So, this is not an actual story but still an update.

After almost three years of starting this story (and then stopping), I've decided that my very first Zootopia fanfiction story needs a fresh start. My apologies to all of you who have been waiting for me to continue the next chapter. I do have Chapter 20 sketched out but after rereading this and the latest ones that I've posted, I decided to take a machete to it. Also, I did a lot of hopping back and forth between timelines so in the newest version, I've streamlined things a little more.

The original version will remain up for a month then I will take it down so that there won't be any confusion. Just enough time to alert those who still are following it that there is a newer version.

Anyway, I won't go deeper into the reasons for why I'm doing this but, suffice to say, I think you'll like the latest version.