Dear friends i missed you so much. Hope you missed me too. Just a little reminder that English is not my mother tongue so excuse me for any mistakes. Hope you like this story


"McGee is coming back from his vacation today" Ziva said with a happy smile on her face

"Yeah, That's right. i missed my Probie" Tony grinned

"Talking about me Tony?!" McGee walked into the bullpen with a smile on his face

"How are you doing McGee?" Ziva said cheerfully hugging Tim

"Bonjour, probie. Welcome back" Said Tony standing up to greet his friend

"Thank you Tony. I missed you guys so much" McGee said genuinely

"You look exhausted McGee" Ziva said, Concern in her voice

"I'm fine Ziva. It's just the long trip and i didn't get enough sleep last night" he laughed

"How was your vacation Probie?" Tony grinned

"It was good, Tony thank you"

"That's not an answer McBrief"

"What do you wanna know, Tony"

"Tell me about your adventures, Probie, with the beautiful French females" Tony said with a big smile on his face

"The vacation was good Tony. No adventures, sorry to disappoint you, did you forget that I already have a girlfriend?" Tim smiled

"Yes, you are right I forgot about Jessica, how is she doing?" Tony asked

"She's working undercover so she cancelled her plans to go with me" Tim said in disappointment

"It's Okay that will happen all the time as long as your girlfriend is a Fed. Now back to your vacation then, how did you find Paris…"

"Stop your investigations DiNozzo. Welcome back McGee. " Gibbs said as he walked into the bullpen greeting McGee

"Thank you boss"

"Grab your gear we have a dead Marine" Gibbs said with a grin "That's a welcome back case McGee"


Ten days later ...

At the bullpen and since they were not working on a case, Gibbs thought that his agents needs to work out

At the Gym they all started with the treadmill. Fifteen minutes later

McGee was looking exhausted, a sheen of sweat covering his face and he was panting like a Ninety years old

"Go faster McGee" Gibbs shouted after noticing that his agent is slowing down

But instead of doing as he was told, McGee slowed down gradually till he stopped and then he sat down panting and wiping the sweat off his forehead.

"What's wrong with you McGee?" Gibbs said angrily

"I don't know boss. I feel exhausted" Tim said still panting

"Looks like he relaxed more than he should have, during his vacation boss" Tony said mischievously

"May be Tony is right McGee you need to started working out on regular basis to get back in shape"

"On it boss" McGee said without real enthusiasm.


At the bullpen and before they leave Tony and Ziva asked McGee to join them for a drink but McGee refused politely

"I'm sorry guys i just need to get back home and have some rest"

"What's is McGee? Are you a helpless ninety years old or what? cause you've been acting like one for the past few days. Vacations are meant to make us feel better McGoo" Tony said sarcastically

"I don't feel good Tony. Going home and resting in my bed is better than joining you and vomiting in your car later" McGee gave them a weary smile

"it's Friday night man"

Ziva shut him up with a hand signal

"stop arguing Tony. Let the man goes home in peace. Let us know if need anything McGee"


Tim was so happy that he was home finally. He was very exhausted, but he didn't know why. Could it be the long trip and the hard work he did during his vacation?

"A hot shower will do the trick" he smiled to himself

He took off his clothes and stood under the hot water to wash this exhaustion away, but his body started shivering.

What is it? why is his body shivering under hot water? He's supposed to feel better not worse!

He finished his shower, wrapped the towel around his waist and went to his bed to put on his sleeping pajamas.

Why does he feel so cold in August?! it seems he's coming down with the flu or something

"Great. That would take like at least ten days to heal" he huffed. he really wished Jessica is with him now to take care of him.

Anyway the best thing to do now is to drink a lot of water, Some hot drinks and have some rest.

His whole body was aching now even his joints. he started shivering again

"That's gonna be a long night"


The next morning was Tim felt worse. the whole night he slept restlessly and when he woke up the bed sheet was soaking wet with sweat. He's shivering harder now. He couldn't even stand up or walk straight to the kitchen. He needed the walls support.

"What could be the problem?" he asked himself

Tim ordered some hot soup for his breakfast but when he got his order he felt that he wasn't really hungry so he just took a few sips and put the rest aside as he started shivering one more time so he decided to go to bed

He wrapped the cover around his body, How could he feel so cold when his body is radiating heat.

