"It all started with Inu no Taisho and the Sacred Tree." Kagome narrated. "Fighting and searching for our dreams." Inuyasha narrated. "Our descendants: Lincoln Loud along with his ten different age sisters and cousins learn from the morals of 2017 and the Feudal Era." Kagome narrated. "Another new hope, a bright future begins now." Inuyasha narrated. "As we came across the Royal Woods junkyard, we met a girl named Juniper Lee, who kidnaps Lincoln to save him and his sisters from a demon named Drago who is Shendu's son." Kagome narrated. "The legacy of my father and many others guides us." Inuyasha narrated. "Join us, Lincoln and our family as a new day awaits" Kagome added. "Loud House Feudal Fairytail: Inuyasha!" Kagome and Inuyasha both narrated.

Dareka no tame nagasu namida
Inori no you ni hoho ni tsutau

(Tears land on the Shikon Jewel)
Sore o "yowasa" to kakusanai de
"yasashisa" to ukeirete
(Kagome appears sad, then Kikyo was shown standing and Inuyasha swung Tessaiga as a glass of light shattered)

Kokyuu sae mo wasuresaseru

(Inuyasha was facing left concerned with images of the Loud Siblings, Sarah Whitney, Juniper Lee and Sabrina Spellman above him) (Miroku, Sango and Shippo dodge attacks while riding Kirara)

Hitomi no naka ni mitsuketa sora

(The Ancients face a grave concerned, then the B.F.F.L. were shown fighting Simon)

Taiyou dake ga kagayaiteru

(Images of Yugo the Eliatrope along with Percedal, Ruel, Evangelene and Amalia, then W.I.T.C.H. appeared) (An image of Naraku evilly smiling, then Kohaku on one knee with Sango's image behind him)

Nani o sagashi tsuzukeru'
(Kohaku having a light in his neck, with an image of a concerned Leni Loud) (Leni Loud, Sango and Kirara ran after Kohaku)
Kagami o mitsume chikatta ano hi

(The Loud Siblings, Sarah Whitney, Juniper Lee and Sabrina Spellman and The Rainbooms (The Equestria Girls) glaring or concerned facing every direction) (Inuyasha faces Kagome in his Yokai Form)

Anata ni wa kitto mieteta

(Lori paired with Bobby with Clyde next to them, Lincoln with Ronnie Anne face to face, then Cleome behind Sesshomaru)

Jibun no senaka ni mo
Tsubasa ga aru to*
(A Jewel Shard is grabbed by Kagome standing on a rock, then Shikigami: Kocho and Asuka appeared before Kikyo appeared)

Anata ga kawari sekai ga kawaru

Yume ni todoke ai no honoo

(Inuyasha points Diamond Tessaiga to the right as it pulsed twice, collected energy four times and became crystalized)
Yurayura shinkirou koete
(Seasons change with Kagome, Lincoln Loud, Sarah and Sabrina looking concerned)

Sora ni wa hikari

Daichi ni mizu o

(Inuyasha uses the Adamant Barrage, shooting a shower of sharpen diamonds)

Sono kokoro ni tsuyosa o

(The Adamant Barrage hits Drago, Simon and Shendu)
Mirai e tadoritsuku ANGELUS
(The Loud House, Horseland, the Sacred Tree and Inu no Taisho's remains (grave) rapidly pass by, followed by flying feathers) (Images of Inuyasha, Kagome, the Loud Siblings, Sarah, Juniper and Sabrina along with Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara and the Rainbooms appear in the sky)

Jyounetsu no kakera o te ni shite.

