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Kuroinu Rebellion

Street Rat origin


The battle was to begin soon. The Black Dogs were planning to launch skirmish against the Orc forces to try and defeat this force and rid the lands of Eostia of their kind. For many years, a war has been fought for the future of the country and the people living in it. Should the people of Eostia win, they will have freed themselves the threat of the creatures from the north and will be able to live in peace. However, should the monsters and creatures win, then the cities and towns will be sacked, the men killed off or captured for labour while the women would all be violated again and again until they had come love the creature raping them, or until their minds snap.

In a clearing, there was an Orc camp set up under the night sky, with many warriors resting up and preparing to fight against the people of Eostia. The giant brutes were milling about tending to whatever they were doing, be it sharpening their weapons, strengthening their armour pieces, drinking their stolen meads and ales or having their way with the poor women they've captured and made into their play things. Beauties from many different backgrounds and villages, such as army captains and lieutenants, nuns and priestesses to farmers and maidens were forced to pleasure the giant monsters.

Not far from the Orc camp, a pair of green eyes watched the creatures from high up in a tree. The eyes belonged to a young man with messy, long greasy hair and had a dirt covered face. He wore a brown rough shirt and trousers with shoddy leather pieces stropped onto his shoulders, forearms, boots and vest. Strapped onto his belt were 2 short blades, several throwing knives and a bow with a quiver of arrows strapped onto his back. His name is Edward, an orphaned street rat. He has no last name.

Before now, Edward was nobody. He grew up with no family by blood, only with those he lived on the streets with. He had been told by those who know his family that they were trying to help get a newly established town started up, so they could start again there. However, the town was raided for monsters and beasts from the north, killing his father and leaving with his mother as a slave. She was never heard from again. The only ones who he had left were those who were close to his parents. Life was hard for young Edward, as he had been tasked with trying to scrounge up food and shelter for his family the moment he could walk. He was helped by others who lived with him, so he had people looking after him and teaching him.

There were many hard days and cruel seasons for him and his family. Some days, they couldn't find enough food for everyone to eat so what was gathered was split into small amounts that were hardly filling. The clod seasons were horrible times as it became harder to stay warm and well fed in such conditions. He lost several close friends to either starvation of illness. There were also people who had thought him for whatever he found and/ or stole. Sometimes Edward would be able to fend them off while other times he would return home empty handed and badly beaten, sometimes to the point where he could barely move.

As he grew older, he began training himself in certain styles of fighting and stealth. His had a light frame and wasn't one for strength, so he couldn't fight in standard combat and hope to come up successful. So he looked to avoid most fights and try to evade and hide from others. His combat stiles were in ranged and agile fighting techniques. This helped him with his jobs as a thief and with some fights he had to take part in for either his friends or because on no other option.

Then came one day, where there was word going around about the Black Dog mercenaries seeking scouts for their upcoming battles against forces in the north. For a long while, Edward had been seeking a way to help himself and those close to him by trying to get them out of the life they had and into one they deserve for what they've done for him. And while that was the reason he told them before joining, he was also there for revenge. He despised the creature in the north for taking away his parents. And seeing that the Black Dogs were planning a fight there, he had his chance to kill two birds with one stone.

And now, here he was, sitting on top of a tree, overlooking the Orc camp and observing the monsters doing their business. He along with a few others was tasked with observing the enemies encampment and gather a count of their numbers and sabotage the Orc army if possible. During his time observing the creatures below, he was on the lookout for anything that stood out such as higher ranking monsters, armouries, mead supply and more, while planning his goal for sabotage. When he first saw the Orcs use and violate the women in the camp, he was horrified. He wasn't a stranger to rape, growing up in the streets will do that to you. But seeing what was happening down in the camp made him think of his mum. She suffered with his fate? To be raped and used by these monsters for several years, if they kept her for this long? The thought frightened him.

With as much information as he was able to get from his vantage point, he made his way down the tree and began his silent approach to the camp. Avoiding any patrols and idle Orcs wondering about the camp, he managed to reach the location where, from his observations, was where the commander of the army's tent was located. Keeping to the darkness, he searched around the area until he found the Orc he was looking for, currently on his knees as he pulled the arms of a poor young maiden behind her as he thrust himself in and out of her womanhood as the women cried out in pain.

