from her.

"Ron! What are you doing?" She squealed, before Ron lowered her back to the ground. She turned in his hold to face him, her face flushed from the shock.

He met her with a firm kiss, before pulling back to look her in the eyes, "Healer's cleared me. I can do whatever I like now, just my exercises a few times a week to keep it strong, and to rest if it starts up again," Ron explained, winded from his rush of exhilaration.

"What? That's magnificent Ron!" Hermione reached up to embrace him again, encircling her arms around his neck.

"Just in time for our wedding. Could anything be more perfect?" Ron asked, giving a slow kiss to her forehead.

Hermione hummed in agreement, her eyes closed, focused just on his strong arms, and soft lips resting upon her body.





"Ron's going to shit his pants when he sees you."


"Just as charming as your brother, Ginny. But, I think it's simply perfect. Mum? What do you think?" Hermione asked, smoothing her hand over the pearly lace while she waited for her mother to respond.

Jean Granger was sitting on the settee along with Molly, Ginny, Fleur, and Angelina. She had Rose in her lap, who was playing happily with one of her new dolls, and, of course, the lamb she insisted be with her at all times. As soon as Hermione slipped on the dress that had the proper adjustments Hermione desired, tears sprang into her eyes; rendered speechless until Hermione spoke directly to her.

"You look lovely, Hermione. Unequivocally perfect," Jean swallowed some tears, as Molly wrapped a comforting arm around her shoulder.

"Do you think Dad will like it?" Hermione asked, hoping the hadn't chosen anything too scandalous to wear in such an event.

Jean took a quivering breath, "I think he'll understand you're an adult and can make your own decisions. It's tastefully done, and it looks like a classic. He'll just see his baby girl on her wedding day, is all."

That statement caused many of the others to start tearing up as well. Leaving Ginny to dispense tissues to the pregnant women and the mothers.

Hermione looked back in the mirror, focusing on her neck down. She could worry about her frizzy curls and imperfect face later. She had never cared much for her body. That was clear. Even after Ron's compliments of how she looked, she still had difficulty seeing just what he did. She supposed she never would. Yet, in this gown; the one she had pictured since she had actually thought Ron would want to marry her, she might have seen a glimpse into what he saw when he looked at her. She felt magnificent in it, and she knew it did the right things to her body. Her heart swelled at the thought of Ron seeing her in it. She knew Ron would love it. And that is precisely what she wanted.

With just three more days until the wedding, Ron and Hermione felt like they lived at the Burrow. Each night staying there, too tired to Floo back to Ron's flat at the end of a long day of wedding planning. On this particular evening, it was just after dinner, and Molly volunteered to give Rose her bath, while Hermione continued to sort through flower choices, which were abundant; thanks to magic, they could get any flower the witch wanted there in time, and could refresh dried ones to their original beauty. With all the help they'd been receiving from the family, which they were immensely thankful for, it left little alone time between the bride and groom themselves.

Hermione sat on the settee, flipping through the floral magazine, and muttering to herself as she scribbled down a note on the parchment roll. Ron leaned in the doorway watching her, soaking in the way she went so determinedly at everything she did. Like it was an assignment when they were at a Hogwarts or work that's she had brought home.

Noticing they were alone, he paced into the room and leaned behind her to place a soft kiss on the curve of her neck. He places several more as he trailed his way up to her cheek. She hummed on satisfaction.

"Hello to you too," she grinned, leaning back into him, "Haven't seen you in a while."

"After helping George at the shop, Dad wanted to arrange the tent and chairs; still a lot of bloody work with magic. I forgot how much since Bill and Fleur's ceremony; and didn't get to help much with Harry and Gin's," Ron sighed, and looked around the room, "Where's Rose?"

"Everyone took some time off from planning, and your Mum took Rose for her bath," Hermione returned her gaze to the magazine, clearly exhausted from looking at flowers for so long, "I do adore flowers, but, I'm not sure how much longer I can sort through them," she chuckled.

"Then take a break. I actually intended to steal you away for a bit tonight..." Hermione raised her eyebrows, curious to what he was leading to.

