70 Years

(Bucky Barnes X Margo Whitty)

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"Alright so this is what we have to do in order to stop Hydra's plan with their new 'Human farming' experiments" Steve announced as he stood in front of a screen. The screen showed the schematics for a base that Bucky less affectionately called "The Hole", a place that he had been sent to after they had made sure that his cybernetic arm had been working properly. Natasha was sitting on one side of the long table picking at her nails as she had already been given the briefing by Fury and decided she wasn't up to really hearing it again. Clint studied the map intently as he was the one that would be flying the Quinjet using the new and improved stealth technology. Margo and Bucky were sitting on the opposite side of the table from Clint and Nat, Bucky of course knew the place like the back of his metallic hand so the super soldier was staring off into space. Margo looked at Steve and leaned closer to Bucky, she had already felt his unease at this whole mission. He had expressed his concern towards it this morning during the morning jog with Steve. Sadly Margo knew that Buck wouldn't really have a choice, he had to go on this mission. He was the only one that would know how to navigate the base so that they could get the Intel and then blow the place out of the ground. "Margo you and Bucky will be going into the base and getting our Intel. Natasha and I will be covering you so you both need to be quick as you can, Clint you know what to do since you'll be the eyes in the sky" Steve said pointing to the positions on the map that corresponded with who needed to go where. "You got it Cap, we'll do our best. When are we leaving?" Margo asked turning a small gaze on Bucky. He had stayed silent the entire time and it worried Margo a little, then again he had been like this a lot since his return. She couldn't exactly blame him because he was still more skittish around the others, he was still afraid of winter and what he was capable of. "We'll leave for the mission at midnight tonight so that we can still be in the cover of darkness. You did say that some of your stronger abilities are at their peak during that time right?" Steve asked earning an affirmative nod from her. "Alright then gang, meeting disbanded, see ya in twelve hours" Steve said and then he exited the meeting room with Nat and Clint in toe.

Bucky sighed and slowly stood. He headed towards the door with Margo following close behind him. "Hey, you ok?" She asked him softly and moved to stand in front of him. Margo looked up into his gun metal blue eyes and saw many emotions flooding them. She was careful to place her hand on his cheek causing him to look at her. "You can tell me ya know. Wanna go to our room?" She asked softly, concern laced her voice and she felt his metallic hand lightly run over the hand she had on his cheek. After a moment he nodded in affirmative and gently wrapped his metal hand around her smaller one. Margo lightly squeezed his metal hand even if he couldn't consciously feel it and then she placed a small kiss on his cheek before leading the way to their room. The moment that they started moving she could feel him physically relax, a very good sign in her book, at least they didn't have to worry about it for another twelve hours.

