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Chapter 1

I think Haruhi has been watching a bit too much anime as of late, because you know why?

It's because since this morning the most bizarre things things have been happening around the area. Flying mechs for example were going around like it's everyday life, or there were people randomly changing between genders because of a sneeze. One of the most strangest things I saw was of the infamous Magic Pocket being brought to life. I mean for the love of God, a little girl wanted to catch a dove that was flying by so badly that she somehow took out a giant hand claw machine that was three times her size and proceeded to manhandle the poor thing. I swear I could hear it uttering some harsh words before it got grabbed.

Personally, even though I thought it would be cool to be able to live in the world of fiction, I also started to realize the dark side of that realm. The horror genre. What would happen if Haruhi were to watch something that had gore and other dark elements? I mean sure, even Haruhi wouldn't enjoy the idea of so much blood and death around her, but she might of been intrigued by one of the characters because maybe they just happened to be an alien, esper or time traveler or whatever other things one could think of. It would be a nightmare come true, and I would have to be the one to stop it. So, before Haruhi starts to become interested in that grotesque subject, finding her was the top priority.

For the record, this point of view that I'm currently telling you about takes place right as I leave my front gate. So, on the topic of the world being altered, and people having the ability to pull abnormal objects from nowhere, I departed on my usual journey to school. The hill was still as bothersome as it was, but it wasn't the path as annoying this time around, but rather, the other people traveling on it. If you could see from my eyes now, most would recognize several characters from various manga and anime in a heartbeat, the ones classified as either espers, aliens, or time travelers that is.

Ignoring the new faces around, I started to think of this world's inhabitants, the guinea pigs of Suzumiya-san's imagination. If the world was affected, they probably were as well. Taniguchi and Kunikida, Ms. Asahina and Koizumi. Maybe even Nagato was affected by this somehow?

But enough about the theories, I'll know once I arrive at school.

After a rough 5 minutes of climbing up the hill, I see the school gate. So far I haven't seen any of my acquaintances, but nevertheless, the first priority was to find Haruhi and see how she looked like from the results of her new subconscious changes to the world. And even though I expected this scenario to be very, VERY cliche, nothing was more surprising than my own reaction to the classroom that I was so used to, changed to…I guess you would say, cringe worthy?

The first thing I saw once I opened the door: Cat girls. very anime-like indeed, can't have a world without having these types of things. Second: colorful hair on everyone's' heads! At least the hairstyles were how they were originally, I couldn't imagine seeing a classroom full of shounen girl and boy hairstyles, I mean, look at how Yugioh does the styling for their characters…

But it was the last thing that made me nearly faint out of shock.

Sitting at the end of the room, in the corner next to the window, behind my seat, was Haruhi Suzumiya, with a normal appearance Normal, NORMAL, out of all things! Don't tell me she doesn't notice all of the brand new fictional aspects that were recently installed into the world? Or maybe she does, maybe she's become one of those characters that keep a plain appearance but in reality have some deep secret or talent that no one else knows?! ….Ok, that description just now was the basic concept of every typical protagonist, very stupid of me. First, I need to calm down. I shouldn't be surprised that Suzumiya-san would change herself to make it should she would be the heroine of this brand new world. She is, after all, a oblivious God in the body of a highschool girl.

It's a good thing I'm already used to situations like these. My poker face was holding on quite nicely, though I feel bad that I've developed it, since now I can't react as casually as I used to in the past. Well, time to get to business, let's try approaching her as I normally do.

I start walking into the classroom, closing the door as I come in and start walking to my seat. I take a few glances at my classmates, taking note of their new appearances and possibly powers. After a short moment, I arrive at my desk and hang my bag, sitting down after. I turn over to Suzumiya-san, who was still staring out the window with her head leaning against her arm.

"Yo, morning. Anything happen recently?"

She turns her head over to my direction, having a somewhat annoyed but calm look on her face. She blinks a few times.

"Well, nothing really. Besides everyone suddenly having an interest in cosplay, nothing's different, I'm still bored. Kyon, say something funny would ya?"

You really think it's just cosplay? Girl, maybe if you actually went over to one of the students in this class, you would see that those new cosplay features are actually real.

"You have bags in your eyes, did you sleep late because of something?", I said.

"Yeah, I was watching a bunch of anime on some random channels. They showed things like mechs and vampires and stuff like that, but there's no point in that! Why bother making characters of fantasy when you can go out and actually find and see them in the real world?"

Haruhi, those words would break the hearts of all the talented mangaka who thought of those stories.

"Well, if it were as easy as it sounds, there would be no manga or anime. And it's not just like they're going to reveal themselves out to the public. Knowing us humans, we would probably capture them and subjugate them to horrible experiments to see how their bodies work, or stuff like that you know?"

"Humph, maybe, but what if we were able to communicate with them, you know, with alien writings and stuff like that?", she said with a sparkle in her eyes, boasting her usual attitude after slamming both her hands on her desk as she stood up.

Well, now I know where she got the idea from, it's just a matter of discussing this with the others.

The bell rings, and Okabe comes into the room, yelling at us that class is beginning as everyone proceeds to go to their desks.

Classes weren't anything different, besides the obvious changes to people. Even Okabe was different, he had red hair, and as ridiculous as it may seem, I guess it didn't look bad, considering the other people in the class. I did really start to wonder how the members of the SOS Brigade were affected by these changes. Maybe their powers started to show unwillingly to everyone else. I don't think their physical appearances would have any changes, I mean Nagato already had light-purplish hair, and Ms. Asahina had brownish-orange as well. Koizumi probably had a do over on his head, probably pink hair. Pink? Oh hell no, just imagining that just gives me more goosebumps of him possibly being gayish, if that's even a word.

Later on the bell rings, and Haruhi storms off from the classroom like usual. I watched the other students leave as well, and I get up and start walking towards the club room. Surprisingly, I haven't encountered any of my acquaintances as of yet, I wonder where they were. Most of them were probably in the club room.

A few minutes later, I arrive at the SOS Brigade's door. Things are probably going to be strange at the very least.

Whelp, here's to a day of fanatical wonder, yare yare.