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Let it snow:-

It was a beautiful morning. The sun was shining despite the predictions of the weather experts that it's gonna snow later tonight.

It was the day before Christmas, and everybody had plans and was getting ready to spend the Christmas Eve with their loved ones, warm next to the chimney.

The streets, the stores and the malls were so crowded with people, just like a beehive. Everybody was laughing and feeling the Christmas spirit...

Timothy McGee was driving his Porsche on his way to work. He wasn't feeling the Christmas spirit like everybody else though.

He received a phone call this morning from his sister and it wasn't particularly friendly.


"Hello, Sarah, Nice to hear your voice little sis" He said cheerfully

"I wish I could say the same, Tim. Where are you?" she said nervously

"Heading for work in a few minutes" He said calmly

"So are you are joining us tonight or you'd spend the Christmas Eve with your co-workers" she said sarcastically

"I told you I'll join you tonight, Sarah. what's going on?"

"You don't know what's going on Timothy McGee? Your dad is sick and we haven't seen you in a while big brother" Sarah yelled

"You know I was..." she didn't give him a chance to finish what he wanted to say

"You were what, Tim? Busy? it's your dad for God's sake...you visited him last week like a stranger and you stayed only a couple of hours with him. We need you here with us, Tim. It's just mom and me and we are tired. We really need you." she started crying

"Sarah, honey. I didn't mean to let you down but we were working on a big case and I couldn't just leave. I told you we were on alert for a terrorist attack in a Navy base in DC. I promise I will be there tonight and I will spend a few days with you. Okay."

"Like you promised last time and didn't show up?" she said sarcastically

Tim huffed desperately "No, Sarah, I will be there tonight. Nothing will stop me. Okay?It's my dad too and love him and would do anything to make him happy...Please, Sarah cheer up..."

"There's nothing funny to cheer me up, Tim" she said sadly and hung up

End of flashback

Her words were so harsh but he didn't blame her , she must have been very stressed with everything that's going on with them...he was very angry at himself for letting his family down...family comes first no matter what..he blamed himself, he should have tried harder. Sarah's tears really tore his heart out and his dad's illness is heartbreaking.

Tonight, whatever it takes he will be there for them even if the price is his job... or even his life.


Tim parked next to the cafeteria to buy a big cup of coffee when something caught his eyes

A teenager who's no older than Seventeen was wandering in the middle of the road

"What the hell...?" Tim saw a speeding car moving forward towards the young man, and apparently the driver was on the phone and didn't see the young man until it was to late

Tim ran as fast as he could towards the teenager and pushed him out of the car's way, and they both fell forcefully on the side walk.

The driver slammed his foot on the brakes and the car stopped a few meters away. He jumped out of his car.

"Are you okay...I swear I didn't see him...I..." the driver was shaking and didn't really know how to defend himself

"It's okay...it's okay...I think we are both fine..." Tim said

"Are you sure?" the man was still shaking

Tim turned his face towards the boy and asked him "Are you okay, kid?"

The teenager looked at him and said nothing as if he was dazed. Tim repeated the question patiently

"Kid, are you okay? What's your name?" and the kid kept his mouth shut

"I think he's in shock or something...I'll take him to the hospital" Tim said

"Do you want me to go with you?" The driver asked and Tim shook his head

"No problem. I will take him. Have a nice day, sir and drive carefully" Tim smiled

"Mary Christmas" the driver said and drove away


In the hospital and while waiting for news, McGee called Gibbs and told him that he'll be a little late

The physician came out of the examination room and McGee stood up immediately to speak with him

"Are you here with this kid?" the Doctor asked

"Yes, My name is Agent Timothy McGee. What's wrong with him?" Tim asked

"What happened exactly?" the doctor asked and Tim told him what happened.

"He's in shock, nothing related to what you told me, Agent McGee. Something bad happened that must have affected him in a bad way. He doesn't speak and I think he doesn't even remember what happened. We'll see what we can do. Are you a family member?"

Tim shook his head "No. I don't even know the kid"

"Okay, we'll see how this goes." said the Doctor

"Okay...I wish I could stick around longer but I have to go to work...I will leave my contact list at the reception in case you need anything. Can I see him before I leave?" Said Tim

"Of course you can...Follow me" The Doctor ushered McGee to follow him

In the examination room, The boy was sitting on the bed still looking confused.

"Hello, My name's Agent Timothy McGee? " Tim said kindly trying to communicate with the boy

"What's your name?" The boy didn't answer and just gave Tim with a blank look.

"Okay my friend, That's my business card...don't hesitate to call me if you need anything okay?" Tim said and handed over his business card and the boy held it in his his hand like he's holding on for dear life and just fell asleep.


