(So, this is it. The ending of MafiaTale. I hope you guys enjoyed reading it as much as I liked writing it. Though this may be the end of the main story, I had something I wanted to ask you guys: Should I make one-shots for this universe? They wouldn't be a regular thing by any means, just little extra chapters every now and again. I might do it anyway, it's up to you if I post them or not. So with that, enjoy this epilogue. Peace.)

Sans stood on his balcony, smoking a joint. Things have really changed in the past couple days. His dad's leg healed, and he now worked with Alphys to make interesting new inventions. Papyrus was currently at Muffet's, working on a set list that Sans would get the next morning. Though, Sans thought, Papyrus was most likely doing something else with his time. Grillby was up late again, Sans had gotten a call from earlier asking when Gaster would be home, but Frisk was probably fast asleep by now. As much as Undyne would deny the next day, she was at Alphys' helping with the inventions. Gaster had called and asked Sans to fix up the guest room in case she came over, but Sans knew she wouldn't. If not out of pride, then to spend more time with her new friend. Sans chuckled to himself and put out the cig. Quietly, he walked back into the small apartment and set to getting to sleep.

Mettaton sat cross-legged on Muffet's stage. The night had started out with him and Papyrus discussing songs for the set list tomorrow, yet now he sat listening to skeleton recall stories from his childhood. Met laughed as he jumped up onto a table during his story on how he and Sans had had pirate battles as children. Muffet watched on from the bar with Tok, who was slowly winding down. Tok was about to get up and leave when Napstablook got her attention.

"Oh, before you leave, Tok. This letter came in for you about an hour ago." He floated the letter over to her, then went back to arranging the glasses.

"Who's it from?" asked Muffet, spinning her drink.

"It's from Nia." Tok opened the letter and skimmed it. "Says she's going out to the country for a while. Good for her." Muffet just smiled and went back to watching the robot and skeleton. Tok pocketed the letter and got up, "I'm heading out, get some fresh air before recharging."

"Be safe," Muffet warned.

"I will." Tok left with a wave out the door, Muffet waved back. As Tok walked out the door, she saw NC pinning BP to the wall. "You two!" She brought them out of the kiss, "Have fun." She winked and NC smiled back. Tok walked of in the general direction of The Ruins.

Toriel had closed later than usual. Asriel was already asleep in one of the booths and MK was in the back. As Toriel finished cleaning the bar, a knock at the entrance called for her attention. Tok stood there, hat in hand and coat tied around her waist. Toriel smiled and went to unlock the door.

"Hey, Tori." Tok greeted her with a hug.

"Tok it's nice to see you, but what are you doing out so late?" Toriel ushered the robot over to the counter.

"Was hoping to get a little late-night snack before heading home." Tok sat in a chair and rested her hat next to her.

"Hmm, anything else?" Toriel grabbed a slice of B-Scotch and Cinnamon Pie.

"I've decided to let Alphys fix my eye. It's time to move on." Tok took a bite and grinned.

"It's about time, Honey. Grillby change the way you see elementals?"

"Actually no. It never had anything to do with elementals in the first place. It was about trust. And after what happened yesterday, maybe I can try to trust a bit more."

"That's a good thing dear, but remember, there are still bad monsters and humans out there. You can never be too careful."

"I know." Tok finished the pie. "Thanks, and here." Tok gave a couple bucks extra. "Nia left the city tonight, and I knew she had a tab."

"Aww, Tok that's sweet of you." Toriel tucked the money away. "Shall I see you again tomorrow?"

Tok was at the door when she asked. She turned and smiled, "Oh ya."