Beginning of His Truth

Part 1

(3 years ago)

Inside a giant cold mansion, not far from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, at the long frigid dining room table, sat Adrien Agreste, by himself as usual with his supper. His bright emerald eyes, not focused on anything in front of him, as he stared at the other end of the long dinner table, where his father used to sit, when his mother was home. Blessed with a natural lithe yet muscular figure, light golden skin, an a endering and charming smile, when he wasn't feeling as bad as he did. The boy was in normal street clothes, a plain white over shirt, a black t-shirt with three thin strips of highlighted green, yellow, and purple color, plan blue jeans, and orange sneakers. Something to relax in, since he'd finished most of his draining schedule, set by his father Gabriel Agreste, through his personal secretary Nathalie Sancoeur. The teen's perfectly blonde coiffed head resting in his hand, elbow resting on the brightly polished wood, releasing a heavy sigh from loneliness, as he picked at his food. One more thing, a photoshoot and I'll be done with another long day, he thought to himself.

Having had enough, Adrien got up from the table and left the room, his food forgotten as he meandered his way up the stairs, to his spacious bedroom. It was a dream room any boy would envy him of having: it was two stories tall, when you came in through the entrance, there were orange skating ramps on either side that you could skate down from the second floor, on one side of the ramp on the first floor was a rock climbing wall that led to the second floor, next to it was a basketball hoop with a scoreboard, the gray floor below drawn out like part of a court. Not that he ever got to have any friends over to play with and truly test it out, thanks to his father having him home schooled. A large comfy bed with two fluffy white pillows and gray comforter was on the other side of the ramp, a bright green fencing poster hung over his bed, announcing one of many tournaments he'd been a part of. A dark nightstand holding a globe of the world sat on top of it, becoming a partial divider between the bed and his desk. The desk itself was immense, it housed his trophies, as well as a large flat screen TV, and three computer monitors that connected to the large television just above them. A giant closet that housed all his clothes for the day, as well as some from his father's fashion line, stood next to the desk, almost hidden from view by the shelving.

A smaller purple fencing poster was plastered to the wall next to white double doors that lead into a spacious bathroom with a window, he has used to sneak out of when duty called for Chat Noir. On the other wall, next to the double doors, stood some video arcade machines, including one for dancing, lined up to be played. Again unable to truly test his mettle on them, thanks to his sheltered life. Next to them, was a winding white staircase that led up to the second floor, that held a library's set of dream book cases, housing nothing but books, the walkway leading back towards the skating ramps and over to a fireman's pole that started at the ceiling, and ending on the first floor with a bright red fencing poster on the wall behind it. About a three feet from the pole stood a Foosball table, next to a long white couch, that faced another large flat screen TV, with giant waist to ceiling bay windows behind it, letting in the natural Parisian sunlight, when it wasn't raining.

Adrien made his way over to his computer desk and heaved a heavy sigh, like the many he'd done throughout the day, as he plopped down on his white, wheeled, leather computer chair. As he faced the computer screens before him, clicking on the icons to get to the page he wanted, a tiny black deformed cat, made his appearance next to the boy, floating out from his white over shirt. It's acid green slit-ted eyes peered at the young man, his tail slowly waving about pensively, then he looked at the screen, causing the tail to freeze mid-swish, as well as an eye to twitch at what he knew was going to happen, as it did every time the boy went to that site.

I want some Camembert before I barf, all this romantic crap is gonna give me a stomachache, he mentally complained.

"Pleeeeeeeeease tell me ya at least took some cheese with you," came the hungry whine from the disgusted kwami, "before ya left the dinner table."

"There's some I stashed in the nightstand, earlier today." The happy gasp beside him was all the answer Adrien needed, before he fully engrossed himself in the image of his Lady, in all her skin tight, red with black spotted, one suit glory. Her shoulder length, straight blue-black hair was done up in pig tails with red ribbons sticking out. Her face was partially covered by a red and black spotted mask, starting from her eyebrows down to just below her high cheekbones, light golden freckles peeked out along the bottom edges. Her long raven bangs that were normally in a side sweep were being blown from her face by the momentum of her acrobatic flight with her weapon, a yo-yo. The mask ran along the edges of her eyes, helping to frame her long black lashes, near her light azure eyes that could hold him captive for hours. She had a determined smile on her face, as she flew through the air, but if one looked you could also see the joy on her face, like she was coming to see just you in the photo. Another sigh passed his lips, but this one much lighter on tone.