Tim walked into the bullpen

"Good morning" he said briefly

"Good...What the hell happened to you?" Gibbs said after seeing Tim's suit dirty and ruined

Tim told them what happened with him and finished his story with "I will go and change the suit. Be right back, Boss"

"Okay, Tim, go" Gibbs nodded

Tim was sitting in front of his computer and he couldn't help zoning out and remembering his phone call with Sarah

Tony and Ziva were talking about Christmas Eve preparations and gifts exchange when Tony noticed that Tim wasn't listening. He said something and when Tim didn't answer Tony raised his voice

"Earth to McGee...I said what are your plans for today, Probie"

"Ha...I will visit my family, Tony" said Tim

"Are you sure you don't want to stick around? Abby is making a party at her place and she invited us all" said Ziva

"Yes, Ziva I'm sure" he gave her a kind smile and carried on his work.


Tim packed his bag without forgetting to pack the Christmas gifts. He was ready to leave when his phone started ringing. It was an unknown number but he decided to answer anyway

"McGee" He said

"Agent...Timothy McGee?" a shaky voice said reluctantly

"Yes...who is speaking?"

"Bobby...I'm the person you saved this morning...you said I can call you if I needed help and I do. Can you pick me up from in front of the hospital?" there was a plea in the boy's voice and McGee couldn't say no...He checked his watch and said

"Okay...I'll be there in fifteen minutes, Bobby" Tim grabbed his bag and left


"Hello, Bobby...I'm glad you feel better" Tim said gently when the boy got into the car

"Hello agent McGee" the kid said in a shaky voice

"I'm really sorry that I called you...I know you must be busy...but I don't know what to do. On your business card it said that you are a Federal agent...that means you can help me" he said hopefully

"I'm a Federal Agent yes, Bobby, but I work on special cases. I'm not an FBI Agent" Tim said patiently

"I have witnessed a murder" the boy said quickly "I've seen my neighbors being killed" those words were enough to draw Tim's attention so he said

"What?! when was that?

"Yesterday...I was locked outside my apartment so I decided to take the fire stairs, that's when I saw two men... killing my neighbor and his wife" a shiver ran down his spine "I was using my cell phone at that time so I recorded what happened on the video camera"

"Where's your cell phone, Bobby?" Tim said giving him his full attention

"I dropped it...I was recording as I told you, when they saw me..." he shivered one more time and added

"I never felt so scared, the phone just fell out of my grip...I went down the stairs as fast as I could and I kept running and running...and the next thing I know I was in the hospital" He said

"Where are your parents, Bobby?"

"My dad is dead and my mom is a nurse...She's in a conference in NYC and she was supposed to come back tonight but her flight was delayed because of the weather."

Tim took a deep breathe trying to figure out what to do next

"Okay, Bobby...I will take you to Metro police and they can help you"

"No, agent McGee...They will take my word for granted. nobody will believe me" he whispered

"And why is that?" Tim narrowed his eyes

"It's a long story , Agent McGee..."

Tim checked his watch and it was Six pm. If he wants to get to his parents house before it starts snowing he needs to go now

"I will go with you, Bobby. " Tim said firmly


Tim walked into Metro police station with Bobby

" well well well, look who is here, Robert Fox is in the house. What's up Bobby? long time no see" said the duty officer sarcastically

"Officer Carter" Bobby greeted him with a gentle nod

Tim exchanged glances with Bobby and said

"Good evening sir, my name's Agent Timothy McGee. Bobby here has a story to tell you" Tim nodded at Bobby to start talking

Bobby told him what he told Tim and when he was done the Officer yawn and stretched his arms lazily

"What do you want me to do, Bobby?"

Tim looked at him in disbelief and said

"I think you just need to do your job, that's all we are asking?"

"Listen, Agent McGee. Our history with Bobby goes way back...and frankly I'm not sure I believe..." Tim interrupted him and said

"I'm not asking you to believe him...I'm asking you to do your job and investigate" Tim said firmly

"Agent McGee...it's Christmas Eve and most of our men are either having dinner with their families or in the streets making sure..." He was interrupted this time by the entrance of detective Mario Worthington and Detective Alice who greeted Tim warmly. Tim was really relieved when he saw them.

"So what are you doing here with Bobby, agent McGee?" Mario asked

"So you too know Bobby?" Tim smiled and asked Bobby to tell the what he told him

Bobby greeted them and told them what he saw

"Are you sure you weren't high, Bobby?" Alice asked incredulously

"I stopped using for quite some time now, Alice" Bobby whispered "Please, believe me...I'm not lying" he pleaded

"Okay, Bobby" Mario said "We are going with you and agent McGee to check your neighbor's apartment"

"Thank you so much, Mario. I promise you I'm not lying" Bobby said gratefully


McGee, Bobby and the two detectives stood in front of the Miller's door and Bobby started shivering

They knocked and knocked and when no body answered, Alice decided to pick the lock

They walked into the apartment armed and expecting to see dead bodies but to their disappointment the place was in order and there was no sign of struggle and definitely no dead bodies

Bobby stared at the place in shock and just said "That's impossible"

Mario and Alice gave him an accusing look, so he defended himself quickly "I swear to you there were two dead bodies...they must have moved them...but you can do your thing, right?...I watch CSI and they do miracles"

Alice opened her mouth to speak "Listen Bobby..." but she was interrupted by Bobby

"I swear to you Alice...Ah I remember.. my phone...Please Let's check under the fire stairs. I have recorded everything" he said and ran towards the stairs...he got down as fast as he could and they were hot on his heels.

