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Chapter 7

And there it was, a literal cube of white with a door. And it was popped back into this world by a magical wish granting dragon, but hey I don't make the rules, well, at least not in this world to say the least.

Regardless though, inside that cube was the source of all our problems, the trigger one would say. And now that brings us to the current question: what's in there? It was a bit nerving to think of what was in. It could've been a normal bedroom, or something else entirely.

But instead of thinking about what could be inside, might as well find out.

"Well now, should we just go in? Or take precautions?" I ask.

"I don't think there's any need for additional preparation. Your nullifier should be sufficient enough. Let's just proceed accordingly shall we?"

With Koizumi saying that, we all walk to the front of the door. I knock a few times. No answer. Is she awake, or just ignoring us? I try opening the door, and it was unlocked, so we just proceeded through. When we entered though, it seemed...ominous, despite its normal appearance of a high school girl's room, at least by what is normal to Haruhi at the very most.

As I close the door after everyone arrived inside the room, Koizumi and Nagato begin searching, Nagato nonchalantly looking around, and Koizumi carefully and slowly scanning the room for anything deemed as obscene. As for me though, I simply look forwards, at the end of the room, where a bed was. Slowly walking to it, I begin to recognize the shape of the body laying on it. A yellow hairband was all I needed to see to know it was Haruhi laying there, still asleep.

"So...what now?"

"If my assumptions are correct, the little scene that we pulled off a while ago is probably the trigger for this dangerous scenario. Though because Suzumiya-san is in deep sleep, to her, this may be a dream of a sort. I think you get my point right?" Koizumi responds in a slightly alerted matter.

"I think. Try to make her believe that it's all fake, that kind of persuasion by taking advantage of their half-aware attention or whatever right?"

"Bingo. Though, in order to successfully negate this event, we have to be careful about what words we use when we engage in a conversation with her. After all, since she's asleep, her restraint on her powers are almost non-existent. She could subconsciously wipe us out in an instant."

Well, nice of you to amplify the pressure then. It makes everyone even more joyful of the situation…

So here's the wholesome plan in my mind:

1. Wake up Haruhi.

2. Try to convince her that everything that she unconsciously made happen is all a dream.

And 3. Convince her that none of those things exist, and try to bring the world back to normal, well, at least what it was before she started becoming interested in manga and anime.

Simple as it sounds, I doubt that even if she were dead drunk, normal talk would mean nothing to her. And if that's the case, we'd have to create an illusion of a dream somehow by ourselves, but how? There's nothing here that we can...oh what am I saying. Nagato!

A light bulb goes off in my head. Of course, we can just have Nagato create visual effects of a dream to trick Haruhi. Duh.

"Ok, so here's the plan everyone. Before we wake up Haruhi, I want everyone to think of what a dream would look like. After we settle on the general idea, Nagato will replicate that onto the surroundings of the room. The room, along with us, will be used to trick Haruhi that everything is just a dream. By doing that, we'll make her revert everything back to normal." I explain.

"Hmm...yes, that could work. Let's initiate the plan then shall we?"

We all try to think of background scenarios or dreamlike situations, smoky backgrounds, changing colors slowly. I mean, there actually aren't many that come into mind. Hm…

"What about this then?" Nagato suddenly says.

We all turn to look at her, and she brings out a small device. Pressing a button, the a light beams out from it, blinding us. A few moments later, I uncover my eyes to witness something that I would describe as...heavenly?

I believe that I am standing on a liquid surface, or is a liquid? I looked around, seeing the astonishing visual details. An endless blue sky with a touch of clouds. My attention then goes back towards Haruhi, where is she? To answer my question, Nagato simply points in a direction. When my head turned over, I see Haruhi, sleeping soundly on a single chair.

"Hey, this is nice Nagato! Say, you think you can give us an appearance make over?"

Upon hearing that, her eyes flicker.

Rushing over to me in an instant. "Do you wish to proceed? What suggestions do you have?"

Since this is a dream, might as well go on the spiritual side. I walk over to here and whisper a few things. She nods and steps back. I call over the other two to say that we're getting a change up. Nagato takes a moment to initiate an enchantment, and proceeds to transform us, including herself.