(Inuyasha, Kagome, the Loud Siblings, Sarah, Juniper, the Rainbooms and Sabrina along with Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara were all standing on a rock looking at the Geographic view)

(Rin patiently looks at the night sky with Jaken and A-Un sleeping)

On an afternoon on a day of New Years Eve weekend, Lincoln and Inuyasha's group were at the Royal Woods Junkyard. "Well, this is a weird way to spend New Years Eve. Then again, what am I saying" Lincoln spoke. "Miroku, why exactly are we here?" Sango asked. "I sense a demonic aura coming from this junkyard and I can tell the sorce is not friendly" Miroku answered. "It's practicly somewhere around here. I can't believe these cars have been total" Shippo commented. "Sorry we can't have a normal New Years Eve, Lincoln" Kagome apologized. "It's okay, Kagome. Besides, it's great after meeting The Rainbooms, W.I.T.C.H., the B.F.F.L. and the Brotherhood of the Tofu all in two to three weeks" Lincoln shrugged as Inuyasha stopped. "It's this scent. A close by one" Inuyasha sniffed as he noticed Lana and Lola. "Wow, I can't believe Miroku would find something demon related here" Lana spoke. "Lana and Lola? What are you guys doing away from home?" Lincoln asked with disbelief. "Easy. I persuaded Lola and we tracked you guys here" Lana answered. "But why did you two come alone then?" Sango asked. "We didn't" Lana and Lola both said as Sunset Shimmer, Applejack and Rarity came out of hiding. "Sunset Shimmer? Applejack? Rarity? What are you guys doing?" Lincoln asked. "To tell you the truth, we got a call from Lana Loud and she told us to follow you guys you guys here" Applejack spoke honestly. "And I was in the middle of preparing Lincoln's New Years Eve kimono when I got the same call. Apparently, these two sisters of yours need someone to watch them" Rarity added. "And that's where came in and then we reached the junkyard and found you. So, what are you doing here?" Sunset Shimmer asked. "I felt some demonic aura here in the junkyard. It feels like something is just waiting to come here. And now, it's suddenly starting to get closer" Miroku explained as Tessaiga started rattling. "Tessaiga?" Inuyasha asked. "Hey, Tessaiga's starting to rattle again" Shippo observed. "Yeah, and so are our geodes" Sunset Shimmer added with her, Applejack and Rarity's geodes rattling also. "What's with the light show right there?" Lana asked as they all saw a teenage girl with a pink hair stripe suddenly appeared. "Who is that?" Sango asked. "I don't know but there's something strange about her" Miroku said as the girl approached.

"Excuse me, you should not be here. Before you ask, this is an emergency. Lincoln Loud has to get away from here pronto!" The girl spoke worriedly. "What are talking about? And how do you know my name?" Lincoln asked. "Who are you and what do you want with Lincoln?" Inuyasha blocking the girl. "Not me. Him!" The girl alerted as they all saw a shadow. "That's where the demonic aura is coming from. And it also connects to dark chi" Miroku sensed as the demon shadow roared. "You were right about the demonic aura thing, Miroku" Lincoln said as he shot the shadow with his Energy Dom. "He won't stay down for long. Come on!" The girl told grabbing Lincoln's hand. "He's not going anywhere!" Inuyasha refused pulling out Tessaiga. "Don't say I didn't warn you" The girl said ready to fight Inuyasha. "Well, you're gonna answer me one way or another" Inuyasha said trying to hit the girl with Tessaiga. "Suit yourself" The girl reacted fighting back Inuyasha. "Cool, she knows martial arts" Lana admired. "Why the hay are our geodes acting funny?" Applejack asked as the girl got passed Inuyasha and made herself and Lincoln disappear with green smoke. "This is good Chi" Miroku spoke. "Inuyasha, she kidnapped Lincoln" Kagome alerted. "Don't worry, I'll find him by his scent. You guys keep his sisters safe!" Inuyasha ordered as his group followed Lincoln.