Disappointment was on his face, he was holding a broken phone in his hands "I...I don't know what to say "

Alice saw desperation on his face and she felt sorry for him

"Listen, Bobby, There's no solid evidence and it's Christmas Eve...There's nothing that we can do now. If we are going to investigate we're gonna have to wait till after tomorrow..." she said and they greeted them and wished them a Mary Christmas and left

"Bobby, I can extract information from your broken phone...I'm a computer expert"

Tim patted the kid's shoulder and was happy when he saw the hopeful smile on Bobby's face

"Really...You can do that?" and when Tim nodded he sighed in relief

"Thank you, Agent McGee"

"You can't stay here alone tonight... Do you have another place to stay" Tim asked gently and the boy shook his head

"Then come with me...I'm on my way to visit my family"

"I don't want to bother you agent McGee...You have already done enough..." Bobby said sheepishly

"My mom would be happy and my sister too. Don't worry"

"Thank you agent McGee" He said sincerely

They got in the car and started moving without noticing the Black SUV that followed them


On the way to his folks house in the suburbs, Tim wanted to cheer the sad looking boy

"It's Christmas Eve you know...Cheer up...I'll turn on the radio, I'm sure they are playing Christmas songs" Tim said already turning the radio on and they started listening to the beautiful Christmas song

"Wanna tell me what's going on with you, Bobby" Tim said kindly

"Nothing much, Agent McGee...I'm a worthless person...so why do you even care?" Bobby said sadly

"Fisrt of all please call me Tim.. second of all you aren't a worthless person, Bobby...And I really wanna know your story" said Tim

Bobby gave him a grateful look and said

"My dad was killed in a car accident a couple of years ago, Tim. He was a great man. He was my role model and he was my best friend. I lost everything when I lost him. I did things I'm not proud of. As you can see for yourself I'm famous in the police station" He took a deep breathe and added

"My mom is a good woman, and she suffered a lot with me...I decided to change for her..."

"That's a good start, Bobby." Tim said and was about to add something when he noticed that the Black SUV was following them since they left

"Hold on, Bobby" Tim said and pressed on the gas pedal to speed up

"IS everything alright, Tim?" Bobby said worriedly

"Yes, Bobby, don't worry" Tim lied to reassure the kid but he was sure now that the car is following them when they speed up too

The famous Christmas song started to play and Bobby was so thrilled, for it was his favorite song

Oh the weather outside is frightful

But the fire is so delightful

And since we've no place to go
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Tim's Porsche received the first hit and the car jolted from the impact

Tim tired his best to control the car and Bobby said in panic "What's going on Tim?"

"I think you did witness a crime, Bobby, and obviously they are not happy about that" Tim tried to stay calm

Let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!

Tim looked into the rear mirror and the black SUV was speeding up and ready for another hit, and before he gets the chance to react the second impact which was much harder caused the rear windows to break into small pieces and Bobby yelled in horror

Tim lost control on the steering wheel for a second and then slammed his foot on the gas pedal and the engine roared. The car leaped forward putting some distance between them and the black SUV.

The pursuer executed their third attack and hit the Porsche for the third time and this time, Tim lost control and the car swereved sharply and flipped a couple of times before lands on its roof

The fire is slowly dying
And, my dear, we're still good bying
But as long as you love me so
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

"Sarah is gonna be pissed at me" That was the last thing in Tim's mind before darkness engulfs him.


Tim regained consciousness gradually, a buzzing sound in his ears.

Someone kept calling his name "Tim...Tim...please wake up...We have to go...Please...they are coming" the voice started sobbing

Tim was very confused at first then everything came back to him

"Bobby" He said and his eyes shot open "Bobby, are you okay?" Tim was upside down in his seat. He groaned and looked at Bobby who was already out of the car, laying next to driver's side urging him to wake up.

"I think my leg is broken" Bobby said in pain filled voice "You are bleeding, Tim" Bobby pointed a shaky finger to Tim's left side

Tim checked his side and he saw blood covering the left side of his white shirt. He unbuckled his seat belt and fell on the roof of the car. He stifled a cry of pain then he took a deep breathe to calm his pain down

" How long was I out?" Tim asked, biting his lower lip in pain

"Just one minute or so" Bobby said

"Then we have to go now, Bobby. They may come looking for us"

"But you are bleeding" Bobby started shivering with cold

"We'll take care of that later. It's just a scratch. Can you stand up?" said Tim

"Yes, I think so" Bobby nodded and took Tim's arm. He struggled to stand up then he starightened up leaning on Tim's shoulder and they both grimaced They were both in pain but there was no time to express their pain.

Tim wrapped his arm around Bobby's waist and Bobby's arm around his shoulder and they started walking.

Tim looked around... they need a place to hide from their pursuers and from the snow. It was a mountains area so it was easy for them to find a place to hide but they had to move fast.

They were very lucky that it's getting dark and that their car rolled over a steep incline that means that their pursuers won't find them easily.