A faint blue glow surrounds everyone, engulfing us in a white light. As the light began to cover me, the familiar feeling of transformation returned, yet it wasn't the exact same feeling as last time. I wonder why? Eh, probably because it's a different form I'm taking. I assume the same for the others as well.

When the light finally faded away, my vision cleared up. I actually felt kind of...light, like weightless light. I take a look at my new form, and to be honest, I actually didn't really look that much different. All I know is that I was wearing a beige yukata, and that my lower body had no feeling, meaning my request to turn into a youkai spirit worked! Man, I always wanted to see how it felt to float like one, thank Haruhi for this opportunity. Oh, speaking of which…

I take a look at the others, who also had appearances similar in design to me. Ms. Asahina was fiddling around in a cutesy matter, while Koizumi merely chuckled at the realization of his form. Nagato still kept her poker face and feline features though, I wonder if she purposely chose to keep them? Nevertheless.

"I guess it's time then?" I said.

"Correct. Though I recommend the usage of these."

We look over to Nagato, who held a bunch of talismans attached to a head strap. On the talisman was クリア, the katakana for the word 'clear'.

"With this, she won't be able to recognize us in the case that she assumes full conscious awareness. It will also synthesize your voice into a new one."

"So a cloaker and a voice changer? Nice." I retort with a quick thumbs up as I begin floating towards Haruhi.

I approach a few feet away from her. She was sleeping soundly without a care in the world. Part of me wanted to pull a prank on her, but that'd probably end up horribly wrong.

So instead I float close to her, right next to her ear, and started to echo her name like they do in those typical dream realization scenarios.

"Haruhi…..Haaaaruhi…" I pretend to echo out.

She begins squirming about, not realizing that she's actually on a chair instead of a bed. It was kinda funny to see her try to position herself. But still.

"Haruhi...there's a ghost trying to speak to you so get your butt up!" I say as I taze her in the ribs.

"GAH!" she shrieks out as she bounces up while becoming fully awake.

"Ok who did that?! Someone's going to get a knuckle sand...woah what is all this?"

She notices Nagato's visual work, her face full of sudden surprise and curiosity. She immediately jumps off the chair, almost knocking out my chin if it weren't for me dodging at the last second.

"Wow, what is all this? Am I dreaming, this feels real all over the place! And this floor, am I actually standing on water?!"

Haruhi was clearly on a squealing spaz like she was released from some kind of prison facility. Though her desire to see extraterrestrial forms were probably her number one wish, I think something like this can even the odds for just a bit of time, well, at least until she's aware of our presence that is.

While she was distracted, I floated over to Koizumi and nudged him to go grab Haruhi's attention. Reluctantly, he started to go towards Haruhi, who was still admiring the view. I eye Nagato and Ms. Asahina over, nudging my head over towards the chair Haruhi was previously on. They both nod and start going there. I glance back at Koizumi, who fortunately for me, was being swung around like a ragdoll by Haruhi as he tried to come towards us. My guess was that the disguises were working, and that Haruhi was thrilled by whatever appearance Koizumi looked like to her.

"Hey hey, so where is anyways? Are you guys aliens or something, cause if so, then this the happiest moment in my life!"

Sheesh, I knew she was crazy for aliens and espers and whatnot, but I think this is a case of fangirling and a hyper-sugar rush coming together. Well, at least no bizarre things are happening in here.

But enough with that, let's initiate the plan so I can finally sleep in peace, knowing that something won't happen to the outside world.

I hover over to Haruhi while calling out her name to grab her attention.

"Suzumiya-san. May I have your attention?" I ask, trying not to give out my way of speaking. She might not recognize our appearances or voices, but she could probably recognize speaking styles and possibly other details.

"Huh? Ah, another one, yay! This is truly my luckiest day!"

"Yes Suzumiya-san, but could grant us a moment of your time for a matter?

"Oh, sure sure, let's go!" She says nonchalantly to me as she becomes aware of the others.

I begin going back towards Nagato and Ms. Asahina, who were waiting by the chair. I sway my arm towards them to tell Haruhi to come over, to which she did after letting go of Koizumi, who sighed for a moment before doing a tired chuckle. After catching his breath, he joins up with us.