Moments later, the girl was carrying Lincoln while she's running. "Okay seriously, why did you just kidnap me?!" Lincoln asked as the girl stopped. "Look, I'm sorry. But I did this for your sake. And I too have magic" The girl apologized. "Well, if you know about magic, you should know I'm…" Lincoln started. "An American descendant of The Great Dog Demon. The only boy in the Loud family with ten sisters, a Half-Demon for a Japanese Grandfather from the Feudal Era you call Inuyasha along with his human wife, Preistess Kikyo's reincarnation: Kagome Higurashi born in 1982. And the one boy in Royal Woods in the Loud Family residence who has at least a quarter of both Inuyasha and Sesshomaru's Dog Demon genetics as much as The Great Dog Demon's" The girl mentioned leaving Lincoln in shock. "Wait, so you know about me and the only one of my ancestors from Japan, who saved the world and passed down the torch to Inuyasha, Sesshomaru and me? Then, who are you?" Lincoln asked. "The name's Juniper Lee from Orchid Bay. I'm the current Te Xuan Ze and I hold something from the Great Dog Demon, though my family is different from yours." Juniper Lee introduced. "So, if you're from Orchid Bay, on the other side of the United States, how did you get here?" Lincoln asked. "I'll fill you in later" Juniper said as she whistled for a taxi, then they got in when Inuyasha's group followed. "They're getting away!" Shippo shouted. "Don't worry, they won't get far" Inuyasha said as they followed. "It's the demonic aura again and it's coming" Miroku feared as Lincoln has a discussion with Juniper Lee in the taxi.

"So, you used magic to get here?" Lincoln asked. "Hello, do you think I'm an ordinary teenage girl? Besides I'm doing my job as Te Xuan Ze" Juniper Lee mentioned. "What does the Te Xuan Ze do?" Lincoln asked. "In Orchid Bay, my job is to keep monsters and demons, which many people can't see, safe or in line" Juniper Lee answered. "So, you're like a police officer with magic, right?" Lincoln guessed. "Yep. And I knew Inuyasha wouldn't listen while I'm trying to save you and your sisters and cousins as much as him and Kagome" Juniper Lee mentioned. "Save me, Inuyasha, Kagome and my sisters and cousins: Sarah and Sabrina from what?" Lincoln asked as they saw an arm tear through the roof of the taxi, revealing Shendu's son: Drago. "This guy. Shendu's son" Juniper Lee identified. "Please, call me Drago" Drago introduced as the taxi stopped and the driver escaped. "Hey, you two both have magic? Because I sense that resemblance" Drago spoke. "Resemblance this, demon junior!" Juniper said kicking Drago away. "Nice kick. You must be strong to do that" Lincoln complimented. "Being Te Xuan Ze. Helps with martial arts, if you train first" Juniper said as Drago shot fire at them when Juniper got herself and Lincoln out of the way while the taxi was burned. "Thanks" Lincoln thanked. "Man, Drago's as dangerous as Shendu" Lincoln observed. "Well, like father, like son" Juniper said as she shot magic from a stone, which Drago dodged and shot fire again. "Move!" Juniper shouted saving Lincoln when she dropped the stone. "Good job, Juniper" Myoga spoke on Lincoln's shoulder. "Myoga? What are you doing here?" Lincoln asked as Drago burned the stone to a crisp. "Fire magic. Does your grandma's magic good" Drago smiled. "The good news is that the one who could beat him is Inuyasha" Lincoln said. "The bad news is that Master Inuyasha is not here yet!" Myoga paniced as he, Lincoln and Juniper ran into a wearhouse. "Myoga, why are you here suddenly?" Lincoln asked. "No time for that right now. We gotta hide" Myoga told as Drago came in while Lincoln, Juniper and Myoga hid. "Well, Juniper and little Loud, we played follow the leader. So, why not hide n' seek?" Drago asked. "You distract him, I'll try to blast him" Lincoln planned. "No, Lincoln, you can't. If Drago harms you, he could use you to lore in master Inuyasha or your sisters. Despite having Dom powers, you and your sisters could end up easy prey" Myoga refused. "Right. So, what do we do?" Lincoln asked as Drago searched around when Juniper kicked him into some metal which Inuyasha's group heard. "Hey, what are you taking Lincoln for?" Inuyasha asked. "She/I have a good reason" Lincoln and Juniper said at once. "Who is this guy?" Shippo asked as Drago faced them. "Ah, Inuyasha and Kagome Higurashi. My dad sends his best" Drago said. "Wait, who is father?" Sango asked as Drago shot fire at them. "Ah! I have a pretty good idea who his father is!" Shippo paniced as Inuyasha was once a beam. "Heh, looks like I gotta deal with you!" Inuyasha spoke holding Tessaiga when Drago noticed some crates of fire. "There's nothing more festive than fireworks!" Drago said as he shot fire at the fireworks. "Everybody, stay away from the fireworks! They could explode any minute!" Miroku alerted as the fire grew. "Happy New Year, everyone!" Drago evily laughed when he left. "Come on! Let's get the hell out of here!" Inuyasha shouted as he got his group, Lincoln and Juniper and Myoga out safely when the wearouse exploded. "Thank you, master Inuyasha" Myoga thanked. "What are you doing here Myoga?" Inuyasha asked.