Tim was thankful that he had no broken bones but his body ached all over.

They walked for a few minutes before Tim finds the perfect place to hide. A hidden cave behind a bush. They walked in...it was relatively small in size in comparison to their large sizes but at this critical time Tim said

"That will do" They sat down panting. Tim checked Bobby's leg and looked sympathetically at him and said

"It's definitely broken" Bobby rested his head against the cold rocks and said

"How about you? Your wound is still bleeding" Bobby asked worriedly

"It will get better soon. The weather is cold. Besides it's not so deep" Tim kept his hand on the wound to stop the bleeding

The weather was getting very cold as the snow started falling relentlessly blanketing everything around them and they both started shivering

"I need to call my mom. I need to tell her not to go home tomorrow...If they know who am I then they know where my house is and they may hurt my mom if she goes home" Bobby started crying "Do you think they will find us and kills us, Tim"

"No one is gonna die tonight, Bobby. Calm down...When is your mom coming back to DC?"

"8:00 am"

"We still have time..." Tim said firmly


At the McGee's residence, Sarah checked her watch for the tenth time and said

"He's not coming, mom...It's nine already...let's start our dinner" said Sarah

"Did you try his cell phone?" the mother said desperately

"Of course I did, mom. like five times and every time it goes directly to voice mail. He's not coming" Sarah said angrily

"Your brother is a good man, Sarah...He's doing his best. I'm sure he has a good reason for not showing up tonight." Sheila McGee defended her beloved son

"Yes, of course, mom..." Sarah said sarcastically "A phone call to apologized wouldn't cost a thing, right?"

"You are right. Why didn't he call?" the mother said worriedly "It's snowing and the roads are slippery. I hope he's okay"

"Don't worry mom, Tim is a good driver and he's very careful." Sarah answered

"Then why didn't he come?" Sheila wondered

"I don't know...Dad is getting better anyway...Thursday is his last chemotherapy session and we're done."


The two men who were following McGee and Bobby slowly came down the steep incline and checked the car and found it was empty

"Where the hell are they ?" One of them said nervously

"Not far" The other one said coldly

"What are we gonna do now? It's dark already and it's snowing heavily..." the other man interrupted him and said

"As you said...It's dark and snowing...and they are bleeding" He said pointing to the blood on the snow. "They don't have a chance, man. They will be frozen or bleeding to death...let's go home, I have a Christmas Eve to celebrate with my girlfriend"

He said while already moving away from the wrecked Porsche


In the cave, Tim and Bobby were shivering violently...while Tim was covering Bobby's broken leg with snow

"That will help your broken leg, Bobby. Cold compress helps reducing the swelling...I'm sure you already know that...You told me your mom is a nurse" Tim was very cold but he kept talking to sooth the frightened young man

"I'm sorry about your car, man" Bobby said sadly "It's all my fault"

"Bobby, look at me" Tim said firmly "It's okay...I don't care about the car...I'm glad we are fine"

"What are we gonna do now...we're gonna freeze to death if we stay here"

"I know" Tim sighed "My cell phone must be still in the car I can't call for help until i get it ...we have to get out of here soon...we'll just wait fifteen more minutes before we do, to make sure they are gone. I don't think they would stay more than that. It's freezing out there"

Tim gave Bobby a reassuring smile but his mind was working so fast looking for a way out...He's bleeding...The boy has a broken leg and God knows what else...they were freezing in this cold weather...and the worst of all was it was 9:00 pm and everybody must be at home now celebrating with their loved ones...no one will find them here.


Fifteen minutes passed so slowly...as if they were fifteen hours...their lips turned blue and they lost the sensation in their limbs . Tim was having a horrible headache.

Tim made a move towards the cave entrance and said

"Listen, Bobby. I'm gonna go for a quick check. No matter what happened don't get out of the cave until i say so. understood?" Tim's voice was shaking with cold

Bobby didn't find his voice so he just nodded

Tim walked out of the cave cautiously and his gun ready in his trembling hand. He took his time checking around and when he didn't find a soul, he hurried to the place where his car crashed and he got in there carefully looking for his cell phone but unfortunately he didn't find it anywhere.

"It must have been thrown out of the car when it rolled down that slope" Tim thought

He jogged back to the cave rubbing his hands together to warm himself up but a stabbing pain in his abdomen forced him to slow down. He held his hand against his side

"Damn, it's bleeding again" he slowed his pace till he got to the cave.

"We gotta go now, Bobby" Tim was terrified when he entered the cave and found the young man resting his head on the rocky wall, his lips blue and not responding

"Hey" Tim knelt next to him and slapped his face gently "Bobby, time to go. Wake up"

Bobby opened his eyes, looked at Tim and started shivering

"I'm tired, cold and in pain, Tim. My leg is broken. I'll just be a burden please go and leave me here"

"I'm not going anywhere without you, Bobby. We never leave a man behind. You have to be strong for your mom. Everything is gonna be fine" Tim smiled to confirm his words. He stretched out a hand for Bobby to take and he helped him stand up.