I bring a hand over to the chair, placing on the top and patting it a few times to signal Haruhi to sit. She hops onto the seat, then quickly turning around to face us.

"So what do you all have to say?"

I float forward a bit, presenting myself to speak.

"Well Suzumiya-san, if my acquaintances and I are correct, you have been seen to be experiencing and visualizing some supposed forms of extraterrestrial and related phenomenon I take it? To you, they seem to be realistically there, visible to your eyes, creating feelings of multiple constructs?" I say in an unfamiliar fashion to my usual rhetorical tone.

Haruhi takes a bit of time to process the lecture I gave her, thinking of my words. Her face showed minor changes of mental thinking, then went into a poker face.

"Well, I wouldn't say it was dramatical as you say it was. I mean sure, people with different colored hair and supposedly animalistic features that seemingly do not look like cosplay may seem a bit weird, but the only thing really interesting or at least attention worthy was that jerk who stole my talismans." she says in a mix of boredom and annoyance.

Well excuse me for making you feel annoyed. Personally, doing all of that was just a waste of sleeping time for me. I could've been staying at home back then, but someone had to stop you from becoming self-aware. And besides, who's bright idea was it to suddenly become involved in magic, I mean, that poor kid is probably disappearing because of his book being recycled for all I know.

As I began retorting in my mind, Koizumi decided to step up. Knowing that I finally could catch a temporary break, I gladly backed off.

"So, Ms. Suzumiya, how are you feeling right now, well, besides excitement from seeing our forms that is?" he asks.

"Well...I guess a bit annoyed, kinda pissed too actually. Like I said earlier, the whole cosplay phenomenon was already as weird as it was, but the thief though...OH that reaaaalllly made me angry. I mean, I got so angry that I wished that wherever he was, regardless if he was on another continent, country, or wherever, he'd get what's coming to him! When I was messing back there, I really felt like something was going to happen!"

Oh, so that explains it then. Well, at least we know her reason for setting up a doomsday plan overnight. Craptastic.

"Well then Ms. Suzumiya, what if I told you that all of that, including this, is all but an illusion to your senses, a dream if you so call it?" Koizumi suddenly questions.

"A dream? No way, how could it be a dream of all things? Everything was real, or well, felt real at least. How could it be a dream then?"

"If I remember correctly, you seem to have acquired a recently growing taste for fictional media forms, such as manga or other forms? Perhaps those factors led to your to mirage of fantastical forms. Maybe you could recall all the things that you read or watched?"

That seems logical. If we know the stuff that Haruhi took inspiration from, perhaps it could be used to counter her imaginative creating. Though, it depends on the genre of the topic, but please don't let it be any weird stuff...oh wait, Haruhi's mind is full of weird, so that's inevitable…

Wait, did I just jinx myself? Crap.

"Well, most of the stuff that I first viewed were things from the horror genre, you know, zombies, mutants, that kind of stuff? But later on I started to get interested in sci-fi and other stuff, but eventually that too became mundane like everything else." Haruhi explains.

"I see. Why did you decide to look into horror in the first place then?" Koizumi asks.

"Well, if one's going to look for aliens, espers, and time travelers, I say the best thing would be to look in the horror genre. I mean, those types of subjects always involve some kind of mystery right? Like stuff that keeps the identities and presences of weird stuff hidden away. So I figured, if I could learn the sort of scenarios that cause things to happen, I could finally find the things I've been looking for! I mean, the only reason why I went into other subjects was because those things were sometimes a byproduct, stuff like love scenarios between a girl and a lot of guys is boring, I mean who watches that?"

Woah there Haruhi, that's a bit too much of a ramble, even I don't retort that much. Minding the details you just gave us, how do we now propose to solve the problem now?

I go over to Koizumi and tap his shoulder. He turns around to face me while I whisper that someone else should try to take a shot at convincing her that everything's just a dream. I briefly turn my head over to Ms. Asahina, who glanced back. I nudged by head towards Haruhi a few times, and she got the message.

"So, Ms. Suzumiya. You said that your research was to further develop your understanding of supernatural phenomenons yes? W-well, did you ever encounter any kind of evidence regarding that throughout your life?" she says in a slight panic.