"Here, come with me."

Ron took her hand and led her to her winter clothing, dressing himself warmly as well. They snuck out the front door and past the Burrow's wards to Disapparate, telling her to hold on tightly, and to close her eyes. A moment later, they were gone.

"Can I open my eyes yet?" Hermione was eager to see why Ron was being so secretive. She had no idea where they were. Just that they were outside and that the snow was falling heavily around them.

"Not yet," Ron chuckled, "just trust me."

"I do trust you. I just want to know where we are!" Hermione nudged him with her hip, feeling his laugh rumble against her body.

They walked a about twenty meters, before Ron stopped her.

He straightened her toward a specific direction, and braced her still. He took a final look at her, before he took her hand in his; their gloved hands keeping the other warm.

"Okay. Open your eyes," Ron breathed. He hoped she liked it as much as he did.

Hermione wasted no time following his directions. Revealed to her was a large cottage, sitting in a white field, with a several snow-covered trees around.

Hermione stared forward for a few moments, Ron, watched every move she made, hoping to see some kind of reaction.

"Is this... is this ours?" She asked breathlessly, turning to look at Ron in astonishment.

"It could, if you wanted it." Ron replied, squeezing her mitten covered hand in his. She looked back at the house, shaking her head perplexed.

"How did you- have you been looking? How have you had time with all this wedding planning?"

"Mr. Fern wrote me a letter. Said he wanted me to stop by the shop sometime in the next few days. When I was in Diagon Alley getting our things, I paid him a visit. This was the home he and his wife bought together," Ron explained, as he saw a shiver run through Hermione.

"Here, let's get inside and I'll explain," Ron wrapped and arm around her as they traveled the snowy path to the covered porch of the cottage. He dug out a key, placing it into the lock, before muttering an incantation while tapping the metal with his wand. The door clicked. Ron removed the key, tucking it securely into his pocket, and opened the cottage door to reveal the interior.

Ron stepped in, onto the hardwood floor, shaking the snow from his ginger hair; he had forgotten to grab his hat before he stole Hermione away at the Burrow. Hermione stepped in after him, her eyes gazing at the deep mahogany wood floors, and the pristine cream paint that covered the walls. It was a comfortable entryway; not near as gaudy as the last house she looked at while searching, those many months ago.

Ron closed the door tightly, shutting off the burst of cold air shooting into the room. He waved his wand, and each candle in the home lit, allowing the pair to see the features within it.

"This was Mr. Fern's?" Hermione questioned, before she continued further into the home, which led into a large, yet cozy, den.

This prompted Ron to continue telling his tale, "Yeah, so, a year or two after they were married, they bought this home. He put a lot of work into it. It was purely magical, but, he wanted the muggle parts too, having growing up with them, so, he incorporated a lot of that in."

Hermione walked into the great room, her boots clicking on the hardwood. She spun slowly in a circle, attempting to picture their family there. A massive fireplace was the heart of the room, still allowing plenty of room around it to be comfortable.

She glanced back at Ron, who seemed to be focusing on searching for her reactions, "I presume you've already seen it, then?" Hermione inquired, stepping into the kitchen, an almost seemingly open floor plan. It had crisp white cabinets, and was much larger than anything Hermione was used to. Even her parent's posh home when she was growing up, and in Australia, wasn't as functional as this one.

Ron followed her into the room. He leaned against the cabinetry, as he watched the witch run her hand along the stone counter tops. "I have. He gave me the key after the conversation and I came to check it out."

Hermione stopped as she spied a charming breakfast nook, picturing the many mornings they could eat together in such a spot. Peeking her head into the archway, it revealed a more formal dining room.

"I assume you like it, then? Is that why you're watching my own reactions so closely?" Hermione asked, crossing the room and coming to the hallway once more. Spying a door further down, she made her way toward it.

"Erm, yeah. I like this house very much," Ron replied, watching the witch head toward a door at the end of the hallway.

"What does this lead to?" She indicated to the door, her hand resting on the handle.

Ron grinned, knowing she would love that room, "Open it and see. Nothing will bite you in here, I've already checked."