Disgusted at the sight, he quickly but quietly moved behind the massive monster and pulled out his blades. His weapons at the ready, he crept up behind the Orc until he was close enough and swiftly slit his throat. The Orc leader dropped the woman he was violating just now and moved his hands to clutch his neck while trying to yell something. However, only more blood poured from the Orcs neck and the only noise made was a sick gurgling, choking sound as the creature chocked on its blood. Soon after the monster had choked to death, Edward dragged his body away from to a corner of the tent which was poorly lit. Hopefully, that'll keep the body for being discovered for a while.

The girl, while visibly happy and relieved that she wasn't being raped any longer, was very weak for the ordeal and tried to crawl away or turn to the Orc, but failed and collapsed from exhaustion. Edward looked at her, wanting to do something to save her, but he knew that it would be close to impossible to escape with her. But he didn't wish to leave her here for another Orc to find and use. So after quickly searching for any useful information for the coming skirmish, such as plans or tactics, he picked her up, carried her to a secluded part of the camp and hid her out of sight, hopefully safe from more Orcs.

After hiding the woman, Edward was once again on the move to cause more damage to the Orc army. Silently moving through the Orc encampment, keeping to the shadows and out of the Orc's sight, he managed to arrive to his next target, the Orc drink supply. Inside a tent, there were rows and rows of mead and ale kegs hanging on benches. Grabbing out a phial of poison, he began pouring a few drops into each keg.

As he was finishing the final row, however, he had to stop as he heard footsteps coming towards his location. Quickly moving out of the open, he looks to see that an Orc was walking through the tent and grabs two kegs of drink. Edward chose to keep silent and let the Orc do what he wanted in hopes of not doing anything to draw suspicion. It was going well as the Orc was finished and was about to leave, until he spotted something on the floor. Edward quickly did a self check and, as it turns out, one of his knife straps broke and a knife was missing on his person. The Orc looked at it for a moment, before simply shrugging and finally left the tent. Edward quickly picked up his knife and went about finishing his work.

After finishing the final keg, Edward takes a look around the entrance he used to get in the tent to ensure his escape was clear. Looking around, he found no trace of anyone or anything in the area and the noises coming from others were a good distance away. With silent haste, Edward left the tent and began making his way out of the Orc camp and back to the Black Dogs. Edward made it out of the camp without any problems.


A while later, Edward had arrived back to the Black Dogs camp, where everyone was all geared up and ready for the skirmish into the Orc army. Making my way past all the men, I reach the command tent, where the leader of the Black Dogs, Volt, had asked us to meet up with out information on the enemy. Walking inside, I find the man himself in the middle of talking with a young looking man with glasses wearing a cloak. To the side, there stood a man with an open vest, exposing his chest and muscular min section. All three look to you as you enter the tent, their conversation stopping. Volt takes a look at you before finally speaking.

"And whom might you be, boy?" he asks. Not looking to waste time, as they might have been talking about the coming battle, Edward did a quick salute to the commander.

"Scout reporting sir." he announces. Volt look turn to realization as he hears your statement.

"Ah, good, you're the last one we're expecting. What do you have to report?" he asks.

"The enemy is completely unaware of an incoming attack. Their numbers are close to 3,000. Their leader has been slain and their drinks have been poisoned without anyone noticing." The last bit of news brings surprised expressions to their faces.

"You snuck into their camp?" the one in the vest asks.

"Without those Orcs spotting you or finding you inside?" adds in the one with glasses.

"Yes sirs." Edward replies.

"Excellent work, boy." Volt suddenly says. "This is great news. We'll have a great advantage in this battle." He looks over to the vest wearing man. "Hicks, alert the men, we begin soon. This young lad has given us a golden opportunity to cause massive damage to the army. We must act on it" The man now known as Hicks nods his head before leaving the tent. Volt then looks back to the young guy he was speaking to earlier. "We'll talk about this after the battle Kin" Kin then nodded and also left. Then Volt looked to you once more "Well, you've more than earned a rest, but we'll need all our men for this fight to do the most damage possible. I'm placing you in the back with the archers, to pick off Orcs while staying away from the actual fighting. Get yourself ready, we attack soon."