Margo and Bucky reached their room without a word between them. At this point there really didn't need to be anything said for them to understand each other, it was just something the two had grown used to. Margo gently sat on their bed looking at a new photo album that they had been working on filling together. If Buck couldn't remember all the old memories he could begin to make newer, happier ones. Bucky came out of their bathroom a few minutes later placing the familiar black journal on the covers before he knelt down in front of Margo. Margo could see something stirring in his eyes as he looked at the floor for a moment and sighed. "Are you ok?" She asked softly lifting his scruffy chin with her hand delicately so that his gaze met hers. "Not really… I'm worried" He stated softly and gently let his metal hand touch hers that rested on the bed. "I'm a monster Margo, You and Steve are the only two that don't look at me that way, but I worry about a lot of things on this mission. One thing that scares me is that Hydra would do anything to get their slimy tentacles on you" He said softly. "Bucky I don't look at you like a monster because I know you. I know you very well and I know that Hydra can bring out the worst in you with only ten little words, but that isn't you that's their programming. You may not see that now, but one day I know that in your heart you'll see it like we do… you're James Buchanan Barnes. I know that you're afraid of this Buck, but they won't hurt me. Steve won't let that happen and I know you wouldn't either. I'm a very powerful being and when I'm the comet I can destroy worlds. All Hydra can do is destroy families" Margo answered sternly. "This isn't a contest Whitty" Bucky said with a small smirk beginning to paint his lips. "Never said it was Barnes, it's the truth though" Margo laughed and pounced on him. Bucky gasped for a moment as he fell onto his back and held Margo in his arms above him. The two just laid on the floor together for a few moments letting silence encompass them. Margo rested her head on his chest and closed her eyes as she began to concentrate on his heartbeat. She still had to get used to the fact that he was really there with her, that he wasn't going anywhere without her again. "I'm with ya 'til the end of the line pal" Margo whispered making Bucky smile a little and then she felt his lips touch her forehead. "Yeah I know you are, you always have been and for that I will always be grateful" Bucky said softly. "It'll be ok Bucky, if anything happens Steve will always have a backup plan" Margo said with a small smile. Bucky chuckled lightly and nodded. "He always does doesn't he, sounds like him… I think" He said and gently stood up again. After a moment of comfortable silence Bucky carefully laid down on the mattress beside his girl and sighed. "I guess I'm skittish because the last time I was there wasn't a good time… I barely can trust myself Margo, all they have to do is say nine words. Nine words in Russian that fit in a specific order… that's how they controlled me" He whispered and closed his eyes. Margo curled up in his side and rested her head on his chest. "How many people in the world actually know the words?" She asks softly running her hand along his metallic arm. "As far as I know at least ten. I had ten handlers although Rumalow and Pierce are dead and Zemo is put away so I guess only seven" Bucky answered quietly. Margo knew not to press her boyfriend further unless she wanted to make him uncomfortable so she decided that she would drop the subject. "We will find that god damn book and when we do you can be the one to burn it to ash, I promise you that Bucky. Now we should get some rest before we have to go" Margo said and gently she ran a hand into his long hair, gently pushing it out of his face. "Yea we probably should… though if I don't sleep don't worry about me, I'll be fine. I love you Margret" Bucky whispered and placed his chin atop her head. The super solider did what he always did when they went to sleep together, he wrapped his arms around her protectively and then pressed his lips into her hair.


Blood dripped onto the cold cement. The blood was his own caused by a cruel hand. To say that Hydra was inhumane was an understatement, at least to him it was. James sat still in his dimly lit cage, his body littered with bruises and freshly made cuts created by a whip. For someone that was a prisoner of war he wasn't going down without a good fight. The memory of that day only five years ago was very sketchy to the young man especially with all of the times that they tried to force him to forget things. He remembered Steve screaming for him, reaching out to catch him, but then the creaking would haunt his mind as he thought about it. The ghostly pain of his missing flesh arm would return every time he tried to recall what happened next. Bucky would have rather died in the Alps then to live this torturous life. His life for the past five years consisted only of pain, torture, escape attempts, traveling to god knows where, countless tests, and so many nights without sleep.

He missed Margo and almost every day he thought about her hoping that he would eventually be found and brought back home. Yeah like that was gonna happen, the world must've already thought that James Buchanan Barnes was dead. His heart only broke further as he thought about the possibilities that were happening now. If Margo survived the war and went home would she have forgotten about him? Would she move on and marry someone else? Even if the thought made him sad he realized that if she did move on at least she would be happy. Margo deserved that and that was all he ever wanted for her. He thought about the worst part though to, what if she hadn't moved on? What if she was still alone mourning his death? Well if Steve wasn't dumbass enough to lose his life during the war maybe she wouldn't be completely alone. Bucky sometimes thought that he was delirious because of the tests they had performed on him. He would sometimes believe that he could hear Margo's voice in the air, but when he would look around to try and find her there was never anyone there.