Hermione raised her eyebrow at his grin. Fighting her own, she turned the knob and stood stunned at the sight awaiting her.

This room was not as cozy as the rest of the home. The walls seemed to be a bit taller, allowing for more shelving to be put there. On three of the walls, there were bookshelves lining from floor to ceiling. Hermione placed a hand to her mouth once she saw the massive number of books already awaiting someone to read them. The fourth wall included a ceiling height window, stretching almost the full area, allowing the outdoor light, even the trifle amount now, to filter in.

She felt arms twining around her middle, "What do you think?" Ron whispered in her ear, placing a delicate kiss to the side of her cheek. She could hear the grin in his voice.

"It's exceptional. Undeniably breathtaking," Hermione breathed, turning in his hold to face him; seeing the lopsided smile he donned for her.

"I actually asked him to put them up. He just had the room bare, unsure what to do with it."

"Brilliant idea, darling," Hermione reached up to kiss him firmly on the lips. Ron wanted to continue their snog, but, knew there was much more house to see, and he wanted to hear her answer before they were noticed missing from the Burrow.

"As much as I love this, there's more to see," Ron kissed her again, before leading her to the stairway, back in the corridor.

Ron took her through each of the rooms at the top level, four in total at about identical size, and a bathroom made to share. Hermione led him to final door; the master bedroom.

"What did the Ferns use the library as before you asked him to convert it?" Hermione questioned, opening the French doors to reveal a magnificent master bedroom, with a marvelous view of the garden.

"Oh," Hermione turned from the view, to Ron, as she heard something different in his voice, "He told me their dream was to fill this house with kids. That's why there are so many bedrooms, and plenty of land outside. But, a few years later, they discovered they were unable to have children. His wife hated living here, knowing it was just the two of them. So, they moved to a smaller home."

"That's heartbreaking," Hermione responded, looking back onto the garden. She could picture the entire Weasley clan enjoying the space. She could understand why Mrs. Fern couldn't stay after their discovery. The same home that could be filled with love and laughter could also echo with longing and despair, "I couldn't imagine."

"It is. Mr. Fern couldn't just get rid of it. So, he held onto it, until he felt he was finally ready to let it go."

"And you're the person he decided to offer it to?" Hermione peeked into the attached bath, noticing the beautiful tiling that had been done.

"I guess so," Ron rubbed the back of his neck while a blush fell over his cheeks, "He's had loads of offers, well over what it's worth too."

Hermione's smile faded, and a worried one appeared quickly after, "Oh love, how are we going to afford this place?" She voiced dismally. She looked around the room as if she was mentally capturing it in her mind.

Ron knew it for sure, then. She loved this home as much, if not more, than he did. A grin appeared on his face. He took her hand, pulling her gently closer to himself, "He wanted to give this to us, Mione. Now, I told him I wouldn't accept it as a gift. But, we agreed on a price, that both of us were fine with, that we can afford and still live comfortably, if you liked it too."

Hermione beamed at his words, "I love this house. I can picture having breakfast in the nook, having the family over for dinner, the three of us playing in the garden; It's perfect for us."

Ron didn't think it was possible, but, he felt his smile grow even further. He leaned forward to kiss Hermione, lifting the witch off the ground and spun her around. Hermione laughed against him, holding on tightly as he set her down. He glanced at the clock.

"If we leave now, we can still catch Mr. Fern before he closes shop."

Hermione pushed up on her toes, capturing his lips once more, "Let's go buy a house."


"Where have you been?" Molly huffed as Hermione and Ron Apparated back to the Burrow. They had just walked through the front door of the home, attempting to close the door against the freezing wind.

"Mummy!" Rose came running from her spot on the carpet clutching her bedtime story in her delicate hands. Hermione bent down to scoop the tot in her arms, as she removed her winter layers.

"Um, we bought a house," Ron explained, figuring there was no better way to say it.

