Of Devils, Magic, and Krypton


Fated meetings

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Fated meetings

The skies were dark as he flew over the Pacific Ocean at such amazing speeds, that the skies scorched in his wake, while being invisible to both radar and visual sight as he had cast an 'Disillusionment charm' over himself the second he took flight from his home in Japan. He knew that he'd need to still stay under the radar for the moment, and so, altered his course downward towards the water, as he worried, that even with his magic keeping him hidden, the U.S.'s satellite's could still see the ripple effect on the ocean that his bodies powers of flight was causing, and use the satellites other visual scanners to penetrate through his magic and find his bodies heat signature. He could only hope that he didn't draw any attention to himself as he flew above the water, willing his body to go faster. He had no wish to use port-key's, international or not. And he didn't want to use his wife's abilities as he needed the flight to come up with a plan and necessary backup plans should his meeting with his quarries go wrong. The wind buffeted his hair as it flew wildly about. Thankfully, he had maintained a short hair style, somewhat reminiscent to his late biological fathers. On the other hand, he wasn't needing to worry too much about how the wind whipped past his body all in thanks to his Kryptonian physiology.

For some time now, he had known of her presence on Earth. His mother, Astra In-Ze, was the last daughter of the House In-Ze of Krypton, next to his cousin Kara Zor-El of the House of El, whose mother Alura-El was also of the House of In-Ze and Astra's twin. He'd also had known of Kara and Kal-El, both who had made names for themselves as of late on Earth under two very specific aliases, both for their human and their superhero lives. Kal-El of course began his heroic career as Earths protector a decade earlier, and Kara Zor-El had just begun hers not even a week ago, and he couldn't be prouder of either for the choices they had made for both of their professions.

Ever since he learned the truth of himself and his true origins, of his alien heritage and his fathers Zods crimes and treacherous acts against his true biological mother, in which he stole a sample of Astra's genetic coding back on Krypton and merged it with his own, placing it inside a specialized birthing matrix that he then placed within a modified probe, and then sending it off into deep space where it found the perfect specimen to birth the child of another world while retaining none of his human weaknesses. In learning of this, Harry had sworn to do everything he could to learn from his biological fathers AI while ensuring he'd become nothing like the man he was sired from.

To him, James Potter, despite his childish antics at Hogwarts as a teen bully growing into a honest and noble man courtesy of Lily Evans turned Lily Potter-Evans, was his father in every meaning of the word as with one gaze upon the newborn babe, had taken to and fallen in love with the child that his wife carried for nine months and given birth to, despite the fact that the child was not of his blood, and later ensured the male babe was recognized as his son and heir. Lily Potter, whom had come felt repulsed at first at the idea of being impregnated by an alien device, had later come to loving the child within her womb as it grew. She may not have been given a choice after being violated at first by and being impregnated by a machine that hailed from beyond the stars, but was later content to the life that had grown within her and had made his big debut after nine months when he breathed his first breath of life. To James, the newborn was every much a Potter in his eyes. Sadly, one year later, and James and Lily Potter would give their lives to save their son and heir, never being able to see him walk, or say their names, despite the joys he gave them with the time they had with him.

Regardless of Dumbledores best intentions, Harry James Potter was more like his biological father than he first thought and appeared. Growing up with the Dursley's was not a healthy or positive experience at first. Tried as they might, they could not break his spirit or the gifts inside of him, including the gifts that came to him over time since James and Lily had kept the truth of their sons origins to a few in the forms of Sirius Orion Black and Remus John Lupin who cared nothing for the truth of the boy, and instead saw him as family and pack member.