Suddenly Bucky was drawn out of his inner thoughts when he heard many sets of boots coming towards his cell. He was always vigilant because he never knew what they planned to do to him next. One time he had awoken on the cold metal slab that was the lab table and he had found the metallic monstrosity jutting out from his left side. The sad thing was that it wasn't even the half of it, because his whole body always felt like it was on fire and he could almost say that a strange blue substance was to blame. "Good morning Sargent Barnes" A scratchy voice spoke from the shadows. Bucky already knew who the voice belonged to, that notorious bastard. "Morning? Well I didn't know it was mornin' Doc. What can I do for ya today? Blood-loss? Brain tests? Injections?" Bucky asked his voice dripping with sarcasm. "Vell I'm not sure you are avare, but your humor vill not survive long and neither vill your sarcasm. Get him ready for transport you idiots" Zola snapped tossing a dark glare towards Bucky and then walking to the side to reveal at least eight burley men. "Well geeze Doc, I didn't think I was that much a threat for ya, I'm flattered" Bucky spat growing tenser as they opened the cell door. "You vill learn to obey or you vill be punished sewerely" Zola said flatly watching as the men pulled a strait jacket over his head and then strapped his arms behind his back, which was a feat because his metal one was lethal and had already killed five men before. "Yeah right. All you guys ever do is use me, beat me, and torture me, all without a bedtime story to sleep on" Bucky said defiantly. After what he thought would be the end of their game of 'Tying up Bucky Barnes' they immediately pulled out a black, metal face mask. The mask was horrific and had many confusing straps that hooked to the back of one's head, it had six tiny holes that the wearer would use to breath and it covered the mouth and nose. Bucky looked at the mask feeling sick to his stomach and trying hard not to show them that he was afraid. Fear was a weakness that they would never get the privilege to see from him. They forced the mask onto his face covering up his mouth and nose, but his eyes could convey that he feared it. "Now that you have shut up ve can get you moving to your new home soldier. Goodbye Sargent Barnes, have a vonderful journey" Zola hissed with a sly look in his eyes. That was all Bucky could do to remember before he felt a sharp pain in the side of his neck and then the world went completely black.

~ End of Flashback~

"Margo this way" Bucky said quietly as the two wandered the icy hallways of the base that Bucky knew so well. "Where are we going Buck?" Margo asked quietly as she followed behind him and used her illuminate spell to help them see in the dimly lit corridor. "A science lab at the end of this corridor, they will have the target computers that we need to collect data from and destroy" Bucky explained having his dagger clutched tightly in his metal fist. The two continued walking trying their best not to make too much noise. Bucky paused in the middle of the corridor as he spotted two Hydra guards standing on either side of the large metal doors. "Блядь"* Bucky mumbled and quickly grabbed Margo with his metal arm, pulling her against one of the corridor walls. Margo looked up at him with surprise resting in her eyes, it was evident that she had been completely off guard. "Bucky what's wrong? What'd you see?" Margo whispered as she slowly caught her breath again. "Hydra goons are guarding the door. Ya think you can take 'em out?" Bucky asked peeking his head around the lip of the wall. "Of course I can, ya know from experience by now that I can knock anyone on their ass with my star dust punch" Margo said softly looking around the corner with him before ducking back around the lip and then thinking for a moment. "Ok I've got a plan, but that requires two things from you" Margo explains beginning to form the stardust in the palms of her hands into huge, hulk-like fists. "Ok what's that?" Bucky asked raising a brow and watching as she formed the painful fists. "First you might want to get outta sight because they shouldn't see you. Second ya might wanna cover your ears" Margo smirked earning a nod and a confused look from Bucky. Bucky climbed up on the little footholds in the wall. "Hurry Margo, I don't know how long I can hold this" Bucky hissed using his metal arm to hold himself against the wall.

Margo then walked out into the middle of the corridor and began to sing. "I'm waking up, I feel it in my bones, enough to make my systems blow, welcome to the new age, to the new age, I'm radioactive, radioactive" Margo belted out causing Bucky to groan and quickly cover his ear with his flesh hand and press his other ear against the wall. "Girl, who are you? What business do you have here?" The men demanded in unison, both pointing their rifles at her. "Well first I don't think I would be doing that with your guns boys, and second… well you're about to find out" Margo smirked. Both men began charging at her with their guns pointed, but before either had a chance to reach her she had punch them hard using her stardust fists. The first one fell flat unconscious, but the second didn't go down so easily. The second guard lunged at her with a dagger only for it to graze her shoulder. "Oh this one's a little fighter aren't cha?" Margo chucked and dodged his second advance on her. Quickly she swiped at the guard with her other stardust fist and finally knocked him out cold against the far wall. "Ok Winter coast is clear" Margo called over her shoulder as she walked towards one of the passed out soldiers and procured a security access card and a gun for Bucky. Margo heard Bucky land with a thud on the ground behind her. She turned to look at him for a moment and then tried to stifle a laugh as she saw him holding one of his ears with the heel of his metal hand. "Jesus I think my ear's still ringing Doll, that should be you're secret weapon" He said kneeling down to one of the guards and checking for anything he might need. "Sorry Bucky, but I told you that you might want to your ears" Margo said walking towards the door and swiping the key card. Bucky stood close behind her with his new weapon trained on any possible assailants that could've hidden behind the doors.