He took all of Bobby's weight on him and started walking though his gut was twisting in pain and his wound was bleeding, but he kept his mouth shut about it.

He just bit his lip and walked. His body was sore but it's okay, the most important thing now is to find help.


After a long agonizing walk they finally made it to the main road, both frozen to the bone and in pain, Tim helped Bobby to sit down carefully and then he sat heavily against a big tree, panting and shivering.

"This is not good" Tim thought but he smiled and said

"See, Bobby...any time now a car will pick us up and take us to the nearest hospital"

Bobby smiled and said "I... really... hope... so" and then he closed his eyes

Tim shook him gently "Bobby...don't fall asleep...we need to call your mom and warn her, remember? I don't know her phone number. You are the only one who knows"

Tim was desperate himself but he kept trying to alert the younger man and what he did worked, cause when he heard what Tim said, Bobby opened his eyes and looked determined

"You... are... right, Tim. I'm not gonna give up" he pushed himself up against the tree and took Tim's hand "Let's go"

and they started walking again


The McGee's where on the table getting ready to have their Christmas Eve dinner

"Tim still didn't come yet?" John McGee asked while sitting on the table

Sarah shook her head "No daddy, I don't think he's coming. I called him and his cell phone is off"

"I'm worried about him." Sheila said and John agreed with her and said

"Me too. It's not like Tim to do that" John said and then added

"Okay...it's 9;30 now in thirty minutes if we don't hear from him, you call one of his co-workers, Sarah and ask them" The worried dad instructed his girl

"Okay, daddy." Sarah felt butterflies in her stomach and couldn't help thinking that her big brother many be in trouble.


Tim sat in the waiting room, waiting for the doctor who worked on Bobby to show up

He closed his eyes and started thinking that what happened with them was nothing but a Christmas miracle. They were walking on the road desperate and literally dragging their legs behind when a car suddenly showed up and took them to the nearest medical center.

He contacted the local police and told them what happened and they were in their way to the hospital, then he called Bobby's mom and finally he called his own family to tell them that he's gonna be a little late but he didn't mention anything about what happened and now he felt a bit relaxed and rested his head on the wall.

He drifted off without intending to...

"Are you here with, Robert Fox?" the doctor startled him awake though she asked gently

"Yes." Tim rubbed his face tiredly "My name is Agent Timothy McGee. I'm a Federal agent" Tim whispered

She cleared her throat and said "Lisa Simpson" She rolled his eyes when she saw his smile

Tim tried to hide his smile and said "How's Bobby doing?"

"He has a broken leg but thankfully it's a simple fracture. he's suffering from mild hypothermia and we are taking care of that. We'll keep him under supervision to exclude a head injury" The Doctor checked Tim with her eyes and said

"What about you Agent McGee? Why aren't you in a hospital bed?"she narrowed his eyes

"I have to take care of something first, Doctor" Tim said weakly

"Something that's more important than your own health?" the doctor said in surprise

"I feel perfectly fine, Dr. Simpson"

"Who are you kidding Agent McGee? Did you take a look in the mirror lately? you are shivering and you look like you are ready to keel over. There's a wound in your side, for god's sake...don't try to convince me that you aren't in pain"

"I would be thankful if someone stitch up this wound for me and some pain killer will do the trick." Said Tim

"I strongly recommend you to stay here at least tonight, Agent McGee" she said firmly

"I'm sorry Doctor...I can't stay especially tonight...I have promised my family to spend the Christmas Eve with them and I don't want to disappoint them"

"Agent McGee, I don't want to sound pushy but your life could be in danger...you have been in a car accident...you could be suffering from a lot of things, an internal injury, a concussion..."

"I hear you, Doctor and I appreciate your concern...I promise you I will be back if I feel sick or in severe pain...is that okay?"

"You are so stubborn but unfortunately I can't force you to stay" She said calmly but there was strong disapproval in her words

"Can I see Bobby, Please" Tim asked politely

The doctor sighed and said "Sure...Follow me"

Bobby was laying in the hospital bed but he was awake

"How are you feeling, champion?" Tim gave him an encouraging smile

"Never better" Bobby smiled back "Did you call my mom?"

"Yes I did, Bobby. She freaked out when I told her what happened and she'll call back to talk to you. She said that she'll be here first thing in the morning and she'll arrange to stay with her sister for a while till this is over. I also contacted the local police and they will be here soon to protect you."

"I don't know what to say, Tim?"

"Don't say anything just get better...When the police gets here i will leave, Bobby...and I will come back in the morning...is that okay with you?"

"Sure it's...you need to see your family too" Bobby said with a weary smile

"I need your broken Cell phone, Bobby to extracted the needed video"

"You'll find it in the inner pocket of my jacket, Tim"

Tim took the broken phone and sat next to Bobby till he drifted off

Tim couldn't help thinking that he may not be taking the right decision but he won't let his family down...


Tim's parents and Sarah felt great relief when they received Tim's phone call. Sarah felt a bit angry though.