"You theriothee-" munch, gulp, gnaw, "neeb a new hobby."

"Plagg, choose one, eat or talk, not both. I don't feel like picking up your cheese crumbs, because you can't decide which one to do," the love struck young man admonished. "Besides, it's not a hobby."

"Oh, yeah," came the snark, with a mouth cleared of cheese. "Then tell me, what do you call it then?"

"It's research." The tiny black cat floated up into the air and started cackling, cheese temporarily forgotten in his mirth at his Chosen's choice of words.

"L-lemme guess," he chortled, floating himself closer to the teen. "Y-you 'study,'" he bent his nubby paws making air quotes, "the pictures from the site, take the random pictures ya see from the girl's blog of her daily life, and compare her friends to images of Ladybug, from the blog?!" The boy winced as each statement shot like arrows hitting their mark. The little god seeing this, only laughs more uproariously.

"How the hell do ya expect that to work," Plagg pointed out. "Besides, didn't she tell ya she wanted yer identities to remain a secret?" Adrien turned and glowered at the floating cat.

"And what else am I supposed to do?" The tiny black creature stopped giggling when he saw the teens expression change from embarrassment and frustration, to a look of depression. "Father won't let me live a normal life, I had to make a deal with him in order for me to finally be able to go to college and leave the house. But that won't be happening for another month or so and I still have to work for him. I'm not allowed to go to college like a normal person, I even have to take business classes online, when I'd prefer to work on physics and be present in a classroom with other people?! I want to protect her and Paris, not just because it's my duty, or it's the right thing to do. I want to do it because I love the city I live in and the girl that lives in it. How can I do that properly, when I don't have a clue as to who she is?" The god sat on the boy's shoulder and patted his cheek.

"I know kid, I'm sorry." The boy tilted his flaxen head slightly, to show his acceptance of the rare bit of affection from the mini god, without squishing him.

Plagg knew it was hard on Adrien, to have such an empty home life and practically a friendless one, as well. His only real friends were the little god and Ladybug, which worried the cat because both of them were people/creature he could never bring up in casual conversation, let alone hang out with like a normal person and introduce to his father. When the prick decides to be around his kid, the kwami thought darkly.

There was another person, Chloe Bourgeois the only child of the mayor of Paris, the boy met her through their fathers when they were young. She was kind, even sweet on him, the young man had felt he finally had a real friend, when he was a kid, but with his hectic schedule, and how demanding she could be, he ended up keeping mostly to himself. Plus, he'd seen a side of her that she'd hidden from him, he'd seen her bully others when she thought he wasn't around or listening, and how she treated her "best friend." He hadn't cut ties with her per se, but she was an added strain that he couldn't handle on top of his already stressful life. Plagg was all for it, he couldn't stand the prissy brat, though they'd still see each other at big events such as the New Years Gala, which Adrien had no choice but to dance in attendance to her every whim, via his father's command.

I hope to the Miraculous we don't have to attend this year's gala, I can't stand being squished against Adrien's chest by that bimbo's stuffed breasts, in that sweaty tux, all night long. Gawd, she stinks like a perfume factory exploded on her, and then that smell doesn't leave my nostrils for a week, I can't even smell my sweet Camembert, he mentally complained.

The teen was sweet, polite, and respectful, things that were surprising considering the rich lifestyle he lead. But underneath all that was a lonely boy, in a cold, empty mausoleum of a home, a missing mother, a hectic lifestyle that only temporarily distracted him from the problems of home, and an absentee father. Gabriel Agreste had at one time, according to the young man, been there for his son, was home more often, and had smiled more. When Celine was there, the place had been warm, their schedules less busy to spend time with one another, everyone had even laughed more.