The Dursleys learned early on, how Lily's son knelt to no one. From correcting Petunia's belief of who was in charge, to forcing both his Uncle and cousin to kneel before him in submission, after showing them who was stronger, to removing his uncles sisters dog Ripper from the equation, an action that sent Vernons sister to an Mental Asylum after she tried and failed to have the boy in question arrested for killing her dog. With her obvious intoxication clearly witnessed before the Law Enforcement Agents, and her repeated attempts at harming the Potter child with her bare hands, key word, 'attempts', since his Kryptonian enhanced strength held her at bay while grasping both of her wrists in a steel-like grip while keeping her in front of him until the proper authorities could restrain her, and after looking closely at the boy and seeing clear signs of abuse compared to their lavish clothing lifestyle, Marge Dursley was forced to be physically apprehended, despite the pig-like Vernon Dursley's protests, he and his wife bot were questioned and detained. So it was a surprise that days later, when the first owl came with his invitation to Hogwarts, Petunia, who was now a defeated woman, made sure he received his mail as she feared his power and his righteous anger, thanks in no small part to the way she and her family had first begun to treat him after being left on their doorstep those many years ago in the November night weather.

The boy sent a reply back via owl and waited for the next day when a one Professor McGonagall paid him and his 'family' a visit. After an nervous exchange of words of which the elderly witch did not miss with a speculative eye that twitched at the way the boy spoke to his family and causing Petunia and Dudey to jump to his every command, she then took him to Gringotts where she handed over his key to him and in turn, he to the Goblins. A few hours talk with his account manager Willow Sharpclaw, and he was finally emancipated. Of course, the Professor was given a runner who informed her of this, much to her shock. She'd forgotten the law concerning the 'Last of Line' clause.

The young Kryptonian jumped on the first chance to be rid of his relatives, but first, he had a more important date with his biological fathers's AI within his family's vault, with Willow being the only one in the know of Harry's true origins.

Harry gathered he was different ever since he was able to stop his aunt and uncles abuse of him and his cousins attempt at 'Harry Hunting' with his fellow neighborhood bullies. Meeting his fathers AI left him curious about who and what he really was.

With his trust vault merged with the main Potter vault, Harry had found his parents portraits in which he spent almost an hour getting reacquainted with. It was then, they revealed something something to him that held the answers to all the questions he had.

Within the far side of the vault, was a black cylindrical object, clearly metal, about three centimeters in diameter and 13 inches in length with weird, alien writing on it near the head of the object was a symbol that he seemed to be somewhat familiar with. He now knew that all the answers to his long list of questions were about to be answered. Moving towards the object with both hands outstretched as his body was moving as if by instinct, the moment his hands hovered over it, a light shined brightly, and the image of a white male came into existence. He was dressed in a black suit that looked to be some form of a one piece suit, with a small shield crest like that of a recent hero who made his presence known in Metropolis in the states, only this mans shield held a different shielded symbol over his heart.

The symbol was a 'U', slightly slanted to the left in a reverse italic style. His hair was black, with a short trimmed style, like that of a military soldier. His lower jaw held a small tuft of hair. His height was enormous by Harry's standards and was well built like that of a world class fighter.

"My son, it is good to see you, though to be honest, you're not as quite as big as I'd hoped you would be." the image began as he looked Harry up and down real closely as if to judge his worth. "Nevertheless, my name, is Zod. I am your father."

A few more hours had passed, and Harry exited the vault with his head held high and wearing a black set of robes that he had not worn upon entering the bank, the crest of Zod clear as day upon his breast over his heart, with both portraits and the cylinder in a small pouch that resided inside a pocket within the said robes. He no longer wore his glasses as his eyes, unknowingly and somehow healed during his time within his vaults, held a wisdom and age that no child should dare possess at his age as he met the aged Professor within the lobby of the bank after having waited for him in a comfortable chair within the said lobby, and escorted him all around Diagon Alley.

His musings down memory lane was interrupted by a chirp in his right ear. Pressing a finger to his ear, he responded, "Harry here, go."

"Harry-kun, your vitals are somewhat off from what I'm reading on the computer." The voice of his wife of several years said with a hint of worry.

"Just a bit of trepidation, Rias dear. Nothing to worry yourself about."

"Harry," another voice called out. A voice that belonged solely to his Godfather, Sirius Orion Black. "You're sure you're ready to meet her after all this time?"

