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Chapter 6

You know, sometimes I wonder who came up with the idea with jinxing someone else's ideas, because whoever did, I put this blame solely on your shoulders.

The reason for this sudden little rampant of mine is because I nonchalantly said that nothing would happen, and normally something would happen right?

But normally it wouldn't be something so severe. Though take this scenario for example to repent my previously naive thoughts.

You're making breakfast, and you decide to turn on the television, only to see news of impending death on the screen. In this case, a colossal, no an armageddon of bizarre creatures swarming the planet, and they're all the size of an average country, to what size that is, you can determine that in your own mind, because there's still enough of them to cover the planet.

That's probably the sign of an extreme case of collateral jinxing if you ask me, and I probably know who to blame for this, and you most likely know as well. So, with that being said, let's try to calmly analyze the situation at hand shall we?

One: The planet is being swarmed by an army of colossal creatures yes, but what abilities do they have is the question, and when and what will they do is another valid point of interest.

Two: The probability of having a chance at survival should be nigh impossible at this point, because if my predictions of retortion are right, whoever's responsible for this God forsaken mess clearly wants the world to just burn uncontrollably with nothing to stop it at all.

And three: I'm probably the only thing that can stop this darn thing in the end, because unfortunately, nothing thought of or created by the previously mentioned omnipotent figure can affect me, well besides collateral damage caused by said figures, but nonetheless. So yes, it's a total pain in the southern end.

And now the current question at hand, how should I go at facing this problem? Should I wait, or should I try to find the epicenter of this collateral world, or should I just brush it off and be a lazy person like the true person I am?

"You should probably get over here Kyon, it's quite a mess you know?"

...And there goes my train of thought. Sigh.

"...What is it Koizumi? If it's about the current mess then yes, I already know about it."

"Then this makes it much easier. To get to the point, we need to find Suzumiya-san immediately. Come meet us at the school ASAP."

Great. Now I have to go up that freaking hill again...

Taking a few moments more to finish up my food, I change into my uniform and get ready to leave my house.

And immediately afterwards I get an emergency alert signal from my phone. Great, and I wasn't even remotely scared by it either, and that's pretty sad to be honest.

Taking out my phone, I check out the message that I received in an otherwise worrisome matter. It was labeled as so:

'This is a message to all residents in the area. At this time, the surrounding vicinity is currently occupied by extraterrestrial lifeforms, in which whom are designated and assumed as armed and/or dangerous. Please stay in your households until the situation is cleared. This message will repeat.'

And there you have it folks. Now, the current question: What to do?

Sure enough we have the necessary information to understand what needs to be done, but which course of action should we take first? The first one is easy, first of all, I regroup with the others. Then, we discuss the origin of this mess and gather other parts of info in order to establish a plan of action to deal with said problem, easy as pie right? So, away we go!

...Is how I would say if it were that easy. First, I have to make sure I get there alive, because currently, there's a typhoon right next to me.

And what do I do? Well, run of course! Well, in this case, it'd be better to find a more efficient method of transportation. Now let's see…

I look around the vicinity. The sudden alarm caused a lot of panic in the area, understandable of course. But as a result, there's just a stash of stuff laying around now, with vehicles and other means included as well. Looking abroad, I spot a few things that catch my interest. A skateboard with a motor engine, a car with no wheels but 4 aero engines to sustain hover-like capabilities, and...a gundam? Where did that come from?

Well, let's see here, the skateboard sounds nice with the feel of the ride, but I'd probably be dragged away by force of the typhoon. The car is good too but it's also too light to avoid getting obliterated. Obvious choice is gundam obviously, and it's an Exia for crying out loud! However, how do I get in that?

Just as was wondering, I spot a platform right next to it, huh, how convenient.

Walking over to it, I look for any switch that might lift up the platform, and eventually I do find one. Pressing it, the the platform begins to lift off the ground and rise towards the torso, which I assumed held the cockpit. Pressing the other switch, the hatch opens, and I jump inside.