Adrien hadn't gone to school during that time either, but he'd been happy enough when his mother was around, that it hadn't bothered him, as much. Now, with her presence gone for over six years, the emptiness in the boy had grown exponentially. Over the course of that time, he tried to convince his father to let him attend school like a normal kid, to make friends, hoping to fill the void of loneliness that felt like it was eating away at his very soul. Those conversations hadn't panned out well for either of them, leaving the teen frustrated and more lonely, while Gabriel had felt guilty.

One year after Celine's disappearance, an old jewelry case had suddenly appeared on his coffee table. After being dragged home from a canceled fencing match, he'd been abducted from it because of a monster attacking the city, via the Gorilla; his body guard that was assigned to him by his father. Gabriel Agreste was not about to risk the one part of his family he still had left. He often said that he "didn't trust the world to not hurt his son," but it felt like he didn't want to lose the new face of his brand, since the man hadn't treated or talked to Adrien like a son in so long. That day, the teen had met his destiny through his first friend, after opening the box to have Plagg, a black kwami of the Black Cat Miraculous of Destruction, appear before him, transforming the boy into Chat Noir a hero of Paris, part of the superhero duo that saved the day.

"Seriously, Plagg," the teen groaned. "We've known each other, worked together for five years now, and I still don't know who she is. She hasn't told me and I'm her partner!"

"Why don't you ask her when you guys are on patrol tonight?"

"I've been asking her for years, all she tells me is that 'it's for our own good' that we don't know," he quoted sarcastically.

"What do you expect me ta tell ya kid," the puny cat shrugged. He then floated off his Chosen's shoulder and drifted over to the nightstand with the globe that had the cheese he'd left on it in his fit of laughter.

"Nothing,... I just... Gah!" He groans in frustration, his hands digging into his flaxen hair, mussing it, while digging into his scalp. "I just want a straight answer, one that I've been wanting to hear, from her."

"Well, ask her then, just don't expect the answer you want," the little god said between thoughtful bit of his cheese, while the boy stared back at him. "Remember, we're Chat Noir, the embodiment of bad luck and destruction. Creation, good luck, those belongs to your partner and her kwami. Wish I could tell ya different, but that's how it goes."

I just hope she'll be gentle about it, Plagg thought.

"Alright, I'll give it another shot," came the morose reply. Adrien's green eyes gazing back at the picture of his love on the screen, her face alight with joy as she swung across the parapets and tiled roofs of their beloved city.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng, a young half Parisian and half Chinese teen, flew out her family owned and run bakery door, on a last minute delivery run that her parents had asked her to take care of for them, while they closed up shop. The evening sun highlighted her raven hair, giving it an unusual sheen of blue in it's depths, the short ends of her hair bobbing from her vigorous movements from it's twin tails on either side of her head, just below her ears. Her low bangs off to one side flew in the breeze, revealing long black lashes that framed her sky bluebell eyes, that constantly roved the sidewalks for other pedestrians, so she wouldn't run into them or trip and fall; which was typical of her. The teen's light skin started to turn red on her cheeks from her heavy breathing, showing her light gold freckles that dotted them and her nose. Her pink lips were drawn into a thin line of determination, as she concentrated on holding the box that held the large order, trying to keep it from any and all possible damage in her rush.

The clumsy girl was shockingly graceful, while she dodged the locals, doing it at full tilt so she'd be at her destination swiftly. She was still wearing her school clothes that she normally wore, something she'd designed herself a while back. A bright white t-shirt with a black and pink floral design, started towards the top of her right shoulder, ending towards the top of her chest, the neckline had black piping. She sported a charcoal gray light jacket, with sleeves that ended in cuffs, showing the underside of her jacket, which was white with light pink polka-dots, more solid black piping edged the item of clothing, giving it a modern twist, the bottom of it flapped about behind the girl as she ran, hitting just below the edge of her white top. Wrapped around her thin legs were pink Capri pants with the cuffs at the bottom turned up. On her feet she wore light pink ballet flats, with black piping the outside edge and little bows towards the top. Over her shoulder was a thin black strap, that lead to a small puffy pink and white polka-dotted coin purse, with a similar floral design as her shirt all in black, along with the letter M of her first initial stitched on in white. Red round tabs connected to the gold edge along the opening of the purse, it suddenly popped open revealing a red soft lining inside the accessory, it bounced against her hip as she raced through the streets.