Haruhi was slightly taken back by this, but then retorted:

"Well, there was that one time where I was in that weird but realistic dream with Kyon. There were those cool blue giants, and the entire world was gulped up in a monotone like fashion. And, and I use this term loosely, that 'dream' didn't seem like a dream at all either, I mean it's clear enough that even if it was a dream, an acquaintance of mine like Kyon couldn't possibly retort or go against me in the slightest without hesitation, it was like he was actually there in person...maybe he WAS!"

Huh, well that went well. I have a feeling Ms. Asahina won't have much of a chance at this. I can't send Nagato out either, her monotone dialogue is going to give her away. What to do...ah.

"If you're confident in the existence of supernatural phenomenon, then why haven't they revealed themselves to you? Is it even possible for them to do so? Think about it. A time traveler can't carelessly reveal their identity without causing an anomaly in the timestream. An esper can't use his powers freely, or he/she would possibly be targeted by various organizations. And aliens, they most definitely would not want to out of the three." I blurt out.

Koizumi cranks his head immediately in my direction with an expression of shock. Ms. Asahina starts to panic a little.

'Kyon, what are you doing?! Are you trying to destroy the world?' Koizumi thought.

I could tell his thoughts from his face. Predictable yes, but understandable too. What I was saying did indeed sound crazy, but I got this.

"The reason I'm saying this is because I'm a part of your mind Haruhi. Courtesy reasons say I address you as Suzumiya-san, but you'd probably prefer your own name being called by in your own state of mind am I right? Well, anyways, back to the aliens. Aliens out of the three wouldn't dare reveal themselves because of their cautious behavior towards newly discovered life. They don't want to take chances with anything, so they establish any way to keep their secrets secret. How would you, or anyone in that matter, know if someone was a alien or not?" I say in a more daring approach.

Geez, I really deserve something after this. This persuasion thing takes way too much energy.

"A part of my mind? Pfft, please, how gullible do you think I am? Sure, this dream like environment may seem exquisite at the very least, but you can't just go on from that to saying that you're a manifestation of my inner mind." Haruhi protests.

Really, must you make this so difficult? Sigh, fine then, I'll just have to scale it up a notch then.

"It's to go detective. Would you kindly?" I requested with a finger snap.

Nagato understood my idea and followed up, proceeding to bask me in a glow of light. What came out shortly after was a teenager with blue eyes and pale skin,a hairstyle displaying a cowlick in the front and a tuff in the back, along with an all navy blue school uniform sporting a green tie.

"Only one truth prevails right?" I quote.

One of Haruhi's brows twitched. "Hey hey, don't go all detective on me now, I'm not some kind so criminal ya know!"

"Regardless of whether or not criminal activity, we have secrets to reveal, and you, miss, are our source of this mishappening. So pucker up, 'cause it's time to confess."

Well, it's a good thing I also read this too. Being a detective huh, I suppose it's not too late to start up on that, though do I have the intellect and athletic ability to do so? ...Nah, sadly I don't, so that's down the drain. Bummer.

I put my hands in my pockets, and gave her a cocky stare. "So, let's start off with what we know already. First of all, your interest in the subject of extraterrestrials. When you were younger, you never really thought that they really existed right? Though you did think that living as an ordinary human was like living as a drone in an anthill."

As I finished that last sentence, Haruhi flinches a little, and turns her head away. Is she pouting or something?

Hmm, I might be going into some sensitive information that might not be good to distribute, but eh, what's the worst it could do?

"That's right, you really couldn't find the enjoyment of life. That is, until you were in the 7th grade."

Both Ms. Asahina and Koizumi tilt their heads a little. 'Seventh grade ?'

They both knew that all of this started 3 years ago, but their respective organizations could never quite figure out the cause of Haruhi's awakening. Well, Ms. Asahina was there when it happened, but she wasn't conscious at the time, and Nagato knew of course due to the mind data transfer. So I guess the only that wasn't truly a part of that significant event was Koizumi. Well, good for him, the one truth is to be revealed then.

Turning around and pointing a finger at her. "While you were in the seventh grade, you desperately wanted to find evidence of any kind of supernatural thing, since basically nothing could intrigue you anymore. So you decided to draw a hieroglyph, and a large one at that, in hopes that aliens would understand your message and come over. The only thing that you needed to do was find a space big enough for your needs, and something that could write that as well, so where else would you go to but a school?"