It's a good thing he got sick Friday night so that he could have some rest during the weekend

Tim spent the whole weekend shivering, sweating and vomitting. He decided to take Monday off if he stays that way

When he woke up Monday Morning he actually felt better no chills, less nausea and the high fever receded

He yawned lazily and got up carefully, he felt a little dizzy so he took a moment to steady himself before going to the bathroom.

Looking at himself in the mirror he was horrified by those deep dark circles around his eyes.

"GREAT" he huffed

He took his hot shower and dressed up to go to work


The minute he stepped inside the bullpen he regretted going to work today

"What's with the dark circles McRaccoon? spent the whole weekend in front of your video games?" Tony said with a big grin on his face

Tim rolled his eyes and just said

"Good morning to you too Tony"

Ziva glared at Tony before asking Tim kindly

"Is everything alright, McGee?"

He nodded gently and said "Yes, Ziva, thank you"

Gibbs who was on the phone ended the call and looked at his youngest agent worriedly

" A Navy seal was reported missing a couple of days ago. They found his car this morning and we need to process the scene. Are you up to it McGee?"

"Yes, boss. I'm fine"

" it's better to go and see Duck"

"Ducky and Jimmy are attending a conference that will last for three days in New York, boss" Tony said

"Boss, I'm really fine. I was a little exhausted but i feel better now" he assured his worried boss

"Okay then let's go now" Gibbs ordered


Reaching the crime scene Gibbs and his team found the car of commander Michael Johnson in a deserted place with an obvious sign of a crash and with blood on the passenger seat

The started tagging and bagging everything that could possibly be a lead

Tim was exhausted he couldn't stand the heat today and the sweat was dripping off his face and he kept wipping sweat from his brow with a shaking hand

"You okay probie?"

"Yes Tony, i'm fine. it's just too hot today" he said while loosening his neck tie

"You don't look good buddy. You sick?"

"I was a little exhausted this weekend but i feel better today"

Tony patted his shoulder and said "Okay Probie if you need anything just ask"


Back at the Navy Yard they took the evidence bags to Abby and went back to the bullpen to check the missing young men files. On the plasma screen was two handsome men one of them is blond and the other has a short brown hair and both are in their early thirties

Gibbs gave his orders to his agents

"Tony go and speak with Commander Michael colleagues. McGee... phone records and bank accounts. Ziva, you with me to talk to his folks"

and they all followed the orders

McGee felt a little better that he's finally alone. He doesn't need to pretend that he's okay anymore

The truth is that he feels like crap and he doesn't know why, this morning he felt a lot better then why does he feel sick now.

He started doing what Gibbs asked him to do after taking a couple of pain killers which made him feels relatively better.

A couple of hours later they all came back with the news

"Commander Michael's colleagues are very sorry for what happened. They all agreed that he's a very respectful young man who's committed to his job and loyal to his country"

Gibbs huffed and said "He's George Johnson's son... the famous businessman. It could be a kidnapping for a ransom but no one contacted them yet"

They heard Abby's voice saying "It could be many things Gibbs"

They all turned their heads to look at her

"What do you mean Abbs?" Tim asked

"The blood we found in the car belongs to Detective Mario Worthington. Commander Johnson wasn't alone"


McGee walked into Metro Police station after calling the Chief and taking an appointment

"Come on in Agent McGee" said Captain Smith "How can i help you?" he was friendly

"I'm here about one of your men. Detective Mario Worthington"

"Oh my God. Did you find him? Did anything bad happen to him? His parents are going crazy"

"We didn't find him but we found a clue"

"Please wait a second. i have to call his partner to listen to this with us" he called Mario's partner and seconds later a beautiful Brunette walked into his office.