"Marinette," squeaked a high pitched voice from the small jostled clutch. "Do you really need to run like this? Your parents didn't say the delivery was time sensitive!"

"Sorry, Tikki," the girl huffed. "I just need to run off my anger right now."

"I understand, but be careful-"


The girl had lost her attention for a moment, listening to her small friend, she clutched her cargo as she tripped over her own feet, arms bent upwards to save the pastry. She landed face first on the ground about a block from her destination, she groaned her frustration and embarrassment into the ground. Luckily, the kwami had closed the clutched as soon as she felt Marinette lose her balance. The cake was safe, her body... not so much. Great, more bruises to add to my collection that Chloe so kindly gave me this morning, her mind grumbled sarcastically. At least this time, no one from school saw this, and I don't have to go back to get another cake.

"Are you okay, Marinette," Tikkie asked groggily, slowly opening the coin purse.

"Yeah, just... peachy," the girl moaned out, trying to catch her breath from her long sprint.

"I tried to warn you."

"Yeah, you did, and I'm sorry. It's just..." She shook her head as she got up from the ground, the cake still in the box in front of her. The teen dusted herself off, bent down, and picked up the package with its contents. The local pedestrians ignored the mumbling, clumsy girl while making their way home.

"I know. Do you wanna talk about it?"

"Later," the girl sighed out. "After the delivery is done."

Marinette meandered away from the site of her spill, making her way down the last block over to the delivery objective. The elderly customer had opened the door, thanked the girl, paid her, wished her a good evening, and quickly shut the door. At a more sedate pace, the teen wandered over to a nearby park, near the Eiffel Tower, used her own money to pick up a smoothie, found a spot under a tree away from the crowd, and watched the various people, while she slowly ate her treat. She pulled out her cellphone to text her parents, letting them know she'd be home later on, then she put the phone away, sipped away at her cold drink, and stared out at the world, not really seeing it, her mind elsewhere.

Tikki opened the clutch and gazed at her Chosen with wide concerned blue eyes, without the girl realizing she was being watched. As luck would have it, the lining of the purse help the red ladybug like kwami to blend in with the interior of the purse. The little god had three black spots that dotted both cheeks and on her forehead, her long red antennas were drooped in worry for her protegee, her three tails that ridged along her small back were lying flat, tiny paws holding the edge of the opening of her transporting hiding spot. When the young designer was finished with her snack, she laid her back against the hard bark of the tree, and let out a a heavy sigh.

"How much did you sleep through today, Tikki?" the girl asked in a quiet voice so she wouldn't draw unwanted attention to her and her tiny companion.

"I was awake when Chloe tripped you at the beginning of class, luckily you made it in time to take your Literature class before the bell rang. I started dozing off after that..." she trailed off. "Did anything happen during that course?"

"Yeah, she sent me some notes," leaning over to one side, she pulled some small folded papers from her pocket. After going through, them all, she found the one she wanted and handed it to the red kwami. The creature opened the note and gasped in horror at what it read.

Why bother coming to class?

"That was the first one," the girl silently handed the rest over, one by one. Each causing the little god to get more and more upset for her Chosen.

It's not like you're going to do anything better with your life than be a baker's daughter and all.

I can still see the flour print you left on the stairs, along with your dignity.

I saw your designs, they're impressive, I think I saw those same designs... in the reject pile in Gabriel Agreste's office.

I would know since I'm dating his son, Adrien.

Do us all a favor and just drown in the Seine why don't you?

The only ones who'd miss you are the loser reporter and your parents... maybe.

"Don't believe anything she says, Marinette. She's just being her spiteful self, is all." She then took the little papers and shoved them in her mouth, just for spite. It tasted gross, but it was better than what she wanted to do to the mayor's daughter at that moment. She'd let Plagg do the legwork, when she had a chance to talk to him again, she knew how the mischievous cat would deal with such an... impudent child.