Edward once again gave a salute while delivering another "Yes sir" before leaving the tent and began preparing for the fight. One thing was for certain. Once this fight was over, Edward was going to take as long as he wants to rest, no matter what others will say.


Once again, Edward was back up in the tree he was in before coming into the camp. The night sky was still over the heads of all here, but the Orcs were all suffering from the drink. While he hadn't put enough poison to kill an Orc, as he didn't have that much on him, they were all weak and had trouble standing. All of the men were ready to strike, to begin the skirmish and kill as many Orcs as possible before leaving. Edward currently had his bow in his hand and an arrow nocked, waiting to be drawn. He was tired, but he's going to kill as many Orcs as he can before the battle ends. He will have his revenge.

"This is it men" he heard Volt say below him. "They're weakened by out scouts, now's the time." Drawing his sword and pointing it forward, he announced, "Charge!" and with that, the fight began.


One week later

A week ago, Edward was off fighting Orcs and other monsters from the north. Even before that, he was simply trying to live his crappy life on the streets of the cities with his friends and family. Now though, even though he couldn't believe it himself, he was before the Beautiful Celestine herself, about to receive something you once thought was impossible for someone like you.

"Edward," she spoke "please kneel." Without hesitation, the young man did just that, dropping down to one knee before the beautiful woman. "Due to your actions during the skirmish against the Orcs, the battle was a great success with little casualties and many defeated foes. Because of your quick thinking and planning in preparation for the battle, I, Celestine, knight thee, Sir Edward." She says as she places a hand over your head, before removing it and stepping back. "Now that you've been knighted, will you be willing to fulfil a request I have for you?" she asks.

"I'd be honoured to follow any command of yours, your highness." he states.

"I wish for you to accompany the Black Dogs and lead a strike against the black castle. As you attack, I want you to bring back the Dark Queen, Olga Discordia, alive and unharmed." I wish this war to be over soon."

"I will do as you ask, my lady."

"You may rise, Sir Edward."

And so he did, coming to stand before Celestine. "I will not fail you." he announced before turning to leave the room. As he exited the building, he found Volt, Kin and Hicks waiting for him outside.

"Ah, Edward," Volt starts "congratulations on your knighting. We all know you deserve it after what you did for us in that skirmish."

"Yeah," Hicks chipped in "If it weren't for you, the fight would have been much harder and many more would have died. You saved a lot of my buddies with what you did."

"Thank you sirs" Edward replies to their praise. "I was only doing what I thought would be beneficial to the skirmish." He stated before changing the subject. "So, are you aware of what Celestine wants us to do next?"

"Strait too it, I see. Good" Volt says before continuing. "Yes, we're preparing our forces for a strike for the home of the dark queen."

"Do you have a plan ready yet, sir?" Edward asks.

"I have some ideas I'm putting together that we'll discuss on the way. I want to make sure that it's well planned out before we even get there. I suggest you get ready, we head off at midday." Volt says before he walks off with Kin and Hicks in tow. He stops for a second before turning to face you "And no need for calling me "sir" anymore Edward. You're a knight now, so really, I should be calling you sir."

"If that's the case, then you can call me Ed, Volt. All my friends do."

A smile formed on Volts lips "I'm glad you consider me a friend." He finished before heading off, leaving Edward alone outside the building. It seems that he'll have to wait before being able to help his friends from the streets. However, he's in a position he'd never thought he would be able to reach, from Street rat to Knight. Maybe things will finally be better for our protagonist. But for now, he has a dark elf queen to capture.

Shouldn't be too bad, right?


And there it is my answer for your challenge Wimblegurk Brigade. I have picked out an origin from your choice and a start to the story. To anyone who read this piece, I hope you enjoyed it and I will try to get a second chapter out as soon as possible. It depends whether or not I'm feeling motivated enough to write. Let me know in reviews or Pm's whether you liked this story or if you have any ideas of how I can improve.

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