Luckily the lab had been empty when the two walked in causing Bucky to relax his grip on his gun slightly. Margo looked around in curiosity and slight disgust as she studied some of the open manuals. "Ya know Amy was created here" Bucky said walking over to the main computer in the center of the room and turning on the monitor. "Wait… Bruce Banner's Amy?" Margo asked him and cringed at the memories of watching him being tortured on the table before her. "Yea that Amy. I watched her being created because I was supposed to the security, funny ya know. Something of their own creation their afraid of because they don't know how to control it" Bucky answered bitterly. Margo walked over to stand behind him so that she could see over his shoulder, but when the login screen came up she quickly held out a gun towards the screen. "Zola!" She snapped defensively, her gun ready to shoot. Bucky raised his metal hand to the barrel of her rifle and slowly caused her to lower it. "Easy there Magnum PI it's just a computer program designed to protect Hydra agent's information. He's their version of a virus protection" Bucky said calmly and then he pulled out the little device from his back pocket so that they could wipe the data files and then copy them for Avengers records. Margo rolled her eyes still holding her gun steady by her side. "Do you even know what Magnum PI is? Besides you didn't see what Steve, Nat and I did at fort Lehigh back a few years ago" Margo grumbled indignantly. "James Buchanan Barnes. Codename, Winter Soldier" The mechanical voice of Zola said as Bucky entered his correct password into the computer. Margo shivered at the sound of the voice because she was still unsettled by it, but for Bucky's sake she let it go.

Suddenly the room was no longer quiet as a hydra soldier walked in on them. "WHO ARE YOU?" He shouted holding up his gun ready to shoot. "BUCKY!" Margo shouted nervously freezing in place and looking over at him. Bucky's head popped up from behind the monitor to see the attacker and soon regretted it. "WINTER? So you have returned as a traitor eh? You won't live long and neither will your little friends!" The Soldier threatened aiming the gun. "BUCKY NO!" Margo screamed and jumped in front of her beloved as the gun fired. Margo had taken a bullet that had been supposed to be for Bucky and now her abdomen was bleeding out on the cold tile floor. "Margo? MARGO!" Bucky shouted and quickly he removed the device and slipped it stealthily into his pants pocket. The super soldier knelt down to where the star laid on the ground and for the first time in over seventy years he felt his heart race in extreme anger. "Did you think you would escape us and live a happy life soldier? Your friends will die and you will be one of us again" The man laughed manically. Something in Bucky snapped as he gently leaned her against the leg of the computer desk. "You can hurt me, you can hurt innocent people, you can kill and recreate, but no one threatens or hurts the people I love!" Bucky growled and threw himself at the Hydra agent. The agent launched himself at Bucky as well in a counter attack, but it wasn't any good because Bucky was stronger and he pinned the other beneath him. "We will catch up to you one day soldier. HYDRA VILL RULE THE VORLD!" He shouted and then he bit down on a cyanide pill that hid in his cheek activating it. "YOU FUCKING COWARD!" Bucky yelled and then slammed his metal fist into the man's face. "Hail…Hydra" The man croaked out as he foamed at the mouth and then had uncontrollable seizures. In minutes the man that hurt his girl was dead, but the mission wasn't over yet. Bucky quickly scrambled back over to Margo and let relief wash over him as he saw that she was still awake. "B-Bucky d-did you g-get the target?" She sputtered as she fought to try and stand. "Yes I did, now stop trying to stand up like nothing happened. Margret you're hurt! Why did you do that?" Bucky snapped and lifted her into his arms. "BECAUSE I LOVE YOU AND YOU'RE WORTH TAKING A BULLET FOR!" Margo shouted and then fell into a coughing fit. Bucky instantly felt worse about snapping at her especially when a little bit of golden blood began to come out of her mouth. "Shh, easy now. I'm sorry ok just stay with me, don't you dare leave me, I already lost ya once" Bucky whispered sternly and held her close to his chest with his metal arm. Bucky used his flesh arm to use his communicator.