"I know, Tikki," the girl smiled ruefully. "But there's more to the day than that. But first I need to know something... something I think only you can help me with. It might help me figure out what my next decision should be."

"I'll see if I can answer it. What is it Marinette?"

"When your other Chosen's had become Ladybug, had they ever fallen in love during their job?" The teen asked seriously.

"Of course they had, every single Ladybug has fallen in love at some point, either before, during, or after."

"The ones that fell in love or dated during that time, did they ever seem... distracted?" Tikki rubbed a puny red paw under her chin as she thought, closing her blue eyes as she concentrated on her five thousand years of memories that flitted about.

"Yes, there were a few that had gotten distracted, but I think that's normal. When anyone has fallen in love with another, they tend to create their own little world, to forget about their responsibilities, and troubles. Most times, it's only for a short reprieve from life's many stresses, other times with a few... they stayed that way. So, I would have to remind them of their obligations."

"When their attention was diverted like that, did it affect other people or... the Chat Noir's, as well? I mean, as in put them in danger?"

"Yes," Tikki solemnly nodded. "Sometimes, the Chat's would be injured, there was one instance in which... he'd been killed."

Marinette gasped, eyes going wide with shock and sadness. Then she sat there, under the shade of the tree as the skies turned darker, the sunsets were great from her view on her balcony, above her bedroom at the bakery. She still would've been able to talk about this with Tikki there, but she wouldn't be able to walk out her frustrations of the day, like she would soon. She didn't pay attention to the thinning crowds, she rested her arm on her crossed knees, her head settled on her hands as she sat there and thought. After a bit, she nodded her head, seeming to come to a decision, before she turned to the ladybug kwami in her clutch, patiently staring at her.

"Were you awake when the bell rang for lunch?"

"Yes, you had been asked to talk by Nathaniel, out in the hall. I remember him asking you to go out with him, you had told him you would think about it, are you upset about that?"

"I'm not upset that he asked me out, I'm actually kinda happy and flattered that he thinks so highly of me. But I don't think I can," the young designer sighed out.

"How come? It'd be a good change of pace," the kwami reasoned.

"I can't," the girl shook her head. "Not with my life as it is now. If it was just my being class president, studying for finals, helping my parents with the bakery, and trying to get into a good design university to worry about, then maybe. But not with my responsibilities as Ladybug to Paris, not with the Akuma's attacking randomly. They show up at least three times a week!"

"So, you're not even going to try?"

"I'd end up leaving him either during the date or not even showing up at all! How's that fair to him? I know I wouldn't want that for Nathaniel, he deserves someone that will be completely invested in him, like he said he is with me. I can't do that."

"You shouldn't give up a chance at love."

"Paris needs Ladybug too much, more so than it needs me as Marinette. I get the feeling I'd be too distracted to perform my duties properly, that could endanger not only myself, but Chat Noir, as well as the citizens of Paris. Hawkmoth is constantly attacking the city just for out Miraculous, children included! I made a promise and I'm going to keep it to the best of my ability, even if it means I giving up a chance at finding love," the girl nodded to her guide as if confirming her vow. "Besides, as much as I'd like to give Nathaniel a chance, I don't have the same feelings for him."

"Then, you're going to turn him down?" the kwami asked sadly.

"I have to. It's what's best for everyone involved. Until we catch Hawkmoth and take away his Moth Broach, I can't take that chance. He might end up Akumatizing whoever my boyfriend might be, it could endanger not only me but my family and friends. Right now, I really... really don't want to do it. I don't like the idea that I'll be hurting him, but I can't lead him on like that, it wouldn't be fair to either of us."

"So, that was what was bothering you today," Tikki inquired quietly.

Her Chosen nodded, then slowly got up the ground, brushed the grass and possivle soil from her clothes, then started walking towards the bakery. Tikki closed the opening of her hiding spot, floating back down to the bottom of the purse, as it gently swayed with Marinette's movements, and thought. Yes, it was true that both Ladybugs and Chat Noirs in the past had fallen in love, become distracted, ultimately making a mess of things. That was part of falling in love though, it could be messy, distracting, even hurtful, at times. Some of Tikki's best memories were of the Ladybugs that had fallen in love during their battles, realizing their feelings, and acting out on them. It made quite a few Chats very happy too. Given, not all of the Ladybugs had fallen for their partners, but the ones that did were the ones with the best partnerships.