Molly looked highly skeptical, "You know, you could just have said it was private, you don't need to make up stories. I was young once too. I know how little ones happen, I've had seven you know-"

"No, Mum, really," Ron interrupted, not wanting his mother to think they snuck away for any other reason, "We purchased a house, after Hermione viewed it and all."

Molly stood slack jawed at the pair, eventually turning to Hermione, looking for her honesty.

"It's true Mrs. Weasley. Ron knew the owner, and he wanted me to look at it, and we're both in love with the place," Hermione explained, brushing back Rose's silky curls, magically dried to keep her from another illness.

Molly just stood there for a moment, taking in both of her children.

"I have no idea how you two are so calm. A wedding in a few days, and moving on top of it? Not to mention caring for a tot!" Molly explained exasperated, shaking her head while a laugh broke through, "I'm getting much too old for this. Congratulations, I suppose. We'll sort out moving your things in the morning. But, now, I'm going to bed."

The matriarch paced over to give Ron a hug. Moving to Hermione next, she pecked a kiss to her cheek, "and its Molly, dear. Always has been to you."

She embraced Rose goodnight, and continued to shake her head all the way to her bedroom.

It was one day until the wedding. The day after next, they'd finally be married. Hermione had been in bed for quite some time after her shower. Rose was tucked into her cot at the end of the bed, sleeping peacefully. Staying in one room at the Burrow wasn't the most convenient, but, they made it work for the time being.

She opened her eyes when the door creaked slightly, alerting her someone entered the room. The tall figure closed the door quietly behind him. He glanced at the bed, sighing softly, before bending down at the cot to kiss his daughter's forehead. He looped around the bed, hooking his toe on the corner of the post.

"Bloody-" he groaned harshly. Hermione had to admit that his swearing had improved greatly in the past few months, that was, when he was around Rose. He released a strained growl, attempting to keep it quiet.

"Wasn't sure you'd make it to bed," Hermione whispered, causing Ron to turn quickly at her voice.

"Sorry, did I wake you?" Ron asked, clear in his voice that he tried quite hard to stay quiet. He began to pull off his jumper, then remove his shirt.

"No. I haven't fallen asleep yet," Hermione turned to her other side, facing him. She could make out his silhouette in the dark. He removed his trousers and slipped on some pajama bottoms and a long-sleeved shirt.

"Good. You need as much rest as you can get," Ron sighed, lying down across from her.

"Hermione," Ron began, shifting closer to her, "We're waiting until the wedding, aren't we," Ron whispered the, until now, unvoiced question.

Hermione scrunched her brow, "Sorry? Waiting until the wedding to... oh."

"Yeah, that," Ron left it at that for some time, both trying to sort through their tired minds to continue, "It's not a bad thing. I mean, I reckon we've waited this long, what's another day?"

Hermione gave him a sad smile, "Your mum's working you very hard, and giving George a hand at the shop must be wearing you out. The move just adds on more to your plate. We come back and we're utterly exhausted to even think of moving, let alone doing anything intimate."

"She's been working you hard too. Plus, you have Rose with you the majority of the time; and she's exhausting to begin with. These things are good, it's just, we've really pushed it until the end," Ron shrugged, lying on his back, gathering Hermione to lay on him; on the crook where his shoulder meets his chest.

"It is rather tiring. And we did try, mind you. Our daughter must have a stake in not wanting us together like that," Hermione chuckled, bringing her hand to rest on his chest.

"Perhaps it's mum's master plan. She already hates that we're in the same room. Knowing we can't be shagging if we're too knackered because of everything. She's a smart one, she's is," Ron suggested, feeling Hermione's laugh vibrate through him.

They could both feel themselves approaching sleep; now safely in each other's arms, where they're meant to be.

"Only another day, my love. That's all we must make it through. Then, you're all mine, and I'm all yours," Hermione yawned, settling deeper into his hold. Ron grinned at the thought, falling asleep peacefully to the thoughts of their life to come.

"Alright, well you say goodbye to each other. It's tradition for bride and groom to stay separate the night before the wedding!" Molly harped, as the pair were still cuddled into each other.