Minutes later, Juniper everything about her and her grandma to Lincoln and Inuyasha's group. "So, you're saying your family fights an invisible world of magic?" Sango asked. "Yes, at least my grandma, my brothers and my dog" Juniper nodded. "I've heard of the Te Xuan Ze. They are warriors who protect the magic prone creatures in Orchid bay and China for many years. I once met Juniper's grandmother" Miroku mentioned. "But what does that have to do with that demon we just saw?" Kagome asked. "You see, Kagome, Inuyasha's father defeated both his father and his aunts and uncles, centuries ago. Each of them was a Demon Sorcerors and the eighth and final demon once met Lincoln and Sarah and raced after them and Ronnie Anne for the Talismans" Myoga explained. "Hey, Kirara and I were there too. That's when Lori's boyfriend: Bobby met Sesshomaru and we all met Krampus" Shippo remembered. "So, Drago came to Royal Woods to seek revenge or something?" Lincoln asked. "Yes, remember this, the only Demon Sorceror you met is Drago's father" Myoga answered. "And what about Juniper? How'd she get involved?" Kagome asked. "I was visiting her grandmother's house when we noticed Drago using a spell that can be used by his father, which unleashed a swarm of his father's dragon minions to patrol and terrorize Orchid Bay, on both humans and creatures of magic alike" Myoga explained. "And my grandmother helped he escape those hungry dragons after she mentioned something called the dragon teeth can be a source of it. Then with the help of Myoga, I escaped while Drago followed me through a veil" Juniper added. "So, you used a veil to escape Drago all the way to Royal Woods?" Lincoln asked. "Why would Drago come after you then?" Inuyasha asked. "He knows about me as the Te Xuan Ze and wants to stop me from getting those descendant from or connected to something once made by the Great Dog Demon, himself, to help me prevent the resurreaction of his father" Juniper answered. "And his father is Shendu" Miroku sneered.

Meanwhile, Lana and Lola were playing in the snow while Sunset Shimmer, Applejack and Rarity were watching them. "You think Inuyasha found the girl who kidnapped Lincoln?" Sunset asked. "I don't know but I hope he's okay. Besides, I wonder what was up with our geodes" Applejack said. "Now that you mentioned it, it is rather strange. They were all rattling along with Tessaiga" Rarity remembered. "Hey, look what I found" Lana called over as they saw a stone plate. "What is it?" Rarity asked as the geodes rattled again. "I don't know I think our geodes don't like it. Not one bit" Applejack said as Lana pressed the stone plate, causing it to rise from the ground. "Lana, why did you press that?" Lola asked. "Well, I figure it works like a button, so I thought I give it a try" Lana answered as it revealed to be a dragon faced rock showing its dragon teeth. "Is that a dragon's face on that rock?" Rarity asked. "And look. It has teeth. Dragon teeth" Lana identified. "Ew! Who would leave behind a rock with actual teeth in it?" Lola asked. "I don't know, but our geodes say that they're full of something called Dark Chi and demonic aura" Sunset Shimmer sensed from her geode. "What do you know? I'm off the scale!" Drago shouted from behind as he ran towards them.

