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Edward was feeling anxious. He and the band of mercenaries had set up camp for the evening. They had been travelling for 3 days so far and still weren't to reach the Black castle until tomorrow evening. The Black Dogs were well prepared for a long travel and all seemed eager to reach the castle. Edward had discussed the basic plan with Volt and it was decided that Volt and his forces will attack the main force for the Olga's army while Edward would infiltrate the castle and capture the dark queen herself. This was the basic plan at the moment and it was agreed that when they arrived to their destination, they'll make any changes they need.

However, all of that wasn't what made him anxious the most. They contributed to the feeling, but there was another reason. During the walk, Volt, Hicks and Kin had been talking in private more and more while also talking with the other mercenaries, and whenever Edward would look at them, they could see each of them show a grin that made his blood chill. The fact that he wasn't aware of whatever they were discussing made the feeling worse.

Edward was currently sitting by a fire with a few other Black Dogs he'd seen earlier, but couldn't remember their names, while eating a piece of deer that had been hunted and was served for tonight's meal. His thoughts at the time were about where he was now, from street rat in the holy city to being knighted by the holy one, Celestine. Even though he's had three days to accept it, he still couldn't believe it.

"Hey, Edward" he turned from the fire he had been staring at to see Volt walking up to him. "Are you looking forward to the mission?"

"Yeah, can't wait to get this over with." Edward replies.

"Indeed. Tell me, you had told us, when we were looking for scouts, that your reasoning was to help out those you lived with, correct?"

Edward nodded. "Yes, I'm in it for those close to me, my friends and family. My parents were killed by the beasts and monsters from the north when I was but a child. I've lived on the streets with friends of my family and they've done so much for me. I truly wish to help them for their kindness towards me. Even though we aren't related by blood, I still consider them family" Edward told him.

Volt nodded his head. "Such a noble goal, one I approve of." He then turns to leave. "Very well then, here's hoping our mission is successful. If we are victorious here, it could change everything."

"Hey Volt," Edward catches his attention before leaving. "I've noticed that you and your friends have been discussing things with the other mercenaries, which leaves them in a good mood. Are you planning something else for afterwards?" he then asks.

Volt turns to the former street rat and gives him a reassuring smile "Just talking about our plans once we finish our assault on the castle, what to do when the mission's over, just something to please the men for their hard work. You do good work when we raid the castle; maybe we'll let you in on it." He says as he leaves. However, as he turned away from Edward, Volt had turned his smile to a grin as he thought about his 'plans' for afterwards.

As for Edward, despite being told that by Volt, he still couldn't get rid of that bad feeling inside him. However, he didn't have much time to think on it, as Hicks decided to take a seat next to Edward, a pint of ale in hand.

"Hey Edward, or maybe I should be calling you 'sir' Edward now, right?" he asks with a slur in his voice and a grin of his face. Edward turns to him and gives a smile of his own. Seeing the slight sway in how Hicks sits, it's obvious that he's had probably too much of that ale.

"Nah mate, not ready for the 'sir' yet. Keep calling me Edward for now" he replies.

"Great. No problems for me" he says as he raises his arm in the air, before leaning in close to you. "So tell me, Edward, that Celestine woman. She's bloody sexy, right?" he asks.

Edward, seeing were this was going, encouraged the talk. "Oh yeah, she's got one great body on her."

Hicks let out a laugh "Ha! You bet she does, man. Now, if you could bang any of those princesses, or even that Goddess herself, who would it be?"

Edward gave the question a quick thought. He really hasn't seen any of the other princesses yet, as they had other matters to tend to and couldn't be present for his knighting ceremony. However, you've caught glimpses of them through the crowds whenever they did come to the holy city. Thinking back, he gave his answer.

"Not sure Hicks. I haven't actually seen any of them." He answers.