Bucky raced out into the corridor, as he got to the door he keyed the lock on it and then activated the timer on the computer so that it would combust and destroy it. The explosion shook the whole base, but it didn't faze him because Bucky had been through many encounters with explosives. The super soldier brought the communicator to his lips as he ran with the wounded star towards the main entrance. "Steve. Come in Steve" Bucky said into the communicator. "Buck? Did ya get the information and destroy the computer?" Steve asked on the communicator. Bucky felt his heart race even faster than before as he brought the communicator to his lips again. "Yea, but not without casualty. A Hydra goon caught us and Margo got shot in the stomach. She's in urgent need of medical attention" Bucky answered trying to keep his voice level and calm. "Alright head out and Clint will come down and get you two, Nat and I will join you shortly" Steve said sounding a bit glum about the situation. "Will do Cap, over and out" Bucky answered sharply and then shoved the device into his butt pocket. "B-Bucky I-I'll be fine" Margo rasped as she fought to keep her eyes open. "I wouldn't call a bullet to the stomach being fine Doll face" Bucky answered thankful that she was still talking to him. "Trust me" she rasped again and rested her head on his shoulder. "I'll try doll, but you gotta stay with me, don't cha dare leave me!" He exclaimed as he ran through the open doors and out into the snowy tundra that was Siberia.

Bucky had met the Quinjet out in the snow, thankful that Clint was so steady and also so quick. He walked up the ramp with Margo held tightly in his arms, but now she was scaring him because she was no longer awake. He knew the worst part was that Margo didn't have a heart therefore there was no pulse for him to check. "Just lay her in the back there Bucky. I think there's a medical kit and a few other things that you can use to stop the bleeding" Clint called from the pilot's chair as he kept his eyes out for Steve and Natasha. "Thanks Barton" Bucky answered with a grunt and then carried Margo to a medical bed in the very back of the Quinjet. He gently laid Margo on the bed and then searched in the overhead cabinets to find medical tools for minor injuries and patch ups. He sighed to himself "Have to do" He mumbled under his breath as he pulled out antiseptic and a few cloths so that he could stop the bleeding from her abdomen. Bucky gently pressed down on the wound only to see her eyes shoot open. It caught the super soldier off guard and caused him to stumble backwards and forcing him to land on the opposite bed. He watched her for a moment and then slowly stood and looked down into her eyes studying the strange coloration of the irises. "Ok golden irises… is that good or bad?" Bucky asked himself silently as he reached for the cloth he dropped and continued to try and clean the wound. A good sign that presented itself to him was that the wound had stopped bleeding, but then her eyes slipped closed again causing his heart to skip a beat.

Steve and Natasha returned to the Quinjet not long after Bucky had brought Margo inside and cleaned her up. Natasha resorted to stay in the front with Clint and man the guns just in case they ran against any unwanted guests. Steve walked carefully towards Bucky and the unconscious Margo, he was careful with his footing as he felt the Quinjet take off beneath his feet. "How's she doing Buck?" Steve asked concerned as he sat next to his best friend and studied the star laying on the bed completely still. "I… I don't know Steve. You know that she doesn't have a heart so I couldn't check for a pulse, there isn't one. The bleeding's stopped, but she opened her eyes and her irises were shining golden then she closed her eyes again and hasn't moved since" Bucky explained running his flesh hand through his long hair. "She'll be fine Buck. I was like you the first time it happened around me, but she goes into this stasis that she called her "Healing incantation". The gold in her eyes was probably the heated cells in her body taking over and healing her wound up for her, it's weird I know, but you'll get used to it" Steve explained and placed a hand on his best friend's shoulder. "I guess it only makes me mad that she did that for me. She took a bullet for me Steve and she shouldn't have" Bucky started, but was silenced by Natasha who had come back to check on Margo. "The one who loves you will never leave you. Bucky even if there are a hundred reasons for her to give up on you, Margo would always find one reason to hang on. She did that because it was her choice to" Natasha answered giving Bucky a concerned look. "Yeah, well I still think that it was my fault that she got hurt. That soldier knew who I was and he was gonna shoot me, but she jumped in front of me" Bucky answered and gently took her limp hand in his. "Buck if you still respect her and love her like I know you do then you won't blame yourself for this, she'll be ok and she'll probably wake up in a few days completely healthy as ever" Steve said nudging his friend before slowly standing and walking towards the front of the Quinjet. Natasha didn't say another word because she knew that for once the silence spoke for itself, the air was now littered with a new type of worry for the wounded star that was in her healing coma. She gave Bucky one last look of confidence before she exited the area and followed Steve, leaving the Soldier to his lover's side.