Moving into the cockpit and fiddling my way to comfortably sit in it, I engage the power. The cockpit closes, and it goes dark for a second. A few moments later, a bunch of lights start to brighten up, displaying guages such as energy levels, sonar, and other useful functions. The display transitions to show the outside of the gundam itself, and I grip the controls.

"Now, if memory serves me well, this does this, this does it!"

I try to remember the scenes from the original show, and thought it feels a bit weird, I'm now piloting a gundam. Huh. Anyways:

"Kyon, Gundam Exia, launching!"

The machine's visual cameras light up, and I pull the handles hard, engaging the thrusters, and off I went, taking my first flight. But, seriously, that was just embarrassing. What I just said right now was so cringey...

Well, forget about that. Flying over to the school took only a few moments, and it easy to land it as well because there was no one in the vicinity that would get affected from the landing. Before I got out, I noticed a small remote near me, so I grabbed it and jumped out to the platform which brought me down.

Getting off the platform, I walk into the school, taking a few minutes to get to the clubroom. Eventually, I arrive and enter.


"Welcome Kyon. So, let's get down to business shall we, since everyone is here now." , Koizumi says.

We all sit down at the table. Koizumi brings out a map of the city.

"So, as well know, the city and the rest of the world is currently being targeted by the army of creatures. We are located here. The vicinity of our foe obviously covers the planet, but it doesn't mean that the creatures themselves can just enter the area and attack."

"You mean all the natural disasters happening outside right?" , I say.

"Correct. Even though Suzumiya-san wants the destruction of the world, perhaps some glimpse of sanity still remains in her, as she decided to use this method instead of some other instantaneous sequence."

"Okay then, well that's all said and done, but where do we find Haruhi anyways?"

"Indeed, where to look? Most likely somewhere close I assume. She probably doesn't even realize the scale of the situation as usual. What places do you think she'd be at?"

We try to discuss the location of Haruhi, guessing at the locations at where'd she most likely would go to. The school is probably not the place to be at. Neither around town too probably, where could she have gone? If I were unconsciously teleporting myself to a unknown location where would I...ah!

"Well, here's a thought I might have…"

I speak out to the others, and they all look to me.

"Well, if my assumptions are right, this all started because Haruhi got interested in anime and stuff right? Well let's try to think of shows and other things that might have situations like these."

"Oh, now that you mentioned it…"

We try to think of various manga and other stuff like that, and after a while, one particular thing comes to mind...though it sounds bit unlikely given the person in question.

"Hey Nagato, when you said that Haruhi's room disappeared, what was the condition of the surrounding area? What is burned, scratched or bruised, what was it?"

"According to the camera footage, the surrounding area around Haruhi Suzumiya's residential area was shown to have no exterior or interior damage, though signs of curvature were evidenced around the vicinity, however little it seemed to be."

Whelp, that answers everything, Haruhi did in fact get pissed off, and do you know what kind of people that develop powers from emotional disorder? Yeah, you probably know.

"Well that settles it, Haruhi became a red-eyed trigger bomb of emotions, if you catch my drift."

"Red-eyed trigger bomb? That seems a bit...ah, I see what you mean. Though the question now is, how do we get there? Only someone with those eyes can get there.", Koizumi says.

"True, that is a problem. But of course, aren't there other ways to bypass dimensional barriers? I mean, it's fictional reality we have right here."

"Yes, there might be, but I doubt there's anyway to actually transport oneself into a dimension with only one entrance. Perhaps there is another way?"

"Well, when you put it like that...oh I know! We can collect the balls then."

"Balls you say? Ah, that slipped my mind. And since Suzumiya-san has no recollection of obtaining the ability, it's all the more better."

"Then that's that then. Nagato, is there a way for you to construct the radar to locate them?"

"I need to view the said object first in order to copy its functions. Shall we look for it?"

I nodded, and I walk over to the computer. Surprisingly enough, there was still internet. Searching up on the net, Nagato walks over to analyze the shape, and shortly after, she walks back. Sitting down, she blinks a few times and brings her hands together, building up data in her hands. Glowing a dimly lit blue, the shape begins to form into the said radar.

