Centuries Ago, there was the great dog-demon warrior named Inu no Taisho, while wounded when standing in front of his son: Sesshomaru. "Father, do you insist on going?" Sesshomaru asked. "Do you attempt to stop me Sesshomaru?" Inu no Taisho asked. "I will not stand in your way. However, before you go, you must entrust the swords: So'unga and Tessaiga to me" Sesshomaru demanded. "And if I refuse, would you kill me, your own father?" Inu no Taisho asked. "Do you desire power so much? Why do you seek power my son?" He asked again. "The path I walk is supreme conquest. And it is power that will reveal the way for me" Sesshomaru answered. "Supreme conquest. Tell me Sesshomaru, do have someone to protect?" Inu no Taisho asked. "Protect? The answer is no. I, Sesshomaru have no need of such." Sesshomaru denied as Inu no Taisho turned into his Inu Yokai form and ran off. "Ridiculous." Sesshomaru commented. "Master please don't be so rash! You must reconsider my lord! You're wound from Ryukotsusei has not yet healed, this is sheer madness!" Myoga begged holding on to his master. "That doesn't matter. I cannot afford to lose her!" Inu no Taisho spoke. "Oh master." Myoga complained as Inu no Taisho reached the place of his human wife: Izayoi. Hours later, he fought against a samurai warrior, but when saving his wife and new born child, Inu no Taisho died and the half demon Inuyasha was born.

After two hundred years Inuyasha was in love with a priestess named Kikyo when a demon tore them apart and Kikyo had Inuyasha asleep to the sacred tree for 50 years. Then after Inuyasha was freed, he met a girl from the future named Kagome, who accidently shattered the Sacred Jewel into pieces that scattered across Japan. Then with the help of their friends, they wished the Sacred Jewel gone forever and defeated Naraku. After Inuyasha and Kagome's marriage, their children and decadence travelled across the globe, which led to the time of 2016 in a place in Royal Wood called the Loud House.

In the Loud House, there was just Lincoln Loud living with his 10 sisters. "So I guess you're wondering what it's like to be in the Loud House?" Lincoln started. "Well, I'll tell you… having 10 sisters. There's Lori, who is the oldest, Leni, the dumb founded one, Luna the rock star, Luan the comedian, Lynn, who is the athletic one, Lucy, the one with the scary dark side, Lola, the pageants loving one and her twin Lana, the messy and risk loving one, Lisa, the science loving Brainiac, Lily, who the youngest of the family and there's me." Lincoln explained. "As you can see, living with 10 sisters can be chaotic at first, but I got used to it" He added showing his 10 sisters, doing their own personalities. "But on the bright side, I always try to get through these things" Lincoln narrated as he went through the hallway with his sisters causing some chaos.

"Hey, do you feel anything strange here?" Lincoln asked. "I do Lincoln." Lucy said making Lincoln jump in fear. "Lucy, it's just you" Lincoln sighed. "Sometimes I can sense darkness and it can sense you" Lucy told. "Um okay, well gotta go" Lincoln said moving away from Lucy. Lincoln then suddenly bumped into Lynn. "Hey Lincoln, think fast!" Lynn alerted throwing a football. "Got it!" Lincoln shouted grabbing the football. "Good catch Lincoln" Lynn complimented when Lincoln ran into Luan. "Hey Lincoln, what does one roost beef say to the other? Nice to meat you" Luan joked as Lincoln groaned when he heard Lola and Lana arguing. "It's mine!" Lola said trying to pull a rope. "No, it's mine Lola!" Lana argued as Lincoln came over and gave Lana a spare jump rope. "Thanks Lincoln" Lola and Lana both said. Then Lincoln saw Luna playing her guitar. "Hey Luna how about some find something strange music?" Lincoln asked. "You got it bro!" Luna agreed as she started playing, then Lincoln noticed Lisa running with a test beaker that is bubbling. "Out of the way! This could be explosive!" Lisa warned as Lincoln put a drop of liquid in the beaker that stop the liquid from bubbling. "Be careful Lisa!" Lincoln told. "Thank you Lincoln." Lisa said as she walked away, but there was an explosion. "I'm still alive!" Lisa mentioned as he saw Leni. "What are you doing Leni?" Lincoln asked. "I was just thinking about cool fashions" Leni answered as she bumped into the wall. And then there's Lori, the oldest and the bossiest, who was texting on her phone. "Yes Bobby, I know" Lori spoke calling her boyfriend, Bobby on her phone. "Hey Lori, did you notice anything strange?" Lincoln asked. "No, I haven't. Besides, I'm capable of taking care of it because I'm in charge" Lori reminded in a bossy way. "Whenever Mom and Dad are gone, Lori is left in charge, in case you were wondering" Lincoln narrated as he started feeling something strange. "Where is that coming from?" Lincoln asked as he feels it coming from the attic.