Brooklyn, New York
April 12th, 1933

He absolutely hated himself. James was lying in the spare bed that Sarah had allowed him to sleep in until his arm was completely healed. Heaven forbid that he stay at his apartment a few floors up. Then again he was somewhat thankful for the change because he loved his siblings, he did, but three of them would probably make it harder for him to heal. He felt terrible because he couldn't really help his ma take care of 'em, but that was the Doctor's orders. He sat up carefully and leaned his back against the wall next to the bed. He looked up at the ceiling as he contemplated how he got himself into this mess, but then he thought about another reason why he was lucky to be Bucky. His crush and best friend since the second grade was coming over like she did every day to take care of him while Sarah was at work and Stevie was at school getting the work they missed. What more could a dingy like him want than that? Well it kinda helped that she entertained him and helped bathe him when Sarah was out. The hard part was actually growing the balls to say anything to her about his real feelings. He really didn't want to screw up their friendship, yet his heart would be longing to hold her in his arms like they do on the silver screens.

Finally he heard her voice talking with Sarah and Stevie. He felt his heart race as he used his good arm to stand himself up and then hold his blanket around his moderate frame. Bucky trudged down the hallway towards the living room where he had heard Steve beg his Ma to stay with Margo and himself that day instead of going to school alone. He smiled at his friend's bravery "Eh Stevie go an' make us proud huh?" He said as he walked into the room and then gave his best friend a sleepy smile. "Hey Sleepy head I didn't know you were up" Margo said seeing him and smiling a little. "Had ta see Stevie off Doll" He smirked and patted Steve's shoulder with his good hand. "Alright I'll go, but you two better be here when I get back" Steve pouted and headed out the door. "Where would we go punk?" Bucky called after him and chuckled. "C'mon Buck let's getcha somethin ta eat" Margo said with a confident smile and lead him into the kitchen. "Bucky don't you cause Margo any trouble ya here?" Sarah called from the front door as she walked out. "Yes Ma'am" He called from the kitchen and sat down at the kitchen table.

"You're such a child Barnes" Margo groaned playfully as the two of them raced to the bathroom so that Bucky could get his bi-weekly bath. "You let me win didn't cha?" Bucky asked, he skid to a stop in the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. "Maybe… didn't want to bruise your ego or use my powers today cause I'm a bit lazy today" Margo said leaning against the bathtub. "Aren't we the kind one today?" Bucky asked and his voice was dripping with sarcasm. "That I am since you're my patient. Now let me know when you're decent so I can turn back around and help ya wash your back and your hair huh?" Margo asked as she turned away from him and let him get himself undressed. After a moment Bucky slipped into the water with a small splash, but was careful not to get his cast wet. "Alright Margo I'm decent" Bucky announced shyly. Margo nodded and carefully walked over to him sitting down on a small wooden stool. "I wonder how Stevie's doing right now" Margo said trying to make some small talk as she took a small wash rag and began to wash his bare back. She blushed as she did so causing Bucky to smirk at her "I'm sure he's in art class about now. Say are you blushin' Miss Whitty?" He teased looking up at her for an answer. "N-no of course not, that'd be silly" Margo retorted confidently and then grabbed the shampoo so that she could wash his hair. "Sure say whatcha wanna say doll face" Bucky laughed and closed his eyes as she ran her hands through his hair.

After Bucky dried himself off he trudged to the guest bedroom where he was staying so that he could get changed into fresh clothes. As he dressed himself he thought about his request to dance with Margo. He would dance with her any day, no matter what the circumstances were, why? Because it gave him the excuse to hold her in his arms. Sure he knew that she was reluctant because she was afraid to hurt him, but he loved to hold her close to him. As soon as he pulled on his suspenders he meandered back into the living room to see Margo pouring over notes and studying a book like she always was. Personally he thought it was adorable because she was pretty damn smart for a dame, but he loved to tease her about it at times like friends do. "Look who's over workin' now doll face?" Bucky asked raising an eyebrow at her. Margo rolled her eyes at him and slammed the book shut. "I was working on Romeo and Juliet notes" She answered and watched as Bucky walked towards her. "Ah ya mean the story of our lives? Romeo, oh Romeo, where art thou?" Bucky recited mockingly as he tried to reach the high pitch of a girl voice. "You're lucky that you're my best friend or else I'd hit cha with this book in the back of then head ya tease!" Margo snapped and placed her notes on the coffee table. "C'mon Doll ya know ya love me, anyways Nursey ya owe me a dance remember?" he chuckled holding out his unbroken hand to her. "Fine my dear patient, but cha gotta promise me ta help me work on the play an' our literature notes afterwards" Margo answered standing and giving him her hand. "I promise Margo" He said happily knowing he'd won the argument.