Moments later, Lincoln, Juniper and Inuyasha's group were running through Royal Woods. "Drago's going to use the Dragon Teeth to resurrect his father and I brought Juniper here, so you can help her find them and destroy them by midnight" Myoga spoke. "Why do that by midnight?" Shippo asked. "I left Orchid Bay at sunset, the evening of New Years Eve" Juniper explained. "It's the New Years Eve that signals the arrival of 2018." Lincoln guessed. "Yep. At sunset at Orchid Bay, Drago already casts the Dragon Teeth spell. So, if we don't destroy them by midnight, Shendu will have a big comeback, started with Orchid Bay" Juniper warned. "Wait, the last time I saw Shendu was when he was turned back into a statue while in Lisa's vault. How did he get to Orchid Bay?" Lincoln asked. "Naturally, I had persuaded Lisa to have Shendu delivered to Jasmine Lee's house while you were away at Canterlot High School for a visit" Myoga mentioned. "So, what happened to your grandmother, Juniper?" Sango asked. "My Ah'ma, my dog: Monroe, my brothers and my friend Lyila were taking prisoner back at her house, while Myoga told me to leave. They're going to be Shendu's "welcome back" snack" Juniper informed showing tears. "In fifteen minutes" She added as back in Orchid Bay, Jasmine, Dennis and Ray-Ray Lee along with Monroe and Leila were tied up with a set of Dragon Teeth glowing while Shendu's statue form's eyes glowing.

Minutes later, Lincoln, Juniper and Inuyasha's group arrived at the dragon faced rock. "There it is. That's the Dragon Teeth's demonic aura" Miroku spoke as they noticed the teeth were missing. "We're too late" Shippo observed. "No, we're not. I can still sense those Dragon Teeth" Kagome sensed. "Hey guys, over here!" Lana called over as Lincoln, Juniper and Inuyasha's group saw her, Lola, Sunset Shimmer, Applejack and Rarity all tied up to a tree. "Guys? How'd you all get tied up?" Lincoln asked. "No time to explain. You gotta get rid of those dragon teeth" Sunset Shimmer told. "Oh, I imagine Ms. Shimmer was referring these little choppers" Drago spoke as they saw him hold the dragon teeth. "Drago. The Son of Shendu!" Inuyasha growled as he drew Tessaiga. "Are those the dragon teeth?" Sango asked. "Yes, they are. Looks like Drago found them and tied our friends up" Miroku guessed. "You're taking risk here, are you Drago?" Juniper asked. "Can't go anywhere without my ride" Drago said. "What does he mean?" Shippo asked. "I still got something to open the veil back to Orchid Bay" Juniper mentioned. "Dad's homecoming is just minutes away. And I really don't wanna miss the appetizers" Drago planned. "We can't let him leave" Kagome told. "Open the veil or Lincoln's younger sisters and the colorful ladies get more than just splinters" Drago threatened ashe saw Miroku and Sango along with Kirara about to fly towards the tree. "Fine. Have it your way" Drago said as he shot fire at Lana, Lola and the Rainbooms. "Try to threaten some lives for those teeth. Well not if I take those teeth first! WIND SCAR!" Inuyasha shouted as the Wind Scar collided with the fire. "Thank you, guys" Lana thanked. "Lincoln, I got an idea. Follow me!" Juniper instructed as they jumped at Drago. "Nobody tries to make a crisp out of my sisters or my friends!" Lincoln shouted as his Energy Dom clashed with Drago's fire. "Nice job, Drago. Too bad it was a surprise attack!" Juniper said as she kicked Drago a bit. "Like old times" Drago said. "Sorry junior. I'm not the type for demons" Juniper refused as continues to hold off Drago. "Thanks for the help, partner" Applejack thanked as she, Sunset Shimmer, Rarity, Lana and Lola were freed. "Miroku, Sango, those dragon teeth in that dragon demon's hands are evil" Sunset told. "Trust me, you don't know half of it. Now go hide!" Sango ordered as they did so. "A power taste from my bad breath" Drago hissed about to breath fire on Juniper. "Not so fast. Try to stop Toga's American human descendant!" Lincoln shouted as he shot his Energy Dom at Drago. "Save some for me! ADAMANT BARRAGE!" Inuyasha shouted as he swung Diamond Tessaiga, shooting a shower of sharpened diamonds which also stopped Drago's fire and both attacks hit Drago. "Thanks for the help" Juniper thanked. "Hey, you saved me, so I just returned the favor" Lincoln said as Juniper's braclet glowed. "We're almost out of time!" Juniper alerted as there are fireworks exploding in the sky. "You lose. Dad just got his wake-up call" Drago said knowing it's midnight and New Years Day.

