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Lola glides through the small kitchenette behind her fiancé, twisting her hips along with the music playing in the hotel room. Vince pops the champagne on cue with Lola's last placement of the wine glasses. She gives him a peck on the lips before walking to the living room. Zoey, Chase, Quinn and Michael sits patiently watching the couple interacts in silence.

"Oh come on" Lola roll her eyes and plops onto the available chaise. " I know it has been awhile but I know we have much to talk about. " Even with the suggestion, the group seems to have no response. Lola has a point; it has been a while. Majority of them has not even seen each other since the beginning of college and if it was not for Lola's and Vince's wedding, no one can vouch any incentive to be in the same room again.

"Everyone looks good. Its remarkably how much older everyone looks now." Quinn starts. Eyes begin to scan the room with this new opportunity to look at one another.

"Please, I have gained twenty pounds since the last time anyone has seen me. You do not have to lie Quinn." Michael chuckles wholeheartedly and rubs his stomach. Michael was always good at breaking awkward situation.

"It really suits you well, honestly." Zoey reassure with a genuine smile. Vince passes the first champagne and the alcohol makes it around the group.

"Alright, I don't know about everyone else, but I want to hear how Vince propose to Lola." Michael settles his champagne glass and leans towards the standing Vince. Vince smiles sheepishly and shrugs. " Uh no, you have to help a brother out. Depending on the financial budget and how cliché it is, I may have to steal a few things here and there." Chase punches Michael playfully as Michael stares at him innocently.

A knock breaks the start of Vince's story. Vince, already standing, voluntarily opens the door.

"I hope this makes up for being an hour late." Logan is on the other side of the door with a smirk on his face and champagne in hand.

"Bring it in man." Vince pulls Logan in for a bro hug. Logan walks in and immediately Michael has Logan in the air. Both boys are laughing and smiling. Michael settles Logan to the ground and follows up with a bear hug. The rest of the group makes a short line to greet Logan. Zoey is last in the group. Logan faces Zoey and both looks at each other for a moment.

"It's been a long time, Brooks" Logan finally comments. Zoey laughs at her old nickname and opens her arms for a hug.

"Alright, now that the old gang is officially back, I would like to get back to the proposal story. " Quinn sits down on the couch again. Zoey takes her empty wine glass and goes into the kitchenette. Logan follows while Vince, who starts the story. Zoey grabs the wine opener from a drawer and sees Logan reaching out for the opener with the champagne close to him, his trademark smirk in place. Zoey rolls her eyes and hands it to him. He pours her a glass and then one for himself.

The atmosphere shifts 180 degree. The group is laughing hysterically and the old banters are slowly finding their old rhythm. The alcohol is still pouring due to Logan's encouragement – Lola and Vince has decline Logan's offer about an hour ago.

Chase claps and clear his throat, giddy to start another topic. "So I want to hear what everyone is up to, I want the deeds.".

"Way to be the guy that kills the mood." Logan cheers to Chase and takes a sip of his beer.

"I want to know what everyone has been up to as well. Chase how's Seattle?" Lola asks. Logan slouches back onto the couch with clear disinterest. Zoey watches Logan from across the room and holds in a small smile.

"Seattle is great. I, uh, actually am in transition to have my own real estate company with a business partner." The word congratulation passes around the room, except from Logan. No one notices except Zoey.

"Any special lady in Seattle for you right now- " Vince elbows Lola lightly on her side. Lola looks confuse and then frowns at Zoey. Zoey circles the rim of her empty wine glass with her eyes down. " Or whatever" Lola tries to recover.

"Her name is Jen." Chase nods tentatively and takes a sip of his beer. Logan gets up to go into the kitchenette.

"I got a full ride to Columbia University." Quinn chimes in before things get awkward again. "So I might be in New York with you and Vince." Logan comes back with a few beers in hand. He flips two lids. He hands one to Zoey. Zoey stares at Logan and takes the beer with gratitude.

"Aw, Quinn, trying that hard to leave California – what a surprise." Logan voice drips with sarcasm. For the first time in the last hour the whole room is silent again. Logan scans the room and senses the bad tension. Quinn sighs.

" What? I am just trying to have fun here. I don't get why we are catching up right now. If everyone wanted to know how people are doing, it is called a text message or maybe a call?" Logan opens his arms inviting a counter.

"Dude, we were and clearly are still busy doing whatever it is we do. " Chase offers. "I am sorry if –

"Whoa." Logan lifts his hands hand in surrender. "I did not say anything about me wanting to get checked on. I've moved on, like we all should." Logan tilts his head back and gulps down a significant amount of beer.

"Logan, please, not tonight. You and I can talk later but we are here for Vince and Lola." Michael pushed with warning in his voice. Oddly enough, Logan drops his eyes to his lap and nods obediently.

"You know, actually, we should all probably get ready for bed if we all want to make it for our measurements tomorrow." Lola stands up waiting for the group to follow.