"It is done. Shall we proceed with the hunt?", she says. I swear I could see her tail swaying rapidly back and forth. She must be excited. I really should come up with a way to preserve her new form of expression.

She gives the radar to me, and I press it once. The radar starts blinking, with a yellow wave expanding and revealing a small yellow circle south east, and another in the north. WELL NOW, they just happen to be in Japan of all places huh? Not that I'm complaining though, nope, not saying anything bad reader.

Well, ignoring that last retort, we go off to collect the goods. I went north because it was a longer distance, whilst the others went to the other location. It didn't take long, actually, it felt too just roll with it I guess.

After collecting the two of them, we meet back up at the school entrance, in which I extend the range of the radar with another press. And what we have here, all 5 dang balls located in a straight line...ugh, I REALLY FEEL like jinxing something or someone, but first things first. Since they're all near each other, we all take Exia to the location, but what we didn't know was it was on Mt. Fuji, so it was a pain in the southern exit to get them. By the time we got back, everyone but Nagato was pale blue. Gimme a data field for that would ya?

Gathering all the balls together, we were about to call the dragon but then I realize something…

"Hey, I just noticed. If we summon the dragon, wouldn't that attract the attention of the creatures?"

"Not to worry. I've got an idea."


Walking away towards the Exia, she places her hand on it, covering it with a data field. The shape of it begins to change, with more parts being added to various parts of the mech. After a little while, she releases it, revealing an upgrade Exia, no scratch that, a newly born 00.

"Oooooh, I get it. While you guys get with the wishing, I'm going to be the bait? Fine by me. Thanks for this opportunity Nagato."

She nods, her ears twitching. The others begin the calling, and I enter the cockpit. Let's see here, what else did she add...missiles, sabers, vulcans, an additional booster as well, oh my.

And just as I'm busy fiddling with the new functions, the sky turns black, and thunder starts to roll. It had begun, and started to bring a few of the creatures. Geez, they're huge, and that was a major understatement at that.

Nagato just turns around with her signature poker face, simply giving me a thumbs up. Well, thanks I guess? At least I get a small bit of encouragement.

I engage the power, with the 00's visual cameras blinking. The environmental screening engages, and with a tight squeeze of the controls, I start the 00's thrusters, reaching the imposing enemy way faster than I expected. The specs on this must be doubled or tripled at least, so hopefully I don't crash...buuuuuuut moving on to the others.

Nagato quickly regroups with Ms. Asahina and Koizumi, who begins the calling. The balls start flashing slowly at a repeated pace, waiting for the words. Koizumi walks up and spreads his hands out.

"...Eternal dragon, come forth please!", Koizumi commands.

They then start flashing rapidly, and after a few seconds, stay in a glowing state, and burst into a bright flash. And all the while, I swear I could hear some kind of background music playing, a very epic one at that too. And out of the light, a giant ray begins to erupt and swirl up into the sky, reaching its full length to dim and reveal its dragon form.


Ms. Asahina slowly walks forward and looks up towards the dragon's face.

"...Eternal dragon, we wish to bring the individual that is Ms. Haruhi Suzumiya to our location! And with our next wish, please eradicate the creatures orbiting the planet!" , Ms. Asahina requests.

A moment of silence passes, and the dragon opens its mouth.


I evade the attack of one of the creatures to look back. The dragon's red eyes glow, and a bright light appears from above. I look up and realize that all the creatures started to glow, and within a moment, vanish into thin air. I then look back down to suddenly see Haruhi's room pop into existence, floating a few meters in the air and slowly descending onto the ground. I return to back to the ground and exit 00 to join up with the others.

"Well, I suppose that went well?" , I say.

"Indeed. Unfortunately though, the real challenge awaits us now. I suspect we are all ready now? Then, let us approach the situation at hand then." , Koizumi says

I sigh, and we all look at the door that says: Haruhi. It's like Koizumi said, this is the final boss indeed. Either we succeed, or the world dies. Whelp, let's begin the final lesson shall we?