Haruhi just kept her face away from me as I continue to barrage her past. I take a glance around. Koizumi was in deep thought with a hand under his chin and his other arm supporting it. Ms. Asahina on the other hand kept a moe face of confusion, several question marks popping up above her head. Aaaannnd Nagato was just reading a manga while lying down and drinking a soda. Wait, ain't that a scene from, from...what's it called? Ah, it's not important at the moment, back to Haruhi.

"So, moving on. When you got your brilliant plan, you immediately wanted to initiate it, though you knew that it was preferable to be done in the dark at night, when nobody was around, and nobody could see you. But when you reached your school gate and attempted to climb over it, you encountered him."

"Him?" Koizumi whispered to himself.

At this point, Haruhi turned back and gave me a semi-glare, one half of annoyance, the other half embarrassment.

"That's right. You encountered the one and only...John Smith."

Now then, I wonder how everyone's gonna react?

I take a quick glance around. Koizumi had a slightly changed face of surprise, one that was clearly saying that it was something unexpected, but reasonable enough to understand. Ms. Asahina on the other hand still had a dumbfounded expression though.

I then look back at Haruhi's face, now expressing a look of embarrassment, though not much. Still, quite an achievement for myself I say.

I started adding more. "That's right. When you encountered him, it was then a rekindled spark appeared in your heart, it was someone who was different from your typical boring person. You realized this after he nonchalantly spoke out the reasoning behind your hieroglyphical message. And after realizing his origins from North High, more excitement began to build up. You truly were going along with it all, since it was practically one of the most eventful moments for someone of your caliber. If there was someone at North High who thought the same way as you, naturally it would encourage you do go there."

I snap my fingers again. Nagato whips up another transformation enchantment, briefly surrounding me in a wrap of light. After it fade away, I was back in my school attire, minus the blazer. I wondered if my face was obscured, since when I encountered the younger Haruhi, she couldn't see much of my figure. Nagato seemed to understand based on my little glances across my body, and spawned a mirror above and behind where Haruhi sat. Taking a good look, she seemed to got the details spot-on. Even though my entire body's appearance was made, the changes in lighting mirrored that of the conditions of that very night.

I then began speaking out again. "So tell me then, did anything happen after our last encounter? Anything to prove and show to me?"

Haruhi glares back at me the same way when she was younger. I guess she got over that little push I gave her earlier, about time. I need her to keep the flow of the talk going, otherwise I'm going to wear myself out…

"You're asking me for proof? You never showed me any evidence of them! How do you know what's an esper or not?! And what about aliens or time travelers, what about them too?"

Geh, great, she's throwing a fit now, even if it's validly alright to say. Curse my inability to get out of corny situations.

"And sliders, people from different dimensions? How would anyone know to distinguish them as well, they'd be just as hidden away like the others according to your logic. What do you say about that then?"

As she says that, she closes her eyes and crosses her hands. She snaps her neck away to avoid looking at me. Ugh.

Ok Haruhi that's enough, even though I'm trying to convince you it's a dream, you really do lay down the words don't you? Fine then, I'll do something stupid, just to spite you.

Hey Nagato?


You mind looking at this plan I have in my head? Do you think it'll worsen the situation if I go with it?

'Please allow me a moment to run a diagnosis of your simulated thought.'



'...Analysis complete. The end result of your plan might endanger all of existence. There is a 77.38% chance that it will lead to the destruction sequence. The remaining percentage will represent your chances of success.'


'...Permission to proceed? Full systems will be permitted to assist in your endeavor.'

Well Nagato, if this succeeds, then there won't be anything to worry about after this. No risk of closed space appearing, interferences by other interfaces and organizations, time changing events, or anything else at that matter. I'd say it's the best thing I've came up with today! So, initiate the mission Nagato!

'Roger. Commencing environmental data reconfiguration. Systematic chat activated. All systems. To. Go.'

Nagato lifts her hands, and quickly mutters another line of code. A blue pulse of energy is released from the palms of her hands, which quickly travels throughout the entire room. Thankfully Haruhi didn't notice it. After the wave disappeared, a faint glow of aura blanketed Ms. Asahina and Koizumi. Koizumi opened his eyes slightly in surprise, while Ms. Asahina took out a device, which then when she looked at it surprised her.

