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Sans sat out with his dad, smoking a joint. The city was nice and quiet at night; most monsters had turned in while others stood in the streets watching lone cabs drive by. Papyrus, his brother, sat inside listening to one of his records. Grillby was to come by soon, he and Sans' dad had much to discuss after last week's turf war. Something had ruffled Muffet's, the other mob boss besides Grillby, feathers. Well, barbs more like it since she was a spider. Muffet had lost, but that didn't stop her from nailing Gaster, Sans' father, right in the knee. Doc said he might not ever use that leg again, which gave Sans and Papyrus plenty of fuel for revenge. The doorbell rang, announcing Grillby's arrival, and Pap went to answer it. Gaster flung the cig over the balcony and Sans continued to smoke. Pap was, as usual, sent out to the balcony while the "Grown-ups" discussed work. Papyrus was eighteen, definitely old enough to be in his dad's friend's gang, but he was still pretty naïve on how things exactly worked. Course, that didn't stop him from being the best damn sniper they had. He could pick off any of Muffet's little spiders from at least ten feet. Sans was more for the traditional handgun, but he could use a knife just as well as a Tommy-gun. Gaster didn't really fight much, last week had been an emergency, he usually made the weapons for Grillby's gang. Which consisted of Sans, Pap, a gal named Undyne, a kid named Frisk (who was much more dangerous than they looked), and some of Undyne's friends. A small group, but very deadly when threatened. Frisk was more a spy than a fighter, able to fit into any crawlspace, and nothing really scared them. Undyne loved fighting, she and her friends always had at least five guns on them. Though, her favorite weapon was something of Gaster's creation, a bayonet of sorts that extended into a spear. Sans chuckled as he remembered when Undyne first saw the spear/gun, she had never been so happy before. Sans looked at his younger brother, by two years at least, and saw staring out at the lights of the city. The lights drowned out any real stars, but the city lights were a nice substitute. Their dad was probably forty by now, much older than his twenty-year-old friend, so maybe not being able to fight anymore was a good thing. Undyne was nineteen, the youngest out of her friends but still the deadliest, and Frisk was only twelve.

Mettaton sat out, looking over the city as well, though he was alone. He loved the silence of the night, yet the occasional car kept him in reality. His young assistant BurgerPants had just left for the night with NiceCream, god they were cute together. Their nicknames were given after some accidents with food, you can probably guess how and why. NiceCream was Tok's assistant, she was inside scrubbing some tables. After that last show lots of beer was left on the tables and Muffet likes a clean environment. Ya, they worked for Muffet, the big spider boss of the Underground City. She wasn't all that bad, just don't ask for raises and you're fine. Muffet was a nice boss, just didn't like giving out money if she wasn't getting anything out of it. In fact, she was probably in her back office now, counting the profit of the day. Whenever Mettaton preformed they were sure to bring in a big crowd. He and Tok were the main dancers for Muffet's bar, Mettaton had a bouncier type of performance while Tok was slower and got a lot more of the guy's attention. She was probably inside right now talking to MTT's cousin, Napstablook. He was the bartender, but very quiet about it. Almost never talking to the patrons unless it was to make sure of an order. He would sometimes play the piano for Tok and MTT, but he got stage fright after a while and they would have to get either Burger or Nice to do it. Burger and Nice were pretty young to be working, Nice was the oldest eighteen while Burger was sixteen. MTT was twenty-one, making him the oldest worker for Muffet, and his cousin was younger by just a few months but still twenty. Their boss was thirty, making her older than Grillby but he definitely had the height advantage on her. Tok was just out of high school at age nineteen, but she likes to act more mature which she's pretty good at. Being made by Alphys tends to have that effect. Unlike MTT, who just asked for a body from Alphys, Tok was completely constructed from a dying soul. Not even Alphys is sure who the monster was, but Tok seems to manage quite well. Alphys herself was quite a young mechanic, she just peaked at twenty. She quit her old job, working with M.D., and now made guns for Muffet. MTT thoughts were interrupted when Tok came out side and offered a cigarette. She already had one in her mouth, half-way to stub, and smiled at MTT. He could tell it had been a rough day for the clockwork robot and gladly took up the offer. He lit it with the lighter Alphys had installed in his thumb and together they smoked away their troubles.

Toriel sat at her booth, taking care of some receipts. The café was long past closed, but she was very reluctant to leave now. Especially with Kid in the back, snoring away. M. Kid always came by the café to do extra work, Toriel felt bad for him and allowed it. See, Kid was young, maybe eleven at most, and he was an orphan. He would work for the day, usually bringing orders or cleaning tables, Toriel would pay him, and he would go off somewhere. But tonight he stayed, Toriel didn't ask why and let him sleep in the back on some old booth seats. She sighed while thinking about it, Kid was a nice kid but he couldn't really do much without arms. She was about to get up when the front door rang, alerting her someone had entered. Looking up she saw her son, Asriel, smiling at her. She smiled back and went to hug him. Asriel was twelve, and his father was not someone Toriel liked to talk about. He was carried some bags, some stuff Toriel had asked him to fetch, and put them next to his mother. Then he ran to the back to get Kid. Inside the bags was some ingredients for her famous Butterscotch and Cinnamon Pie, everyone loved it. Besides that, there were some guns. Being a café owner in a shady place like Underground City, no matter how nice the monsters seem, it's always good to have a few firearms on hand. Asriel and Kid don't know about the guns she keeps, and she can only hope Asriel didn't look in the bags after he got them from Alphys. She heard laughter coming from the back room and decided it was time to pack up and leave the store.