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{Line Break}

Reina tilted her head as her 13 year old cousin Karin gushed about boys and how she hoped to find a cute one.

"Please Karin I don't want to hear about your bedroom fantasies" Reina says with a sigh and a shake of her head.

"But Reina how can you NOT be interested in boys or even clothes!?" Karin says while waving her arms in a comical fashion.

"Simple I have no interest in romance right now" Reina says as she starts walking faster then she was before as to get away from her older cousins boy crazed mind.

"Damn it Reina why won't you talk about boys or even girls if that's how you lean!?" Karin shouts at her younger cousin who just smirks as her while stating " WE are to young for that stuff Karin besides I won't settle for some weakling who can even match me in a fight" all the while she kept walking away from Karin.

"WAIT FOR ME!" Karin shouts as she runs to catch up with Reina who laughs slightly as she starts running in order to tease her cousin.

{Location: Nami no Kuni, Reina age: 12/Karin age: 13}

Reina and Karin blinked as they herd the sounds of a battle ahead of them.

"2 Jounin, 1 chunin, 2 genin a academy student and a civilian?" Karin says all the while blinking wondering why a possible genin team had a academy student with them nor why they was on a possible A-Rank mission.

"Should we help them Reina?" Karin asks as she looks at her cousin who smirks.

"Of course it's not fun not having someone new to toy with" Reina says getting a twitch from Karin who was NOT pouting at her cousin's unfair energy reserves or the energies abilities nope totally not pouting.

"Now shall we introduce ourselves dear cousin?" Reina asks as she jumps into the air and stays standing as if it was solid ground while Karin quickly followed Reina from the ground all the while muttering about overpowered and unfair cousins.

{Scene change}

Hatake Kakashi was not having a nice day first his client had lied about the mission rank, next the damned egotistical Uchiha he was FORCED to pass along with the pink hair fangirl both who don't know how to be on a team he decided after this mission he was pulling them both from the shinobi ranks as 1 is a lone wolf who WILL let his teammates die and the other is so devoted to the Uchiha that she doesn't even train his only good genin was a civilian boy who did his best to work with his dysfunctional teammates.

And here he was right now watching as the Uchiha hit his male teammate before taking off leaving their client behind with the pink hair fangirl screaming for the Uchiha to wait for her.

"Wow...you genin except for the injured boy are weak and cowardly" Zabuza says unsure what to make of what he had just seen before he had to jump away as what looked like a rod of light flew threw where he had just been only to detonate as it hit a tree.

"Huh I missed..."said a female voice as a young teen seemingly floated down out of the sky as another ran out of the bushes panting slightly.

"Damn it Reina not everyone can ran on the air like you can!" the other girl shouts of the first woman Reina.

"You need more training Karin dear" Reina says casually before she looks at Zabuza and Kakashi.

"Who are you gaki's?" Zabuza says as he studies the 2 girls both being red heads but the taller of the 2 having teal highlights and bags framing her face.

"Uzumaki Reina and Uzumaki Karin" Reina states as she forms a rod of light and holds it like a blade "Please be entertaining" Reina says before she rushed at Zabuza and started attacking him.

Zabuza winched as he felt the force behind Reina's opening attack as they started to exchange blows though he did have to dodge a lot when she threw her energy rods/blades causing explosions whenever they hit something.

"Damn it gaki what the hell are you!?" Zabuza exclaims panting slightly from the fight with Reina not even looking phased all the while smirking at him.

"You worse nightmare" Reina says before she starts launching orb like attacks at Zabuza causing a lot of explosions and some burns before Zabuza cutting his loses due to Haku being attacked and not able to help him shunshin'ed away leaving Reina to pout at her toy running away.

{Scene change}

"Thanks for helping me back there" Kakashi says as he writes down his report to send back to the 3rd hokage via his summons all the while devising ways to punish his 2 deserting and treasonous genins the Uchiha and Haruno.

"No problem, Though we mainly helped you out because Reina was bored and wanted a new 'toy' to play with" Karin says as Reina was sat on a window sill napping.

"So how do you know each other?" Kakashi asks as he looks at Reina noting the difference between her and the bright young girl that went missing.

"Orochimaru used Reina for a experiment using some unknown blood he managed to collect from a mostly failed space time jutsu he appearance is the result along with some other things, As for how we know each other we're cousins and Orochimaru had us sharing a room" Karin says leaving out a nice few things such as the gems merged with Reina that increased her power levels or that Reina was searching for the remaining gems that she could feel would complete whatever set they belonged to.