Saturday Evening

Sam and Dean Winchester had done amazing things in their lifetimes, things no one and nothing else could claim to have done. They had walked where angels feared to tread, seen the dark side of the moon, traveled through time, and defied their Fate.

Neither of them had ever had a farewell party before. Or had so many they could call 'friend' to invite to one. Even Castiel made it back from Okinawa in time to join the celebration.

Ben Shaw of all people came over early, several computer cases in tow. Somehow, during the rescue of the vampires' menagerie, Sam Winchester found out that Ben was a database administrator and programmer for the Hanford Nuclear Site. As soon as Ben showed, he and Sam disappeared into Adam's library so he could help the Hunter update, defrag, and whatever else it is computer specialists do. Or to 'get their computer geek on' as Dean put it. It was the first person Mercy had seen the british Wolf take to quickly and easily. Maybe this would be a turning point for him.

While his brother had 'gone nerd', Dean killed time playing poker with Gary Laughing Dog. In theory, the other coyote should be able to scent when Dean was bluffing and should have won handily. In reality, it was a hard fought even match. Honey joined in when she arrived and changed the tone of the game. Mercy watched as Dean turned wing-man for her half-brother, helping him impress the beautiful woman, and tried not to laugh.

Poker was abandoned by one player when Alma arrived with pie.

Warren and Kyle arrived together and stopped dead in their tracks to Castiel giving the Joel in his lava dog form a vigorous belly rub. The volcanic heat didn't seem to bother or burn the angel. Later, Castiel would scold Dean for trying to roast hotdogs over the tibicena's back before placing two fingers on Joel's forehead. The man went from man, to Presa Canario, to tibicena and back at will for a good twenty minutes before staying as a man to celebrate his newly granted control with his wife. Lucia Arocha, a devout catholic woman, praised God for the miracle from His angel.

Which lead Oscar and Alma Ruiz to monopolize Castiel for the rest of the evening. The padre might never get another chance to discuss theology with a being who might give definite answers. He refused to waste the opportunity.

Dean tried hitting on Anna Cornick exactly once and three things happened: One, Anna coolly gestured to her wedding ring. Two, Dean asked if she was happily married. Three, Charles growled from across the room. Dean favored them both with an easy-come, easy-go shrug and congratulated Charles on his 'awesome tastes.'

At some point, Charles managed to broach the subject of the Common Wealth Accords with the brothers. The younger Winchester welcomed the idea. They exchanged contact information promising to find time for future talks. Dean refused to allow too serious of a discussion at a party.

Mercy drifted over to Charles' side after Sam left to chat more with Clay Willis about a case.

"I like them," Charles rumbled softly. "I think we can work with them."

"The Winchesters? Me, too," Mercy agreed. Honesty made her add, "Sometimes they're a little scary, though."

Charles twitched his shoulders in a small shrug. "Sometimes, so are we."

"Earlier today, Adam and I were talking about what they would be like if they had been Wolves, where they would fit in. But watching them today, its like they already have a three man pack, an Alpha and two Betas. I wonder if the Change would actually change them, ya know?"

Charles grunted, considering her statement. "Alpha. Beta. Omega."

"Huh?" Mercy looked up at Charles.

"Sam would be an Omega," the big Wolf elaborated. "Weren't you watching? Lets his brother protect him from monsters, but protects his brother from everything else. Takes orders in a fight but sets policy for which fight. Omega."

"Then he's a very aggressive Omega," Mercy mused.

Charles huffed what might have been a laugh. "My Anna faced down my Da over policy and won. They are as aggressive as they need to be."

Mercy spluttered a bit and jerked her gaze to Anna. Young, slender and lovely Anna went toe to toe with Bran? Silenced reigned for a minute as she processed that thought. Charles was good company for allowing comfortable silence.

Charles gave her time be fore asking, "How's Shaw adjusting?"

"Ben? He's been doing better." Mercy eyes found the Brit next to Sam, both of them bent over a tablet again but this time angling the screen to Warren could see what they had been up to. Now that she thought about it, Ben had been a lot more relaxed and edging toward friendly since spending time in Sam's company. She wondered if that was a watered-down Omega effect. "I'm kinda proud of him, actually. He's come so far."

Charles looked out over the crowd: Wolves, hunters, shifters, preacher, fae, police, angel all gathered together in one place. "So have you."

Mercy looked over her backyard, satisfied.