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Chapter 2

Well, I'm in front of the SOS Brigade's doorstep. Beyond this thin wall of wood and metal lies the wonders that are the members that already had supernatural powers to begin with. Let's get this over with.

Let's just hope nothing happens once I get in though.

I slowly grasp the doorknob and turn it slowly. With each tiny crack of the room becoming visible in my line of sight, I start looking around the room. Nothing seems to be different on the outside. Pfft, yeah, only on the outside. Knowing Haruhi, she probably saw at least one anime with a normal looking room actually being a secret base.

Closing the door, Ms. Asahina greets me, and I look around to see both Koizumi and Nagato. Koizumi with his fake smile greeting me by raising his hand up, Nagato takes her gaze off her book, and looks at my face, greeting me with a short hello. I glance a look at her book. It doesn't seem to be a psychology book or a novel, but a….manga? I squint my eyes a little, and she's reading….what. The Haruhi Suzumiya manga? Nagato, don't go breaking the fourth wall by reading a story about ourselves..., oh whatever.

But Nagato notices me looking at her and her reading material. She tilts her head ever so slightly, blinking her eyes a few times. Does she even know what's she reading? I should probably ask.

"Yo, Nagato."

"Hello, Kyon. May I help you with something?" , she asks.

As I walk closer to her, I start noticing some...feline attributes on her body. Of course, having feline features meant having cat ears and tails, but looking closer at her golden eyes, I see a ever so thin slit. Whelp, she's some kind of cat, maybe a tiger? Well in this case it would be a tigress. I need to know more that thing she's reading though.

"Well Nagato let me ask you something."


"Do you know that you're actually reading a manga about ourselves?"

Koizumi and Ms. Asahina hear us talking and look over in our direction, with Nagato blinking a few times, and slowly turning her head to look at the book. There's silence for a bit, and then Nagato closes the manga and turns it over to it's cover. I blink a little and Nagato does too.

"Ah.", was all she said.

Well, I guess if you never realized you were reading about yourself in a manga and only knew once someone told you in a situation like this, my own reaction would probably be like somewhat like that. But with Nagato, that kind of realization wasn't in her code, or if you would say, she didn't have the necessary emotional data to react to it.

She suddenly stands up from her seat, and starts walking to the window behind the computer desk, and a bit too fast at that. She stops in front of it and opens it with her left hand. A slight breeze goes through the room.

I can't see Nagato's expression, and not because she doesn't really make facial expressions, but rather it's when a character has their hair cover up their face in a shadow to hide their emotions such as anger or embarrassment. Then, she raises her left leg to a perfect 180 degree angle. Well, she does have a girl's anatomy, and raising her leg like that... Wait a minute, Nagato you're not going to th-


She throws the poor thing straight out of the window, and being a Humanoid Interface, she threw it with much more force than the average person would be able to.

Because of that, a gust of wind blasts into the room. I cover my face with my arms and shortly after it's over, I look at Nagato, who looks like she just won the Koshien with a 180km throw, hands on her hips and breathing heavily.

Geez Nagato, was it really that bad that you didn't notice? I know the idea of overreacting, but this is a bit overboard now.

Ms. Asahina and Koizumi were still a little dazed from the force of the throw, Ms. Asahina on her knees with her eyes spinning around. Koizumi wasn't as bad, all he had was a bad hairdo and was chuckling a bit. I slowly walk over to Nagato and put my hand on her shoulder, her body freezing up from the sudden touch.

She slowly turns around to look at my face with a flushed face of embarrassment, looking like she's about to cry because she never noticed. Well this is a surprise, Nagato has emotions now, I wonder if I could make her show other things...but let's save that idea for later. For now, I just give her a pat on the head and a small chuckle, guiding her back to her seat.

"My my, it's always so interesting when Suzumiya-san engages in a new idea. You can see all sorts of wonders depending on what she wants to happen.", remarked Koizumi with his hand on his chin.

Well Koizumi, what about you, what did Haruhi do to you this time? If Nagato's been changed to have emotions, my curiosity about Koizumi's and Ms. Asahina's changes have caught my attention.

"So, what happen to the two of you? What did Haruhi change in both of you?"

"Um...actually Kyon-kun, Suzumiya-san, she...um…"

I look over to my left towards Ms. Asahina, one hand on my hip. She seems to be fidgeting her fingers a bit and looking at the ground in embarrassment. Well, if she's doing that, Haruhi probably made Ms. Asahina into an embarrassing creature, probably a transformation, because I haven't seen any visual differences since I arrived in the room. She takes a deep breath, bring her face up.

"I...I'm a…uh, um...a…a SUCCUBUS!", she exclaims.


Before I have any time to bring up my signature poker face up, she poofs into a puff of smoke. I back up few steps and a few moments later I see a vague silhouette of Ms. Asahina's body. There doesn't seem to be any obvious changes in her physical appearance, is it her clothes? Wait, clothes. What's she wearing? If I can see her silhouette like she's not wearing anything, what the heck is she-

"What in the world is that Ms. Asahin-BUUUHEEEHH!", I say hopelessly as I see the full view of her.

Well, a wondrous stream of red liquid is currently flowing out of my body like a fountain stream, because the reason so is that I, Kyon, have bore witness the true meaning of the term "sexy"... Good job me.