Ron rolled his eyes and pulled Hermione around the corner for a little more privacy before Hermione traveled to Shell Cottage, where the ladies of the family would be staying, and Ron to Grimmauld place, where the men were.

"As if we're traditional," Ron muttered, capturing her lips in a sweet kiss. Hermione hummed against him.

"Can you believe tomorrow is finally the day?" Hermione whispered up to him, resting her chin on his chest to gaze up into his azure eyes.

"Feels like we've been waiting for ages and now it's almost here," Ron replied, threading several of her curls behind her ears.

"We'll be married; husband and wife," Hermione cooed, her heart thrumming at the thought.

"I can hardly wait," Ron whispered, leaning in closer to her to meet the soft pink lips awaiting him.

"Me either," Hermione muttered between kisses, pushing up on her toes to deepen another.

They broke apart a moment later, not wanting to be interrupted by the matriarch. Hermione smoothed his shirt out with her hands, straightening the piped collar.

"Humor me and try not to solely focus on the wedding night," Hermione whispered, causing Ron to choke a strangled laugh. She grinned at the action, and rested her hands on his biceps.

"I'll do my best, love," Ron managed, now red from his small fit.

"Good. It's still the day we're finally with each other forever, and I don't want that overlooked... Although, I must admit: I'm quite eager to our night together as well," Hermione blushed, causing Ron's eyes to deepen in color. She reached up to kiss him firmly once more before stepping away and picking up her darling daughter. She kissed her curls before handing the tot to her father.

"Now, say goodbye to Daddy. We'll see him in the morning, after we spend the night with Auntie Fleur and little Victorie."

"Now you be good for Mummy, you hear?" He hugged Rose softly, "I'll see you in the morning, darling. I love you," he kissed her forehead, then her nose, before she looped her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly.

"Wuv you Daddy," Rose mumbled into his neck.


Hermione twisted and turned in her bed. She could hear the ocean waves crashing along the shoreline, which was completely peaceful, and should have put her right to sleep. Yet, here she was, hours later, with sleep still evading her. She glanced over to the deep wooden cot her daughter was in; sleeping happily with a smile upon her face. Hermione sighed again, and flipped over, adjusting her pillow several times before finally lying her curls upon them.

Still nothing. She felt like screaming. She was tremendously eager for the next day, but, knew she needed her sleep to be able to enjoy everything.

A few moments into her tirade of attempting to convince her body that she really did need her sleep, a rattling sound came from her bag, emitting a small glow. Hermione popped out of bed, careful to stay quiet and not wake her daughter, to pull out the enchanted coin from her bed. Slipping back under the covers, she read the coin. His voice whispered softly.

I can't sleep. I miss you.

Hermione grinned. Ron was doing exactly what she was. She tapped the coin to send her message.

I can't either. I miss you.

A response was sent seconds later.

Care to break another tradition?

Her grin widened.

The guest bedroom with the terrace.

Moments later a pop was heard from outside the French doors attached to her room. She sprung up to unlock them, opening the door to freezing temperatures, and a tall ginger.

"Ta, love," he pecked her on the lips, shutting the door behind him. He gazed at her; the wild curls that sprung out from her skull, her plaid pajama bottoms, the Chudley Cannons jersey he considered to be his good luck charm. He beamed, knowing that she must have snuck it from his drawer without him knowing.

"Look at Miss Granger breaking the rules," he whispered. She chuckled quietly as he was led to the bed. They settled in, Hermione lying on his chest, while he wrapped his arms around her.

"I doubt that this is the reason it's tradition to stay apart the night before the wedding. And you can only call me that for a few more hours you know," Ron's chest moved beneath her with laughter.

"I suppose you're right. And I can't wait love," he kissed the crown of her head as she snuggled into him further, sighing contently.

The morning of the wedding, Hermione was awoken early to begin her wedding day preparation. Ginny instantly ushered her into the shower, attempting to strip her before entering the bathroom. It was a good thing Ron had left at the crack of dawn with a parting kiss.

"Don't forget to clean up either. Give Ron a treat, won't you? I can come in and help if you'd like!" Ginny called through the door.