"Yes, Chief" she said politely

"Alice, this is Special Agent Timothy McGee NCIS. Agent McGee this is Detective Alice Stone, Mario's partner. Alice, Agent McGee is here about Mario"

After McGee gave them the details, Captain Smith huffed and rubbed his face

"Detective Mario is a decent man and a faithful Officer. He's loved and respected by all his co-workers. His family is not a wealthy family that means he was kidnapped for revenge not for ransom and that means they won't necessarily keep him alive" he said with a horror look on his face

"How does detective Worthington know Commander Johnson?" McGee asked gently

"They are best friends since high school that's all i know" Alice answered

"Why would they be kidnapped together?" he asked again but before anyone could answer one of the Captain's men knocked on the door and said

"Captain, the Worthington's are here. They want to see you"

"God, Mario's parents are here. Let's them in, Colby"

Two old couple walked into the office. Captain Smith stood up and hugged the woman gently

"How are you doing Olga? How are you Alex?" he greeted them warmly

"We are fine Danny. Any news? Olga said eagerly

"Olga, this is agent Timothy McGee NCIS" he told them what McGee told him. Olga burst into tears and buried her face in her husband's shoulder

"My poor child. " she sobbed

Her tears broke Tim's heart. It's hard for a mother or a father to hear that their child is in distress

"Ma'am please calm down. We still don't know anything for sure. We are still investigating. I Promise you we are gonna do our best to find Detective Mario" he said kindly

She held his hand tightly and said "Please find him agent McGee." and she gave Captain Smith another pleading look "Mario is your man, Danny, Please find him"

Another officer who is obviously in his Sixties walked into the office and was shocked to see Olga crying

"What is it Olga? any news chief?" he asked with obvious concern on his face

"Agent McGee, this is Sargent Adams. Sargent this is Agent Timothy McGee NCIS. he said they found a clue, Concerning Mario, in a Navy officer's car which was found abandoned in a distant place"

He sat next to Olga and patted her shoulder " Don't worry my dear we're gonna find him. He's our man and we take care of our men" he whispered kindly

they were all busy trying to calm the devastating woman down. McGee felt like heat is emanating from his body. He loosened his neck tie a little and wiped the sweat from his forehead, when Sargent Adams turned an angry face towards McGee and said

"We have the right to process commander Johnson't car too" he said angrily

"Yes, Sargent Adams you can do that. It's a joint investigation." McGee said politely

"I have to go now Captain" McGee added "We'll be waiting for you to contact us soon" McGee left the room feeling the sweat one more time covering his face.

"Agent McGee can I talk to you for a second in my office before Worthington" you leave?" he heard a voice calling from behind

"Yes, Sure" he said when he turned around and found that Detective Alice Stone is talking to him

"First of all Please excuse Sargent Adams for being angry and talking to you like that. Mario is like a son to him and he's a friend of the family"

"It's okay. i would have done the same thing if my friend were missing" he smiled

She gave him a smile of gratitude and added

"I don't know what to say but i'm gonna tell you something that i didn't find the courage to share with the Captain. I'm sharing this with you now cause it may be related to the investigation. I've a feeling that i can trust you."

"Of course, Detective Stone." Tim gave her an encouraging smile

She took a deep breathe and said

"Okay.A few days before he disappears, Mario wasn't himself. something was wrong. we've been partners for three years now I know him better than he knows himself so i know for sure something was going on with him.

Don't get me wrong, Mario is a reputable and faithful man...I trust him with my life. I'd doubt myself before i doubt him, but may be ...just may be he got involved in something that lead to his kidnapping."

She huffed and added "Please prove that I'm wrong. I'm sharing this with you cause i feel it's an important lead in the case and second of all because you look like a person who is trust worthy"

"Thank you Detective Stone" McGee offered his hand and she shook it and said "Please call me Alice"

Tim stood up to leave but the minute he did, he felt his head spinning. he put a shaky hand on the desk to support himself and touched his head with the other.

"Agent McGee, Are you Okay?" Alice said with a worried look in her eyes, getting closer to help him if necessary

McGee sat down one more time and just nodded his head then took a deep breathe and said

"I'm fine. just stood up too quickly. May be i'm a little exhausted" he tried to smile

"You are not exhausted Agent McGee. You are burning up. Do you want me to call a doctor or take you to the hospital or something?"

"It's Okay. I have to go now." he stood up again but slowly this time

"Are you driving?" she handed him a cup of water

He took it gratefully and said "Yes i'm. "

"But...Do you want me to drive you back to the Navy Yard?"

"No Alice thank you. I'm sure you have more important things to do. i feel better already" he said and left

In his way to his car McGee felt that something wasn't right. He heard something or saw something in the police station that sent an alarm to his gut but his foggy mind couldn't process it.

