Warning! This chapter hints at child abuse, if you're sensitive to that, don't keep reading this story, as there'll be more.

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Agatha was woken up by a poke on the shoulder.

"Ugh, what is it? I'm trying to sleep," she groaned,

"Sorry, I just want to talk," it was Penny,

"It's, like, three AM,"

"I know, just please let me talk,"

"Is it about yesterday? Look, I'm sorry, ok? It won't happen again, I don't know what I was thinking,"

"No, look… I thought about it and I still don't really know if I feel the same way, but could we… um… try again?"

"What do you mean?"

"You know… I don't really know if I liked kissing you so…" Penny looked at Agatha, trying desperately to get her to understand,

"Oh! Penny, do you really want to?"

"Yes." Penny leant in and Agatha lifted her head slightly, closing the gap between them.

This was better that kissing guys. Penny had a boyfriend once, Micah, but she broke up with him after he blamed her on cheating on him with Simon. She had never even kissed Simon. Or anyone other than Micah for that matter, so she guessed she hadn't really had all that much experience. This was good, Agatha really did know how to kiss, she had had practice, Penny guessed. Agatha pulled away slightly and Penny moaned.

"Like it?" Agatha said breathlessly,

"Yes." Penny said, going in for another kiss.

"I wonder how Penny and Agatha are going," Simon said. He was lying on his the floor of his and Baz's dorm, in front of the heater and he had his head resting his head on Baz's stomach.

"Probably fine."

"Hope so."

"Yeah. I'm gonna play some music, you okay with that?"

"Sure." Simon picked up his phone, connecting it to the wireless speakers, and opening Spotify. He clicked a few things and put his phone next to him on the floor. The Mighty Fall by Fall Out Boy blasted throughout the dorm and Simon lifted his head.

"What is it Simon?" Baz asked.

"I heard something."

"Sure it wasn't the music?"

"No there was a noise in the kitchen," Simon looked scared,

"Hey, it's okay. I didn't hear anything," Baz ran his fingers through Simon's hair,

"Hello boys," A new voice said and the boys jumped

"Who-?" Simon said shakily.

"Oh, so you two aren't fighting anymore?" the figure stepped into the light.

"Davy?" Simon said in shock,

"That's Sir to you boy," Davy said sternly,

"Y- yes sir," Simon stuttered,

"Simon, who is this?!" Baz asked.

"He's my,"

"I'm his Father," Davy said with venom in his voice. Simon winced and shivered uncontrollably, "Come with me child." Simon shook his head.

"No, no, no," He murmured.

"What? What is it Simon?"

"No, no, no."

"What was that?" Davy shouted.

"Please don't hurt me," Simon shuddered.

"What do you want with him?" Baz said, standing up and snarling menacingly.

"I just want him to come with me. Move NOW child," Davy's voice was angry, threatening.

"Baz, just… just stay out of this okay? I'll be fine," Simon's voice was on the verge of tears.

"You obviously won't be."

"Please Baz, just stay out of this," Simon begged. Davy lashed out at Baz, hitting his head hard enough to stun him, but not enough to knock him out. By the time the room stopped spinning and Baz could see properly Davy had pulled a struggling Simon out of the dorm. Baz tried to follow but when he got to the door they were gone.

Agatha and Penny were interrupted from their kissing by the sound of the door bursting open.

"Baz?" Penny exclaimed,

"Girls," Baz said, "I see you've sorted things out."

"Uh… yeah, um, I guess we have," Agatha said,

"Yeah, well sorry to interrupt your love fest, but while you two were kissing and God knows what, Our dorm has been broken into by Simons mysterious father and he has been kidnapped and taken Christ knows where. So if you'll give me a hand looking for him, that'd be great." Baz ranted. Neither of the girls knew exactly how to react to this news and stood there like stunned mullets. "Come on what are you waiting for? Get some proper clothes on!"

A/N Sorry if this chapter seems a bit rushed, I just wanted to get all this down on paper. I must say, this is definitely not how I planned the story to go, but, it works!

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