...But I still have to stay within the zone of sanity for both my own and the world's sake. So I slowly get back up from the ground and onto my feet. Looking at Ms. Asahina again while plugging my nose that already stained my uniform in a dark red color, I can now see the full aspects of her body, though I shouldn't be looking anymore, because at this rate, I'm gonna die faster than a old man with a turtle shell looking at exercise girls on T.V.

"Ah, are you ok Kyon-kun? You bled a lo-oh. Ah…..! Please don't stare too much!", she pleads innocently. Innocently, but with an erotic body, how contrast is that?

"Well Ms. Asahina, you don't have to worry about that anymore because now that memory's been written into me. And that unfortunately means I can't have that reaction I just did anymore.", I say sadly, but reassuringly.

Ms. Asahina has a look of both relief and embarrassment on her face, with a hint of confusion. She poofs back into a puff of smoke back to her normal appearance. While she was busy transforming back, I was thinking of getting this blood off me, so I walked over to Nagato, who was calmed down, but still had a face of cute sadness.

"Say Nagato, can I ask you to help clean this mess of myself off of me please?"

"Ah...yes, it is a simple task. I will simply return that data back into your body. Please, give me a moment."

Ok then, that solves one more problem. Now to just wait for everything to be over, and see what Koizumi's deal is- wait did she just say return the data back into my body? Nagato, what're doi-

"URP! Ah, what the heck? That was not pleasant at all."

"My apologies if any harm was committed. I was simply returning lost data back to its original owner."

"Ugh...whelp, it's not your fault Nagato. I should have realized what you were saying at first, so that's on me."

When she meant by returning the data, I thought she was going to convert my blood to bits of 0s and 1s. But as usual, that type of logic didn't happen, as she literally did return the data back, and by that I mean dragging the blood back through my nose and into my body. Like Majin Buu going inside you type of returning.

Giving Nagato a slight thanks in the form of a pet on the head, she purrs a little. My, if she was like this in the normal world, that would be interest. I then walk over to the seat across from Koizumi, who was just chuckling this whole time, his hand covering his mouth. Little piece of...nevermind. Now I got to see what changes to him were made.

"So then, Koizumi. If Haruhi's changed both Nagato and Ms. Asahina, I can assume she did something to affect you too?"

"Yes, it's just as you assumed Kyon-kun. In this case I've become a Magical Boy!"

And it was then that those two words echoed endlessly throughout the room. Ms. Asahina's transformation was done, and Nagato was calmed down. Then with that statement, both of their jaws fell. Well, I guess that was an appropriate reaction. Oh the humanity you've created Haruhi.

But then he did the unthinkable, how dare he. He actually donned a costume of horrifying measures, and it was before he did his transformation pose too! Dang it Koizumi, you give magical girls and boys a horrible reputation.

"Te-hee!", he said.

Oh good lord he actually did it. He did a fake hit on his head like those cutesy girls do all the time, and then he gave me a wink… I think I'm getting goosebumps, and an extreme urge to vomit also.

"Oh good god...urp…"

NO, NO GOD PLEASE NO! Hold it in Kyon, for your own sake! I don't want my own vomit going back in my mouth because of Nagato's abilities, so I have to stay calm.

"Is it too stimulating for you? I guess so. By now, you should have gotten the idea of what Suzumiya-san has gotten us into, and a good one at that."

"Yes, I already knew Koizumi….I just...just don't do that ever again. Ever. Otherwise I'm going to die of cringe.", I pleaded.

"Heh heh, very well then."

His body shines for a moment and he returns back to his uniform. Good lord, now that image is burned into my mind forever. That Haruhi, once she comes over I'm gonna...well speak of the devil.

We all heard loud footsteps coming towards the door. Yep, that was Haruhi alright.

Ms. Asahina proceeds to prepare tea for the all of us while in her maid outfit. Wait, when did she change into that? Hmm, probably when I was having an emotional attack. Koizumi brings out a Shogi board, and Nagato goes back to having her own poker face, hiding her feline features as well, and all while reading an actual book this time of course, that silly girl.

Shortly after, the door gets slammed open. Poor door. We all turn over to the direction of the exit, gazing upon our figure of a club leader. Bearing a grin on her face, that can only mean she has something on her mind. Well, now that the world was full of fictional assets, it wouldn't be as boring as before.

"Everyone, I just got a great idea! Let's go looking for cat people and demons! Oh, and magical people as well!"

Well Haruhi, yet again, those things are right in front of you.

I give a light sigh and proceed to stand up from my seat. Koizumi does the same, and Nagato closes her book with a bookmark. Ms. Asahina finishes the tea and passes it out to everyone. Shortly after the light refreshment, we all proceed to go out of the club room and out of school. Meeting up at our usual cafe spot, Haruhi proceeds to bring out the drawing sticks.

"Ok then, all of us are going to pick a stick! Once you're paired up, scatter across the city and find whatever evidence you can. If I find out you're fooling around, it's a HUGE penalty, you got that Kyon?"

Why just me? Surely you have to suspect the others having a possibility of going off task even a little bit don't you.

Well, here's to another wacky wandering session, only this time things can get a bit hectic. Sigh.