A minute later at Orchid Bay, Jasmine, Ray-Ray, Dennis, Monroe and Leila witnessed the thanks to the Dragon Teeth, Shendu was freed from his statue form to his true form. "I live again. Family of either a Half-demon son or descendant or that dead meddlesome Great Dog Demon or the current Te Xuan Ze, no finer way to emerge from a slumber than to a nice cup of revenge" Shendu planned walking towards them.

Back in Royal Woods, Lincoln, Juniper and Inuyasha's group were still fighting Drago when something happened. "Damn you to hell. Damn you Drago!" Inuyasha shouted as his sclera turned deep red, his irises became blue slits with white pupils, jagged purple stripes appeared on the sides of his face, and his fangs and claws lengthened. "Myoga, what's wrong with Inuyasha?" Lincoln asked. "Master Inuyasha's demon side is starting to take over him by the demonic aura from the dragon teeth!" Myoga alerted as Inuyasha transformed into his Yokai Form when Kagome rushed to him. "Kagome!" Lincoln and Juniper cried. "Inuyasha!" Kagome shouted hugging Inuyasha. 'Inuyasha, don't give into it! Please!' Kagome begged in her mind. "K-Kagome" Inuyasha spoke as the embracing retained the stripes, eye markings, and pronounced fangs and claws of his yōkai form, but his eyes remained unchanged, and he retained his self-awareness. "Inuyasha, are you alright?" Kagome asked worriedly. "Yeah. Kagome, hold on to me just a bit longer" Inuyasha told as Kagome held him from the back. "Okay" Kagome said. "Say, is he really Shendu's son?" Lincoln asked. "Who, the tooth fairy?" Juniper asked. "I know Shendu had edges for a dragon and demon when I met him, but Draog is more like…" Lincoln teased. "Hah, a gecko with horns and zit?" Juniper joined in as Drago angrily shot fire at them. "Sorry Drago, but Operation: "Stop Drago's father awakening" is a go!" Lincoln denied as he threw the dragon teeth into the fire while along with the Energy Dom, he shot burned the Dragon Teeth into nothing. "No!" Drago responded.

Cut scene at Orchid Bay, Shendu was about to eat Jasmine, Ray-Ray, Dennis, Monroe and Leila when they noticed the Dragon Teeth were melted and destroyed. "No! Not again!" Shendu cried as he went back into his statue prison form. "What just happened?" Ray-Ray asked. "The Dragon Teeth don't get destroyed by themselves" Monroe spoke. "Juniper!" They all said in unison.