~End of Flashback~

The Quinjet landed at Avengers Manor again when the sun was just rising in the east. Steve had alerted Bruce and the medical team of Margo's wounds before they landed so when the ramp slowly lowered they were standing with a gurney. Bucky carefully carried her out and placed her on the gurney and watched them race away with her. The super solider wanted to follow them, he wanted to be by her side, but a part of him knew that it was in her best interest if he let them do their work to save her. Steve gave his friend a comforting look as he walked out of the Quinjet and stood beside him. "Give it a few hours Buck and then you can go and check on her" Steve said softly watching with his best friend as the medical team vanished down the corridor. After a moment of silence between the four teammates they began making their way back to the meeting room where Fury was waiting with the mission debrief. Bucky was silent as they walked down the corridor, his body was there, but his mind was elsewhere in the stars or thinking about his star. He knew that he'd have to trust Doctor Banner and their medical expertise for now.

When the team reached the conference room Nick Fury was waiting along with Agent Hill. Steve and Bucky took to Nick's left while Natasha and Clint sat on his right, all of them looking ahead at him. "Captain Rogers report" Maria said firmly as she stood at the front with Nick and turned on the screen. "Mission was successful Director although we had a slight casualty. Agent Whitty was injured majorly, but the wound was not in any form deadly. Agent Barnes has the chip and can recollect what happened for the record" Steve explained turning to his friend. Bucky looked a bit uncomfortable with his current position, but of course complied with the task. Bucky presented Maria with the flash-drive device that he used to collect the data and then wipe it from the computers. "This was the same programming that they used to create Agent Knight-Banner. We were able to get the data and then destroy the computer, but a Hydra soldier recognized me when he caught us in the lab. Agent Whitty was doing her duty to protect me from a bullet that supposed to kill me sir" Bucky spoke with a blank look in his eyes. Maria carefully took the device from Bucky's metal hand and then proceeded to place it into the computer so that some of the results would begin to show on the screen. "As you can see this was why we needed this data. Wanda and Amy are only a few of the human products that came from this project. Wanda of course was more of an enhanced human, but Amy was created completely" Fury explained showing video files of the experimentation.

On the screen there was suddenly a video of a Hydra team brainwashing Bucky with their special machine. "Agent Hill I believe that showing this isn't wise" Fury warned seeing the unease that spread across the four heroes in the room. Maria nodded and quickly turned off the screen so that the torture was no longer visible. "I didn't know that they had you on that project to Buck" Steve said solemnly as he and the others looked down the table at Bucky. "I was the first Steve. They experimented on me in Azzano when I was captured…for the longest I didn't know what they did to me" He answered though his voice sounded hollow as he tried to hold up the composure he was trained to hold. "It's over now because of your two, you and Margo did a brave thing today Buck" Steve said giving his friend a serious look. Bucky nodded slightly waiting to be excused so that he could just focus his attention on the only good thing to think about right now, Margo. "Agent Barnes you're dismissed. Please tell Agent Whitty that both of you have earned some rest. Report back in two weeks" Director Fury said after the tension began to settle again. Bucky nodded again in affirmative before slowly getting out of his seat. "Thank you Director" He said softly and then without any further thoughts he left the conference room, determined to see his girl.

~ 6 hours later ~

Margo slowly opened her blue eyes only to find that it was a mistake. The bright light caused her to wince and let out a hiss in pain. She blinked a few times so that she could focus on the objects around her, that's when she noticed Bucky slumped over in a chair beside her bedside. The super soldier was sleeping soundly, but then she felt something cold against her hand. Margo looked down to see Bucky's metal hand gripping hers tightly. She smiled lovingly at the man that had been her side for who knew how long now. He had been the last thing she had seen before she had went into her coma and now the first thing that she had seen when she woke up. Margo gently took her other hand and brushed a few stray bangs away from his worn and tired face, she could still see the worry lines that marked his forehead. "He's probably gonna kill me when he wakes up" She whispered to herself weakly.