'Alright everyone, can you hear me?'

Koizumi glances once at me, then returns to gaze back at Haruhi.

'Loud and clear. I assume that you have something in plan for all of us?'

'Yeah, something along those lines. I already discussed it with Nagato, I just wanted to make sure that you and Ms. Asahina were willing to go along with what I have, which I already assume that you know on your part if you haven't already noticed what Nagato just did now.'

I take a glance at Ms. Asahina, who slightly flinched while making what I assumed a whiny face, since I couldn't tell her full expression due to her disguise.

'Y-you're sure you want to do this Kyon-kun? If we do this, Ms. Suzumiya m-might react negatively to this…'

I form a poker face as she said that.

'Well, Nagato did say that we have roughly less than a quarter of a chance of succeeding, but at this point, I just want to be blunt with Haruhi and just get this all out of the way.'

'Ha ha ha. You never stop amazing me with that improvisational attitude Kyon. Normally a person would be on their wits right about now, or at least moderately raged or annoyed, even I would be a little bit.'

I gave him a slight smirk, then turn back to Haruhi.

'Alright, let's get started then. Follow my lead people, I'm getting sleepy.'

I cough a little to gain Haruhi's attention. She opens one eye while still keeping her face away from me.

"Alright then missy, you've asked for it. I'm done playing with you, it's time to fess up!'

I slam a foot forward and bring my left arm out. I snap loudly and with the help of Nagato, a bright flash erupts from it shortly, blinding Haruhi.

As the light started to brim down, Haruhi uncovers her arms away from her face. Her eyes widen as she realizes that she's at North High, and also that her clothes have changed to her uniform, including the cardigan. She takes a look around, the doors were locked, and there was only a void of black beyond the windows. From outside the classroom we were floating. I signal Nagato, and she simply raises her right arm out, and inside the classroom a chair and desk appeared where Haruhi usually sat at. She eyed it in suspicion, but she decided to sit finally after a minute. After rearranging herself into her trademark bored and looking out the window posture, I signal Nagato again.

She glances at me and nods slightly, wrapping by body in the usual glow of light as she teleports me to Haruhi.

To anyone familiar with this scenario, props to you for remembering this legendary scene, or well, at least it extraordinary to me at least...Anyways!

Haruhi sat in her usual posture, and stared out the window, but rather in annoyance than boredom.

'Ugh, you bring me her to this dull place of all things. Who do you think I am, some plaything…? I swear once someone appears I'm just going to-'

"Do what?"


"You heard me. What are you going to do? This is a dream. You can't do anything in a dream, it won't affect anyone, only your own psyche."

I can't believe I'm actually doing this… Even though this plan was the only one I could think of, I suppose I didn't really go through with all the actions involved that I would be committing.

Haruhi's expression went from one of annoyance to one of slight surprise. She blinked a few times because it was then she noticed her reflection having a different appearance from that of her own. Her arm holding her head up quickly dropped onto the desk, and she began to stare at her newly identified doppelganger.

She lifts herself up from the chair and takes a step back. She puts one hand on her hip while the other was pointing at the still sitting double.

"Hey who are you?"

The double didn't bother standing up, and just moved her eyes towards Haruhi's gaze.

"Sigh. If you haven't already noticed, I'm a fragment of your consciousness like the other four entities that you just encountered, another you if you put it in a weird fashion."

An anger vein popped on Haruhi's face. "So another thing messing with me? What do you all want?"

"A good question. And the answer I have for you is…"

The double gets up from her seat, and begins walking towards Haruhi, much to her surprise when the double phased through the mirror and into the room.

"...a confession. The truth of your own thinking of all that has occurred up until this point of your life."

Haruhi raised an eyebrow at this once she lowered her pointer and crossed her arms. The double, now standing two feet away from Haruhi, also crosses her hands while maintaining a poker face.

"I'm going to give you a quiz. First, I'm going to explain. At the end of the briefing, you're going to answer all of my questions, and I mean. All. Of. Them."

Before Haruhi had a chance to retort back, Nagato quickly raised both her arms, and dragged Haruhi back to her desk. Another desk was made behind her for the double to stand on behind her.