"She's my mother, Padfoot. Despite the crimes she's committed on Krypton, her heart was in the right place, she just went about it all wrong. Like Zod, she believed in Jor-El's findings and tried to do something about it."

"Yes, and we all know how that turned out, don't we cub?"

"Don't start Moony. From what my enhanced sight has just seen and my hearing is picking up, she's already struck Kara once and is now using her 'My way is the only way.' tone of voice with the Girl of Steel." Harry stated.

"Is Kara alright?" Rias Potter-Gremory asked worriedly.

"She's a bit shaken up and shocked by my mothers appearance. I'm now flying over National City and closing in on their location.

"Do be careful, my love. We have no idea how she will take this big revelation, nor Kara. And let's not get started on Clark, should he find out about your lineage."

"I promise, Rias."

"Do not stand against me. I let one planet die, I will not do so again!" Astra's voice warned in a deadly tone. His eyes flashing, Harry saw where both women stood as he flew over and floated above the abandoned compound. His eyes saw both women standing so close to each other.

Agent Alex Danvers of the Department of Extra-normal Operations appeared injured on the concrete flooring with an alien spike in one of her calves, clearly in pain that she was blocking out by observing both her sister and the woman now identified as Astra In-Ze. The creature who attacked her, from what he could see, was hiding within the rafters, keeping an eye out and waiting for his chance to attack should he get the chance.

"Funny, I was going to say the same thing." Kara shot back.

"Rias, I'm going radio silent, but keeping the line open." he said as he shot down at superspeed, intending to intercept Astra's second attack against his cousin and her niece. The 'Be careful' didn't need to be said, via the radio in his ear as he felt it in their bond as he crashed through the ceiling directly above both women. He caught the arm of his mother before either could move, regardless of the falling debris of metal and fiberglass that had made up the ceiling. As he landed, Astra, whose head turned at the individual who caught her back handing fist strike that now stopped mere centimeter's from Kara's face, looked upon the interloper in shock, her mouth gaping like a fish in water. His grip tightening on her wrist, his expression promising pain as Astra grunted and began to painfully fall to her knee's, with sparks of broken wiring flying about behind him.

"N-N-No, Z-Zod, you're dead." she stuttered in fear, her face paling at the man before her and who held her wrist in a submissive grip.

Hearing the name 'Zod', Kara was about to strike the man when he spoke in a clearly British tone, a tone she knew did not belong to Zod as she had heard his voice once before on Krypton, all of those years ago, "No mother, not Zod. His son, and yours."

Kara's fist stopped less than in inch from Harry's right cheek, and faltered in her step at this revelation

Astra on the other hand, was released and fell on her backside, skidding back several feet, at the impossibility of what she just heard. 'Mother', he had called her, 'And yours' he had said. She wanted to deny it, oh did she want to deny what stood before her and her nieces very eyes, but even she could see the identifying features that stood out, marking the young man as her blood. features she looks upon every time she gazed into a mirror. But it was still inconceivable as she never carried a child within her bosom, so how was it that this man, this young clearly Kryptonian existed and stood before her as she rose to her feet, with Kara now standing by her side "W-Who...are you?"

"My Kryptonian name is Har-Zod, but you may call me, Harry." came his answer as he smiled slightly, neither women missing the slight at the term of his sires name, as if the mere mention of being the son of Zod was like poison upon his lips. "There is much I have to explain, and many years to catch up with you both and with Kal-El. Hopefully, you will not look down upon me until you have heard my story." His right hand held out to her in greeting.

This I just a teaser of what is to come for this story, though I have to thank the fanfiction author megamatt09 for the inspiration. I know it is a small start, but not to worry, it is merely the prelude of what is to come. This is in celebration of the second season of Supergirl that was just given a big teaser earlier today. I hope you like. The next chapter for this and the other Supergirl/Harry Potter is already begun. I hope you like and approve. Until next time.