Suddenly she felt the other stir beneath her light touch and she quickly pulled back from him. "You're damn right sweetheart" Bucky mumbled sternly. "B-Bucky?" Margo asked cautiously seeing the frown on his face slowly fade away and turn into a smile. She was expecting him to leave her in there alone, but instead he stood up and leaned over wrapping his arms around her carefully. "Glad ta have ya back Doll" He said softly as he hugged her and buried his face in the crook of her neck. Margo blushed a little and lightly stroked his hair for a moment before he slowly pulled back to look at her. "Doll I think that it's the guy that's supposed ta take a bullet for his woman, not the opposite way round" He chuckled softly looking into her beautiful blue eyes with his own tired grey ones. Margo giggled a little knowing that he was referring to her injury. "Babe I'd take a bullet for ya always" she said softly and gently rested a hand onto his shoulder. "Well don't make it a habit ok, you scared the shit outta me" Bucky admitted looking over his shoulder to make sure no one else was in the room. "Alright fine, but I'm not making any promises" Margo said jokingly. Bucky turned back towards her with a serious look on his face. "I mean it Margo, I love you and I don't ever want to lose you again. Seventy years without you is enough I don't want a lifetime" Bucky answered sternly as he leaned closer to her. Their lips were only inches apart and their gaze was locked on each other. "I love you to James. I don't ever want to lose you either, it broke me when you fell that day…" Margo spoke, but was cut off by Bucky pressing his lips to hers. The first kiss in almost a century felt like the universe was stopping just to give them this moment. Their lips moved in perfect sync with each other and it wasn't hungry or rushed. This kiss was soft and meaningful, a kiss of longing and love. Bucky soon broke away because the need for oxygen had clouded their minds, but his gaze never left hers. "T-that was…that was amazing" Margo whispered and then pressed her lips to his again for another quick kiss. "I agree…that felt so right Margo, damn why didn't I do that earlier?" Bucky asked no one in particular. "I don't know, but I do know that I've been waiting so long for that" Margo chuckled and kissed his nose softly. Bucky smirked and nuzzled her softly. "You and me both doll face" he chuckled and lightly took his flesh hand and ran it through her hair. "By the way Fury told me to say that he congratulates both of us for successfully bringing in the data and he has given both of us two weeks to be off duty" Bucky said softly as he sat on the edge of the bed. "That sounds so good… some time to make up for lost time eh?" Margo asked softly and then proceeded to try and scoot over so that he could lay with her. "Definitely Doll. Now you get some rest and I'll go get us something to eat" Bucky said softly and leaned in giving her lips another soft kiss. "Wait, don't you want to cuddle with me? You need the rest to ya know" Margo suggested as he pulled away again. "Nah, we can do that when you get released from here Ok? I promise, I just want you to take it easy right now" Bucky said softly and gently took her hand in his flesh one. "Alright darling if you insist" Margo answered softly and watched as he placed a soft kiss to each knuckle. "I'll be back in a few minutes, I'm gonna get us some food while Steve comes in to see ya. I know this isn't the romantic candlelit dinner that I wanted to share for our first date in seven decades, but until ya get better it'll have to do" He joked and reluctantly let go of her hand. She chuckled softly and watched him go to the door of her room. "It doesn't matter my love, I'm happy to just have you safe and have you back" Margo smiled at him and gave a little wave. "Good 'cause I'm back and I'm never leaving ya again" He called over his shoulder and then disappeared down the corridor.

Margo closed her eyes for a moment and laid back, her lips still tingling with the feeling of his lips. If she had to be honest with herself she would have to say that he was officially her drug, but now more than ever she was lucky. Margo felt so lucky to have what she could get of her old lover back. To Margo he was always gonna be Bucky Barnes, the boy from Brooklyn that every girl wanted, but only she had the pleasure of winning in the end. She knew she wouldn't be so excited to hear an ear full from Steve about getting shot, but for once she was prepared for it.