A/N: Written for the Diversity Writing Challenge, f1 - poetry collection, and for the 100 Lists Challenge, 25s list 3 (prompt for this poem is #016 - arithmetic).

Title is after a joke from the Digimon Adventure ZeroTwo dub. One of the characters misinterprets a date as a fraction, and then thinks the other two are going on a date to do fractions (which he can't fathom because why do fractions on a date? In fact, why do homework at all XD).

The Fraction on a Diary's Page
I. arithmetic

Limits: they were things he could control
when the wild wings stayed ever far
from his grasp – too far for him to grasp
and wield as his righted sword:
a sword his blood had put in future's wake
and then denied.

Words: those were his limits, the chains he used,
wrapped around those looser powers so they stayed
in his hands. Words: in chains that made solid
an intangible thing.

Limited: yes, they were limited
but still strong: power-packed arrows flying
with the swift-spoken words that fell
from his lips –

All of those complexities that came with magic
were stripped away by giving them words:
an incantation, a name.