"I'll give you the question first."


Everything went pitch black, but was then brightened up by the sudden text.

(Did you think it was truly fun to try and discover extraterrestrial life? What would happen if you did, what would you do afterwards?)

Haruhi gazed down on her desk, keeping a silent tone while the double asked the question.

The doppelganger raised an eyebrow in slight annoyance, and put her hands into the sleeves of her black uniform. "Think about it. It's like this for every sensible individual in the world. They all think of some kind of obscure goal in their early life, and either try to grasp that achievement, or give up in acknowledgement, knowing that it was embarrassing and foolish to go on and on for something that won't do anything for them in life except for pure satisfaction. Isn't that how you're like right now?"

Still no response from Haruhi, other than her head lowering itself more and more into her desk.

The double frowns a bit, sighing a little. "...Tsk. You're going to be like this now are you? Fine, here's the next question then."


Another transaction occurred.

(What benefit would there be for any of those extraterrestrial figures in meeting you? Did you ever think for a moment that all of your actions up until now could've repelled those entities away from you in caution, rather than attract them towards you in legitimate interest and curiosity?)

"Did you ever try to think of the feelings of those you wanted to impose? Don't you care about your own privacy, your own personal space? Surely even you must, if you are a human being at least. Everyone has things they want kept to themselves, so why shouldn't other forms besides you have their own pattern of freedom?" the double asked in a haughty tone.

At this point, the double started to plant her foot on the back on Haruhi's head, and pushed it down onto the hard desk. A thud was made from the impact of Haruhi's forehead, yet no response was heard.

Still slightly putting force on her head, the double leaned forward a bit, crossing her arms as she looked down on Haruhi.

"The point is, you expect some miraculous event to just happen just because you feel the need for it to happen. You don't care what it takes, and you would use any means necessary, or at least available to you in the most stretched and irregularly connected ways. The relationships between you and your acquaintances aren't solid, and the thing you're looking for might now even be real. Here's a little question then, what's your vision of an esper? People with telekinetic abilities, mind readers, what is it? And aliens, time travelers, what about them? Can you even give a clear example for those ideas that you so want to seek out?"

The background changed, rapidly changing between stereotypical images of aliens, espers, and time travelers. An alien wearing a human skin costume, people wearing lab coats with reality defying microwaves, etc. It was happening spontaneously, until it stopped, and went back to the image of the classroom.

The doppelganger nudged her foot again. "...Well, question time is over, it's time to take the quiz! You're going to answering me right now, Haruhi Suzumiya. Well, come on?! Did you really think it was fun?"


The double blinked a few times while looking at Haruhi.

"...Of course it was fun...why wouldn't be? Even though I thought it was important to be searching for all of those was fun because of those people who were with me. My friends, being with them was even more important."

Haruhi slammed both of her hands on the desk. Clenching her teeth, she started to raise her head against the force of the double's foot.

"So don't try to tell me what's important to me!"

Slowly rising from her seat, her voice became more emotional and outspoken.

"Of course it was important to me to look for aliens, espers, and time travelers, but that was only because the world was initially dull to me. Dull because of the things I didn't have: friends. When I started the SOS Brigade, once we started to get more comfortable with each other, it felt like we were a little family, something distinguishable. So of course it would be fun to go on all of those adventures! You would be stupid not to go. Doing things with your friends, things that all of them enjoyed the same as you, naturally that would encourage me to search wide and beyond! Espers would be anyone with supernatural abilities, aliens could look like humans for all I could see! And time travelers, they'd probably be socially awkward girls! But who am I kidding, I'm not even sure they're real! So there, that's my confession!"

As she screams her lungs out, she knocks the double off balance, causing it to fall backwards and shortly dissipate into particles of light. The double smirks slightly as this happens.

"...Good answer, Haruhi Suzumiya. You pass."

Haruhi was still standing from the confrontation, blank faced. She felt as though she said something really embarrassing. Even though her face didn't show signs of embarrassment, she was pretty much mentally screaming within.

'Geh...that was…really embarrassing. I could just go jump in a pit and kill myself right now.'

As she thought that, the background changed again, though it was just white. An endless void. But there was something.

"Well done Ms. Suzumiya!"