Zoey is punishing herself internally for drinking too much because not only is she is suffering a horrible hangover but she needs to mentally force herself to produce the biggest apology for being late to her own measurements. She just hopes that she can blame it on the traffic. She knows it's a horrible excuse but currently it is all her throbbing head could create at this moment. Zoey locks her hotel room in time with Logan locking down the hall. The two individual meets in the middle, looking at each other with confusion and embarrassment. Logan pushes for the elevator and faces the door along with Zoey. They both stands in complete silent.

"Lola is going to kills us." Logan simply puts as he allows Zoey in the elevator first.

"Chances are that we can blame it on the traffic?" Zoey leans against the railing while Logan pressing the lobby button. Logan shrugs.

"Better excuse than what I could come up with." Logan backs up to the railing adjacent to Zoey. Zoey crosses her arms and looks forward, curiosity getting the best of her. "And what was that?"

"That I have a horrible hangover." He shrugs nonchalantly, Zoey laughs easily.

The couple is ready to settle back to a comfortable silence until the elevator's light flickers. Logan arches his eyebrows at Zoey. The elevator jerks to a stop making Zoey and Logan grasp the railing for balance. The elevator does its final hum till it slowly stops making noise all together. "Please tell me this is not happening." Logan walks over to the buttons and presses the button to the lobby. The elevator does not oblige even with the many times Logan pushes the button. Logan lays his head against the metal wall and presses the Emergency signal. The ringing fills the elevator.

"I have that you are calling about the elevator in Marriott in Midtown New York, is that correct?" Logan rolls his eyes.

"Sorry, for a second I thought we were in Bates Motel. We have places to be. How long is it going to take till we have someone come for us?" Zoey holds no reaction to the situation in front of her. Instead she slides to the ground and leans her head against the wall. She sighs calmly to the cool metal soothing her head temporarily.

"We are dispatching for someone to come get you out now. Please stay calm. Are there any injuries or immediate care that we should know about? " Logan growls and lifts up his head.

" Ibuprofen and a greasy meal should suffice."

Logan is lying on his back with his left forearm covering his eyes. Zoey is tapping her foot silently and looks to be in deep thought.

"You were really quiet last night." Logan voice causes Zoey to jump. She is grateful that her reaction goes unnoticed. "It's not Zoey like." He adds.

She shrugs although she knows he cannot see it. " I talked." She counters. He removes his arm and slowly pushes his body to a sitting position.

"So I understand why I was a little more drunk than I probably should be last night…but why were you?" Zoey shakes her head and chuckles flatly.

" You kept bringing me drinks, so I kept drinking." She says dismissively and tilts her head back.

"I don't know if you have noticed but I brought everyone drinks, but I can say, you were definitely the best drinking partner." He shoots an imaginary cheer in her direction.

"Well I guess I was best at holding my liquor too." She closes her eyes in a way that she may actually pass out on the spot.

Logan notices subtle changes even in Zoey's appearances. Her hair is back to being blonde but it still contains streaks of brown underneath. Her hair is much longer than he last remembered. Her roundish baby face from high school is no longer present; instead her face is much narrower and her body curves very nicely along with her summer dress.

Zoey eyes open and looks over at him, his eyes are already off her before she can catch him. After a long pause, Logan knows he is taking a risk at his next question but decides for it.

"So what exactly is going on with you and Chase?" Logan avoids her eye contact and occupies himself with drawing imaginary doodles on the hardwood floor. "Looks like people knew something that I didn't."

Zoey laughs bitterly. " Wow, since when has this become any of your business?" Zoey already regrets revealing this to being a sensitive topic.

"Well, for one, we are stuck in an elevator with no status on when we are getting out. " The couple looks at the elevator door. "And second, I must say, its pretty stupid that you and I both live in Los Angeles and we have never crossed paths." Zoey watches Logan carefully, not entirely sure if this was a sensitive topic for him. She wishes she could read him better.

"We were never really close friends to begin with Logan." It was Logan's turn to laugh bitterly.

"Great, we have finally reached the overall theme to this freaking weekend. Don't you realize Brooks? We all weren't really that close of friends. Color me surprise when I get a call from Vince asking me to be one of his groomsmen. " Logan tilts his head back and closes his eyes while Zoey arch her eyebrows at him. She doesn't know how to really respond to that.

Logan is playing a game on his phone and Zoey is cleaning out her nails for the eighteenth time now. Zoey has her reason why the Chase topic is sensitive for her. Chase will always be the one that got away. If she were honest with herself, she would say that she still might have a chance with him. However, she knows better, and she hates that she does.

She looks over at Logan. He seems very invested in his game. This morning Logan looks more familiar to his old days than he had yesterday. He wears his signature tank top and khakis shorts and his hair resembles much like he wears his hair junior year at PCA. She also needs to remind herself that she does not have many years to go off of. The last time she has seen Logan was the graduation party that Logan himself threw. She understands why Logan may be bitter but even at the party Zoey and Logan both joked by wishing best of luck with everything in the future. She is sure that his behavior represents something much bigger than what lies on the surface. She is now curious to figure it out.