He sat behind the wheel trying to decide if it's right or wrong to drive back to the Navy Yard while feeling so sick. Then he decided to take the risk and drive carefully and slowly.


In his way he picked up a pain killer from the pharmacy and went straight back after taking a couple of these fast acting tablets and he started feeling better after ten minutes.

"What is it McGoo? you look like crap"

"You look exhausted McGee. Is everything alright?" Ziva asked gently

"I'm fine guys. Where's Gibbs?"

"Here" the turned around to find Gibbs walking into the bullpen with Abby

"What do you have for me McGee?"

McGee told him everything he knew from Mario's co-workers and when he was done, Abby said

"I have news that i have already shared with Gibbs. As you said McGee Detective Worthington and Commander Johnson know each other since high school, but what you don't know is that they both were witnesses in an important case back in 1997 when they were teenagers and that the convict in this case was sentenced for fifteen years that means that he's out there and may be seeking revenge"

"That makes sense, Abby. That's why they were both kidnapped together" Tony said

"Okay. DiNozzo you and McGee go and...McGee are you okay kid?"

Gibbs said worriedly and that made the others turn their faces towards McGee who was obviously not okay with this pale face that's covered with a sheen of sweat.

McGee wanted to answer his boss but his body was shivering, his heart was beating so fast and his head started swimming.

He really wanted to answer but his tongue wouldn't co-operate

"McGee are you okay...Tim" Gibbs said while already moving towards him when all of a sudden McGee's knees buckled and he started falling. Gibbs and Tony moved quickly but Gibbs was quicker. He broke McGee's fall and eased him to the ground

Tim was unconscious but his body kept shivering.

"Call 911" Gibbs yelled

"On it" Ziva was already dialing the number

"Oh My God" Abby took in a deep breath

"Tim ...Tim open your eyes kid. what's wrong buddy" Tony said worriedly while slapping Tim's face gently but Tim never answered

"His body is like a furnace boss" Tony exchanged worried glances with Gibbs

Ten minutes later...

"The paramedics are here" Ziva announced

"What's his name?" one of the paramedics said

"Tm" Gibbs said

"Tim can you please open your eyes" the paramedic said gently while taking his blood pressure

"His blood pressure is very low. That's why he collapsed and the high temperature suggests an infection" he said "let's go"

they loaded him on the stretcher carefully and headed to the ambulance with Gibbs hot on their heels

"Follow us DiNozzo" he orderd


They were waiting in the waiting room trying to guess what could be wrong with their teammate when a young doctor walked in

"Are you here for Timothy McGee" he asked with a smile on his face

"Yes, I'm his boss and these are his co-workers. What's wrong with my agent" Gibbs said

"Well, first of all. i wanna ask you, Was Agent McGee in a mission or something outside the USA the past couple of weeks?"

They exchanged confused looks with each other and Gibbs answered one more time

"Yes, he was but it wasn't a mission. He took his annual leave in a fancy hotel in Paris. Why are you asking?"

"I don't know how but some how Agent McGee contracted Malaria"

They all gasped in shock

"Malaria?! how the hell would he contract Malaria in Paris?" Tony asked in shock

"That's what he'll tell us when he wakes up" the doctor said kindly

"You can see him if you want. he's asleep and of course we have started Antimalarial treatment. He needs a few days in the hospital but he'll be fine eventually"

The kind doctor lead them to their fallen teammate's room and left

"What do you think happened boss?" Tony asked while watching his very pale friend sleeping a restless sleep

Abby held his hand in hers and said " Poor Timmy he doesn't deserve that"

"Should we contact one of his family members, Gibbs?" Ziva asked

"No, Ziva. it's up to him to decide when he wakes up"

Tim opened very tired eyes slowly and said with a hoarse voice

"What happened? Why am I in the hospital?"

Gibbs handed him a cup of water and helped him to take a few sips before he said

"That's what you are gonna tell us, Tim. Where did you go during your vacation?"


"WHERE, McGee?" Gibbs said patiently

"I was... Boss, i didn't mean to lie about the place where I spent my Vacation and my intentions were to spend it in Paris but a day before i leave a friend of mine who works with the International rescue committee contacted me and told me they need volunteers to help victims of the earthquake that happened in Thailand" he paused for a minute to take a deep breathe and then added

"When I got back to the USA I thought what I feel was just an exhaustion from the hard work we did in Thailand."