Once Lincoln went up into the attic, the presents he felt grew stronger. "All of a sudden it feels bigger" Lincoln told as he continued looking around until he found a sword scabbard and a sword was in it. "How did strange stuff come from a sword?" Lincoln asked as he grabbed the scabbard and lift it up. Then all of a sudden, its presents grew even stronger and came out of the attic and spread through the rest of the house. "Okay, that was weird." Lincoln responded as he took the sword down to show his sisters. "Hey guys, come look what I found!" Lincoln called out getting their attention. Later Lincoln and his sisters were all looking at the sword. "Where did you find it?" Lola asked. "I thought I felt something coming from the attic, so I came to see what it is, then I just found" Lincoln explained. "How could something strange come from a sword?" Lynn asked. "I don't know but the handle could use a fashion change" Leni said. "According to my calculations, this sword seems to have been around for at least a few millennia ago" Lisa theorized. "Then I guess well sword not to use it. Get it?" Luan joked as the everyone else groaned. "Come on guys, it's just an old sword" Lori commented. "And why was it in the attic?" Lola asked. "I don't know but Lincoln feeling where the sword is sounds pretty cool." Lana believed. "I think it is powerful" Lucy spoke making everybody jump in fear. "Lucy, please stop doing that" Lincoln told as he was about to touch the sword's handle. "Let me do it, I'm the oldest." Lori stopped as she touched the sword and she felt a little burn. "Ouch. What the?" Lori yelped in pain as she got it out of the scabbard. "Are you okay?" Leni asked as the sword looked old. "See? It's nothing" Lori spoke. "I doubt it. This sword might have a role in history." Lisa believed as Lori put the sword back in the scabbard. "Hey, maybe if Lincoln was attracted to the sword, maybe he can hold" Lynn believed as Lincoln was about to pull the sword from the scabbard. "Well, here goes." Lincoln said as while all of his sisters were looking, he started pulling the sword, but this time, pulling it released some yellow energy.

"Woah, what's happening?" Lincoln asked as he got it out of the scabbard, then the sword started glowing yellow and then the sword's blade grew bigger into an over-sized fang shaped blade. "Woah, oh crud!" Lincoln responded as his sisters gasped. "Dude, look at it!" Luna pointed as they saw the sword also has a large patch of dog fur sticking out of the cross guard. "Lincoln, what did you do?" Lola asked. "I didn't do anything, I swear!" Lincoln denied as he almost lost his balanced from the swords weight. "Hey, be careful with that!" Lana told. "Man, this thing is heavy!" Lincoln pointed out as he lifted the giant fang-like sword and slammed it down while he said these words. "Wind Scar!" Lincoln called out as the sword was slammed into the ground causing it to unleash a powerful yellow aura that both cut almost everything in its path and destructively traveled through the hall until got out through Lincoln's bedroom window. "Okay, what just happened?" Lori asked. "Something tells me this going to get weirder than usual" Lincoln said when he and his sisters looked at what happened, while someone very tiny but familiar noticed the whole thing: Myoga the Flea Demon. "Lincoln found it and he is now chosen. This changes everything." Myoga said to himself knowing that Lincoln and his sisters found and Lincoln himself wielded the sword. And not just any sword, first one Inu no Taisho's fangs that became swords and then Inuyasha's sword: The Tessaiga.