Haruhi turned to the figure. "Huh?"

Taking a good look, it was obviously a female figure, but just a glowing blue silhouette of one, though the body looked familiar. As she studied the figure, another silhouette appeared, though this time it was a male figure, and it was red.

"Ha ha. That was a pretty intense moment wasn't it? So thrilling!" it said.

"Who in the wha-"

"I think we had enough for one night? I think it's time to sleep isn't it Haruhi?"

She quickly turned over to the other voice, but she only got a glance of a short kid in a blue uniform before her consciousness went awry. She could feel herself getting sleepy. But she could see the figure mouthing some words.

'This was a dream, just go to sleep now, and wake up in the real world...'was what she could fix together before darkness filled her eyes.


She bounced up from her bed as she shrieked, quickly looking her room. She felt as though she went through a court trial.

"Woah, that was some freaky dream. I really do talk to myself I guess. Meh, whatever." she said as she nonchalantly passed off the dream she just had.

A couple of hours later, I met up with all the others in the club room. Needless to say, oblivion was narrowly dodged due to quick timing and luck. I felt the need to endlessly complain to everyone, but the previous event left me too tired to do pretty much anything, besides the usual routine of school and such.

As I enter the familiar room, I sighed in joy as everything was how it should be, as normal as it could be at least.

Ms. Asahina approached me with cup of tea as I sat down. Unfortunately, she wasn't in a costume, as it was early in the morning. "Welcome, Kyon-kun!"

Koizumi greeted me with his usual smile poker face. "Yes. That was some good work we did wasn't it? Saving the world and whatnot. And that last part was the most splendid act of all! Where'd you learn how to act like that?"

I sweat dropped a little and gave him a nervous smile as I turn my head towards Nagato, who was reading a book. "Ah you know, just a little thing that I learned from a previous experience. Y-You wouldn't understand the silliness that came from it though."

And I didn't want to talk about that experience. Shortly after that I nearly died from violent measures that still make me shiver a little to this day.

"But still, making yourself a double of Suzumiya-san to confront her like a mirror phantom? I'd say that kind of creativity is wonderful."

"Yeah yeah, buzz off about that will you? I was worried that she was going to attack me when I slammed her face onto her desk. Why don't you try slamming God's face into something?"

He merely chuckled when I said that, but I could tell behind that facade that it was something that he could never or would do. Heh, afraid much?

As we continued arguing over silly topics, loud footsteps were heard. We all knew full well who it was. Koizumi chuckled as he shrugged. Ms. Asahina laughed a bit nervously as I facepalmed and sighed. And of course, Nagato just eyed eyed us as she she hid a small smile behind her book. Of course, only I caught that. I smiled a little when I saw that, at least she kept something from that experience.

Moments later, the door slammed open, with our leader gallantly announcing herself.

"Hey everybody! What's up!" she said triumphantly.

We all started talking about various things as she walks in. As I sat back watching them, I think about how glad I was that things were back to normal. I glance at Nagato, who was actually looking at me while holding out a cube.

I got up and walked towards her. Grabbing a nearby chair, I sat next to her.

"What's up Nagato?"

She blinks a few times and brings her hand towards me.

"A souvenir from the data reconfiguration. Permission to give?"

I blink in curiosity as I nod. I hold out my hands and she places it onto them.

"What is this?"

"Press the button on top."

As she said that, I notice a small blue button protruding from one of the sides. I gently pressed it, and it suddenly caused the cube to morph into a remote like device. I noticed the design once it formed. I look at Nagato in surprise, my face asking if this was what I think it was. She merely nodded.

"Oh my...thanks Nagato." I say as I pat her on the head. She blinks a few times before going back to reading her novel. I could tell she was pleased with that though. I smile as I turn back to the others as I grip the newly given device. Oh, will this make my life so much more easier...

And so ends my first story. Thanks for reading everyone. Hopefully you'll read my oneshot next!

Author's note: I really want to know whether or not I'm doing conversation writing correctly or not. Should I write descriptions of what people are doing before they say something, or something else, I'm a bit confused to be honest. Nevertheless, even if my story is a bit funky, I think it's still enjoyable to read. Can you recall the references in this chapter? Let me know if you guys do!