The little red kwami knew her Chosen was destined for greatness, she felt it in the girl every time they became one, becoming Ladybug, heroine of Paris, the second half of the dynamic super duo. She also knew that like any other that had the potential for greatness, it was not always apparent to the user of the earrings, so they'd never know, not until later on. Marinette was one of the sweetest girls to be chosen as the wielder of her Ladybug Miraculous of Creation that Tikki had ever met since the first user, but she also was reckless and had a temper that could rival a simmering volcano, if she ever let loose.

I wish she'd give love a chance, it's gonna be knocking on her door a lot these days. Especially, since she's maturing into such a beautiful young lady, the kwami thought. This was the girl's first true love confession, Tikki knew another one that would come right around the corner...

Adrien had looked at his inbox on his hidden e-mail account at around six that evening, to check when Ladybug wanted to meet for patrol, before he went off to a last minute photo shoot his father had sprung on him and Nathalie that morning. It was something they'd discussed after the first few Akumas had shown up when one of them was not transformed. They found out their kwamis weren't like cellphones or GPS's that let them know when the other was needed, hell they didn't even talk to each other telepathically, Plagg had made that fact very clear with Adrien when the boy brought it up, after the third time. Ladybug had later explained she got the same lecture from her kwami. Adrien smiled a bit at the memory as he looked at the e-mail again.

LB: Meet at E.T.

LB: 8pm?

CT: Can't. Civ life.

LB: 9?

CT: 11 is purrfect 4 me. U?

LB: Yes.

This was it. It was his chance to talk to his Lady after impatiently waiting throughout most of the evening. It was a quarter past ten when the teen had gotten back from the shoot, luckily they only needed a few shots for what they wanted. There were times when he'd be there for an entire day, just to satisfy his photographer. He had enough time to take a shower, to clean off the rest of the makeup the wipes that the makeup artists might have missed, dried himself off, and changed into more comfortable clothes. Adrien did a mental check before saying the magic words: his kwami was fed, it was thirty til, the staff had gone home or in Nathalie's and the Gorilla's case, went to bed, and his father was not at home.

"Alright Plagg, Transforme Moi!"

The transformation had caused Adrien's perfectly styled golden hair to fall into a mess with black cat ears perched on top of his head. A black domino mask of cover the top half of his from cheekbone to eyebrow and down his nose, his emerald eyes to turn acidic including his schlera from the magic. Around his neck, the collar of the black leather armored suit was left open leaving his neck exposed, but just where his neck connected to his shoulders, a large golden bell dangled as part of zipper, that led all the way down to his navel. Along his ribs were two more zippers for extra storage. His entire body was encased in the protective material, his hands tipped with black claws and cuff guards on his wrists. Around his waist was a belt, with another belt attached at the back acting as a tail to help him keep balance, just above the connected material was a holster for his silver baton that could extent to any length with the press of a button, even be used as a stand in for his fencing foil. On his feet were large black boots tipped in silver at the toes, shaped like paws, up the boots around his ankles were more cuff guards to protect his joints from attack.

Escaping from his room, Chat Noir now scaled the vast number of buildings, running and leaping along rooftops at great heights and speeds with ease, he wanted to reach the tower as soon as he could, so he could ask the questions that had been plaguing him for so long. Hopefully, she'd be in a good mood and at least humor him. As he looked up towards the tower, using his extended baton as a pole to vault over to the iconic symbol of Paris, he saw Ladybug, her back turned from his direction, the red ribbons that adorned her lovely black locks dancing in the wind about her gorgeously hidden face. This is too good not to do, he thought impishly.