"I think I can manage Gin, but, thanks for being so considerate!" Hermione called sarcastically. She could hardly wait to see Ron. They'd be heading to the Burrow in a few hours, and then she'd be one step closer to seeing him.

"You took the potion this morning, right?" Ginny asked, startling Hermione as she entered her room after her shower.

"I would have if you hadn't tried to strip me starkers as soon as I woke! I'll take it now," Hermione reached into her bag, searching for the contraceptive potion Ginny insisted she began taking when they went Christmas shopping together, earlier that month. After finding the elusive bottle, she uncorked the item, and swallowed the dosage.

"Good. I love this little mite, but, I don't think any of us are ready for her to have a sibling quite yet," Ginny exhaled, "Now, let's see how you did," the redhead gestured to Hermione's towel. After the witch processed what she meant, she held the flannel closer to her body.

"No! Gin, get out," Hermione shook her head, laughing at how outright Ginny was being.

"As the Matron of Honor, I have the immense responsibility of making sure the bride is completely ready for her wedding day!" Ginny explained, loving how red her best friend was turning.

"I never did that to you. Out Ginny!" Hermione pointed to the door.

"I just want to do a thorough job!" The ginger insisted, laughing heartily as Hermione placed a helpful hand on her back, leading her toward the door.


The morning continued with her being pampered by thrilled sister in laws, all fretting over her hair and makeup. A few hours later, with all their wedding items in tow, she took hold of Rose and Flooed to the Burrow.

She was once again ordered into a room to continue getting ready. However, Hermione didn't want to be left while everyone else fussed about to prepare things. She dressed Rose in her flower girl dress, placing a pearled headband to rest gently in her curls. After, she whipped out her wand, and sent a silver wisp of an otter flying to her fiancée.

Moments later, there was a knock at the door. Hermione smoothed her dressing gown and checked that her hair remained in place, "Come in."

Ron opened the door, entering the room stealthily. He knew he'd get an earful if his mum knew he was visiting Hermione before their nuptials. As he looked up, he viewed an attractive sight. Hermione was standing in her dressing gown. Her hair was done up in an intricate low bun, allowing a few curls to hand loosely from it. Her eyes looked huge and framed by dark lashes. A deep red, coating her lips.

She ginned, as she watched his jaw drop, hanging open slightly in awe.

"Daddy here, Mummy!" The toddler squealed, running over to her father, with her arms up, "I wear pwetty dwess Daddy! See? It twirly!" She sang, spinning happily in her dress, then stabilizing herself by pulling on the bottom of his untucked shirt.

"You look remarkable," Ron uttered, as he bent down to scoop Rose up, complimenting her beauty as well.

Hermione blushed, "Thank you."

She closed the distance between them, wrapping her arms around his middle, sighing contentedly, "I just needed to see you."

Ron lowered Rose again, when she began squirming in his hold, and closed his arms around his soon to be wife, "I'm glad you called. I didn't want to wait for the ceremony anyway."

They stood that way for several minutes, before they separated, "I better get going. I really don't care to hear Mum's lecture if she finds me in here." Hermione chuckled at his words, knowing one of Molly's speeches was the last thing they wanted to hear today. He bent down to kiss her firmly, resting his hand on her neck, brushing her soft skin gently with his thumb.

"I'll see you out there," Ron whispered, stepping back, to take Rose's hand to leave the room.

"I love you," Hermione smiled, causing one to slip onto Ron's face as well.

"You ready, sweetheart?"

Hermione turned toward her father, taking a deep breath. They were standing just beyond the entrance of the tent, a charm placed above it so the snow didn't fall upon her, keeping the pair cozily warm.

"I've never been ready for anything more, in my entire life," Hermione breathed. Hugh smiled, and chuckled slightly, holding his arm out to Hermione. She took it thankfully, knowing her father would keep her upright down the aisle. She placed her hands in front of her, holding her bouquet of white flowers. Hugo reached back behind her to straighten her veil, over the open back of her dress.

"I'm pleased Ron went through with it. He certainly took his time though," the older man chuckled, relinking their arms.