"He comes late and leaves early. He just couldn't miss the celebration with his friends" she was thinking when she heard the door bell ringing

She was glad that her brother is okay but she was angry at him for making them so worried and for showing up late but when she opened the door...all her anger disappeared and was replaced with panic

Tim was standing in front of the door. His head resting on the door frame, He face is full of cuts and bruises, his white shirt is bloody and he was barely able to stand up.

"What happened to you?" Her jaw dropped

"Hello, sweetie...Merry Christmas" He panted

"MOM...DAD" She yelled

"Sarah" He Objected "calm down, you'll freak them out"

"They will freak out anyway when they see you...Are you okay, Timmy? What happened? Don't tell me you had a car accident, you always drive carefully. Are you in pain?" she said worriedly

"Sarah, let me in first and ask all the questions later" Tim started laughing

"Tim...Oh My God...What happened?" his mom and his dad yelled

"Mom, I'm fine...I had a car accident that's all...I had a few scratches and that's all" and a killer headache he thought to himself

"Why didn't you go to the hospital?" His dad asked worriedly

"I went to the hospital dad and they stitched the wound in my side, dad"

"And they released you?!" The father asked in surprise

"I told you dad...it was a minor accident...no big deal"

He lied to assure his family but the truth is his head was killing him and his whole body was in pain especially his abdomen

"How are you doing, dad...better i hope" a shiver ran down his spine though he was sitting right next to the chimney

"I'm fine, son but I'm worried about you"

"A hot shower will help me feel better,and I'm sure a good meal will do wonders...I'm sorry I missed the Christmas dinner"

He wasn't hungry, he was feeling very sick and really wanted to throw up, but he wanted to sound like his old self. He thought he only needs a hot shower to warm his shivering body

"I'm sorry Sarah, your Christmas gift is still in the car, sweetheart" He said sadly

" Timmy! What?!...Do you think I'm still a little girl...I'm glad you are okay" Sarah smiled sympathetically and hugged her brother

"Are you sure you don't need to go to the hospital, son...you don't look fine" Sheila McGee was worried

"Mom...I'm tired and sore no doubt" He held a hand against his side "And that wound hurts...but I'm fine as i told you"

He stood up carefully to go to his bedroom. He took his time to steady himself and then walked as fast as his aching body allowed him.


Tim took off his outfits and stood under the hot water. He felt great relief when the hot water flew over his tired body.

He felt guilty for lying to his family...but his family went through a lot over the past year and still do, they don't need to worry about him too

He got out of the bathroom feeling like a new man. He put on comfortable sweatpants, took the first aid kit from the medicine cabinet and removed the dressing that covers his wound and covered it carefully with clean gauze.

He gasped when he saw a big dark bruise covering his torso on the other side, "that can't be good"


"That is the most delicious dinner I have ever had. Thank you, mom" He said gratefully

"You have barely eaten, Tim. " she said with concern "Is there anything else that you need sweetheart?"

"Something hot would be nice, a hot cocoa, and we can enjoy a family time together" He smiled and kissed her cheek

"I have to take care of something and I'll be down in five minutes" he said and headed for his bedroom in the second floor

His head was pounding, his body was sore and shivering. He really wanted to fall asleep but he wants to spend some time with his family. He decided to go to the hospital in the morning for a check up, just to make sure everything is fine.

Tim turned on his computer and connected Bobby's broken phone to it and started downloading all the data from the phone on his computer.

He stood up and a wave of dizziness hit him full force. He put his hand on his desk for support but the room just kept spinning around him. He took a step towards the door to call Sarah but his knees buckled and he hit the floor with a thud.


Sheila McGee was done preparing the hot cocoa and Sarah chose a recent movie to watch with Tim and her parents

"Sarah, Please ask Tim to come down. He said he needed five minutes and he spent more than fifteen minutes up there"

"Right away, mom" Sarah said obediently and went upstairs to call Tim

She opened the door and her screams filled the air"Mom, dad...help.."

Both of the extremely worried parents were up there in no time and when they found Tim on the ground, Sheila, stifled a scream of horror while John fell on his knees next to his fallen son.

With a shaky hand he touched his son's neck to check for a pulse and when he found one, he yelled at Sarah "Call 911, NOW"


The McGee family were waiting for news in the waiting room at the hospital.

Tears were streaming down the terrified mother's cheeks

"Did you call Tim's boss, Sarah?" John asked his daughter

"Yes, I did, Daddy...he's on his way...How long are we gonna wait till they give us the news" Sarah said nervously

"Family of agent Timothy McGee?"

Three figures jumped out of their chairs when they saw the young Doctor approaching them

"My name's Dr. Lisa Simpson" She gave them a smile

"What's wrong with my son, Dr. Simpson" Sheila asked in a shaky voice "Is he okay?"