Back in Royal Woods, Drago witnessed he had been tricked while holding the ashes of the dragon teeth. "I shall destroy you now and forever!" Drago swore as Inuyasha was about to finish off Drago with Tessaiga covered in turquoise diamonds and shined brightly. "Take this Drago!" Inuyasha growled as the glowing Diamond Tessaiga was above his head as it pulsed twice, collected energy four times and became crystalized while being combined with the Wind Scar. "ADAMANT WIND SCAR!" Inuyasha shouted as the sharpened diamonds cloaked by the Wind Scar swiftly scratched, stabbed and skewered Drago. "Ah!" Drago roared in pain as he fell to the ground unconsciously. "We're safe now, Kagome. And Drago's dragon dad and minons are sealed away again" Inuyasha said as Kagome fainted. "Kagome! Kagome! Hang on! Kagome! Kagome!" Inuyasha shouted as it echoed through the night sky.

A few hours later, while Drago was in a magical prison with his mouth cuffed while he was unconsciously injured back in Orchid Bay, Royal Woods and the rest of the United States celebrate New Years Day and the arrival of 2018. Then at the Loud House, Juniper Lee was about to take the veil home. "Thanks for helping me take down lizard boy and send him to the magical elders to put him in prison. And for helping me save Orchid Bay from the dragon fiasco" Juniper thanked. "Thank you for helping me and Inuyasha save our family and my friends" Lincoln thanked in return as Juniper went through the veil home. "See ya soon, Myoga" Juniper said in 'goodbye' as the veil closed. "Oh, I'm literaly glad your safe. You two should have permission before leaving the house" Lori told. "Okay, fine" Lana and Lola both accepted in defeat. "Seriously dudes, thanks for watch our little sisters. It means a lot" Luna thanked. "It was nothing" Applejack accepted. "I'm just glad it's over and Lincoln likes the kimono I made for him" Rarity mentioned seeing Lincoln wearing an orange version of Inuyasha's kimono in his size. "Thanks again Rarity. Happy New Year, Sunset Shimmer." Lincoln smiled. "Happy New Year to you too, Lincoln. Where's Inuyasha?" Sunset Shimmer asked. "Perhaps I can explain. If I know Master Inuyasha, he's probably upset because he couldn't overcome the Dark Chi and demonic aura of the Dragon Teeth" Myoga hinted. "Make sense to me. I can't believe his demonic nature got the best of him. Inuyasha still has ways to go" Shippo commented (in insult). "Exactly!" Myoga agreed as Inuyasha (who heard everything) bash Shippo and Myoga. "Kagome, come outside with me" Inuyasha said.

A moment later, Inuyasha and Kagome are on a branch of the tree on the front yard of the Loud House. "So, how come all this privacy?" Kagome asked. "You must be exusted from the fight and Lincoln almost got burned just by insulting Drago" Inuyasha started. "Inuyasha" Kagome said. "They're right. I still have a long way to go. I'm so sorry. It was my fault that you both almost got burned, and had the worst New Years Day, ever." Inuyasha sighed in defeat. "Don't worry. If you hadn't been there, we wouln't have stopped Drago from resurrecting Shendu or we wouldn't even gotten out of the battle alive. Besides, in a weird way, I was happy that is was happening. I was even happy that Lincoln and I were by your side." Kagome mentioned trying to cheer Inuyasha up. "Kagome." Inuyasha said as Kagome snuggled against him while they were happy. 'Me too. I'm glad that you were by my side. I really am, Kagome.' Inuyasha finished in thought as the New Year: 2018 awaits them and Lincoln Loud and their friends.

Tsuyogaru koto dake shiri-sugite-ita watashi
Dakedo ano toki kara mayoi wa kieta yo

Misetai to omou mono ga kitto atte
Kikasetai kotoba mo takusan aru
Egao nakigao mo zenbu mite hoshikute
Matte-iru watashi wa yamete
"CHANSU" wo tsukamu yo

Anata no koto wo omou
Sore dake de kokoro ga
Tsuyoku nareru ki ga suru yo
Hakanai omoi zutto
Donna toki demo negau yo
Anata ni todoku you ni to...