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{Line Break}

Reina raised an eyebrow as she stared at the scientists scanning her with both medical jutsu and medical machines some of which she was very sure were experimental in nature.

"Her chakra levels has declined slightly but she seems to be substituting and generating an alternate form of energy, however due to the nature of the energy Lord Orochimaru won't be able to make her a vessel but he might be able to give her a curse mark, should also note that her chakra levels once high chunin have lowered to mid chunin so it's possible that the unknown energy is slowly taking the place of the girls chakra" one of the scientists says as he writes down the results of her tests, though the scientist would later be cursing up a storm for losing a pair of gems from the pre sage of 6 paths era never knowing that Reina had snatched them as she followed the Oto ninja that was her guard/escort.

{Reina Age:7}

Reina watched as a girl slightly older then her was led into her room that doubled as her cell causing her to tilt her head as she was normally left alone outside of having tests done on her.

"I'm Reina, who are you?" Reina asks as she gets off of the bed and stands to her full height of 4'6" the scientists figure she'll be around 5'8" when she's fully grown.

"K..Karin U..Uzumaki" the girl Karin says causing Reina to tilt her head and smirk.

"So the snake got himself another Uzumaki to perform experiments on huh?" Reina says with a snort as she runs a hand through her teal bangs.

this caused Karin so blink before she seemingly teleported next to Reina and started bombarding Reina with questions till Reina just sighed and leveled a glare at the older girl causing her to "eep" and back up.

"Don't invade my personal space like that without permission do not become one of the snakes lackeys or else I will never recognize you as an Uzumaki clan member, something I can and will do as the Uzumaki clan heiress" Reina says coldly getting a rapid nodding from Karin who didn't want her last known family member to disown her.

{Reina Age:8/Karin age:9}

It had been a year since Karin started sharing a room with Reina and the 2 of them had slowly become like sisters they had also found out that the gems Reina stole 2 years before could be absorbed into Reina's body giving her strange power a significant boost but right now Reina was running through the corridors of the hidden base with Karin behind her, the reason being was because the 2 girls are escaping Karin using her recently learned Chakra Chains while Reina made Energy blades and either launched them like a kunai wrapped in a exploding tag or used them like a sword though she preferred keeping the Oto ninja's at range.

"Hurry up Karin" Reina says as she throws another energy blade at a wall behind them causing it to partially collapse.

"Not everyone has your energy or you phasing ability Reina!" Karin shouts at the younger but taller girl causing Reina to smirk.

"You sure it's not just you being short dear Karin?" Reina says with a snicker as she speeds up with a fuming Karin right on her heals both of the girls just lucky that Orochimaru was out on a mission for the Akatsuki group the rouge konoha nin joined awhile back, giving both girls a perfect chance to escape more so as Reina's escape might've blown open afew cell doors letting others that had been captured by Orochimaru to escape and/or attack the Oto nin's.

5 Days Later

Reina Leaned against a tree while Karin sat near a small campfire the pair of girls had going for the night.

"So what now Reina?" Karin asks as she looks at the taller girl who sighs.

"We train ourselves up and when we are ready we wither go bounty hunting or maybe join on of the ninja villages that hopefully won't try to make us broodmares or sell us to someone who would turn us into broodmares" Reina says with a scuff as she had herd some of her Oto nin guards talking about how Orochimaru wished the 4th Raikage hadn't replaced the 3rd Raikage as he could've sold some of his 'spare' blood users to kumo for extra Ryo if the 3rd was still in power.

"So when do we start training then?" Karin asks as Reina takes out an outdated 1st shinobi world war map and smirks pointing to an island that no longer was on any of the newer maps.

"We head tot he Uzumaki homeland of Uzu No Kuni and train there in peace as everyone has forgotten our clans homeland after the fall of our Clan" Reina says with a smirk getting a sigh from the older girl as they would have to spend a week or 2 evading Konoha patrols to get to the nearest port where they could get a boat to get to the island.

{Line Break}

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