Dr. Simpson sighed and said

"I don't know where to start Mrs McGee...Could you please tell me what happened exactly" She asked politely

Sarah told her what happened from the moment she opened the door, till the moment she found him on the floor

"A HOT SHOWER?!" Dr. Simpson said

"Yes, he wanted to clean up and he was very cold...so he thought a hot shower will help, but even after he did he kept shivering and his lips turned blue"

"What's going on, Dr. Simpson? We are on pins and needles here" John said

"He should have stayed in the hospital, but he left anyway against my medical advice that's what happened, Admiral"

"What are you talking about, Dr. Simpson? He said he was released " The father narrowed his eyes

"He was involved in a major car accident, sir, and he and his friend stayed in the snow storm for over two hours...He passed out after the car accident...with all do respect, sir...if it was up to me I wouldn't have released him but he insisted on it" She said

"HE WAS WHAT...?! What friend?! what are you talking about? He said he had a minor car accident" the shocked father said

Dr. Simpson huffed and said

"Your son is a very brave man, sir but he's so stubborn" She told them what happened in details, listening to their gasps and disapproval and she finished her speech with

"Agent McGee, is suffering from a concussion, mild hypothermia and the a possible...well, we're almost sure there's an internal injury... the heat always aggravates the bleeding, so the hot shower he took must have accelerated the bleeding." She gave them a second to process the information, then added

"He's having a CT scan right now. If there's an internal injury, and mostly there's, He will need surgery as soon as possible. I don't want to sound negative but what he's suffering from is a bad combination but unfortunately we have no choice but to operate"

"Are you telling me that I may lose my son?" Sheila paled

Dr. Simpson held Sheila's hand sympathetically and said "I'm not saying that. We'll be monitoring everything closely. Your son is in good hands, ma'am"

"Can we see him?" Admiral McGee asked

Before Dr. Simpson gets the chance to answer, a nurse walked into the waiting room and whispered something in her ear

"Agent McGee is awake and he wants to see you" Dr. Simpson said with a big smile


Tim was laying on his bed looking very exhausted, a mask was covering half of his face and a constant steady beeping was heard in the room from his heart monitor.

Sheila and Sarah gasped in horror when they saw the dark bruise that was covering his right side

"What have you done, Timothy McGee?!" Sarah said with calm blaming tone and tears shining in her eyes

"I'm fine Sarah...Dad, mom are you okay? I'm so sorry I gave you a scare." Tim whispered

"Are you in pain, Tim?" Sheila said while wiping away her tears with one hand and holding Tim's hand with the other

"I'm fine, mom" he whispered

"Did they tell you what's going on, son?" John McGee asked in a calm tone that doesn't show his worries.

"Actually they did, Dad. The surgeon spoke with me and explained everything. I have signed the legal papers and now we wait"

"Why didn't you stay in the hospital, Tim...Dr. Simpson said that you acted against her recommendations" His dad asked

"I...I didn't want to disappoint you...I promised you that I will join you for Christmas and I wanted to be here for you...besides I thought nothing is seriously wrong and when I felt sick I decided to come back to the hospital tomorrow."

Sarah felt very guilty when she heard what her brother said and tears started streaming down her cheeks

"It's my fault...I really pushed you too hard, didn't I?!" she said

"Come here" he stretched out his arm weakly, and she sat carefully next to him. He kissed her head and said

"It's not your fault. It was an accident, okay?! Don't worry, sweetheart. I'm fine and everything is gonna be fine" He said gently

"Would you tell us what happened son, who is that guy that was with you in the car"

Tim squinted his eyes shut as a wave of pain left him breathless

"Dad, I will tell you everything later...Right now there are a few things I want you to do for me"

"Anything" Admiral McGee said

"The kid that was in the car with me...Bobby ...He's in here in the hospital ...I want you to visit him and tell him what happened...cause he's expecting me to see him in the morning. He can tell you everything you wanna know...Sarah, I left my laptop on...I was downloading something on it...please bring it here and give it to the police to check the videos I downloaded...it's an evidence in a crime.I also want you to call Gibbs and tell him what happened" these words left him panting and powerless

"I took care of that, Timmy...I called Gibbs and they are almost here"

"Good" He managed to say before he falls into darkness again

"Timmy..."Sarah said

"We need to prepare him for the operation" a firm voice said from behind them


Sarah went home as soon as Tim was taken to the surgery room, picked up the laptop and went back to the hospital.

at the same time John and Sheila went to Bobby's hospital room...and told him what happened and he told them his story and how Tim helped him a lot.

He was so sad "Tim doesn't deserve that. He's a good man. He saved my life twice. I hope he pulls through"

"Thank you, Bobby...Tim's sister is joining us soon. Tim asked her to pick up the laptop on which he downloaded the video from your phone" John said

"He worked on my phone?! Though he was sick and in pain, he still didn't forget...I don't know what to say" Bobby was touched

"Don't say anything..., Just get better, son, and when Sarah gets here find the video on the laptop and show it to the police and they will do the rest"

"Thank you Admiral" Bobby said politely


The McGee's were drinking their coffee in the waiting room when Gibbs and his agents walked in. It was Four in the morning

"Good morning." they said to the family

"Agent Gibbs" Sarah said with a sad smile "I'm glad you are here. Where's Abby? I thought she'd be with you"

"I've called only Ziva and Tony. It was too late, besides I thought I'd better tell her when I have news about Tim's condition"