"How do you mean?" Hermione asked, curious as to what her father meant.

"He asked me when the three of you came to visit. Well- maybe ask is the wrong word. He wanted my blessing, but, knew you wouldn't want my input deciding your decision." Hermione looked at her father astounded by what he had said. Before she could formulate a response, she heard the music to begin, "Oh, that's our cue. Let's go darling." Pressing a kiss to her temple, they travelled forward.

Ron felt tears sting his eyes as the love of his life walked toward him. He felt the brush of a hand on his shoulder, must have been Harry's, behind him. Perhaps Charlie's, knowing that his two best men were enormously thrilled for him today.

She looked striking, gorgeous, goddess-like. Ron couldn't come up with a word that captured her look, he just knew he adored it. She chose a long, pearl-colored wedding gown. The entire dress covered in a lace overlay. It rested along her collarbone, and was long sleeved; perfect for a winter wedding, yet, the backside was a rather alluring choice; a plunging 'v' that stopped tastefully on her lower back, displaying it beautifully.

Ron kept his eyes locked on hers the entire way down the aisle, and before he knew it, she stood before him, her father already given her away, and shook his hand. She released a shaky breath; he held both of her hands in his, hardly hearing what Kingsley was saying to them. Hermione beamed at him, as she released one of his hands to reach up and wipe the few tears that had fallen from his eyes.

"Such a beautiful wedding, cheers!" Neville, and his date Hannah Abbott, congratulated them.

"Thank you, so pleased you were able to make it… we know it was a bit last minute," Hermione laughed. As the new couple left, Hermione felt Ron's arm wrap around her shoulder.

"Glad Neville plucked up the courage and asked her out. They seem well for each other," Ron commented, brushing his arm along her bicep.

"I think so too. He deserves to be happy," Hermione turned into Ron, now facing him, pulling him down for a deep kiss. They both grinned ridiculously as it ended, gazing into each other's eyes.


They were broken from their private moment, by Charlie approaching with a woman Hermione recognized from when they were in Romania.

"Hey Charlie. I reckon you were right. They did have a right laugh with you being our ring bearer, walking with Rosie down the aisle. Merlin knows she loved it as well. Thanks for holding her through the ceremony," Ron chuckled, bringing him into a hug.

"Yea, quite good one, that was," Charlie cleared his throat, and pulled the woman over with his hand, "I'd like to introduce you to Sophie, my girlfriend." Hermione raised her eyebrows, and watched a grin light up Ron's face.

"About time we've met! I'm Ron, Charlie's favorite brother. And this is my stunning wife, Hermione. Merlin, I love saying that; my wife." He ducked down and captured Hermione's lips in his. As their embrace ended, Ron stuck his hand out to shake Sophie's.

"Nice to meet you. Glad Charlie's finally pulled his head out of his arse, and finally brought you around."

"Really Ron!" Hermione reprimanded him, through a smile. She turned toward the woman she had met before, on very different terms.

"It's nice to see you again," Hermione said warmly. Sophie looked at her meekly.

"The same. And, I should apologize for my behavior, the last time we met. I was outlandishly rude, and-" Hermione interrupted her.

"Say no more. I know what it must have looked like, no apology needed." A look of relief flashed across the woman's face, as Charlie took her hand again and squeezed it.

"Well, we'll leave you be. Congratulations," Charlie patted Ron on the shoulder and hugged Hermione goodbye. The couple surveyed the tent, looking for anyone else to come over to speak with them. It looked as if they'd finally snagged a moment for themselves.

"Care to dance? We've only had one in so far, alone, that is," Ron suggested, taking her hand and leading her to the dance floor.

"Are you sure you don't want to visit longer with your Great-Aunt Muriel? I'm sure she'd like to further discuss how my dress makes me a harlot, or what they would have done in her generation if someone had a child out of wedlock. At least she didn't comment on my posture or skinny ankles this time…" Hermione jested, allowing herself to be pulled into Ron's arms. Ron shuddered at the thought, his hands flexing tightly on her hips.

"Don't remind me. She's a bloody nightmare; mad as a hatter," Ron shook his head in disgust.