"Why didn't you tell us you were in Thailand McGee ?" Tony asked in surprise "What you did was noble, why didn't you tell us?"

"It was nothing, Tony. It's not a big deal to talk about it. Besides i wanted to spend my vacation in a beautiful place and i did. Thailand is beautiful and the people are so kind. I enjoyed my time" he gave them a weary smile

"That's my boy" Gibbs grinned "Always putting the others first"

McGee blushed and said "I was happy I could help boss"

Ziva and Abby were proud of their teammate

"I have to go boss. We have work to do and I already feel better" before any of his friends finds the time to object they heard a voice at the door saying

"Malaria is a serious diseases agent McGee don't take it lightly. There are lots of complications if this diseases is not treated properly"

"But they need me Doctor. Tell him, boss, that you need me. I promised detective Mario's mom that i will do my best to help and find him"

"No way agent McGee. You are not going anywhere your temperature is 103. you need medical attention period" the doctor said firmly

"Doctor ...Two good men are kidnapped and in danger...i'm not sure they are still alive but i know i can help"

The doctor huffed and said "Listen agent McGee as I told you, you are in need of medical attention. At least for three days till we could control your body temperature"

"I feel better already"

"Agent McGee, our Meds made you feel better, but you are still sick. The parasites continue to infect red blood cells, resulting in symptoms that occur in cycles that last two to three days at a time. that's why you think that you are getting better and then feel sick again"

"But..." McGee tried to object

"No buts McGee, you are gonna do what the doctor asked you to do. We are gonna go to the yard now and we'll come back later"

"Boss...if you need anything please let me know"

"I will McGee"


The team went back to the Navy yard and they found Detective Alice Stone waiting for them

"Hello agent Gibbs?" she asked Gibbs politely

"Yes" he said

"My name's Detective Alice Stone. I work with Metro Police. I'm detective Worthington's partner"

"Yes, Agent McGee told us about you and we were expecting you" Tony said with a charming smile on his face

"Where's Agent McGee?" she smiled

" In the hospital" Tony said

"What happened? Is he okay? he didn't look fine this morning" she said anxiously

Tony told her what happened briefly

"He's a noble man. i felt that the minute I saw him. Now where are we with the investigation"

Gibbs told her what they found out about the two missing men, and told her they decided to track down the man who was convicted in that case but when they did

"This's getting more complicating boss. According to our system. This man went to Russia like six months ago. Is there a possibility that he came back to the USA under a different name?"

"Everything is possible DiNozzo." Gibbs huffed and said "Let's call it a night. we have to go and check on McGee before we go home"


The minute they walked into the wing where they keep McGee, the nurse huffed and said

"Thank God you are here agent Gibbs. Visiting hours are over but i will definitely let you go and see him"

"Why what's wrong?" a very worried Gibbs asked

"He's temperature spiked to 104 and he kept asking to see you. He said it was very important"

Gibbs and the team walked into Tim's room and the way he looked broke their hearts. He was shivering and his face was flushed and he was obviously restless in his sleep.

"McGee...Tim..." Gibbs shook his shoulder gently

Tim opened red tired eyes and his eyes were unfocused as if he doesn't see them and then he grasped Gibbs' hand and said

"Boss...boss. I haven't told him boss...i haven't"

"He's hallucinating boss " Tony said with compassion

"Who are you talking about McGee?" Gibbs asked gently

"Adams boss Adams" he was trying hard to stay awake

"Who's Adams?" Asked ziva kindly holding Tim's hand

"Sargent Adams...i haven't told him the name of the Commander boss and he knew it. he told me that they have the right to process Commander Johnson's car. I haven't told him his name...boss" those few words consumed his power and he lost the battle to stay awake.

"He's not hallucinating, Tony" Ziva raised an eyebrow "What now, Gibbs?"

"Now we Question Sargent Adams, first thing in the morning, Ziva"


First thing in the morning, three determined agents walked into Metro police station and headed to Captain Smith's office

"Captain Smith, we need to talk" Gibbs said firmly. Gibbs told him what McGee said

"I can't believe it Agent Gibbs. Sargent Adams is an honest Cop. Is Agent McGee sure?"