Hicks looked down from Edward to the ground for a second. "Oh, right. You didn't get to see the others during you knighting. My mistake" he looks up from the ground to Edward with a smile on his face. "As for me, I think I might do that Maia woman. She's a really beauty..." he says before getting up. "Rest up. We've got a while to go yet. After that, the real fun begins" and with that, he was off. Edward followed suit, getting up and heading over to his tent.


Edward was running. He needed to run, needed to get to safety. He didn't want to do what he did, but it was either them or his friends. They needed what he took from others. Those close to him would die if he didn't get back to them.

Running through the city streets, Edward was carrying pack over his shoulder, full of supplies which his family and friends needed. There was a lack of food delivered to the city, as some of the farming villages were once again struck by Orc bands. As a result, there was little food to be handed around among the lower class of people. While help was promised, many feared that it would arrive too late, so they chose to act.

Edward wasn't alone, however. Running beside him was Alya Lucia, one of his oldest and closest friends. She, like him, was a street rat who lived in the same area as Edward. They have known each other for many years and had become close friends. When Edward was planning his trip into the neighbouring district, she had convinced him to allow her to join him. Not like he was going to stop her anyway.

As they ran with their full packs, the pair was being chased by a group of people from another part of town that had bad relations with his neighbourhood. From what Edward was able to find out before, the neighbourhood they stole from were not well liked in their home as they treated everyone like dirt and made their already hard lives worse. So, given that Edward and Alya needed food for their friends and families, and the fact that they were already in bad relations, they thought it would be a good idea to steal from them. And it was going so well, up until they got caught.

As they ran down the road towards their street, the path was blocked by more commoners from this neighbourhood. There were too many to try and go around and the pack he had was too important for those who needed it to drop to try and get them to stop. With his front and back blocked, he looked around and saw a path through an alleyway which wasn't covered.

However, he realized too late that the alleyway he ran into lead to a dead end. Realizing this, they turned around to try and get out from where they came; only finding their exit blocked by those chasing him and Alya. The looks on the faces, from anger filled eyes to malicious grins, sent chills up Edward's spine. He looked to Alya, seeing that she was most likely feeling as he was at that moment.



"Edward" as he heard the name, he shot up from his bedroll, breathing heavily with sweat pouring down from his head. He looked around his surroundings. He was no longer in that alleyway, but was now in his tent. He was no longer being cornered by those buggers.

And Alya was no longer by his side.

Remembering that someone had called for him, he turned his head towards the source of the voice, seeing Kin standing near his tent, looking at him with a somewhat concerned look.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"Y-Yeah" Edward replied quickly. "Just a bad dream." he tried to pass it off.

Kin gave Edward the look for a few second before sighing. "Alright, it's time to move. Pack up your gear and be ready." He said before leaving.

Edward still sat up on his bedroll for several seconds. That time in the past was his worst to date. As much as he wanted to, he couldn't forget such a horrible time.

"I'm sorry Alya" he said before packing up.


Another day of travelling had passed and Edward and the Black Dogs had arrived to the Black Castle. The lands surrounding the castle were grey and full of death and the closer they got, the harder it became for the mercenaries to breathe. If they tried to advance any more towards the castle, they would begin suffering from the hazardous land around them.

"Damn" cursed Volt as he and the others were waiting by the base of a cliff. "I forgot about this problem. We can't get any closer to the place. Not unless we all have a death wish and want to meet a most agonizing end."

"So what should we do about it?" Edward inquires, sitting down on a nearby rock. "We need to get inside somehow. If the lands and air are so bad around the castle that it would be impossible to get close, shouldn't there be another entrance to the place?"

"I'm not sure, but Kin things so. He's been examining any pieces of elfish writing we've come across and believes that there might be something around here." Volt turned to face Edward. "If you want to know more about it, I suggest speaking with him about it. I am not the type of person who knows much information about the elves."

And with that, Edward got up from where he was seated and began walking towards kin, who was currently looking between a book in his hand and the side of the cliff.

"Hey Kin," Edward began. "Volt says that you may have a way for us to get into the castle."