"Well, my gallant knight defended my honor," she brought her hand from around his neck, to cradle his face, enhancing the sappiness of her statement.

Ron chuckled at her, knowing that if the daft woman had gone any further, he would have had to leave the ceremony. Luckily, Hermione was there to calm him down. And now, she always would be.

She pulled herself closer to him, resting her head on his chest, as Ron clasped her securely against him.

"I'm pleased Hagrid and McGonagall were able to make it. Since they couldn't to Harry's. It's nice to see them after so long," Hermione sighed.

"Yeah. I reckon McGonagall was getting teary eyed when she met Rose, and you told her about her full name," Ron recalled, feeling Hermione grin against his chest.

"Well, they seem to be smitten with each other. Who would have known?" Hermione mumbled.

"Who would'a guessed," Ron hummed.

Many minutes passed, with them swaying to the music; holding onto each other, before they spoke again.

"Ron, how much longer do you think we have to stay?" Hermione questioned, lifting her head from his chest, to gaze into his deep eyes.

"We've been here for hours. Besides, It's our wedding. I suppose whenever we want to leave," he watched her face, seeing desire pool in her eyes.

"Then, I think it's time we go home," Hermione whispered.

Ron nodded his head in agreement.

The newly married couple made their way to say goodbye to their family. Especially to Rose, who would be staying with her grandparents for the night. The tot was already exhausted from the entire day, and the addition of dancing so much with her parents, and various family members. Molly assured them everything would go smoothly, and that there wouldn't be any disruption of their night. Hermione fretted and insisted that she Floo if Rose needed them. The Weasleys waved them off, and said they would speak tomorrow. With kisses and hugs, the pair trudged through the snow, outside the Burrow's boundaries, and Disapparated on the spot.

As soon as they landed in their new home with a pop, Ron pounced on Hermione. He kissed her fiercely, holding onto her waist tightly, as he pushed her up against the wall. She moaned gratefully, lifting one leg around his waist, wanting to be nearer to him. He moved his lips down to her neck, sucking forcefully on her delicate skin, attempting to keep his arousal under control. She had no intention to, and the witch wrapped both legs around his waist; her gown parting gracefully behind her as he supported her weight. He pushed closer to her, thrusting his hips nearer to her center; a strangled moan escaped her as she felt his hard manhood so close to her own arousal.

"Ron…" She whispered hoarsely. He moved quickly back to her mouth and promptly initiated a deep snog. Ron felt her moan vibrate through the kiss, as her hips grind slowly against him. He choked out a groan and pulled back, hardly taking his lips from Hermione's skin as he whispered to her.

"Something you'd like, wife?"

"Oh Ron," Hermione moaned louder, and tightened the grip her legs held on him, something he wasn't expecting. He grunted and moved his hands to her bum. Holding her in place, he moved them quickly upstairs. Navigating through their new home together.

He set her on her feet to peel the delicate material of her wedding dress from her body. It seemed as if time slowed down, as he traced his hands gently along her body, feeling the rise and fall of the soft lace. He moved his hands to just above her bum and unzipped the tiny pull, just as he imagined doing since he saw her walking down the aisle. He could hardly believe Hermione had chosen a dress like it, but, it was absolutely perfect. As gorgeous, and classy, and sexy as she was.

The material then rested solely on her shoulders. Hermione stared up at him, waiting for him to nudge the slim gown off her body. Ron didn't disappoint, as he gazed into her massive eyes he used his large hands to delicately slip the material off her shoulders and down her arms. The gown pooled seamlessly at her feet, revealing herself to him, just standing in a pair of white lace knickers, for the first time in over three years.

She first felt shy, feeling a flush rising from her stomach. Yet, as she watched Ron's face, and the love he emanated through his deep eyes, and gentle caresses, she grew more confident. This was the man who loved her. Who had loved her for years. The one she could now call her husband. A sly grin began on Hermione's expression, stepping backwards the few paces she needed before the back of her knees hit the mattress. Ron watched the seductress move, and swiftly went after.

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