"I trust my people, Captain Smith"

"And i trust mine, Agent Gibbs. Detective Mario is like a son to Sargent Adams he would never hurt him besides Sargent Adams will retire in a few days. His record is clean why would he make mistakes now? it doesn't make sense"

"I have to question him, Captain Smith. Please show me the way to his office " Gibbs said firmly


"Sargent Adams, My names Special Agent Gibbs. these are Agent DiNozzo and Agent David"

"I'm sorry Logan...they are just doing their job

"It's Okay Captain. I know why they are here" he lowered his eyes and huffed

"What do you mean you know why they are here, Logan?" Captain Smith said with the shock obvious on his face

"I mean, yes it's me who did it" the man started crying "I will talk"

"We are listening " Gibbs said calmly

"I made a mistake and I thought i could get a way. I took .. a bribe ... a pile, Captain. I convinced myself that I deserve it after all those years of service"

The Captain's jaw dropped in disbelief "I don't know what to say. Words fail me"

"Mario found out what I did and he was shocked too and since he considers me a father, he gave me a chance to confess what I did but i couldn't. HE told me that he can't let it go.

I will retire in a few days. i want my record to stay clean so I came up with this plan. To kidnap him for a few days till i retire and then bring him back home safely. I knew about this case from 1997 and Mario being a main witness in a case with Commander Johnson so i thought kidnapping them both would suggest that the kidnapper is the convict in this case."

"Where are they Adams?" Gibbs said calmly

"I Don't know Agent Gibbs. I hired two amateurs...Junkies... to do the job for me and i promised them five thousand dollars, but they did their own research and found out that one of the men they are about to kidnap is the son of the Johnson's and they decided to change their plans. They took them to a place other than the one we agreed on. They rolled me out when i objected and they never told me where they are. I didn't mean for that to happen Captain. I'm an idiot i deserve to be locked away for life. Please don't tell Olga and Alex what i did. We have to find the boys, Please captain"

"My God" Captain Smith rubbed his face. "What have you done Logan"

"Are they alright?" Gibbs asked firmly

"Mario is hurt and he needs medical attention Agent Gibbs. Believe me i didn't mean for this to happen." the Man cried harder

"Who are they?" Gibbs barked and the man told him everything he knows about them.


At the bullpen everybody was working hard to solve the case

Ziva was on the computer and Alice was on the phone, when Gibbs and DiNozzo walked in. They were at the Johnson's asking them if the kidnappers contacted them.

"So?!" asked Ziva

But before Gibbs gets the chance to answer a very sick looking McGee walked into the bullpen dragging his feet behind him

"McGee?! what the hell are you doing here?" ًGibbs said with a strong disapproval in his tone

"Why did you leave the hospital McGee? who gave you the permission to do this?"

"I'm not a child boss" Tim tried to smile but it was a weary smile

"But Agent McGee you are still so sick." Alice said kindly

A serious expression showed on Tim's face " Guys, two good men are missing and Their lives are in danger and i can't just lay in a hospital bed without doing anything when I know that I can help. Boss, they need Commander Johnson alive but they wouldn't care less if Detective Mario dies and you know he's already hurt.

I...called Abby and she told me everything. So did you know who are they?" he finished his speech firmly without noticing the admiration in Alice's eyes

Gibbs sighed and said

"Okay McGee. DiNozzo and I just came from the Johnson's. The kidnappers already contacted them and in a couple of hours they are contacting them one more time to tell them where they will meet. They didn't call us cause of course because they warned them and told them that they'll kill Michael if they contacted the police. Ziva?!"

"Nothing Gibbs. I couldn't know who they are. They gave Sargent Adams fake names and as he said they don't have police records so I couldn't track them down"

"All right People, listen up. We are going to the Johnson's now so we could be prepared when these Bastards call again. Let's go"


At the Johnson's everybody was ready and waiting for the phone call when they finally heard the ringing

"Hello" the terrified father snatched the phone and answered quickly

"Did you bring our money" the voice said

"Yes sir everything is ready. Can I talk to Michael, Please"

"No you can't. Now i will give you my instructions to meet me at 8:00 pm sharp. Do you understand?! if I found out that you contacted the police...say bye bye to little Mickey" the cold voice said rudely and he hung up the phone.

