With Inside out now my favourite children's film, despite it almost making me cry a lot more than once, I am developing my story in dedication to all my little voices, the dearest memories that I hold, and of course every child's candyfloss best friend.

The idea of this story came to me after reading 'karaoke Night' by Orangebird124. Throughout the story, a number of songs will either be directly mentioned or referenced to implicitly, and each song will relate to an event taking place, or the mood of a character. I'm not sure that it will work, it is only an experiment, but afterwards, there will be a playlist available on spotify and also on youtube for those that want to listen to them as the characters do in the novel. The links will be shown in the last chapter, and in the description above.

Please leave reviews or private message me if you want to make suggestions at any point, but please be aware that my tastes are acquired so I will only take really brilliant suggestions. I might even write one or two original songs for you all! Hope you have fun reading as this is my first fan novel.

Please sit back and enjoy!