Quiet as his name sake, he landed on one of the many metal beams, his pole retracting to be placed at the holster on his back again, and quietly snuck up on his crush in his large boots. His hands were bent into paw shapes, his back arched along with his leather tail so the metal tip wouldn't alert his target, a devilish smirk on his face, eyes gleaming with mischief, his ears pricked back like devil horns on his golden main, showing his playfulness. As he neared, his lady shifted, he hid behind another beam, making sure she didn't see him, peeking around the corner, he saw she'd faced another direction, bringing a hand up to her eyes, to try and see farther out by shading them from the bright lights of the tower above. Is she looking for me? His thoughts turning hopeful that she would think of him. Quickly and silently, he moved closer, soon he was right behind her, she'd brought her hand from her forehead and crossed her arms, her stance showing impatience, even though they had another twenty minutes before they patrolled. He brought his arms up behind Ladybug, ready to grab her-

"Don't even think about it," she said each syllable slowly like the she had the patience of a sage. Chat quickly deflated, his fun bubble thoroughly popped.

"How did you know?" he asked as he moved to her side, ears pricked forward curiously. She faced him, bringing a red latex finger to her grinning, pink pouty lips, gorgeous sky blue eyes shining with mystery mirth.

"Trade secret, I'd have to beat the crap outta you before and after telling you."

"Me-ouch, Bugaboo," he recoiled jokingly. "Save such violence for the Akumas, not your poor purrtner."

"Only if said partner, is a good kitty," she teased, flicking the large gold bell under his throat.

"As you wish, my Lady," Chat grabbed her hand and tried to kiss it, she pulled it away, pushed his nose back with the same glove that had been on her lips moments ago, smiling and rolling her eyes as he smiled back. His breath caught in his throat as she turned away, to another part of the tower to view the city, her hips swaying enticingly without the heroine realizing what that one piece did to her hormonal partner. Chat tried to calm himself, he really did. You were raised to be a gentleman, not a cad, get your eyes off her delectable ass and up at the city, you've got a job to do, he shook his head, trying to get his head out of the gutter. It was hard though since she'd made his heart skip a beat, before speeding up from her touch, racing through his veins, his cheeks had flushed under the mask, lips parted, and eyes glazed over in utter adoration, as he walked up behind her. Attempting to do his job and look for any trouble, which was difficult but he pulled through.

Come on, I've been waiting all night to ask, she's right here, there's no reason for me to not ask. She doesn't seem to be in a bad mood, he thought to himself. He then cleared his throat, as he searched for the right way to bring up the subject of their identities.

"I'm a little surprised to see you here so early, LB," he winced, then raised a hand to rub the back of his neck in embarrassment at his crass wording. "Not,... not that I'm not happy you are. It's just that normally, you show up about ten minutes early for pawtrol, not thirty or so. I hope I didn't keep you waiting long."

Quit rambling and get your shit together, Agreste! You're Chat Noir, you're a smooth talker, a flirt, not the babbler, Adrien mentally reprimanded.

Ladybug glanced at Chat, while he continued to look down at her, a look of concern on his face, when he saw a look in her eyes he didn't like; guilt. Quickly, she covered it, then walked over to another direction, Chat following silently behind, trying to patiently wait for his Lady's reply. She stood over the beams, bringing her hand up to her forehead, searching, as she did, she then took a breath and exhaled.

"A boy in my class confessed to me, today."

Chat felt like he'd been punched in the gut by Stoneheart, then body slammed by the Gamer's level four fighting bot. This is not what he was expecting, nor what he wanted to hear. All thought of asking about their identities left right out the window with his jealousy starting to rear it's ugly head. His eyes narrowed at this news, hands clenched, that someone had the gall to ask her. Especially, when she had him, who was always by her side, completely loyal devoted to her, watching her back and protecting her, putting his life on the line for their city and her.

Wait, hold up, a rational part of his mind piped up through his possessive fog. She hasn't said what kind of confession is was. Besides, whoever it is doesn't know that she's Ladybug, anymore than you know who she is outside of the mask. Be calm about this, you're her friend, she'll tell you her secrets if you're patient.

She still shouldn't have dropped this like an Atomic Bomb on me, his mind lamented. The black leather clad hero slowly took in a deep breath to calm down before he continued, trying to personify a calm friendliness he did not feel, right at that moment.

"Really," he replied coolly. "What kind of confession?"