"I believe that there may be an entrance to the Black Castle around this location." he answers without looking towards the knight. "So far, all the scripts we've encountered have pointed to a "door" of sorts around this area. And from what I've been able to gather from the text on this wall, it should be close by."

Confused by what Kin meant by "on the wall", Edward turned back to where Kin was looking to see what the glasses wearing guy meant. Sure enough, with a bit more observation; Edward was able to see the faint elfish text carved into the cliff side. Giving off a "huh" in understanding, Edward turned back to Kin.

"Anything I can do to be of some assistance?" he asks.

"Step away from me and that wall next to you." Edward gets up from his seat and decided to take a step back. As he did so, Kin began muttering something in a quiet tone that made his voice unable to understand.

As Kin chanted, the text on the wall began to glow a purple, drawing the attention of everyone around. After a short while a small section of the cliff side split and opened up, revealing a set of stairs going down behind it. Lighting a torch, Volt travels down the stairs first to see what was down there. A minute later, he climbs back up the stairs with a grin on his face.

"We've got out way into the castle now. Nice job Kin. Good thing we have you on our side." he says before turning to the others. "Alright men, we have our entrance into the Black Castle. We'll follow the path until we reach out target and then plan out the next part of the attack." With that, he turned back towards the turns and motions the others to follow him.

Volt turns and walks back down the stairs and Kin follows behind, then Hicks, then Edward and the rest follows one by one. Once they were down the stairs, Black Dogs came to a dark narrow hallway, barely enough room for two people to pass by one another, with no light other than Volt's torch. As a result, the group were forced to follow Volt in single file because of the tight path. Along the way, they were passing several unlit torches on the walls, which Volt was lighting with his own, giving more light in the pathway.

As the party travelled down the path, members of the group were chatting amongst themselves. Kin was leaning close towards Volt and they were discussing what to do about once they were face to face against the Dark Queen, Olga Discordia, and what magic they would possible have to fight, should they have to fight her. The rest of the Black Dogs following were chatting with one another about what to expect and what they would find and do when they had completed their attack into the castle.

As for Edward, however, he was thinking to himself, mostly ignoring the others conversing with themselves. His thoughts were towards Olga, and how he should feel about her. She was the Queen of these lands and the one in command of those monsters in the north. In his eyes, she was the one solely responsible for all the bad that the monsters had caused. The raids of their towns and villages, the slaughter of so many men and children who wanted to live in peace, the women they creatures violated and tormented until their minds had snapped, His parents being taken away from him. All of it was her fault.

However, as much as he wanted to put all the blame on his mission, hoping that in defeating her, he would undo all the bad that had been done, he wasn't so foolish. From his first skirmish, he witnessed the behaviour of Orcs first hand and learned something about his enemy from what he saw. What Orcs did was who they were. Their behaviour, their raids, their need to kill and rape, was what they knew. And while Olga was the Queen in the north and the Orcs obeyed her, they still would have done what they were doing if she hadn't appeared, only not as strong and united.

Although Edward's feeling towards the Dark Queen was undecided, he still had a mission to bring her to Celestine alive and unharmed. He wasn't sure that he could get Olga to surrender willingly, so he silently hoped that, if it came to it, Celestine would not be too harsh with delivering a beaten Olga. He'll try not to do damage to her, but nothing was guaranteed in a fight.

Moments later, after a couple turns through the path and walking for what seemed to be nearly an hour, the party had arrived to what, at first looked like a simple stone wall. However looking around, there could be light shining from the bottom, top and the sides of the dead end. Volt handed the torch to Kin and began pushing the wall, which gave way and was being moved back. As the party emerged from the now open pathway, they were greeted with the sight of what appeared to be a dungeon. There were a couple cells with big iron grates as doors.

"Black Dogs," Volt started, drawing everyone's attention. "Welcome to the Black Castle."


Watch out Olga, Edward and the Black Dogs and in the castle!

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