"So Quinn and you didn't work out I see." Zoey cringes at her own words and she prepares to correct herself. Logan hiccups a laugh. Zoey decides to pry a little more "Would yesterday indicate that you are still in love with her?" She knows that she is playing with fire and is ignoring the double standards but Logan is right –it is boring not talking in the elevator.

" I'll bite since you couldn't. No, I am not in love with Quinn anymore. We broke up awhile ago." He never takes his eyes off his phone. Zoey compares his story to what Quinn shared with her and Lola last night. Quinn story does not carry the same light response that Logan just used.

"What is awhile ago?" Logan finally looks up and squints his eyes suspiciously at her.

"About three years ago. You know, I find it funny that you are asking me so much when you hated being in the hot seat a couple minutes ago." He shakes his head.

"I guess you're best at holding the hot spot." He smirks at her. "Quinn told us that something happened to you and it took a hard toll to the relation-

"Quinn is just not as intelligent as many people give her credit for." Zoey looks at Logan with disapproval. " Yeah, I know that is a jerk thing for me to say but I'll tell you that that part of me has not changed since PCA. If anything, I am more of an asshole than before." Logan drops the phone to his side. Zoey shakes her head in frustration. Why does she tend to surround herself with many assholes "Anyways, I am more relief than this puppy love that everyone seems to think I have for her."

"Relief, why?" Logan pauses. His face expression grows more serious and he goes back to doodling on the hardwood floor.

"I am not going to lie, I was a horrible boyfriend – let alone a horrible person at the time. There was a moment in our relationship that I've changed and I was just not giving her the love that she deserved. I am just glad she was able to move on and be able to love again. Personally, I can't do that." He observes Zoey's reaction, waiting for pity or confusion or more questions but instead he sees her nod. Is she agreeing with him? "Alright Brooks, talk. What is going on with you and Chase?"

"We broke up awhile back and we haven't talk since." Zoey keeps it short.

" I am not saying that Vince and Lola are not cute but I think many people would agree with me about thinking it would be you and Chase getting married in a month." Zoey shrugs and scrapes a scab on her leg.

"We were young. Chase wanted to grow old together while I just wanted to grow up. I didn't know it was a crime but now I'm serving the years I guess." Zoey voice drops to a whisper.

"So you are still in love with him," Logan question sounds more like a statement.

"Chase called me randomly a couple of months ago telling me that he saw my video from PCA time capsule. He told me that he missed me and that he wants to visit. I know it was his way of telling me that he would take me back if I tell him to come. " Zoey looks up at the ceiling to prevent the tears that are forming in her eyes to spill over. "I told him not too. I knew he was happy with Jen. He was scared to move on because he knew we never had closure. So I finally gave it to him."

"Why did you give it to him if you knew how you felt?" Zoey laughs possibly wondering the same thing.

"There was a moment in our relationship that I've changed and I was just not giving him the love that he deserved." Logan does not comment. He just nods his head in understanding. She pauses and whispers" At the time he called, I held too many secrets from him that I was just not ready to share yet."

"Secrets are underrated." Logan says simply. Zoey looks at Logan. She cannot describe the feeling that washes over her suddenly. Is it relief? For the first time, she feels like she is being seen for what she actually is and not the shadow of the girl from PCA.

" Yeah… it is." She smiles.

The elevator door finally opens to reveal the bottom getting cut off from the shaft. On the floor is few fire fighters reaching out their hands for assistance. Logan and Zoey stand up in surprise and excitement. They are finally getting out the elevator. After many questions and scanning for potential injury, the fire department releases her . Zoey laughs when she over hears one of the officers tell Logan that he has ibuprofen.

Zoey walks to down the lobby contemplating if she should wait for Logan, who is still talking to the officer, or try to grab a cab. She walks slowly to stall time when she hears his voice.

"Hey Brooks, want to catch a cab together? In this case, we can both get the heat for being late. Plus, Lola would never believe me for being stuck in an elevator." Zoey laughs and agree with him silently.

Logan and Zoey walk to the curb hollering a cab over. A cab finally pulls up and Logan opens the door for her. Zoey stops at the door and looks at Logan. She know she needs to get this out before time passes and their shared moment dissolves to nothing. "What?" He arches his eyebrows at her.

"When we go back to LA, can we make it appoint to cross paths? I guess I realized in the elevator that I need friends…. like you. I don't know, it weird I know but –

Logan put his hand on her shoulder. "Sounds good Brooks."

Author Note:

Goodness! It has been forever since I posted anything on Fanfiction! I was bored and thought to write about my favorite pairing {Zogan.} This is my first time writing in third person- geez IT IS HARD! This is my first one-shot as well but for those who knew me…who really knows if it will stay that way! Depends on everyone so please let me know what you think. Sorry for any grammatical mistake!