"She's gonna kill us for not telling her" Tony said

They all exchanged a greeting words and then

"How's he?" Gibbs asked

"Still in surgery" Admiral McGee said briefly

"What happened? I spoke with him a few hours ago and nothing was wrong" Tony said

Admiral McGee told them what happened in details when Tim came home and told them what happened according to what Bobby told them

"McGee is a strong man. He's gonna be fine, ma'am" Ziva said when she saw tears in Sheila's eyes

"I hope so" Sheila whispered


Two hours later Tim's surgeon showed up at the door step

"Admiral McGee" he said kindly. They all stood up ready to hear the news

"How's my son, Dr. Baker?" John took a deep breathe and asked

"He's gonna be fine . The surgery was successful...we found two bleeding sources...The abdominal wall and the small intestine...He's gonna spend a few days in the ICU under our supervision to monitor the head injury and to make sure his internal wounds won't re-open...our main concern now is peritonitis but as I told you we'll keep everything under close observation"

"Can we see him?" Sarah asked eagerly

"Yes...but... just through glass. He's very exhausted and sedated...I don't think he would be as responsive as you think"

he said with a kind smile " A nurse will come in a few minutes and take you to see him" The Doctor greeted them and left


Watching her brother through the glass, Sarah felt a stab of pain in her heart, She hugged her mom who was crying

Seeing Tim laying in a hospital bed like that was painful for all of them

He's gonna be fine" Gibbs said patting the shoulder of the sad looking Admiral

"My son is a brave and a strong man, Agent Gibbs. He's not allowed to be anything but fine"

Tony and Ziva exchanged glances when they heard what Admiral McGee said. He reminded them of Gibbs.

Admiral McGee sighed and said "Sheila, Sarah...go home...have some rest. I will stay at the hospital with Tim"

"But..." Sheila tired to object

"No buts, Sheila...Tim is asleep anyway...I will call you if anything changes. Agent Gibbs we have a big house...If you and your agents want to have some rest"

"We're good Admiral. Thanks anyway"

Sheila and Sarah walked away reluctantly but they were really very tired so they went home.


It was ten in the morning when Sheila and Sarah go back to the hospital

The Admiral was dozing off in the waiting room

"Daddy" Sarah shook his shoulder gently. John opened his eyes

"Good morning" He yawned tiredly

"Good morning, John...so is Tim awake?" Sheila asked hopefully

"Yes he is" John gave her a genuine smile "I spoke with him...He's exhausted though"

"Let's go check on him, mom" Sarah said with great enthusiasm

"His boss and his co-workers are with him, Sarah...Agent Gibbs called Abby and Dr. Mallard and his assistant Jimmy and they are all in there" John said

"You need to have some rest, daddy" Sarah said sympathetically

"I will, Sarah...but not now, not until I know for sure that Tim is fine' John said with tears in his eyes that Sarah rarely sees


The next day

Tim was still in the ICU but the surgeon told them that he'll be fine

Tim's family and his co-workers were in the waiting room

"How's he doing?" They heard a voice from behind them and when they turned around Bobby was in a wheel chair, genuine concern on his face

"He's gonna be fine, Bobby, He's still in the ICU but he'll be out soon" Sarah said kindly "This Bobby Fox...Tim's friend" Sarah introduced him to the team and they all greeted him

"Any news, Bobby?" she asked him

"Yes, Sarah... they referred the case to Metro Police and Metro contacted me and told me that they ran facial recognition program and they knew exactly who these murderers are...and the will find them soon I hope. Everything is gonna be fine" Bobby smiled and added

"I'm going back to DC in a couple of hours...can I see agent McGee, please?"

"The doctors are with him now...the minute they get out you can get in" She smiled kindly

A few minutes later Tim's doctors got out of the room and Bobby hurried with his wheel chair towards Tim's room

Once he got in he felt so guilty...somehow he felt responsible for what happened to Tim. McGee's eyes were closed

"Tim..."He whispered and Tim opened his tired eyes and looked Bobby's way

"Heyyyy, Bobby...I'm glad you are fine" He gave Bobby a weary smile

"I'm so sorry for what happened to you and I'm so sorry about your car" Bobby said sadly

"I'm fine, Bobby" Tim smiled "Give me the good news"

"They watched the video, Tim...they believed me and they will arrest them...apparently our neighbors were in the drug dealing business and they argued about something and they decided to get rid of them...after executing them they must have cleaned the apartment and they got rid of the bodies. " Bobby said with awe

"I owe you, Tim...You saved my life twice and you helped me with the broken phone issue even though you were in pain and above all you believed me when nobody else did...thank you..."

Tim blushed and said "Was just doing my job...you are a good kid, Bobby...take care of yourself and stay out of trouble"

"My mom and I are going back to DC...We decided to start over...I'm gonna make her proud. I won't disappoint her or you..." Bobby said proudly

"I'm sure you won't, Bobby, you are a brave kid..."

"I have to go now cause my aunt will pick me up in a few minutes"

"I will see you in DC, Bobby"

"Get well soon, Tim"

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