The mother sat heavily burying her face in her hands and crying hard " those bastards"

Michael's fiancee, Dana, Hugged her mother in law kindly and said

"Hang in there, Barbra. Michael is gonna be fine" she looked at Gibbs with a plea that says "Please help us" but without words

"Boss, i got something." Tim raised his voice

"What is it McGee? I'm listening" Gibbs said giving his full attention to his youngest agent along with everyone in the room

"I have listened to the recorded phone call one more time and heard something in the back ground so i isolated the voices and enhanced the sound in the back ground and it's definitely a waterfall boss. I have to go back to the Navy Yard now. I have to process the car one more time" he was panting as he was wiping the beads of sweat from his forehead but he was definitely excited about what he was saying.

"What do you think you can find in the car, McGee?" Gibbs asked

"If the kidnappers took our men to a cabin near a waterfall boss, that means there's a good possibility that the soil stuck to their shoes contaminated the car when they drove the car to dump it where we found it, and the soil analysis will help us know where exactly they are hiding" Tim said eagerly while already moving towards the door.

"Good work McGee. DiNozzo you with him" Gibbs gave him one of his rare smiles

"Agent McGee, Please find my son" Barbra said pleadingly

"I will do my best ma'am"


As expected Tim found what he was looking for and send the soil sample quickly to Abby's lab and a little while later the result was in their hand.

There were just a few cabins next to this particular waterfall and after asking the rangers if strangers were seen in the area and the answer was positive. The were a couple of guys who rent a cabin from one of the owners.

Gibbs gave his orders to Ziva go with Alice and some of the other officers to make sure they do what it takes to keep Mr. Johnson safe when he meets the kidnapper.

"I will be in contact with you Ziva. If we find our men i'll contact you to stop the deal" Gibbs said firmly

"On it" she answered with confidence

"Let's do it"


The NCIS agents and some of the police officers sneaked and surrounded the Cabin. a female officer in civilian clothes knocked at the door and when one of the kidnappers opened the door she asked him kindly about directions, while her colleagues were checking the back windows to check if they can break in and when they did, they all attacked the kidnapper who was a young man not older than twenty eight years old.

They hand cuffed him while he was still in shock

"How did you know?!" He asked in shock

They checked the other rooms quickly and as expected Commander Johnson and Detective Worthington were there tied and gagged. They were looking very sick and Detective Mario's head was hurt.

The Agents called the paramedics who came running with two gurneys and soon they were loaded in two ambulances and the kidnapper was taken to custody.

Gibbs called Ziva as soon as they found their missing men and to arrest the other man as soon as he shows up and as expected the mission was accomplished


McGee was lying in his hospital bed very sick and shivering. Though the doctor told him that his treatment will take longer time and that he needs to stay in the hospital for a while but he didn't care, he was so happy and satisfied that he did his job and helped find the two missing men.

his body was like a heat generator his temperature was 104 one more time cause his body was resisting the treatment. He asked Gibbs not to call anyone of his family members cause he didn't want them to worry about him.

He was just lying there when he heard a knock on the door he raised his eyes to find Tony standing there with a smile on his face

"I won't ask you how are you doing probie, cause you look like crap. Are you up to some visitors?"

"Tony! i told you not to tell my parents"

"Chill out McWorry. They are parents...but not yours"

Tim looked at the door with questioning look on his face and a big smile was drawn on his face when the parents of commander Johnson and Detective Worthingon walked into his hospital room with smiles on their faces and flowers in their hands.

"Agent McGee" Olga and Barbra ran towards his bed and hugged him gently and thanked him warmly for helping them find their missing children.

"How are Commander Johnson and Detective Worthington doing? Hope they are getting better"

"Yes they are fine Agent McGee. Just some dehydration and malnutrition. There bastards left them these three days without food or water"

"Michael and Dana would be more than happy if you and your colleagues accept their invitation to their wedding party" Barbra said happily

"Of course Mrs Johnson. I would love too. Congratulations" he Smiled

"Okay then get better quickly" she hugged him one more time before they leave

Tony looked at his best friend and little brother and said

"I'm proud of you probie. You did a great job buddy. Gibbs and Ziva are doing some paper work and they will be here as soon as possible with the rest of the team. i will leave you now and will come back later."

"Thank you Tony. take care"
" Get well soon, Probie"

The End

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