"A love confession." She then turned away from the city, not seeing any signs of trouble and having time to kill, leaned against the metal beam behind her to face her friend. Not really looking at him, her gaze inattentive to anything but the memories. The words that had been stopped up since her talk with Tikki, poured out like a bottle of bubbling Champagne to Chat."I was barely on time for class, went through some grueling tests, had already been tripped by my class bully, been sent abusive notes from her, then my shy classmate that I hardly know, pulls me off to the side to confess to me. Telling me how pretty I am, that he thinks I'm wonderful, how brave I am when I stand up for others from the class bully's teasing, my dedication to doing the right thing as class president or not, and being such an amazing leader. He then asks me to go out with him, I told him I'd think about it."

Welp, there's another explosion, snarked Adrien's jealous side. I already don't like the bully but the fact that this guy has confessed...

Don't put the cart before the horse! She hasn't said that she accepted. Besides, look at her, she doesn't look happy, you need to find the problem, fix it, get her to smile.

"Sounds like he knows you purretty well, even if you don't hang out a lot," he begrudgingly reasoned. "I admit, I don't know what you'd be like in school, but he summed up everything I would say, if I were to declare my feelings for... a girl. But for a madamoiselle, who just got a love confession, you are acting like it was a... catastrophe. Aren't girls normally giddy over that kind of thing?"

"I can't return his feelings, which means I'll have to turn him down, and I'll do so as gently as I can. This is something I'm not looking forward to doing,... for the rest of my life," she mumbled the last bit out. But he still heard shocked at such a pessimistic undercurrent in her voice.

"While I can sympathize about turning him down, I don't think I know what you mean by that last statement." Ladybug took a deep breath, closing her bright scared azure eyes when she did, her lips pursed as if she was holding back a deep pain. This made Adrien feel apprehensive at what she'd say next. Slowly, she opened them again and let out the a shaky breath.

"Chat," she said her voice trembling. "What I mean by that is that I'm going to give up on love, on having a boyfriend or a love life, I just... can't."

"W-what? Why?!" Chat felt the like the dragon version of Fang from Guitar Villain had used his giant purple tail to smack the cat boy against the side of a building, leaving him struggling to not fall off the tower from the trauma, his head reeling.

"Hawkmoth, our duty as Ladybug and Chat Noir, that's why. We're here to protect the citizens of Paris, the innocent who cannot fight back, the ones that are helpless against his dark powers. He takes white butterflies, imbues them with evil intent and black magic, then preys people who are emotionally unstable in their moment of weakness, to do as he bids. He then changes them into monsters to fight his battles for him against us, as well as against people who have nothing to do with the Miraculous. We're lucky that so far, every time we have a victory, we're able to purify the Akuma, saving another person's life, and fix the damage done. Right now, we're no closer to finding his layer than we were when we first started five years ago, all we've been able to do, is clean up his messes like maids at La Grand Paris."

"Paws!" He said raising his voice above hers and placed a black leather covered hand up in the air in front of her face. Getting her attention with the interrupting pun, she stared at him, unimpressed. He smirked down at her.

"I'll have to stop you there, LB. Yes, we have a duty to help others, I remember the promise we made, to protect the innocent and defeat the fluttery bastard in the shadows. I also concede, that we've been lucky so far with the battles and victories all these years. It sucks we aren't any closer to finding him, but we aren't exactly sitting around twiddling our thumbs, waiting around for him to rear his ugly mug with another baddie. When we patrol, we're looking at all possible hiding spots this jerk could be using as a layer, someplace to house these butterflies, as well as taking care of muggers and other thieves off the streets that pop out at night. So far, we've come up empty, but that doesn't mean we won't find it or him. I don't think you should give up on your love life, just because we haven't caught Hawkmoth yet. That would be like living in fear of him in another way, don't you think?"

"You're right on that, Kitty. I won't live in fear anymore than we'd allow the citizens here to," she said softly with steal underlying it.

"That's my Bugaboo," the cat boy smiled, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"But that's not the only reason. I've been thinking about this a lot," she said. "There are reasons with life altering consequences..."

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